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cTrader – overview and review: how to use cTrader and is it a good platform?

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cTrader is a very important trading software for traders. This trading platform offers traders all the best features for trading. 

cTrader contributes to making any trader’s trading experience the best. So, hundreds and millions of traders use the cTrader trading platform. Most traders opt to use cTrader because of its ease of use. In addition, this trading platform is user-friendly, making it the best option for beginners.

If you wonder whether cTrader is the right trading platform to fulfill your requirements, you are at the right place. But first, let us understand cTrader’s working.

How does cTrader work?

To make cTrader work or trade using this platform is a challenging task. However, anyone can get started with the cTrader trading platform because it is simple. This trading platform fulfills every trader’s requirements. From beginners to experienced traders, all can register for this trading platform.

Good to know!

Mainly, people love cTrader because of its way of working. A trader needs to sign up for a trading account or subscribe to cTrader. The good thing about cTrader is that most brokers support this platform.

Here are some basic facts that explain cTrader’s working:

  • cTrader allows traders to enjoy trading as it is a premium charting and manual platform
  • It is a trading software that supports customized trading for any trader
  • cTrader has several trading charts and indicators that allow traders to conduct fundamental technical analyses
  • Traders can customize these charts and enjoy trading according to their experience
  • Traders can also add external tools to this trading software
  • cTrader supports a technical analysis like none other. This trading platform allows traders to dig deeper into the market
  • It allows traders to keep an eye on the trends. Traders can easily determine an underlying asset’s price rise and fall
  • Besides, this trading platform offers traders insight into the current market happenings. It allows traders to access a lot of educational material. They can always enhance their trading knowledge on this trading platform
The official website of cTrader

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

These simple facts explain how cTrader enhances any trader’s trading experience. In addition, it supports multi-asset trading, which is why most traders love trading on cTrader.

Good to know!

Various charts that traders use on cTrader can help them place direct trades. Also, it allows traders to pick a time frame of their choice. Even though cTrader has many time frames, you can still choose your preferred slot.

How do you use cTrader?

To use cTrader, a trader must understand how to use it. But, as mentioned, cTrader is a very user-friendly trading platform. So, a trader does not have much trouble using it.

A trader must sign up for a trading account with the broker who offers access to the cTrader platform. Several brokers offer cTrader as a great trading tool to traders.

Here are the steps that help any trader in using cTrader:

1. Pick a broker

The first thing a trader must do to use cTrader is to choose a broker. Several brokers offer cTrader trading software to traders. However, a trader must not rely on any random broker.

While choosing a broker who offers cTrader trading software, you must ensure that the broker is legit. Among other things, a trader must also ensure that the broker is regulated.

After choosing a broker, a trader can sign up for a trading account.

2. Sign up for a trading account

Signing up for a trading account will allow any trader to use the cTrader platform. Moreover, the signup task is free of any hassle. A trader only needs to enter his details, such as name, email, etc., to get started. 

How to create a new trading account in cTrader

3. Choose a demo/live account

When you sign up for a trading account with the broker, he will allow you to choose the cTrader trading platform as your preferred platform. Then, you can use the demo account or the live account for the cTrader trading platform.

The demo account will allow you to witness the working of the cTrader trading platform. Most brokers allow you to use it for free. The traders might learn a lot of trading tactics if they use their demo account properly.

Good to know!

Every broker that offers you a cTrader trading platform has a different duration of a free demo account. For instance, some brokers allow a free demo testing of 30 days. On the other hand, some allow it for 60 days. However, most brokers support a free demo account for only 30 days.

4. Use the cTrader platform

Once a trader switches to a live trading account on the cTrader platform, they can trade on it for real. In addition, they can access this platform by subscribing to it with the broker.

All brokers have a different subscription that a trader must pay using the cTrader platform. Thus, a trader would need to fund his trading account with different amounts as per their broker.

Good to know!

There are alternative ways in which traders can use cTrader. For example, you can download it directly from its official website instead of visiting your broker to use the cTrader trading platform.

Here is how traders can do it:

  • To download cTrader, traders can visit the cTrader official website
  • Now, traders will find the option of ‘download cTrader’
  • Then, traders can download and install it on their devices
How to download a cTrader from the official website

Wait until the installation of the cTrader trading platform finishes on your phone. Once done, you can log in if you are registered with any broker that supports this trading platform.

cTrader trading platform is available for traders, even on their mobile phones. You can download cTrader from the App Store or Google Playstore.

Good to know!

While downloading cTrader, traders must ensure that the device they use on this platform should be compatible. Traders must choose a higher RAM device that supports this advanced trading platform. If you are trading on your desktop, ensure that you have Windows 7 on your PC.

