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NinjaTrader review: Is this the best trading software? – Test for traders

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Have you suffered losses while trading on your trading software? It is likely because trading through your old software is no longer beneficial. So it is time you switch to a new trading software called NinjaTrader. 

This trading software is great for traders who are looking to trade professionally. NinjaTrader has emerged as the top choice for any trader looking to improvise their trading experience. But what makes NinjaTrader special? This NinjaTrader review aims at answering it for traders. So, let’s begin. 

The official website of NinjaTrader

What is NinjaTrader?

Here is a list of the NinjaTrader features and some key figures:

The official website of ninjatrader
REVIEW:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
PRICE:NinjaTrader has three plans to choose from:
– The free account (includes basic features only)
– The $720 annual subscription (includes basic features & Trader+)
– The $1099 one-time payment plan (Includes basic features & Trader+ & Order Flow+)
FREE DEMO:✔ Available
CHARTS:Various chart types available, including:
– Box Charts
– Candlestick Charts
– Equivolume Charts
– Hollow Candlestick Charts
– Kagi Line Charts
– Line On Close Charts
– Mountain Charts
– OHLC Charts
– HLC Charts
– HiLo Charts
– Open/Close Charts
– Point and Figure Charts
MARKETS:Futures, Options, Forex, CFDs, Stocks
DATA FEEDS:All accepted
SPECIAL:Professional indicators for better visualization

These days, trading gets better only with the help of automation. To trade with profits, a trader needs such trading tools that are the best. This innovative world calls for innovations in trading, and NinjaTrader helps you witness those innovations and make your trading experience versatile. 

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This trading software is a high-performing software that helps traders from all over the world. With the help of automation, traders can trade much better. NinjaTrader helps you enhance your trading performance by enabling you to access top-class features. 

NinjaTrader has several trading tools and techniques a trader can implement while conducting trading analysis. Besides, NinjaTrader helps traders trade the future with cutting-edge technology. 

NinjaTrader Chart trader overview

Here are some basic NinjaTrader facts to help traders understand why this platform best fulfills their needs:

  • NinjaTrader comes with many trading tools that make conducting a technical analysis easy for traders. 
  • This trading platform offers all the top charts to traders. You can use these charts to know the market movements of the underlying assets. 
  • Various functionalities of NinjaTrader make it stand out. For instance, this trading platform offers traders the best scope for customization. 
  • Traders use NinjaTrader to conduct technical analysis and trade live. 
  • It also offers brokerage services to traders who wish to indulge in active trading. 

So, this trading platform, founded in 2003, is the best platform for any trader. Its features add rich life to this trading software. Moreover, it has a huge clientele that proves the worthiness of this trading platform. 

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NinjaTrader is the choice of millions of investors. Since its conception in 2003, it has gained wide popularity. The platform is great because it allows you to analyze your trade activity without much effort. 

You can start with NinjaTrader once you set up your brokerage account. All that a trader needs to do to use Ninja Trade is to fund his trading account. Apart from this, several brokers work with NinjaTrader to offer a rich experience to traders. 

If you wish to trade using the NinjaTrader software, you can signup with one of these brokers. 

What brokers does NinjaTrader work with?

Data providers and supported brokers of NinjaTrader

Traders can connect several brokers with NinjaTrader. If you own one of these brokerage accounts, you can easily signup for a trading account on NinjaTrader.

  • Interactive brokers
  • TD Ameritrade
  • City Index
  • Oanda
  • FXCM

When a trader connects with one of these brokers, he can enjoy trading the greatest underlying assets. In addition, these brokers support popular asset classes. Thus, a trader can trade several live stocks and futures on NinjaTrader.

Good to know:

It is a great trading platform, as users can easily sign up for a trading account here. NinjaTrader offers several benefits to traders. For instance, they can trade on this software by paying a very low fee. It is feature traders only find on some platforms. Several trading platforms believe in charging high fees to traders. Thus, trading becomes more hassle than convenience for a trader.

Is NinjaTrader regulated?

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Before signing up with any trading platform, a trader must ensure that it is regulated. Signing up and trading with an unregulated platform can confuse any trader. It can cause him to lose money as the unregulated brokers have no accountability. 

However, the trading situation with NinjaTrader is otherwise. It is because NinjaTrader is a regulated trading platform

It is a software company that has its basis in the United States of America. NinjaTrader is a futures trading platform that is NFA registered. National Futures Association regulates the futures trading of this trading platform. 

In addition, NinjaTrader emerged as the broker of Philip Capital and Dorman trading. So, trading with NinjaTrader is safe and secure for any trader. 

Good to know:

Besides, the activities of NinjaTrader fall under the purview of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Additionally, UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) also regulates it. 

The reason why we recommend traders choose a regulated broker is as follows:

  • Regulated brokers operate legally. So, a trader does not have to worry about their money or investment falling into the hands of brokers that are not genuine. 
  • The brokers who are regulated are answerable for every step they take. 
  • Regulated brokers are accountable for the money they take from their investors. 
  • Besides, you can always ensure your money is safe with a regulated broker. 
FCA logo

So, a trader must sign up with a regulated broker to avoid getting scammed while trading. Encounters with unregulated brokers can cause traders a bad trading experience. 

