Investous review and test – Is it a scam or not?

If you are fed up with all the scams in the market and want to know something unique and quality, then this online broker review is for you. The review will inculcate all the necessary details and all the precautions users need to look into before stepping into any broker platform.

You are interested in the new broker Investous? We checked their offers and trading platform in detail. Read this Investous review carefully, as it will not take more than your five precious minutes. Is it really worth investing your money there? – Find out in this article. 

Official Investous website

Official Investous website

Trade more than 100 markets with Investous

Trade more than 100 markets with Investous

Investous trading platform

Investous trading platform

Investous account types

Investous account types

Investous logo
Review:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
Regulation:CySEC (Cyprus)
Demo account: ✔ Free
Minimum deposit: $/€/£ 250
Markets:300+, Forex, CFD, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Metals, Stocks, Indices
Platform:Web, MetaTrader 4, Mobile
Leverage:1:30 (retail), 1:400 (professional)
Support: Multi-language, Phone, E-Mail, Live-chat

(Risk Warning: 84.15% of retail investor accounts lose money)

Introduction to Investous – What’s behind the broker?

Investous is a trading platform that is offering multiple services for the last 7 years to the trading community. The platform offers a variety of services ranging from forex, indices, commodities, and access to around 300 markets as well. It offers multiple types of account types having multiple features in it. The brand “Investous” is managed by the F1Markets Limited and IOS Investments Limited. The official address of the company F1Markets is Kolonakiou Avenue 43, 4103 Agios Athanasios, Limassol, Cyprus. The registration number is HE329568.

Investous is a safe and secure platform regulated under the IFSC and the CySEC agency. The deposit and withdrawal methods are transparent and instant. It has a hardworking support team to assist the users. Overall, this platform is great for new traders. We did not find much information about the company behind Investous which makes not a good impression to us but it seems like a legal business. 

  • Based in Cyprus
  • Regulated
  • Accepts international clients
  • Mainly has European customers

Regulation and safety

Regulations and safety are some of the main concerns of users during the platform haunting process. People mostly prefer regulated platforms to non-regulated platforms. Investous platform has taken a lot of effort to provide a safe and secure ambiance for its users. Hence, it is regulated under the International Financial Services Commission IFSC regulating agency under the license number 000349/122 and for European customers regulated by the CySEC with the license 267/15.

Investous is CySEC regulated

Investous is CySEC regulated


Along with regulations, the platforms have to do a lot of effort for the safety of the user’s funds and their personal data. Investous platform has done great in this by providing great security services to its users. Comodo a cybersecurity company provides safety and security to the users of Investous. The platform uses SSL security (secure sockets layer) to ensure the user’s personal data safe.

Trading conditions – What can Investous offer?

Trading is one of the most technical things in the trader’s life. All the trading brokers provide services to their users in return for certain conditions in compliance with their terms of conditions. All these conditions help a smooth working of the users and platform. Following are the trading conditions offered by the Investous platform:

Users can test the Investous offers for free with a demo account. We highly recommend doing this. It is an account with virtual money. So you are trading without risk. If you want to start with real money the minimum is $/€/£ 250. For higher deposits, you can achieve better account types for getting lower spreads.

The following markets are offered by Investous: 

  • Forex (currencies)
  • Commodities
  • Metals
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Stocks
  • Indices


Spread value is different for different account types. See the conditions below:

Minimum deposit:
€ 250
€ 25,000
€ 100,000
€ 250,000
2.8 pips
2.5 pips
1.9 pips
1.4 pips
3.1 pips
2.8 pips
2.2 pips
1.7 pips
3 pips
2.7 pips
2.1 pips
1.6 pips

Overall, the spreads are not the lowest with Investous. Most competitors have lower spreads and commissions. Another point to mention is the leverage. The maximum leverage for retail-clients is 1:30 and for professional clients it is max. 1:400. For example, if you can use € 100 for trading € 3,000 in the market. You can invest in rising or falling prices.

For execution trades, a web-platform, mobile app, and MetaTrader 4 are offers. The customer gets multi-language support 24/5 via chat, e-mail, and phone. In conclusion, the trading condition with Investous are average and it seems to be a safe brokerage.

Overall conditions: 

  • Free demo account
  • A low minimum deposit of $/€/£ 250
  • Different account types with variable spreads
  • Web-platform, mobile app, MetaTrader 4
  • Leverage up to 1:30 for retail clients
  • Multi-language support

(Risk Warning: 84.15% of retail investor accounts lose money)

Test of the trading platform of Investous

All the trading brokers provide different platforms to their users to help them in trading and giving access to educational material to make them good traders. The interface of the platform is unique and cool. There is a live price bar scrolling at the top of the screen. After logging into the account, the users can have access to the main page of trading. At the top left side of the platform, the users can search for different assets offered by the platform.

