Trusted Binarium Review & Test

Are you searching for reliable information about the online broker Binarium? – Then you are completely right on this website. With more than 7 years of financial investing, we tested this broker in detail. We give you information about the platform, deposit, withdrawal, and trading by our review and test. Should you really open an account with Binarium? – Find out in the next sections.

Trading platform and software of Binarium

Trading platform and software of Binarium

Binarium high profit assets

Binarium high profit assets

Binarium deposit and withdrawal methods

Binarium deposit and withdrawal methods

Binarium contests

Binarium contests

Binarium logo
Review:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
Regulation: No
Demo account:$10.000 free
Minimum deposit:$5
Minimum trade: $1
Assets:50+ (Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities)
Yield:Maximum 95%+ return of investment
Support:Phone, Chat, Email 24/5 multi-language

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)

The Binarium Broker presented:

Binarium is an international Binary Options Broker since 2012 made from Russian trading experts. The company is based in Office 02, 9 Kappadokias, Dasoupoli, 2028, Nicosia, Cyprus (Europe) and accepts traders from everywhere. Traders get access to more than 50 different markets on the platform.

You can trade Turbo and Binary Options for short-term and long-term investments with a high yield up to 95% return of investment. New traders can start with a free demo account or just start with a low minimum deposit of only $5. Binarium provides safe and secure investments with Binary Options by giving good trading conditions.

Binarium trading platform

Facts about the company: 

  • Online broker since 2012
  • Based in Cyprus
  • Trade short-term and long-term options
  • Safe and secure platform
  • Start with a low investment
  • Chance of a high return of investment

Is Binarium safe?

Binarium is a popular offshore broker for trading derivates that imply high risk and yield. The company is not regulated by a financial authority. From our experience, this does not mean it is a scam platform. Binarium is based in Europe and uses European tier 1 banks for the customer’s funds. Moreover, the broker does not touch the funds for hedging or speculation.

Binarium offices

Binarium offices

The website is secured by an SSL certificate and the payments are made by 3D Secure for credit cards. There are no hidden fees or commissions for traders. Overall, it sounds very good but there is not a financial regulation of the company. That is why we do not give a full star rating for this broker.

What can you trade on Binarium? – Trading conditions:

To open an account with Binarium you can start with a free $10.000 demo account or by depositing $5. The minimum deposit is very low compared to other brokers. Another advantage is that you can open a trade with a minimum investment of 1$. Binarium accepts any investment amount. Traders with low and big capital are welcome.

More than 50 different markets are available for trading. There are currencies, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. Unfortunately, there are no stocks to trade. The yield is between 70% and 95% for one trade. That means if you invest 100$ in one trade you can earn 195$ if you make a correct forecast of the market price.

Binarium high profit assets

Binarium high-profit assets

As you see in the picture above you can trade Turbo and Binary Options. Turbo Options are traded in a very small time horizon. It is possible to trade 60-second trades and make a high profit of 95%. You open the trade and know after 60 seconds if you made a profit or not. Furthermore, you are able to trade long-term Binary Options with a time horizon of hours or days. The platform offers you all the functions you need for trading successful options and creates your trading strategy.

Average profits of options (depending on the market situation): 


Offers for traders: 

  • Free demo account with $10.000
  • A minimum deposit of $5
  • Minimum trade amount $1
  • More than 50 different assets (currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities)
  • High yield up to 95%
  • Short-term and long-term options

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)

Professional Binarium Trading Platform

In this section, we will have a deeper look into the trading platform of Binarium. The software is available for any device. You can trade with your computer or mobile device. Just download the app in the AppStore for android or iOS.

Binarium trading platform and software

Binarium trading platform and software

In the picture above you see a screenshot of the trading platform. From our experience, it is very user-friendly and comfortable to trade with Binarium. If you opened your account a free trading tutorial for all beginners starts automatically. It is a platform tour where you can learn how to use it. In addition, there are video tutorials with strategies and helpful tips and tricks.

The platform can show you the charts in different chart types for the best analysis. There are indicators and drawing tools for technical analysis. You can customize each tool on the platform. Multi-charting is possible, so you can analyze more than one chart at the same time.

Indicator settings of the Binarium platform

Indicator settings of the Binarium platform

Binarium allows every trading strategy on the trading platform but automated trading is not supported. Just click on the symbols in the left bottom corner and you can customize the chart. Next to the indicators, there are more than 12 different timeframes for the chart available. Overall, the Binarium trading platform offers all tools which are needed for successful online trading. It is very customizable and userfriendly.

Advantages of the Binarium trading platform: 

  • Available for desktop and mobile trading
  • Userfriendly and highly customizable trading platform
  • Indicators
  • Drawing tools
  • Multi-charting
  • Free strategies

Test of the order execution:

How to trade with Binarium? – We tested the order execution on the platform. For good short-term trading, it is necessary to get a good execution for trades. We tested the demo account and live account and come to the conclusion that there is no difference. Binarium offers a very fast execution for your traders. In addition, it is easy to understand how to trade.

In this section, we will show you how to trade: 

Binarium order execution

Binarium order execution

In the picture above you see the order mask on the trading platform. Trading options is very simple and easier than regular forex or stock trading. First of all, you have to do an analysis of the market and make a forecast of the price movement. After that, you have to choose the expiry time of the trade and the investment amount. Start trading on rising or falling prices.

You will get your entry point and the market has to be above or below it when the option ends. There are only 2 different scenarios. You can win a high yield or lose the investment amount. No matter how strong the price movement is it only matters if the price is below or above your entry point (strike).

