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Sierra Chart review and prices: Is Sierra Chart a good choice?

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Sierra chart is one charting software that traders might have heard about. You might have used Sierra Chart once or more if you are a regular trader. 

Most traders might have never used a Sierra Chart. However, if you are new to trading, Sierra Chart might interest you. Here, we’ll review Sierra Chart so traders can understand what this platform does. Also, traders can choose whether or not to trade using this chart.

What is Sierra Chart?

A trader can trade in the market with a perfect technical analysis. Using trading charts for technical analysis is common thing. Traders can find plenty of charts on several trading platforms. However, not choosing the best charts can hinder their profit-earning journey.

Good to know!

Sierra Chart is a charting software that is popular these days. It has several features that make it the number-one choice for traders.

Here are a few Sierra Chart facts that communicate its characteristic features:

  • Sierra Chart is a famous desktop trading platform. It offers a charting platform to traders to conduct a well-found technical analysis
  • The primary focus of Sierra Chart is to offer traders a platform where they can use all tools in one place
  • It makes technical analysis feasible for any trader
  • Traders can access numerous tools to analyze several stocks, forexes, commodities, etc., they are trading
  • Sierra Chart ensures that traders can easily perform several complex analyses
  • It has a simple GUI that makes it stand out from other competitors
  • Besides, this charting software has plenty of scope for customization
The official website of the Sierra Chart trading platform

Thus, traders looking forward to trading with much more conviction can use Sierra Chart. This charting software is a one-stop solution for traders to overcome the technicalities they encounter while conducting a technical analysis.

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Sierra Chart has a smooth and easy user interface. Thus, professionals and even beginners can use this trading platform without much thought. Moreover, the features are up-to-date, and as the trading world becomes modern, traders witness more features on this charting platform.

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Is Sierra Chart good?

Before investing in any charting software, you want to know whether it is effective. Of course, you wouldn’t want to lose both your money and trades on something that does not look productive.

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Sierra Chart is quite famous among investors for its remarkable features. In addition, several traders use this platform as a source to conduct their technical analysis. So, Sierra Chart is not just good but an excellent charting platform.

Traders experience some pros once they begin using this charting software:

  • Traders can highly customize the trading charts on this charting platform. It is a feature that traders might not find on every trading platform
  • It allows traders to change the layout of the charts. Thus, traders can use the trading charts according to their preferences
  • There are over 3000 built-in studies that Sierra Chart offers traders. So, if you trade using this charting platform, chances of accessing highly-rated educational content are high
  • Sierra Chart contains various technical tools traders can use to conduct technical analysis
  • Traders can access the underlying markets and watch the events happening in the market
  • Unlike other charting platforms, Sierra Chart promotes live trading. So, a trader can place a trade directly using a chart on this platform
  • Sierra Chart offers real-time data. So, traders can access the data when they wish to conduct technical analysis. Trading has never been simpler than with Sierra charts
  • There is C++ code that traders can access on this charting platform. So, traders can make customizations an infinite number of times. Also, these customizations are highly efficient for traders
Highly customizable trading platform

So, these 8 good reasons explain that Sierra Chart offers more than just a charting platform to traders. With this charting platform, traders can get an insight into the market happenings and trade with more accurate information.

Does Sierra Chart have crypto?

The most confusing thing traders wonder about Sierra Chart is whether it offers crypto. To open up, Sierra Chart allows you to watch over all the leading underlying assets, including cryptocurrency. 

Traders can easily access the Bitcoin market on the Sierra Chart. In addition, they can use this charting tool to analyze the Bitcoin market when they are planning to invest in it. 

Besides cryptocurrency, there are several other market types that Sierra Chart supports. For instance, you can access the top markets:

  • Stock markets
  • Commodities markets
  • Forex markets
  • Indices
Sierra Chart supports cryptocurrency too

So, a trader need not hesitate while getting this charting software because he can access almost all the markets he wishes to trade.

Is Sierra Chart free?

Most often, traders want to test a platform when considering using it. For instance, if you sign up with a broker, you can enjoy trading on a demo account he offers. The demo account allows you to test all the broker’s features and tools for trading. 

Likewise, Sierra Chart also offers traders a free trial of 15 days. Thus, a trader can use Sierra Chart for free for this amount of time. It allows full access to all the features and functionalities of the paid version. If you feel Sierra Chart is worth a purchase, you can get its subscription.

What is included in a free trial package of Sierra Chart

How do you get Sierra Chart for free?

As mentioned, traders would need to pay for or subscribe to the services of this charting platform. However, opting for a free trial is a way to use this charting platform for free. 

Traders can use Sierra Chart for free for only 15 days. Once this trial period ends, you must buy a subscription to continue using this charting platform. 

A trader can follow these steps to use Sierra Chart for free for 15 days. These steps will help you unlock a free trial with this charting platform:

  • Visit the charting platform, Sierra
  • Proceed to create your trading account on Sierra
  • Now, while signing up, request a free trial from Sierra Chart
  • Sierra Chart will offer you a free trial once you sign up for an account

Good to know!

As your free trial period activates, you will receive a notification from the platform. Sierra Charts will be free to use for these 15 days. Traders can enjoy using all functionalities available when they pay for them.

Sierra Chart Pros and Cons

Sierra Chart has both pros and cons. Let’s first look at what makes Sierra Chart a top choice for traders.