The best thing about signing with NinjaTrader is that it is a purely regulated broker. So, traders can fund their trading accounts or use this platform for demo purposes without thinking much. 

How do I start trading on NinjaTrader? 

How to download NinjaTrader

To start trading on NinjaTrader, a trader must follow a few steps. These steps are helpful for the trader, no matter which trading platform they are willing to sign up with. However, trading can get tough if you don’t know the step-by-step procedure to trade. 

NinjaTrader allows traders to trade if they follow these steps. 

Choose assets you wish to trad

Traders can sign up for NinjaTrader trading once they choose a broker that supports this trading platform. You can even get started by choosing your picks on the NinjaTrader. However, first, you would need to choose the underlying assets you wish to trade.

Good to know:

NinjaTrader offers fully-digital trading to traders. An account opening process is also similar. All that a trader has to do is visit Ninja Trader’s website. Then, they can choose the asset they would like to trade. 

You can now proceed and choose the broker. Then, you can follow the subsequent steps after filling in your details to get started

Pick the broker

The official website of

When you choose the trading asset on Ninja Trader’s website, it will redirect you to choose the broker. So, for example, traders might find a choice between Dorman Trading and Phillip Capital or

You should research these brokers before you sign up with one. Make sure that the broker you choose offers the best services. For instance, the broker’s customer support should be perfect so you do not have trouble while trading. 

Sign up for a trading account

The sign up form

A trader can sign up for a trading account as NinjaTrader directs them to the broker’s signup page. For instance, if you choose Phillip Capital as your desired broker, you will have to go through the account opening process of this broker. 

Choose an account type 

The broker you choose for trading on NinjaTrader will allow you to choose an account type for the same. For example, if a trader uses Phillip Capital to trade on NinjaTrader, he can choose between individual and corporate accounts. 

You can choose the individual trading account if you are a solo trader. However, if you are trading for corporate, you can sign up for a corporate account. Both types of trading accounts will have different features depending upon the needs of traders. 

Enter your details

Account registration form on

Once you choose an account type, NinjaTrader will allow you to access the page where you can enter your details. These details are related mainly to your personal information. For instance, the broker might ask you to enter your email address, phone number, name, etc.

This step is straightforward, as the trader must only type in a few details. 

Verification stage 

Once you have entered your details, the broker will ask you to verify them. For example, if you added your phone number or email address, the broker might send a verification code to your phone. On entering this verification code in the space provided by the broker, you will succeed in verifying your trading account. 

Upload a bank statement 

The broker will ask for your residence proof when you put in your details. However, only entering the information does not suffice. The broker would need more to establish your identity and residence proof. 

Good to know:

So, you would have to upload or attach your bank account statements. The bank account statement should reflect your bank’s name and residence proof. Only then would a trader be able to trade on NinjaTrader. 

Answer a few questions 

Answering a few questions on

After this verification, the broker will ask you a few questions about your trading purpose. Then, you can enter your answer, accept the trading terms on the platform, and start. 

Good to know:

Once you submit all details, the broker might take a few days to verify your identity. Then, it would get you started with trading on NinjaTrader. The duration involved in account verification can vary for different account types. Usually, the broker takes between 2 to 5 business days to verify your trading account. 

Account types of the NinjaTrader

NinjaTrader account types

Usually, when a trader begins trading on NinjaTrader, the platform offers him different account types. Different account types have their relevance. For instance, the individual NinjaTrader trading account allows traders to begin with a very low minimum deposit amount. 

So, a trader can choose an account type on NinjaTrader per his trading requirements. There are the following types of trading accounts that NinjaTrader supports. 

Individual account

The individual trading account is for the trading purpose of one individual only. So, if you are a solo trader, you can sign up for an individual account of NinjaTrader. 

Corporate account

The corporate trading account is for people who like to trade in groups. This type of trading account fits the needs of people who want to trade with their friends or business partners. The corporate trading account can accommodate two or more people. 

Corporate/ LLC/ Trust/ Partnership

NinjaTrader supports trading accounts of corporates, LLCs, trusts, and partnerships. This trading account generally belongs to a legal entity.

So, if a trader has a business or a partnership firm and wishes to open a trading account in its name, he can opt for this account type on NinjaTrader. 

Retirement account

It is a unique type of trading account that only the people of the United States of America can access. A retirement trading account with NinjaTrader is for senior citizens who are retired from their jobs. 

In addition, this kind of trading account offers several tax advantages to traders. So, you can opt for a retirement trading account on NinjaTrader if you wish to save some money trading. 

Thus, NinjaTrader is the best of all trading platforms. It is like a one-stop solution for traders looking for innovative solutions in the trading world. Several qualities of NinjaTrader make it stand out. First, it is a unique trading platform that all traders love. 

Good to know:

The features of NinjaTrader make it an appealing platform. Traders can sign up with NinjaTrader following these straightforward steps. These steps will help traders use the best trading solution to earn more profits. Besides, this trading platform has everything a trader would need for a trading experience like never before. 

