CMC Markets review and test for investors – Good choice or not?

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Is CMC Markets a reliable CFD Broker or not? – CMC Markets is one of the biggest CFD providers for online trading. With more than 9 years of experience in the financial markets, we will test the trading platform in detail. Read about the conditions and trading offers in the next sections. Is it really worth investing your money with CMC Markets? – Find out in the following review.

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Regulation and Security of Customer Funds
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What is CMC Markets? – The company presented

The Currency Management Corporation (CMC), is a United Kingdom-based financial derivatives dealer. The CMC organization provides several online trading such as Contracts For Difference (CFDs), spread betting, and forex in the global markets. CMC is listed on the London Stock Exchange. The CMC is based in London, UK. It has several branches in Singapore, Sydney, plus other international offices.

In 1989, Currency Management Corporation (CMC) was established as a Foreign Exchange Market by Peter Cruddas. Later in September 2005, the name was changed to CMC Markets. CMC Markets became regulated and licensed in the United Kingdom by the Financial Service Authority (FSA) in 1992.

The company inaugurated a live FX trading platform in 1996 and had done her first FX deal over the internet. CMC Markets was one of the financial companies to provide online trading. The MarketMaker software platform was used to pioneer CMC Market’s internet trading technology. Since 1989 the company has a good track record and you can also read on Wikipedia about the company.

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Facts about the company: 

  • Founded in 1989
  • Based in the United Kingdom
  • Worldwide branches
  • Listed on the London Stock Exchange
  • Professional and leading technology
  • Award-winning company

(Risk warning: 74 – 89% of private investor accounts lose when trading CFDs)

CMC Markets Regulation – How safe is the CFD Broker?

The primary key to detecting if CMC Markets scams or the broker is safe to trade is the regulated status. On the CMC Markets platform, brokers are thoroughly regulated and licensed to offer trading services legally. The headquarter of CMCMarkets in the UK and CMC Spreadbetting and CFD Trading is being controlled and licensed by the FCA. So, this means that the company will comply with the client’s assets regulations for guaranteeing the trader’s safety.

The company has a large international presence, so, there are several added regulations that the company is surrendered by, these include Canadian IIROC license to perform as a CMC Markets dealer in the UK and the Australian regulation.  The company’s other branches are being regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), and the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) in New Zealand. The CMC Markets Stockbroking Ltd is a part of the Chi-X Australia, Sydney Stock Exchange, and Australian Security Exchange Group.

cmc markets regulation

So in a nutshell, CMC Markets regulatory system ensures that funds of the customers are safe under their name with trust and insolvency laws. Note that CMC Markets is having enough regulatory permits from Australian Security and Investments Commission to fend for traders from Australia bounded by ASIC regulatory negotiations. The regulations provided by some of the most prominent regulatory bodies in the financial industry make this platform an immense amount of trustworthiness for brokers, and this has been one of the solid foundations for the company’s tremendous and steady growth over the years.

Facts about the regulation: 

  • Multi-regulated broker (FCA, FMA, MAS, and more)
  • Highest regulation for trading

Financial Security

Another point to check is financial security. With CMC Markets the customer funds are very safe. The funds are managed in segregated bank accounts by the Banks Natwest, Barclays, Lloyds, Ulster Bank, Deutsche Bank. These are highly regulated institutes too.

In addition, CMC Markets does not use the customer’s money for hedging or investments. The regulators do not allow these techniques.

The broker is part of a Financial Service Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Customer funds are saved up to £85,000 if CMC Markets or a bank goes bankrupt (this case can be up to 99% excluded because the broker earns a lot of money).

Highest Financial Security: 

  • Segregated client bank account
  • Trusted big banks
  • No hedging against customers
  • No investments with customers money
  • Financial Service Compensation Scheme £85,000

Review of the conditions for traders

On CMC Markets, an account permits a trader to deposit a minimum of $ 0 and use at most CMC Markets maximum leverage of 1:500, this is just one of the highest purchases provided in the market. Though there are no precise restrictions as to minimum deposits, traders could place a deposit of $ 200 to begin a trade.

CMC Markets has only one account model for online trading where a variable spread is added to the real market prices. The spreads are depending on the market and situation. The difference between the real market price and added spread is the profit for the broker. That is how CMC Markets earns money.

