Advertisement Disclosure: How we earn money through affiliate links

Affiliate marketing has become popular among all websites to make money. We follow a similar approach to monetizing our platform at Trusted Broker Reviews. While doing so, we ensure our readers/traders receive valuable information and reliable reviews. 

Here, we will disclose how we earn money through affiliate links by promoting only trusted companies and providing transparency and value to our readers.

What are affiliate links?

Affiliate hyperlinks are distinct URLs containing tracking codes. We earn a commission when a reader clicks on these hyperlinks and purchases or completes a requested activity on the partner company’s website. 

This commission is usually some percentage of the sale value or a fixed amount.

Promoting trusted companies

We aim to promote only those brokers or trading platforms that are the most authentic. Therefore, traders can get the most truthful information about any broker when they want to embark on their trading journey. 

We have promoted only trusted companies like Quotex, IQ Option,, RoboForex, Qlymp Trade, etc. Our team puts in plenty of work to review and promote these brokers. Here’s what we keep in mind while promoting any trading platform. 

  • Thorough research

At Trusted Broker Reviews, we prioritize thorough research to identify and partner with reputable companies. We evaluate trading platforms and brokers extensively. In addition, we consider factors such as user reviews, security measures, regulatory compliance, and customer support. 

This thorough research ensures we only promote companies meeting our stringent quality standards.

  • Selecting reliable affiliate programs

We carefully select affiliate programs from trusted companies in the trading industry. By partnering with well-established brokers and platforms, we align our interests with our readers’ needs. 

This practice allows us to recommend reliable services and products that benefit traders while earning a commission through our affiliate partnerships.

Transparency and disclosure

Being transparent in our operations helps us gain our readers’ trust. All traders, whether professionals or novices, can rely on our reviews to test and use any promoted trading platform. 

  • Clear identification of affiliate links

We believe in transparency and identify all affiliate links on our website. Whenever we include an affiliate link within our content, we provide a disclaimer or disclosure statement to inform our readers about our relationship with the promoted company. 

So, we strive to ensure full transparency and help readers make informed decisions.

  • Unbiased reviews and recommendations

Our reviews and recommendations comprise objective analysis and thorough evaluations. We do not let affiliate ties influence our decisions. 

Our primary goal is to deliver unbiased information to our readers. In addition, we aim to empower traders to make informed decisions about trading platforms and brokers.

Value for readers

We believe that the content or reviews we offer should add value to a trader’s life. That’s why our team ensures they deliver information considering the following things.

  • High-quality content

We prioritize delivering high-quality content to our readers. Our trading guides, informational articles, and reviews are meticulously crafted to provide valuable insights and actionable advice. 

  • Personalized recommendations

Understanding that each trader has unique requirements, we tailor our recommendations accordingly. 

We provide personalized suggestions to our readers through detailed comparisons and in-depth analysis. We help them find the most suitable trading platforms and brokers.


At Trusted Broker Reviews, we are committed to providing valuable information and promoting trusted companies to help traders make informed decisions. Using affiliate links allows us to generate revenue while maintaining transparency and objectivity. 

By adhering to strict research standards, selecting reliable affiliate programs, and prioritizing valuable content, we aim to establish a trusted and reliable platform that offers a valuable resource for the trading community.

Most asked questions:

How do affiliate links work, and how do you earn money from them?

Affiliate links contain unique tracking codes. A reader clicks on them and purchases on the affiliate company’s website. When this happens, we earn a commission based on the agreed terms with the company.

How do you ensure the companies you promote are trustworthy?

Ensuring the trustworthiness of the companies we promote is paramount to us. We conduct thorough research and evaluation before partnering with any company. We consider user reviews, security measures, regulatory compliance, and customer support. 

Do your affiliate partnerships influence your recommendations?

No, our recommendations are completely unbiased and independent. We prioritize providing accurate and unbiased information to our readers. While we earn commissions through affiliate partnerships, they do not influence our reviews or recommendations. Our primary purpose is to provide traders with precise data so that they may make educated choices.

How do you ensure transparency when using affiliate links?

Transparency is one of our core values. We identify all affiliate links on our website. We are always transparent about the affiliate links on our website. This way, our readers are fully aware of the presence of affiliate links and can make informed choices.