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Anyone looking for the latest stock market information, analyses, and prices relating to securities trading often also informs themselves on financial portals. However, thanks to the great abundance of platforms on the market, it is increasingly difficult to decide which financial portal should be the number one source of information for one’s own trading business. Specializations in financial portals on different trading instruments can help in the decision-making process.

For example, the FXStreet platform is particularly important for forex traders or private investors who trade cryptocurrencies. Content around the asset class convinces over 1 million visitors to the FXStreet website per month. But how good is the FXStreet financial portal really? We share our experiences in the FXStreet test.

FXStreet official website
FXStreet official website

Introduction of the company – FXStreet

FxStreet was founded in 2000 and has been providing traders with tools to facilitate investment decisions for Forex traders for 20 years. FxStreet has already made a name for itself as one of the leading providers of information for Forex traders. Their goal – to be the leading provider of Forex information and tools – is therefore currently steadily approaching.

FxStreet now employs around 60 people, with only half of them working at the company’s headquarters in Barcelona. The rest of the staff is scattered around the world and so, thanks to the global team, information retrieval via FxStreet is possible 24/5 and in over 17 languages. German traders can also be pleased because the majority of FxStreet’s offer is also translated into German and is thus, particularly user- and reader-friendly.

The company FxStreet itself has set five corporate values, which runs like a red thread through the offer:

  • Teamwork. Together we can achieve more
  • Innovation
  • Vision: Ensure a clear market overview
  • Feedback: Constructive feedback is welcome
  • Transparency

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FXStreet offers for traders

The top offer for traders is mainly focused on Forex trading. Thus, traders have the opportunity to obtain information about Forex trading, market events, and suitable brokers on the website of FxStreet. A large part of FxStreet.com is free of charge and thus allows to obtain information and consume content without paying any fees.

FxStreet’s free offer includes tools as well as news and general information. Our experience with the content can be seen below.

Quotes and charts

In order to analyze the price trends, a chart is always a helpful tool, as it allows one to grasp the content in seconds and thus make trading decisions. Such charts are also offered by FxStreet and that in real-time.

Thanks to the free chart program on the website, the charts can not only be individualized but also set up precisely using filters. Thus, it is possible to specify which currencies are viewed: EUR, USD; GBP, and more. The time period of the charts can also be set. Here are the choices:

  • Intraday
  • Tick-by-Tick
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

In addition, Forex can be compared with each other and analyzed in more detail using indicators and news. Finally, it should be said that of course the chart form itself, can be selected. A total of 11 chart variants are available. Among them are the classics, such as the Candlelight chart and bar chart. But also special charts, like the Heikin-Ashi chart can be selected.

fxStreet Chart Tool
FXStreet chart tool

In addition to charts, rates can also be analyzed by means of trading signals. The signals provide information about the current opportunities and risks of Forex trading at a certain currency rate. However, signals are always only recommendations and are only intended to improve or facilitate one’s own trading decisions. However, traders benefit from the signals provided in any case.


Current economic events should always be of interest to every trader. Thus, FxStreet.com also informs in the form of news about current events related to Forex trading. These can give information about whether the investment in a certain Forex, for example, EUR / USD is worthwhile or not or whether a current trade should be sold.

The risk of making wrong decisions can be minimized by regularly reading the news and analyzing appropriate data. Especially in 2020 and 2021 – in times of the Corona pandemic – this is of great advantage for all investors.

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Not every trader dares to make analyses himself or simply does not have the time for it. Therefore, it is always great when the management of a website takes over this step for you – at least partially. FxStreet.com regularly publishes analyses – both in text and media form – across different markets.

FxStreet news

The currency analyses are published time and again by different authors, most of whom are considered experts in trading Forex. Among others, Jochen Stanzl from CMC Markets  – a globally operating brokerage – also publishes articles that provide interesting insights. Top insider knowledge can therefore be assumed in the analyses.


To be able to analyze the market prices and opportunities as well as the risk of cryptocurrencies, again and again, news around cryptocurrencies and their current volatility should of course also be consumed. For this purpose, Fxstreet.com again provides the appropriate offer on its own site.

It should be mentioned at this point that the news mediation is really presented in a very user-friendly way. Thus, it is always possible to read information as text as well as to see it in a quick overview. Thanks to practical tables with colored signal tones, which convey either falling or rising prices, it is quick and easy to use.

Economic calendar

Lastly, FxStreet also offers one of the most popular and well-known programs available for traders. An economic calendar is a suitable tool to quickly and easily get an overview of the market, get a sentiment picture, and view forecasts and charts. On FxStreet.com, the economic calendar can be filtered by time, relevance, country, and category. This way, traders can see only the events that interest them.

The following categories are available for filtering:

  • Bond Flows
  • Capital flows
  • Central Banks
  • Consumption
  • Economic activity
  • Energy
  • Tourism
  • Real estate market
  • Inflation
  • Interest rates
  • Labor market
  • Politics

These categories not only give a good overview but are also good indices for newcomers to trading, who first need to learn which developments can affect their own trading strategy in Forex trading.

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Quick conclusion about the FxStreet.com offer

The number and depth of the FxStreet offer on its own website are really large and informative. In particular, it is a great advantage that the offer is available free of charge and so really every trader can benefit from the imparted know-how.