See the average spreads and margin in the table below: 

Asset class: Number of instruments:Minimum spread: Margin rates (retail traders):
Forex330+0.7 points3.3%
Indices90+0.3 points5%
Cryptocurrencies121.4 points50%
Commodities110+0.3 points5%
Treasuries50+1 point20%

The brokers are permitted to follow the STP protocol that is corresponding to orders internally without any advancement to the global liquidity providers irrespective of the account operated on the platform. The CFD Broker does not allow any type of payment apart from using bank transfers or through credit cards. On standard accounts, CMC Markets provides a spread as low as 0.7 pips variable on major currency pairs. They only include commissions for investing in equities and share trading.

The lesser the investment rate, the higher leverage, smaller spread, and zero commission on trades is an excellent opportunity for hedgers, scalpers, and high-frequency traders for investing in the FX markets without cost limitations. CMC Markets provides the most significant number of financial tools for trading, and this shows its real potentials.

It has more than 10,000 financial products that comprise shares, Forex currency pairs, bonds, commodities, and several other ETFs. CMC Markets permits traders to diversify funds by generating different investment portfolios. The whole list of financial tools is made open to traders on any of the two accounts.

Trading conditions: 

  • Minimum deposit $ 0
  • Free demo account
  • Maximum leverage 1:500 (international & professional) and in Europe 1:30 for retail clients
  • Trade more than 10,000 markets
  • Stocks, indices, forex, cryptocurrencies, treasuries, ETFs
  • Variable spreads starting from 0.7 pips

(Risk warning: 74 – 89% of private investor accounts lose when trading CFDs)

Test of the CMC Markets trading platforms

According to the CMC Markets reviews, unlike others of her rivals that offer several CFD trading platforms for their users, it has been noted that the company offers just two trading platforms known as the “Next Generation platform” and the “MetaTrader 4”. The Generation Next platform has automated features, error-free pricing, without any, requotes, plus a personalized dashboard and is developed by the broker itself.

Available platforms: 

From our experiences, the Next Generation Platform has more advantages than the MetaTrader 4. That’s why we only discuss the own developed platform by CMC Markets in this section.

cmc markets platform

The Next Generation Platform

For easy testing on the platform, the CMC Nextgen has different apps for iPhone, Android, and iPad. These apps can be friendly for those who want to try the platform on the go though most traders will prefer a mainstream platform. CMC Nextgen platform permits traders to trade on several financial markets which include CFD service and stockbroking. These services have been recorded to have the lowest trading charges among the significant share trading providers in the Whole of Australia that is backed by outstanding research on the trading volumes done each month.

Direct news access:

One could quickly get a direct free update from Reuters news, which is one of the advantages of opening a CMC account using the Nextgen platform. Users can also filter the news to suit their Forex needs and relevance to them. One can also see the client’s sentiment on the CFD platform.

Note that the platform’s demo account has no trial date, meaning it can never get expired or limited to a time frame and it provides an unrestricted trade volume. This is why the CMC Markets demo account feature is well known as a baby step to currency trading and test on the platform. We recommend using it before investing real money.

The advantages of the Next Generation Platform: 

  • Suitable for beginners and advanced traders
  • Available for any device
  • Developed by CMC Markets
  • Professional trading tools and market overview
  • More than 115 indicators
  • Newsticker
  • Client Sentiment
  • Different order executions

Analysis and charting for professional trading

Generally, charts are a substantial instrument when an expansive price history conducts it over the years. Though one needs to understand how to read charts and utilize them as a basis for technical analysis. Charts can come in the form of price levels, identifying trend updates, and many other forms. It can be used to compare price actions across different time frames, which is vital to helping with price predictions in the future.

cmc markets technical chart

Professional charting

For instance, the CMC Markets covers all price history for a broad scope of assets for over two decades. This kind of detailed information is vital for traders to carry out price estimation or forecast and plot their trading blueprints.

Being able to read the chart is one thing, the next is for traders to be able to analyze and reach firm conclusions using the charts to decide resistance and support level. Leaving notes beside charts is a widespread habit for traders; this provides a side-by-side backing and theme to the planning strategy.

cmc markets charting

Charting tools

The charting process is not automated, but on the CMC Markets platform, there is an integrated solution that combines all technical analysis in one easy layout. CMC Markets platform provides a personalized chart, more than 35 drawing tools, and over 115 indicators. All these allow a trader to get deeper and perform quick technical analysis on the dashboard.

