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Nowadays it is hard to find a suitable online trading platform or broker. On the Internet, there is an overabundance of software that promises to give you the best trading conditions. Not always the most eye-catching advertisement is a good offer. In addition, newcomers fall for fraudulent websites again and again.

We at https://www.trusted-broker-reviews.com/ have made it our mission to present our readers with the best and safest online brokers. All providers on our website are checked by professional criteria. Since we have experience in online trading since 2013, we know exactly what to look for when choosing a broker.

1. Regulation and securities

Trusted-Broker-Reviews first checks online providers for regulations and securities for customer funds. You should never use an unregulated trading platform. If you do want to do so, we recommend investing very little money.

With unregulated brokers, there is always the risk that customer funds are not paid out or the website simply disappears. We check if there is a real company behind the broker. A reputable broker is regulated by an official regulatory body of a state that supervises financial activities. For example, a strict regulation in Europe is the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). In order to obtain such regulation, the broker must meet strict requirements. If the broker does not comply with the rules, it can lead to fines and even the withdrawal of the license.

In summary, regulation always exudes a high level of security for the customer. You can then be sure that customers are treated well. In addition, the security of customer funds plays a major role in our review. Brokers have deposit insurance and separate bank accounts. Some providers have high or low deposit insurance. We also check this point very closely.

2. Trading conditions

Every trader wants to use an online broker with low fees. The lower the fees are the more profit is left in the end. In each of our reviews from Trusted Broker Reviews, we check the trading conditions closely. To do this, we also look at the live chart. How high is the spread and commission when trading? Are there any fees when depositing and withdrawing funds? How high is the leverage? Which trading platform is offered? We answer these questions and many more in our articles. The most important conditions to check are:

  • Spread
  • commissions
  • Lifting effect
  • Trading platform
  • Execution for trades
  • Additional fees
  • Choice of markets

You get from broker to broker always different trading conditions. For example, some providers specialize only in forex trading. Other providers offer again rum a very favorable stock trading. In the end, the customer must always decide for himself which markets are interesting for him. We at Trusted Broker Reviews always list all conditions transparently. This is part of a professional review.

3. Trading platform

Of course, the trading platform must also be reviewed. Which ones are offered? Often the broker offers several software for stock market trading. Nowadays, most providers are so advanced that there are hardly any bad trading platforms. Nevertheless, we review the offer and tell you about the features of the software.

This is especially important for trading strategies. For some methods, you need special tools and software. That is why we always want to give you a broad overview.

4. Support and Service

The support and service for the customer are also at the top of our reviews. As a customer, you always want to have good service. This is especially important when investing in the capital markets. The broker should always be quickly available for the customer. For example, it is good if there is the possibility to close trading positions by phone or chat. These functions should only be used in case of emergency.

Also, for the beginner, it is particularly important to have a direct contact person for questions. Most providers also offer an account manager, webinars, educational material, or analysis. We check for you which support, and service is available and also whether it answers satisfactorily.

5. Deposits and withdrawals at the online broker

How to deposit and withdraw your money? Does the broker permissibly payout the profits? What methods are there for this? We thoroughly review the topic of deposits and withdrawals. In addition to the other points that we have already listed above, this is one of the most important checkpoints of Trusted Broker Reviews. We give you a transparent overview here as well. Likewise, fees could also be incurred. With many online brokers, we have already independently tested the payment methods with real money and pass on the experience to our readers.

Trusted Broker Reviews stands for a transparent comparison of online brokers. No matter if you want to trade Forex, CFD, options, or stocks. With us, you will find the best provider.