Eaconomy review 2020 – Scam or not?

Is Eaconomy a scam or a trusted company? – In this review, we will describe our personal experience with the company and then give you a real verdict on the offers. Get the right information about the features and possibilities with Eaconomy. Also, we compare the products and give you tips for investing successfully. Should you invest your money there? – Read about it in the following sections.

The official website of Eaconomy

The official website of Eaconomy

What is the company behind Eaconomy?

Eaconomy is a UK company with its headquarters at Aldgate Tower, 2 Leman St, Whitechapel, London E1 8FA, UK. According to our research, the company is still fairly new and was launched at the end of 2018. It operates internationally and also has an office in the United States.

The website provides training, signals and automatic trading systems for Forex Trading. Forex means “currency trading” and it refers to the largest financial market part of the world with more than 6 trillion turnovers per day. Eaconomy is dedicated to providing clients with services and support for this financial market.

Eaconomy does not rely on a traditional marketing model like other companies. Targeted, it allows members to easily recruit new members to the services and build an additional income via a compensation plan. The company benefits from the group dynamics because many satisfied members will recruit new members.

Facts about Eaconomy: 

  • An international company from the UK
  • Offers for Forex Trading
  • Signals, education, automated trading systems
  • The company recruits new customers via MLM (Multi Level Marketing)
  • Interesting compensation plan for customers

What does Eaconomy offer for its customers?

Eaconomy offers different services which we will show you in the next section. Customers can use these products by paying a monthly fee to the company. There are no hidden costs or subscription models.


Ceed is the education platform of Eaconomy. There are different topics of the eduction material which we will present to you. Clients can learn about Forex Trading and personality development by experts. You will find tutorials, videos, and live-webinars from successful traders. Each week there are new webinars in different languages.

Eaconomy ceed

Eaconomy ceed

  • Learning platform for Forex Trading
  • Trading tutorials, strategies, videos, and webinars
  • Professional traders are showing their investments
  • Personality development and mindset training

Traide Compass

Traide Compass is the alert trading software of Eaconomy. It is for manual trading. There are automated strategies and analysis tools that send you alerts for example to your smartphone and you can copy them. The trades are depending on the strategy and market situation. Sometimes there are 30 alerts per day. All in all, it can be a good support for your chart analysis.

Eaconomy traide compass

Eaconomy traide compass

  • Easy and quick installation setup
  • Forex trading signals
  • Different trading strategies
  • Automated analysis of the markets

Traide Ringer

Traide Ringer is the most popular product of Eaconomy but it is in the beta phase. It is an automated trading software for the platform MetaTrader. You call it Forex Expert Advisor. This program can be installed in the MetaTrader and manage your account. It opens and closes trades automatically. Eaconomy offers different Expert Advisors. They are professionally developed and the company always improves the settings and skills of the EA.

Eaconomy Traide Ringer

Eaconomy Traide Ringer

On the internet, you will find a lot of different trading accounts that are managed by the Expert Advisors of Eaconomy. Some of the are highly profitable. You can see it on MyFxbook. This is a website that is tracking all trades and orders of the trading account. (In the next section we will show you more.

  • Expert advisors for Forex Trading
  • Automated trading
  • You can set your own risk with the EA
  • Available for the MetaTrader trading software
  • Proven to be profitable

What is the price of Eaconomy?

Eaconomy costs $247 including setup fees for the first month and $169 for each additional month. Payment can be made conveniently by credit card and other methods like online banking. There is no gagging contract or similar behind Eaconomy, as many critics claim. It is not a subscription or contract. Those who recruit new members get eaconomy for free and can earn additional money.

Payment methods:
$247 the first month, $169 the next months
Credit Cards, Online Banking
No automatic subscription
Bring other clients to the company and get the products for free

Is Eaconomy a scam or a pyramid scheme?

Eaconomy is a pure service provider for various offers for the Forex market. The company does not have access to the clients’ capital as it is stored on a personal broker account. In order to use Eaconomy you need a Forex Broker (recommendation below).

There is also no evidence of fraud based on the pricing policy of Eaconomy. The client is not trapped in any contract and can stop using Eaconomy at any time if they do not like the services. Also, the remuneration system of Eaconomy does not show any fraud. Real products are sold here and commissions can be paid out. For example, you can test the product for one month and if you do not like it you never by it again.

From our experience and tests, Eaconomy is not a scam:

  • It is a financial service provider
  • There is no automated subscription
  • Eaconomy does not manage the money and funds of customers
  • It is no pyramid scheme because real products are sold by the company

Find a good Forex Broker for Eaconomy

Every trader need a good Forex Broker for investing in the financial markets. The broker should be like a partner who you can trust. In the past, we tested a lot of different brokers and in this section, we will present you with the best 2 MetaTrader brokers for using Eaconomy.