Sierra Chart Pros:

Traders love Sierra Chart because it offers them plenty of benefits:

1. Best charting facilities

Although several charting tools and platforms are available in the market, nothing beats Sierra Chart. The high versatility of Sierra Chart makes it stand out. In addition, traders can easily customize their charts to fit their trading requirements.

  • The settings tab allows traders to change more than just the chart’s colo
  • You can even arrange bars by filtering them
  • Various real-time and historical price multipliers are available on this charting platform
  • Traders can view the market graphs much more deeply
How to perform a chart settings in Sierra Chart

2. Trading depth

With this charting platform, traders can access the market much more deeply. Moreover, since they can enjoy conducting an in-depth technical analysis, trading becomes much more meaningful.

3. Advanced custom settings

Traders can enjoy the features that make trading much more customizable for traders. It contains a C++-based interface. Traders can use this interface to build their technical studies.

4. Plenty of drawing tools

Sierra Chart offers plenty of drawing tools to traders. Traders can use these tools in charts.

Drawing tools in Sierra Chart

5. Additional features

Besides these features, several additional features make Sierra Chart beneficial for traders.

  • The Sierra Chart charting platform is compatible with almost all kinds of devices
  • It offers a wide range of technical studies to traders
  • This charting platform is highly versatile, and traders can access hundreds of charts
  • The price of the Sierra Chart charting platform is very affordable for traders
  • Traders can access real-time data on this charting platform. Thus, trading forex and cryptocurrency are easy with this charting tool

Sierra Chart cons

The cons of Sierra Chart are as under:

  • Traders might have to involve an external source to research the real-time data. Thus, it is a loophole in using Sierra Chart
  • ASCIL’s learning curve on this platform has steep learning curve. So, a trader might have to put in extra effort to understand Sierra Charts

Apart from these two main cons, Sierra Charts have nothing traders should fear. This charting platform is perfect for traders from all expertise levels. So, you can download or join the charting tool to trade better.

How do I install Sierra Chart?

Installing Sierra Charts is a straightforward process. Traders can download the Sierra Chart charting software from the Google Playstore. It is also available on the App Store.

Downloading the Sierra Chart from the official website

The installation steps involve the following:

  • Open Playstore or App Store and search for ‘Sierra Chart’
  • Now, click on the ‘download/install option
  • Let the download continue
  • Now, you can wait until Sierra Chart installs on your phone

Alternatively, if your broker supports Sierra Chart, you can directly click on the link offered by your broker. Then, you can download it without searching for it on the Google Playstore or App Store. 

Once you have downloaded Sierra Chart, you can set up your account on the platform. For that, the following steps are handy for traders:

How to create a new account in Sierra Chart
  • Download and install the Sierra Chart charting platform
  • Click on the ‘create my account option
  • Enter the details
  • Explore the supported data and Sierra Chart trading services
  • Enjoy the free trial of Sierra Chart for 15 days
  • Finally, choose a service package

What is the cost of using Sierra Chart?

Finally, if you are considering using Sierra Chart, you might want to know how much you have to pay. Traders who like to use advanced charting tools can access the service packages of Sierra Charts by paying the following charges:

  • A monthly subscription to Sierra Chart costs $26
  • If you opt for an annual subscription to this charting platform, you would need to pay only $18 monthly. Thus, you can access discounted services
Base service packages of Sierra Chart

Sierra Chart: Review and Conclusion

Sierra Chart is a well-known name in the world of trading. This charting platform is very beneficial for traders. The best thing about this platform is that traders, whether experienced or newbies, can access this charting platform without much problem

This charting platform supports a lot of customization. So, traders’ trading experience can improve with this charting platform.

Sierra Chart review:

Overview and review of the features of the Sierra Chart trading software.

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Sierra Chart is a superior trading software for forex, CFDs, crypto, stocks, and many other types of assets. It is full of useful features that enhance any trader’s trading experience.


FAQs – most asked questions about the Sierra Chart:

Do any brokers offer Sierra Chart?

There are a lot of brokers that offer Sierra Chart. This trading and charting platform is famous for its authentic and remarkable services. So, most trading platforms work with Sierra Chart to offer their traders the best trading experience.

Is Sierra Chart a broker?

Sierra Chart is not a broker, but it works with several brokers to offer traders much-needed trading services. It extends all the usable help to traders, making their trading journey smoother. 

So, Sierra Chart is just a charting platform that earns by selling its service packages to traders. It is not a broker. Instead, a trader must sign up with a broker to place trades and use Sierra Chart to conduct technical analysis.

Is Sierra Chart safe?

Yes, Sierra Chart is safe to use. This charting platform is known for its reliability and trustworthiness. Traders can access all the customizable tools that make trading meaningful for them. Conducting a technical analysis with the help of this charting platform ensures that a trader makes the best of all trading decisions. It is a safe-to-use charting platform.

Does Sierra Chart offer a demo?

Yes, Sierra Chart offers a demo to traders. You can sign up for a free trial of Sierra Chart. This free trial is available for 15 days. You can access all features and functionalities of this platform during these 15 days.

Can you use Sierra Chart on Mac?

Since Sierra Chart is a powerful trading and charting software, you can find its usability across all major devices. In addition, Sierra Chart is easy to download and use on Mac platforms.

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