Footprint Chart explained

When it comes to Order Flow and day trading the Footprint Chart is most used chart type for analysing the market. Many professional traders are using this chart and develope trading strategies. With more than 6 years experience in online trading we want to discuss the Footpint Chart on this page and show you exactly how it works and how to read it.

6E (Euro) Future Footprint Chart M5


The Footprint Chart shows you the traded volume on the Bid (Buy limit) and Ask (Sell limit) of the market. It is a similar visualization of the order book and matching engine of the stock exchange just for the traded orders. You cannot see the traded volume directly in the order book but with the Footprint Chart, you can see it. The Footprint Chart will give you more advantages about the trading volume and Order Flow. 

How to read the Footprint Chart?

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footprint chart