The broker should be fully regulated by a financial authority. In addition, it is important to trade with low fees and commissions in order to make more profit. In the table below you will find 2 top brokers that are providing a lot of different markets to trade with very small commissions. You can use high leverage of up to 1:500 and enjoy professional service for free.

Sign up with one of our recommended brokers if you want to use Eaconomy. Another advantage is that you can test Eaconomy with virtual money. So open a free demo account with the broker and you can practice it. We recommend to every client of Eaconomy to use the products with the demo account first and create a successful investment strategy to make a profit in the long run.

Open Account:
1. BDSwiss
Starting 0.0 pips
+ Individual offers
+ Trading signals
+ Personal service
2. XM
Starting 0.0 pips + 3.5$ commission per 1 lot
+ Good conditions
+ 1,000 Assets
+ Personal service

Results of the Eaconomy traders and community

For Trusted Broker Reviews are working professional traders and experts for Forex Trading. We personally know some of the top leaders of Eaconomy and their community with more than 8,000 members. The results are very good and we will present them in the next pictures. As you see the accounts are tracked by MyFxbook. You see a good and stable profit for a long time horizon.

The results are not for every client the same because you can set up your own risk with the software and also you can do manual trading.

Eaconomy real account trading results

Eaconomy real account trading results

Eaconomy real profits

Eaconomy real profits

Eaconomy monthly profits

Eaconomy monthly profits

As you see the results are real. For more results, you can ask your sponsor.

How much money you can earn with Eaconomy?

Is Eaconomy even worthwhile? – In this example, we would like to go through a small calculation that includes sensitive money management (risk management). With the automatic programs, it is possible to make 1 – 5% profit per month. Depending on the settings this can be higher.

With a very low risk, you need $5,000 – $10,000 capital to recoup the price of the software. The results can, of course, be improved if the trader himself is trading. In this example, we assume a very low profit. In summary, Eaconomy is not a good recommendation for traders who just want to start trading with $200 or less and want to start trading. You should generally rethink your trading seed capital.

In order to make sustainable profits, you need a certain amount of capital strength, because sometimes you have to absorb losses and use a conservative money management. Nevertheless, traders can also enter with little capital if they recruit new members and earn more money.

Eaconomy affiliate system

Eaconomy affiliate system. Search for 3 new members to get the products for free

Earn additional money:

Eaconomy offers an extensive affiliate system. First there is the possibility to get the services of eaconomy for free with 3 newly recruited members. Beyond that you can earn additional money.

Access to the extended affiliate system starts at $79 for the first month and $29 for each additional month. There is a special access to a new website with events and further assistance in recruiting new customers.

Eaconomy direct sales bonus of $40

Eaconomy direct sales bonus of $40

From the 4th person on you get a direct commission of $40 per recruited person. Another bonus is paid out if you personally recruit more than 3 people per week. The bonus is 130 – 230$ and can be multiplied if there are more than one customer.

Get a bonus for new members:

  • 3 new customers = 1 bonus per week
  • 6 new customers = 2 bonuses per week
  • 8 new customers = 3 bonuses per week
  • 9 new customers = 4 bonuses per week
  • 10 new customers = 5 bonuses per week

Earn a passive income with the compensation plan

A further remuneration is paid to active recruited members. You will receive one income or commission per month. The payment takes place weekly and therefore a “13th month salary” is included. With 30 active members, for example, you already earn $3,000 per month. Take a look at the compensation plan below.

The compensation plan is structured in such a way that your income increases as members of your team recruit additional members. This means that you can continue to earn money from your recruited members. In summary, eaconomy’s recruiting system is perfect for building up your salary in addition to trading. The customer can decide for himself whether he wants to use it or just use the services of eaconomy. You can use social media networks like Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram to attract new clients.

Eaconomy compensation plan

Eaconomy compensation plan

Conclusion: Eaconomy shows new offers for forex traders

No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced trader. Eaconomy can help you through the services of trading. From my experience and tests, no fraud can be detected here because a real service is sold by the company.

The products of eaconomy have been professionally designed and offer the client helpful learning material and the right trading strategies. Even for traders who have little time, automatic trading programs are ideal for increasing capital. But be aware of the risks of the financial markets. With a price of $169 per month, Eaconomy’s offer is quite affordable compared to well-known coaches or trading providers.

Another advantage is the compensation plan which is worth to recruit new members. This way you can build up an additional income besides trading. Thanks to Eaconomy’s good products the team will grow quickly and the most traders will stay with the services. All in all, it is not a scam like a pyramid scheme where investors are loosing the funds because the company promises a high return of investment. 

Eaconomy is not a scam. The profit is depending on your trading skills. The price for the software can be expensive but it is depending on your trading capital or MLM advertising. 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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