Also, the trading tools offered, such as the chart tool and the economic calendar are helpful tools that can be used to support one’s own Forex trade management.

In addition, we would also like to positively emphasize that the previously discussed offers can all be translated into different languages, making it easy to read in one’s native language. The selection of suitable brokers for trading Forex is also a helpful tool, especially for starters who will start trading on the stock exchange in 2020, 2021.

FxStreet Economic Calendar
FXStreet economic calendar

FXStreet premium membership

Besides the free offer on the site, FxStreet.com also offers paid services. These can be viewed in the membership area of the financial platform. The membership area itself consists of both a free and paid area. While the free area only allows you to save your own trading information on the website, the offer for trading expands in the paid variant.

Premium membership offer

If you want to become a premium member at FxStreet.com, you can use a number of additional services for trading. If you decide to become a Premium Member, you will become a Premium Member at FXStreet Signals.

FxStreet Signals
FXStreet signals

FxStreet Signals

The following services await you:

  • Strategies and performances
  • Instant access to signals and results
  • Instant access to all signals
  • FxStreet usage via desktop and mobile app
  • Analysis for each strategy
  • Exclusive communication channel with FX experts
  • Analysis of market conditions
  • Prices and fees as a member

Premium membership can be booked as a subscription model. A lifetime subscription is currently not available. Basically, one month of membership costs $35. If you decide directly for a longer subscription period, the costs can also be reduced. We have summarized the costs for you in a nutshell:

Subscription Model:Costs:
per month$35
3 month$31,66
12 month$26,77

Mobile use of the platform

An advantage of the premium membership is that the news, analyses, and charts of FxStreet.com can also be viewed via mobile devices. This allows for flexible use of the service.

Thanks to the free app, which is available for both Android and Apple devices, the user experience can be maximized. Another major advantage of the app is that it is also translated into multiple languages, so there are no language problems.

FxStreet mobile
FXStreet mobile

Customer service and support

For questions that arise, the FAQ on the website can help or the customer service can be contacted personally. However, there is no live chat option yet. However, you can try to contact customer service directly via the social media channels Twitter, Facebook, and Co. Companies on Facebook and the like often respond within 24 hours.

In principle, however, it is not necessary to contact them via social networks. You can simply use the customer form on the website. However, there is no option to set the language here, which is why we advise you to write your request in English. This way, the contact person on site can answer directly and has no communication difficulties.

In addition to the contact form, for notices or other sensitive data, you can also send your request by mail to the main headquarters in Barcelona. The address is:

  • FxStreet
  • Portaferrissa 7, 1r 2a
  • Barcelona 08002
  • Catalonia – Spain
  • Tel +34 93 3040495

Trade from 0.0 pips over 3,000 markets without commissions and professional platforms:

(Risk warning: 78.1% of retail CFD accounts lose money)

Continuing education opportunities

In addition to information, news, and trading tools, FxStreet.com also offers suitable educational opportunities to better understand the Forex Market. The most relevant offerings for traders are the blog and webinars with experts. Both offers are in English, but the webinars with news about current events are chargeable.

FxStreet Webinars
FXStreet webinars


Test and review of FxStreet.com

Trusted Broker Reviews

The flexibility of use:
Customer service:


FxStreet.com is thus a suitable offer on the Internet for people who trade Forex and thus currencies. Thanks to the choice between free and paid offers, every trader can decide for himself how much info he is willing to pay money for. Basically, the free offers are already very in-depth and provide a good overview.
It should be especially emphasized that FxStreet.com is one of the few portals that specialize in a particular asset class. This is because many other financial portals are broadly diversified. However, for people who invest only in Forex, such a portal is much more effective and useful, because here you really get all the information you need.


Trade from 0.0 pips over 3,000 markets without commissions and professional platforms:

(Risk warning: 78.1% of retail CFD accounts lose money)

FAQ – The most asked questions about FXStrееt : 

Is FXStrееt a safe and secure platform?

Yеs, FXStrееt is 100% safе. The platfοrm has bееn еxtеnsivеly auditеd and cеrtifiеd by lеading sеcurity firms. Furthеrmοrе, the FXStreet team οf еxpеriеncеd mοdеratοrs takеs carе tο kееp thе cοmmunity safе.

Hοw еffеctivе arе FXStreet signals?

Thе FXStrееt signals arе vеry еffеctivе and havе hеlpеd many tradеrs makе significant prοfits. Οvеrall, οur signals tеnd tο bе accuratе abοut 70% οf thе timе. Hοwеvеr, thеrе may bе sοmе that arе nοt as succеssful – this is always a risk when trading fοrеx.

How do I terminate my FXStreet membership?

If you want to discontinue your premium service or paid membership, you can do so via your user profile section before the next bill is due. Feel free to email them at [email protected] to obtain refunds or if you have any other inquiries about the policies or the services.

Is FXStreet custοmеr sеrvicе еffеctivе and are they ready to help?

Yеs, thе custοmеr sеrvicе at FXStrееt is vеry еffеctivе. Οur tеam οf еxpеriеncеd mοdеratοrs is availablе 24/7 tο hеlp tradеrs with any issues οr quеstiοns thеy may havе. FXStrееt’s custοmеr sеrvicе is vеry rеspοnsivе and hеlpful. If yοu havе any quеstiοns οr prοblеms, thеy will bе ablе tο hеlp yοu οut quickly.

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