Once you fulfill all the prerequisites of using cTrader, you can enjoy trading on this platform. It will fetch you high profits if you can make well-planned moves on this trading platform. A trader can also use the educational material that cTrader offers to have a firsthand trading experience with maximum profits.

Key features of cTrader

The features of cTrader are what make traders drawn toward this trading platform. There are several features available on cTrader that make traders enjoy this trading platform. cTrader supports automated trading by allowing traders several trading tools.

Here are some top cTrader features that traders can enjoy:

1. Limit orders and stop losses

cTrader allows traders to access the features of limit orders and stop losses. Thus, they can always choose the top price they are willing to sell their underlying asset. In addition, you can also choose the minimum price you are willing to accept for the asset you hold.

The features of limit orders and stop losses in cTrader

The advantages of using limit orders and stop losses feature are as follows:

  • Traders don’t need to monitor their holdings daily
  • They get the best hedge protection when they use this option
  • Investors can benefit from short-term fluctuations with the broker

2. Favorites

Traders can set up their favorites on the cTrader trading platform. As a result, they can enjoy trading their favorite underlying assets. Furthermore, once a trader sets his favorite on cTrader, he can access everything. From price rise to downfall, everything is available on this trading software. Thus, traders can customize their trading experience like never before.

3. Depth of market

Traders can access more than just basic information. The trading tools that cTrader makes available for traders give them a deeper insight into the market.

When traders can access markets deeply, they experience the following benefits:

  • They can enjoy trading with more information at their disposal
  • Traders who use cTrader to dig deeper into the market have a better picture of the price rise and downfall
  • They can follow trends and decide whether or not to invest in any underlying asset
  • cTrader helps traders keep track of the current events that can potentially affect any asset’s price

So, cTrader is indeed a great trading platform for traders. It can alter their overall trading experience.

4. Indicators

There is more than just one trading indicator that cTrader offers. This platform has several trading indicators that enable traders to conduct the perfect technical analysis.

cTrader allows traders to access more than 20 leading trading indicators. In addition, you can use one or more economic indicators on a single chart. Thus, conducting a better analysis for building your trading strategy becomes easier for traders.

Different indicators on cTrader platform

Here are some leading trading indicators that cTrader allows traders to access:

  • Moving average convergence divergence
  • Exponential moving average
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Average true range
  • Fibonacci retracement

Apart from this, there are more indicators that they can use on cTrader. This trading platform also allows them to customize these indicators and make them work according to their convenience. It is why most traders prefer to trade on cTrader.

5. Line studies and chart objects

Traders can also study various kinds of graphs on cTrader. When conducting a technical analysis, these line studies and chart objects come in handy for traders.

Good to know!

These charts help traders know the direction of any asset’s price movements. They can enjoy a great deal when trading using these lines and charts as it helps them plan their moves.

Besides, the number of charts on cTrader is also great. You can access a lot of charts that help you build better trading strategies. It happens because a trader can know the trading market much better. Because they use charts, they get more information about the asset and its behavior in the underlying market.

6. Templates

Traders have several templates at their disposal while trading on cTrader. Having a lot of templates eases any trader’s job. They can even build their templates when they use this trading software.

7. Closing positions

Traders can conduct a technical analysis on the trading charts offered by cTrader. This platform is great because it allows traders to close their trading positions directly. Thus, it saves the time and effort of any trader.

Position closing on a cTrader platform

8. Canceling orders

Another key feature of cTrader is that it allows traders to cancel their orders. If you place orders through cTrader, this platform allows you to cancel them. So, if a trader feels that any trade might turn unprofitable for him, he can cancel it anytime from this trading platform.

9. Time frame

cTrader allows traders to choose one of the various time frames they can access. For instance, you can set 14 days, 30 days, etc., time frames while conducting your trading analysis.

Besides, traders can always customize their time frames. They can choose a time frame that suits their trading requirements.

10. Quick trade

It is yet another feature of cTrader. Quick trade allows traders to place their trades as and when they want. Unlike other trading platforms, cTrader allows traders to make quick trade executions. Thus, traders do not miss out on opportunities that can fetch them profits. It is what makes cTrader special.

11. Underlying assets

Most trading platforms support only a limited number of underlying assets. However, traders can access information about hundreds of assets using cTrader. 

The number of underlying assets traders can access also depends on their broker. If their broker supports maximum underlying assets, they can view it on cTrader. Thus, conducting a technical analysis of any asset is possible for traders.

Underlying assets on cTader

12. Advanced protection

cTrader is difficult to hack or bring down. So, traders can rest assured that they have added protection when using cTrader. This trading software has top-notch security, which makes it worthy for any trader.

Most traders trust cTrader because they consider it reliable. In addition, traders can enjoy added protection on cTrader.

13. Account management

Managing an account on cTrader is easy for any trader. Therefore, you can quit undergoing hassle when you use this platform for trading.