Investous trading platform

Investous trading platform

The users can select any of the languages from the given 6 languages. In the middle of the main page, the order of buy and sell can be placed. The middle of the platform has multiple technical tools and different types of candlesticks. The different time frames can be selected from there to have a better analysis. At the bottom of the main trading page, there are different options like platform introductions, how to calculate, open trades, pending orders, and the history of the trade.

The users can access the economic calendars and daily market analysis from the page as well. Other additional information like spread, leverage, and other basic information can also be accessed from the platform. The platform is multi-lingual and offers the following languages.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform

The MT4 platform is very popular at the moment as it gives access to the market prices and liquidity along with automated trading options for experts. It helps the users to have a better understanding and access to the latest features in the market.

Investous MetaTrader 4 platform

Investous MetaTrader 4 platform

Supported languages:

  • English
  • Arabic
  • German
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Charting and analysis:

Charting and analysis is the most fundamental thing to carve out great steps in the field of trading. Most of the trading brokers help their users in the analysis part through various methods. For instance, video tutorials, expert help, daily analysis, and copy trading. Investous platform helps the traders to become professional in trading by giving them access to the most important technical indicators of the trading analysis.

Investous charting

Investous charting

Mobile app

Mobile applications play an important role in building the user base of any company. Investous has also made its users aware of all of the latest facilities in the market. It has launched a mobile trading application for its users. The users need to log in to the account and can get access to all the facilities from the latest news, economic calendar, and trading. The app is easy to use, and the size of the app is 89 MB along with 100K plus downloads. It shows the popularity of Investous platform among the users.

The platform offers mobile apps for all types of stores: apple store, play store, and web-platform.

Learning trade with Investous platform

Trading is a difficult thing to do, if the people lack guidance they will ultimately go into darkness and loss. With the help of trading knowledge, this platform helps the users to shine bright. This platform assists the users in the following ways to help them learn to trade.

  • Trading central
  • CFD trading strategies
  • Forex CFDs trading strategies
  • Technical analysis
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Leverage and margin
  • Economic calendar
Investous education material

Investous education material

Trading central

This feature of Investous platform helps the users to have access to analyst views. Daily market analysis, economic insight, features ideas, web TV, research platform, strategy newsletters. This is how; the platform is doing great service for its users.

CFDs trading strategies

It assists users in the use of CFDs in technical and fundamental analysis. This feature also gives tips for the trading to its users to give them a good sense of trading and not to take decisions in a hurry that results in the loss by using stop loss and other techniques.

Leverage and margin

The platform helps to understand the basic concept of leverage and margin. So that, they have a better understanding of these types of things.

Technical and fundamental analysis

Investous platform helps a lot in the fundamental and technical analysis by providing all the necessary details to the users that provide great help to the people using this platform.

Economic calendar

The Investors platform helps the users to become aware of all the major events and developments that have a direct connection to the market. It greatly helps the users of Investous platform that become aware of any major developments.

Opening account at the Investous platform

The first and foremost step to step into the trading world is to open the account at the trading platform after checking each and every detail of the platform. The process to open the account on the platform is easy and can be completed in few simple steps. The users need to enter their name, email, and their mobile number along with country codes. After getting the verification email, the users can log in to their accounts and can start doing trading whenever they want to.

Opening an account with Investous

Opening an account with Investous

Account types

Investous platform offers multiple account types with different features in them to assist the users in their trading. The more users invest the more features they will get. Following are the account types offered by the Investous platform.

  • Basic account
  • Gold account
  • Platinum account
  • VIP account

Let’s look into each account type in detail.

Investous account types

Investous account types

(Risk Warning: 84.15% of retail investor accounts lose money)

Basic Account

Following are the feature of Basic Account offered by Investous:

  • The minimum deposit is $250
  • EUR/USD 8 pips
  • GBP/USD 1 pips
  • USD/JPY 3 pips
  • Crude oil $0.12

Trading Central features of basic account:

  • Market Buzz
  • Analyst Views
  • Featured ideas
  • Economic Insight
  • Daily Market Analysis
  • Web TV
  • 1 free withdrawal

Gold Account

Following are the feature of Gold Account offered by Investous:

  • Minimum Deposit is $25,000
  • EUR/USD 5 pips
  • GBP/USD 8 pips
  • USD/JPY 7 pips
  • Crude oil $0.11

Trading Central features of the gold account:

  • Market Buzz
  • Analyst Views
  • Featured ideas
  • Economic Insight
  • Daily Market Analysis
  • Web TV
  • 1 monthly free withdrawal

Platinum account

Following are the feature of Platinum Account offered by Investous :

  • Minimum Deposit is $100,000
  • EUR/USD 9 pips
  • GBP/USD 2 pips
  • USD/JPY 1 pips
  • Crude oil $0.10

Trading Central features of the platinum account 

  • Market Buzz
  • Analyst Views
  • Featured ideas
  • Economic Insight
  • Daily Market Analysis
  • Web TV
  • 3 monthly free withdrawal

VIP Account

 Following are the feature of VIP Account offered by Investous:

  • Minimum deposit id $250,000
  • EUR/USD 4 pips
  • GBP/USD 7 pips
  • USD/JPY 5 pips
  • Crude oil $0.8

Trading Central features of VIP account:

  • Market Buzz
  • Analyst Views
  • Featured ideas
  • Economic Insight
  • Daily Market Analysis
  • Web TV
  • No fee on withdrawal

Demo account

A demo account is one of the most important features that the trading platform offers. The platform offers a virtual fund of 10,000 USD to its registered users to help them giving the real experience of the trading.