Also, the technical analysis suite assists in analyzing fees point for pattern recognition. By this, the CMC Markets platform can perform a price forecast for preset assets, giving a peep into how an asset could achieve over the years.

Charting features: 

  • Customizable indicators, drawing tools, and charts
  • Automated pattern recognition
  • Price projection box
  • Connect with other chart traders
  • View experts analysis
  • See what other traders invest

(Risk warning: 74 – 89% of private investor accounts lose when trading CFDs)

CMC Markets mobile trading (App)

The CMC Markets trading software also diversifies into tablets and mobile apps. Recently, the platform’s CFD trading and spread betting application had won awards. One the app, you can access the full order ticket functionality. It also gives access to mobile-optimized charting, signals, trade instruments, and over 40 technical indicators.

Mobile apps are available for: 

  • Android
  • Apple (iOS)
  • Smart Phones
  • Tablets

One needs to activate the rotation mode on the device to a horizontal mode; with this, chart conduction could be a lot easier. Zooming and drawing trend lines will come out clearer and cleaner.

cmc mobile app

CMC Mobile App

You can personalize the default screen, or auto-select to show open positions in the settings after logging into the app. One can get live streaming prices, pending order execution, and charts on an iPhone mobile trading app. It can also display Reuters news alongside the clients’ sentiment indicator.

Conclusively, the CMC Markets mobile trading app permits sleek transactions from its desktop-based platform, giving users the same look and feel. The applications are easy to operate and have all the necessary features needed for real trading. From the main CMC Markets official website, anyone can access video tutorials on how to make use of the apps on iOS or Android.

How to open your account with CMC Markets

Based on the fact that CMC Markets is a regulated company, every new user must go through necessary compliance measures to get inducted into the risk involved in trading and permission to trade. To open a new account, some documents will be needed for secure processing, so these requirements need to be handed in.

cmc markets

For trading with the virtual account (demo account), you do not have to provide any documentation. A scanned copy of a government-issued identity card such as a passport, national ID or driver’s license, Bank statement, or utility bill showing your current address from the past three months is necessary for access to the real markets with real money.

Furthermore, there are a few questions based on compliance to confirm one’s trading skills and experience. It might take up to 10 minutes for new account registration and completion. While being able to tour the platform almost immediately, it should be noted that trades cannot take place until the account has been approved and pass compliance. It may take several days to get feedback on registrations. To register, it is safe to go straight to the CMC Markets official website.

Account Types:

On the CMC Markets platform, two kinds of accounts could be opened to start a trading plan. These accounts are the Corporate and CFD trading accounts. Though the accounts are almost similar. One can select between 9587 products, 103 global indices, 125 commodities, 8958 shares, 57 treasuries and bonds, and 339 currency pairs.

With these two accounts, you can get telephone trading, account netting, price depth ladder, and position hedging. The bottom line is that one can get almost the same features on any of the trading accounts.

CMC Markets demo account

One can also gain access to the CMC trading platform demo account. The demo account provides the following advantages which include:

  • Demo account availability on mobile and tablets app
  • Standard trade and chart tools
  • Estimated £10,000 in the virtual cash
  • A fast and smooth set up process with immediate approval
  • No debit or credit card details needed
  • Can be utilized for a long time without any limited time frame

On the demo account, one can tell the same CMC engineering that has been applied to the virtual trade offered in real trading. Brokerage permits users to bet on thousands of forex, commodity, and index instrument. Therefore, for starters or someone trying to get acquainted with the CMC Markets, the demo account is the best trial.

(Risk warning: 74 – 89% of private investor accounts lose when trading CFDs)

How to do a deposit and a withdrawal with CMC Markets

All CMC clients can fund their accounts via debit cards, credit cards, and bank transfers. For Australian users on the platform, PayPal, POLi, and BPAY are accepted. Though every region has its accepted means of payment. All withdrawals are made at a zero charge unless for users in Australia who are charged 0.6% for debit card deposits and 1% transaction processing fee for credit card deposits.