Fees and costs

Before using cTrader, a trader might want to know the fees and commissions involved. The fees and costs of cTrader are affordable when we compare it with other trading platforms. However, the fees and costs of this trading platform might vary from broker to broker.

However, a trader does not have to pay cTrader directly to use this trading platform. The broker that you sign up with allows you to use cTrader. So, the fees and costs that cTrader levies are on the broker to bear.

Apart from this, a trader pays cTrader broker the commission it charges. Thus, the costs that traders have to pay are not much.

Good to know!

Usually, cTrader charges traders for the copy trading feature that it offers. This trading software’s fees depend on what the strategy provider stipulates on a trader while allowing them to copy their strategies.

A great benefit of using cTrader is that traders can access free strategies. In addition, some strategy providers on cTrader charge nothing from traders. So, a trader benefits immensely from these strategy providers.

How much does cTrader cost?

Other than this, the fees of cTrader are of three types:

Fee type:
Management fee
Up to 10% of the investor’s equity
Performance fee
Up to 30% of the net profit
Volume fee
10 USD/ per million volume
Three types of fees in cTrader

Management fee:

  • The management fee that cTrader charges are a periodic payment
  • The trader who uses the help of a strategy provider has to pay this fee
  • This fee does not consider whether a trader’s strategy brought him profits
  • The strategy provider stipulates the management fee of his own accord on the followers who copy his strategies
  • However, it does not exceed 10% of the investor’s equity
  • The management fee gets levied on a strategy follower every day. However, a trader gets charged the management fee at the beginning of the month
  • Besides, if you stop using the copy trading strategy in the middle of the month, you might have to pay for it again

Performance fee:

  • The performance fee is that which gets charged to a trader depending upon the performance of the strategy
  • It is a percentage of the net profit that a trader earns on this trading platform
  • Like the management fee, the performance fee gets charged only when a trader uses the copy trading account
  • This fee percentage is at most 30%
  • You get charged the performance fee at the end of every month. Also, the high-water mark controls this fee
  • Traders might have to pay the performance fee when they empty their copy trading account

Volume fee:

  • Whenever a trader copies more than one million, he has to pay a volume fee
  • The volume fee is 10 USD per one million volume copy trading
  • Traders have to pay this volume fee to the strategy provider on the opening and closing of the trade

Apart from this, the fee for the strategy provider might vary according to the amount they earn.

As we can see, most fees and costs that cTrader charges from investors are genuine. Therefore, traders could use this software to make their trading experience the best and most worthwhile.

What can you trade on cTrader?

cTrader is making traders experience the worth. It offers them value for the money they invest in several underlying assets.

A trader can trade any underlying asset that their broker supports. For instance, some brokers might allow you to trade binary options. On the other hand, some brokers might limit their arena only to forex. 

Following underlying assets are available using cTrader

So, what a trader can trade on cTrader depends on what his broker supports. But it does not mean that cTrader has a limited reach when we consider the underlying assets that a trader wants to trade.

Usually, the following underlying assets are at a trader’s disposal using cTrader:

  • Stocks
  • Commodities
  • Metals
  • Bonds
  • Indices

So, cTrader widens any trader’s reach and gives him the best life experience by helping him trade his favorite underlying assets. Whichever asset a trader picks; he can always find in-depth information on cTrader.

A trader can use the available or custom tools to trade these underlying assets on cTrader.

How good is cTrader?

After an in-depth analysis of cTrader, you might know that this trading platform is all you need to enhance your trading experience. cTrader is the best of all trading software. It has revolutionized the trading world for traders. As a result, traders who use cTrader have a rich trading experience.

Good to know!

cTrader has several advantages that explain why this trading platform is worthy for traders. However, it also carries a few disadvantages that a trader has to bear. But the advantages of cTrader out shadow its disadvantages.

Let us review the cTrader advantages and disadvantages and compare them with other platforms:

Spotware Systems
Economic indicators
Trading charts
Custom indicators
Historical pricing
One-click trading
Number of time frames
21 on MT5, 9 on MT4
Copy trading
Advantages and disadvantages of cTrader compared with other platforms

Advantages of cTrader

cTrader offers benefits to brokers and investors alike. Here are some of them:

1. Fast-entry and execution

Traders can conduct a technical analysis using all the tools and indicators on cTrader. The analysis is fast. Thus, it enables traders to make fast entries and executions.

2. Complete range of orders

This trading software offers traders a complete range of orders. Moreover, they can enjoy trading because cTrader allows them to access all the major underlying assets.

You can complete your order on this trading platform.

Different types of orders are available on cTrader platform

3. Powerful software

Traders experience benefits while trading on cTrader because it is a powerful trading software. As a result, they can trade using the best features. In addition, this trading software works fast and does not lag. So, it offers the best of all benefits to traders.