Trading tutorial: 

  1. Analyze the market and make your price forecast
  2. Choose the expiry time of the option
  3. Choose your investment amount (starting 1$)
  4. Trade on rising or falling prices
  5. Wait till the option is over (expiry time)
  6. Win a high yield or lose the investment amount

From our experience, the order execution is very fast and reliable on the Binarium trading platform.

Open your free account – Start trading in a few steps:

It is very easy to open your account with Binarium. You only need your email address, secure password, and phone number. Binarium is not a regulated broker that’s why you do not need a verification of your person with documents to trade with real money. Your personal data should be correct because the broker can ask you for documents.

We recommend, to fulfill the account profile before you start trading. Verify your email address and phone number for the highest safety. Also, after your registration, you have to accept the privacy policy of Binarium.

Binarium account opening

Binarium account opening

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)

Review of the Binarium account types:

There are 5 different account types on the Binarium including the demo account. If you deposit more money you can get more advantages with Binarium. The starter account is starting with a deposit of $5. The highest account is the VIP account with a deposit of $5.000. In the following table, you will see the different account types and their advantages.

Binarium account types

Binarium account types

Account type: Start:Standart:Business:Premium:VIP:
Deposit amount:$5$100$500$2.000$5.000
Maximal withdrawal amount in 24 hours:$250$250$1.000$5.000No limit
Additional bonus for deposits:No5%10%15%20%
Trading room:NoNoStandardPremiumPremium
Number of available requests per day: 12520No limit

Bonus program: 

Binarium offers deposit bonuses for new traders or existing accounts. Sometimes there are promotions too. But pay attention to the bonus conditions. Read it before you accept the bonus. In order to withdraw the bonus, you have to do a trading volume of the bonus (40 – 50 x trading bonus).

The advantage of Binarium bonus is that there is no limit to withdraw your funds. You can withdraw the profit, as well as the amount of your deposit, at any time.


Tradeback means if you lose trades you get a cashback by a certain amount of the losing trades. For example in the VIP account, the Tradeback is up to 15%. For example, by loosing $1.000 you will get a cashback of $150. Every day you will get the additional payout if you do losing trades.

Trading room: 

The trading room is available for successful traders who are trading with real money. You can copy them automatically. Only good and experienced traders get access to this trading room.

Test of the Binarium deposit and withdrawal methods

As mentioned before you can start trading with a small deposit of only $5. Binarium offers more than 10 different payment methods to capitalize on your trading account. You can use electronic wallets, credit cards, cryptocurrencies, or bank wire. For bank wire, you have to contact the support. One of the biggest advantages of Binarium is the fees because there are not any fees for your transactions.

The deposit can be instant by using electronic methods.

Binarium deposit and withdrawal methods

Binarium deposit and withdrawal methods

Withdrawals are very secure with Binarium. There are no fees for the client. The withdrawal can take time up to 3 days. On normal working days, the withdrawal is proceeding within 24 hours. Through our tests, there were not any problems by using the payment system of Binarium.

Note: For withdrawal you maybe have to send verification documents like a picture of your passport to Binarium.

Facts about the Binarium payments: 

  • Credit Cards, Bank wire, electronic wallets, cryptocurrencies
  • No fees for deposit and withdrawals
  • Instant deposits
  • Withdrawals within 24 hours

Support and education for traders

Binarium offers phone, email, skype, and chat support 24 hours on working days. There is multi-language support for traders. The support acts very fast and answers the questions correctly. In addition, live chat is the best way to contact the broker because it is very fast.

Binarium support

Binarium support

Another important point to check is the education for traders. For new accounts, there is a full platform tour with descriptions and examples for using the software. Also, Binarium offers a huge education center with FAQ (most asked questions), strategies, trading room, economic calendar, trading sessions, and asset catalog.

There are video tutorials and detailed descriptions for each strategy. Beginners and experienced traders can learn her a lot about the markets. The key to success is to learn and improve your trading skills. All in all, Binarium offers good support and service for its traders. On the platform, you will find directly the functions and offers you need for profitable trading.

Binarium support: 

  • 24-hour phone, chat, email, skype support
  • Multi-language support
  • Education center
  • Free trading strategies
  • Video tutorials
  • Market news

Conclusion of the review: Is Binarium a legit broker or not? – Yes

Through our review and test, Binarium is a legit online broker for trading short-term or long-term options. The Binary Options Broker offers you a professional and userfriendly platform. Moreover, the trading conditions are very good because there are high yields and no hidden fees for the trader. The only disadvantage is that there is no regulation of the platform.

Start trading with only $5 or the free demo account with $10.000. It is quite easy to open a trading account and start trading on the Binarium platform. There are professional tutorials for every customer. The platform is outstanding because it is very userfriendly and available for any device you can use. Free available tools will help you with the technical analysis and the right forecast of the markets.

All in all, we can recommend Binarium but we can not give a full star review because of the lack of regulation. It seems like a reliable platform which is offering financial trading to earn a high return of investment.

Binarium is a trusted Online Broker

Disadvantages of Binarium: 

  • No regulation

Advantages of Binarium: 

  • European company
  • A low minimum deposit of $5
  • The low minimum investment amount of 1$
  • Free demo account of $10.000
  • More than 50 assets
  • High yield of up to 95%+
  • Good trading platform
  • User-friendly interface
  • No fees for deposit and withdrawals
  • Bonus program

Binarium is a reliable Binary Options Broker for trading options in different variations and a high return of investment. 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)