There is no minimum deposit limitation on the CMC Markets platform. Though, it is advised for traders to make enough deposits that can sustain them on an open trade. Deposits made must be from the same account or card bearing the name of the user unless the payment will be bounced back.

CMC Markets sticks to anti-money laundering rules and regulations and the only requirement to withdraw funds from the platform is that the withdrawal method will be carried out just as the deposit method. On fewer occasions when the withdrawal is much, a bank transfer would be required. Even at that, the bank details must correspond with the profile on the account. CMC Markets operate the same-day withdrawal process for all her users; 2 pm for UK users and 11 am for non-UK users.

Note that any dormant or inactive account is billed £10 each month.

Facts about the payments:

  • Credit Cards
  • Bank Transfer
  • Some additional payment method depending on your country
  • Instant deposits and fast withdrawals
  • Fees can occur depending on your payment method

How much does it cost to trade with CMC Markets? – Fees review

Many potential clients may what to know the CMC Markets fee when utilizing the platform for trades. Note that the brokerage fee is billed based on the membership level. However, they can be as low as $9.90 or 0.075% for trades done over the internet.

To access market data, one user will be charged differently. But, one can get 20 minutes delay market data for free. Users are allowed to choose dynamic data per month for $41.25 and live data for $10 per month. Monthly fees are rebated if one makes a certain amount of trade within a month and climbs up the membership levels.


We can not list all fees which occur on trading because there are a lot of differences between the assets.

A short summary of the trading fees: 

  • Spread in Forex Trading
  • Commission for CFD Trading
  • Fees are depending on the asset
  • Market data fees

Customer support and service for traders

Just as mentioned earlier, one of the most beautiful parts of the CMC Market reviews is excellent customer support. There are several options for contacting them from anywhere around the world. Though the customer support services are available 24/5. Some of the contact options are web-based live chats, local telephoning options with several numbers made available, regulated, and monitored email.

cmc markets support

CMC Markets Support

On all these platforms, they give an immediate response. The FAQ section is prepared to answer most of the regular client’s questions and inquiries. With the FAQs, most issues are tackled without contacting the customers care operators. This will enable the operators to focus more on essential matters arising.


For successful trading, you need a high education level. CMC Markets provides videos, tutorials, articles, and webinars by trading experts. There is a huge support team which will help you to learn about the markets.

In addition, you get access to different trading strategies. There are guides for beginners and advanced traders. Learn about the technical and fundamental analysis by professional information. From our experience, the service for traders is outstanding with this broker.

Service and support: 

  • Phone, chat, email support 24/5
  • Professional employees
  • Webinars, videos, analysis, tutorials for free
  • Huge education center for beginners and advanced traders

Conclusion of the CMC Markets review: It is a reliable CFD Broker

In conclusion, CMC Markets is an eminently developed broker with a broad range of trading instruments, high-level trading platforms with easy-to-operate features, most of which are not made available on other brokers or competitor’s trading platforms. The fact that the CMC Markets is deeply regulated across several recognized platforms speaks more of its authenticity.

We can recommend CMC Markets for any trader which is searching for a reliable online broker.

cmc markets

CMC Markets numbers

Advantages of CMC Markets:

CMC Markets is a trusted online broker (stamp)

  • A global trading provider that attracts clients from Dubai to Germany
  • Permission to more than 10,000 markets for postulating on opportunities from forex to gold and bitcoin
  • No limitation to deposit amounts
  • Free and fully structured demo account for trade testing without time frame limitation
  • Provision of a social trading platform where different users can share their ideas and offer help to each other
  • Provision of learning academy, webinar, and video tutorials plus written resources
  • Access to personalize user’s dashboard both on desktop version and mobile
  • Several awards have been given to the CMC Markets business, and a lot of recognition has been gained through educational materials and excellent customer service
  • The platform is regulated across major international financial bodies and listed on the UK broker
  • Refined trading tools such as analytic insights, price alerts, chat forums, pattern recognition, client sentiment, and any more features
  • Low prices that include stiff spreads and leverage as low as 3.34% on margin requirements (variable)

Without questions, CMC Markets is a leading CFD provider. You get access to more than 10,000 markets on one platform. 4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)

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(Risk warning: 74 – 89% of private investor accounts lose when trading CFDs)