4. Advanced order protection

cTrader offers advanced order protection to traders. This trading platform ensures encrypted transactions. So, traders can give up on the risk of losing their money or investment.

5. Copy trading

The most important feature of any trading platform is the copy trading feature. This feature allows traders to take the help of several strategy providers offering their services.

When traders take help from such traders, they can benefit. Copy trading feature is extremely helpful for traders new to the world of trading. So, cTrader offers traders the necessary help to enjoy trading with the best features.

The feature of copy trading is great for professional traders also. They can act as the strategy provider and earn commissions or fees from the investors who follow them.

Copy trading – great feature for beginners

6. Flexible fee

Another advantage of trading or using the cTrader platform is its flexible fee structure. Unless trading uses a copy trading account, a trader does not have to pay much to get profitable trades.

If you build your strategy on cTrader rather than using one of the strategy providers, you will have to pay less.

cTrader disadvantages

Besides the advantages, several disadvantages accompany cTrader trading software:

1. Historical price data

Unlike other trading platforms and software, cTrader does not offer historical price data. Nevertheless, a trader has to use other trading software to dig the same. So, it hinders any trader’s trading analysis. 

Moreover, with historical price data, it can become difficult for any trader to fetch an accurate picture of any underlying asset.

2. Real-time market news

A trader will benefit from trading software only when he can access the market news. Unfortunately, though cTrader might offer market news, it is not real-time. Thus, traders might have to look elsewhere to find real-time market news.

3. Economic calendar

cTrader does not offer any established economic calendar to traders.

4. Trading signals

Other trading platforms like MT4 and MT5 provide trading signs to traders. Trading signals is an area of improvement for cTrader. It loses competition to other trading software when traders look for a platform that offers them the best trading signals.

5. Crypto trading

cTrader does not support crypto trading for traders. You might have to look elsewhere if you wish to trade crypto using the best trading software.

6. CFD trading

Like crypto trading, cTrader does not support CFD trading. These two underlying assets are profitable and allow traders to earn more when they deploy the right trading skills. In their absence, traders feel skeptical about joining cTrader. 

Apart from these disadvantages, everything else makes cTrader the best trading platform. As a result, traders have the best trading experience on cTrader. 

It is the best trading software for traders who like to trade stocks. However, traders who wish to trade CFD and crypto might have to look elsewhere.

How do you set up cTrader?

General settings of cTrader

Traders can set up cTrader once they decide to use it. However, the initial steps a trader must follow are the same. For instance, a trader must find a suitable broker supporting this platform. 

Once the trader finds the broker, he can sign up for a trading account. Then, he can proceed to download cTrader from the link offered by the broker. 

The brokers allow you to sign up for a demo account to see what it is like to trade on this trading platform. As a result, they can enjoy trading without investing their funds and get a firsthand experience of the features offered by cTrader. 

Traders can set up cTrader once it downloads into their device. Then, you can download it on your mobile and PC for added convenience while trading. Once the setup and installation are finished, you can begin trading on cTrader.

cTrader review conclusion: A prior trading software for investing

So, cTrader is nothing less than a miracle for traders. This trading platform can fulfill any trader’s needs and allow them to trade confidently. 

It has all the tools a trader would need to conduct technical analysis. cTrader supports a thorough technical analysis that manifolds the chances of earning profits for any trader. 

cTrader is the most versatile trading software and platform that helps traders customize their trading needs. So, unarguably, this trading platform is good. Any trader can easily signup and use cTrader because of its user-friendly features. Traders who are newbies can also indulge in trading through cTrader. Besides, several experienced brokers trade on this trading platform.

cTrader review:

Overview and review of the features of the cTrader trading software.

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Summary of the cTrader review

cTrader is the best trading software for stocks, forex, and many other types of assets. It offers great technology and advanced features.


FAQs – most asked questions about the cTrader:

How do you use the cTrader platform?

Traders can use the cTrader trading platform by downloading it. To use it, a trader must sign up with a broker who offers them to use this trading platform. Then, they can download it.

How do I download cTrader?

You can download cTrader from its official website. Your broker might offer you the link to download it. Other than this, you can also download it from the App Store or Google Playstore.

Does cTrader have an app?

Yes, cTrader has an app, and you can download it from App Store or Playstore.

Is cTrader a good platform?

Yes, cTrader is a perfect trading platform for beginners and experienced. cTrader is a good trading platform because it offers every possible feature to the trader. It is a great trading software that supports customized and automated trading.

Is cTrader any good?

cTrader is the best trading platform for casual and professional trading.

Is cTrader better than MT4?

cTrader offers traders better technology as compared to MT4. However, the needs of traders might vary. Therefore, they should consider everything while deciding which platform is the best for them.

Is cTrader better than MT5?

Yes, cTrader is better than MT5 as it offers advanced features.

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