Negative balance of protection

The negative balance of protection is a great feature that most trading brokers allow for their users. It helps the users to not get into more loss than they have invested in it. Investous platform is not clear about the negative balance of protection for the users yet. However, it gives tips and advice to their users to have a good sense of the market and trading.

Customer support

Customer support is an integral part of any business to grow and flourish. The team behind this platform is competent and has all the necessary tools to assist the users abruptly during their trading and other issues pertaining to withdrawals and deposits.

Investous offers customer support in the following ways to its users:

Deposits and withdrawals

The deposit and withdrawal process is crucial for the traders as the users are about to invest money and get a return of their hard work during the withdrawal process. So, the users want this process to be super fast to credit their account instantly, Investous platform is doing great efforts to provides great services in the fields of deposits and withdrawals. Let’s discuss all the features of deposits and withdrawal of different account types in detail.

Payment methods offered by Investous are:

  • Visa
  • Master card
  • Bank wire
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • and some other e-wallets


  • The credit card fee is 5 %
  • Electronic payment fees of 2 percent
  • Wire transfer fees of 35 USD/EUR/GBP.
  • Wire transfer fees depend on currency and include 20 CHF, 3000 JPY, 30 USD, 24 EUR, 182 CNY, 20 GBP, 1800 RUB

Withdrawal fees of different accounts in USD/EUR/GBP:

  • Silver account withdrawal fee is 35
  • Gold account withdrawal fee is 35
  • Platinum account withdrawal fee is 35
  • Diamond account is free

Withdrawal fees of different accounts in RUB

  • Silver Account withdrawal fee is 2500
  • Gold account withdrawal fee is 2500
  • Platinum account withdrawal fee is 2500
  • Diamond account is free

Deposit method at Investous

The platform accepts the following currencies as a payment method:

  • USD
  • GBP
  • EUR
  • RUB

Minimum Deposit

  • Minimum deposit for a credit card is $250/€250/₤250/py6 10,000
  • Minimum daily deposit for electronic payment $250/€250/₤250/py6 10,000
  • Minimum deposit for wire transfer is $1000/€1000/₤1000

Maximum Daily deposit

  • Maximum daily deposit for a credit card is $/€/₤ 10,000
  • Maximum daily deposit for electronic payment is $/€/₤ 1000
  • Maximum daily deposit for wire transfer is $/€/₤ 1000

Maximum monthly deposit

  • Maximum monthly deposit for a credit card is $/€/₤ 40,000
  • Maximum monthly deposit for electronic payment is $/€/₤40,000
  • Maximum monthly deposit for wire transfer is $/€/₤ 40,000
  • A wire transfer may take as long as 10 business days to arrive in your account.

Accepted and restricted countries

The platform is currently working in most of the countries in Europe, although it has the vision to expand more around the world in the future.

Restricted countries

Following are the countries that are restricted to operate:

France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, Ghana, Guadeloupe, Guam, Guyana, Iceland, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Laos, Marshall Islands, Martinique, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Botswana, Cambodia, Canada, Sri Lanka, Syria, Trinidad, Tobago, Tunisia, S. Virgin Islands, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Norfolk Island, North Korea, Northern Mariana Islands, Pakistan, Palau, Palestine, Panama, Reunion, Saint Barthelemy, Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, American Samoa, Australia, China, Christmas Island, Cocas Islands, Congo, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Saint Martin, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Serbia, Uganda, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Vanuatu, Wallis, Futuna, Cayman Islands, Mauritius

Offers and promotions

Offers and promotions are the best way to attract a large number of users. The trading platform offers lucrative offers and promotions to its users to have a good ambiance of trading. At the moment there are not any active offers and promotions. However, the platform offers promotions from time to time on various events.

Conclusion on our Investous review: No scam and an average broker

Investous is one of the most ambitious platforms that users are waiting for a long time. It is definitely not a scam because its safe and regulated. The platform offers great services to its users. It has a unique and easy interface to trade. Investous has fast deposit and withdrawal methods. The competent team behind this project is providing great ease and new innovations to the platform. Hence, Investous is a secure and regulated platform to trade and invest with amazing features.

Investous is not a scam and a real secure trading platform. But it offers not the best trading conditions. Overall, you will get a good service. 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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(Risk Warning: 84.15% of retail investor accounts lose money)