NinjaTrader cost and fees

NinjaTrader licenses

Before you begin trading with NinjaTrader, you will be interested in knowing the cost and fees associated with trading on this trading platform. The fees and costs that NinjaTrader charges make it a competitive trading platform. It welcomes traders of all trading experiences. 

Thus, the affordability of NinjaTrader is what makes us famous among newbies

Good to know!
This trading platform’s cost and fees on options and futures trading are very low. This is because NinjaTrader keeps its fee structure very transparent. However, traders using this trading solution must bear high withdrawal fees. It could be one NinjaTrader drawback for traders. 

Besides, NinjaTrader also charges an inactivity fee from traders. The broker will charge you an inactivity fee if you leave your trading account on this platform without any transaction. This inactivity fee is quite high as the trader has to pay $25 if they don’t place buy or sell transactions. 

Based on NinjaTrader’s comparison with other brokers, here is a small fee and commission information:

Fee type
Withdrawal fee
Inactivity fee
Free license fee
Lease license fee
$720/ annum
Lifetime license fee
Order routing fee
  • NinjaTrader has a lower fee for traders. So, if you trade on this trading platform, the spreads, commissions, etc., that the broker charges from you are very low. 
  • The financing rates and the conversion fee that this trading platform charges from traders are very low. 
  • NinjaTrader has three licenses- Free, lease, and lifetime. The trading fees for all these licenses are low. However, if you choose the lease and lifetime license, you will have to pay even lower fees. 
  • This trading platform’s fees on the US Stock options are low. It is even lower if you choose other products on this trading platform. 

So, a trader has to pay fees and commissions to NinjaTrader based on their chosen trading license. If you opt for a trading license that belongs to the ‘lease’ or ‘lifetime’ category, you will have to pay a lower trading fee. 

In addition to the fee a trader pays to trade on NinjaTrader, you have to pay a different fee. It is known as the order routing fee. Some traders also call it the exchange fees. 

Good to know:

The order routing fee is fixed at $0.10. It is the default amount a trader charges when he opts for the default connection. However, some traders might also choose the ‘Rithmic’ connection. If you do so, your order routing fee will amount to $0.25. 

The fee that a trader has to pay per futures contract is low on NinjaTrader. 

NinjaTrader licenses in comparison

Here is some fee-related information about NinjaTrader’s license:

  • If a trader chooses the ‘free’ license, he does not have to pay anything to the broker. 
  • The lease license on NinjaTrader involves the following fees. For an annual subscription, a trader has to pay $720. If you wish to opt for a half-yearly subscription, the amount would be equivalent to $425. In addition, traders can also access quarterly subscriptions. A trader has to pay $225 for it. 
  • Finally, traders can also choose the ‘lifetime’ license of NinjaTrader. If traders make a single payment to acquire it, they would have to pay only $1,099. However, when you opt for a division of this payment for four months, you will have to pay $329. 

Depending upon their trading requirements, traders can choose the license type on NinjaTrader. If you plan to use this trading platform for your lifetime, the ‘lifetime’ license is a good option for traders. 

Good to know:

Other than this, there is also a withdrawal fee that a trader has to pay while using NinjaTrader. It amounts to $40. This withdrawal fee can change according to the payment methods traders choose on this platform. For instance, if you make an international payment from your trading account, you might incur a high withdrawal fee. 

Deposit, payment methods, and withdrawal

Man trades on NinjaTrader

Now that you know about the NinjaTrader fees, let us discuss the deposit method. 

Traders can start trading on NinjaTrader as soon as they have a funded trading account. Then, you can log in to your broker website and access the way to deposit funds. Usually, all brokers have a similar deposit method. 

Deposit process

Here is how a trader can deposit funds into his trading account:

  • Firstly, a trader would need to log in to his trading account. You can download the broker application on your mobile or visit the website. 
  • A trader can easily log in by entering his trading account details. For example, you must enter your username and password to start trading on NinjaTrader. 
  • Finally, you will see the dashboard on your screen. The dashboard will contain several options, including the ‘deposit funds.’
  • Traders can click on the ‘deposit funds’ option. 
  • Now, they can enter the amount they wish to fund into their trading account to trade on NinjaTrader. 
  • Traders can choose the deposit method for funding their accounts. 
  • Once they approve the payment from their end, their trading account balance will decrease. 

So, traders can use this amount to place trades and make money on NinjaTrader. In today’s world, brokers offer plenty of options for funding their trading accounts. 

Payment methods for the NinjaTrader:

NinjaTrader payment methods

Let’s discuss some payment methods that make trading on NinjaTrader easy. 

Bank transfers

It is a common payment method that traders have used forever. Bank transfers make funding trading accounts and withdrawing funds easy for any trader. 

While using this payment method, a trader should note that the trading account should belong to him. No broker allows a trader to make payments using a third-party bank account. Some brokers might charge you a fee for using your trading account to make deposits.

Electronic wallets

Traders can transact in their trading accounts using electronic wallets. Payments through electronic wallets are quick. In addition, traders can deposit funds within a few moments into their trading accounts. 

The brokers support electronic wallets such as Skrill, Fasapay, Neteller, etc.


Traders use cryptocurrency to deposit and withdraw funds from their trading accounts. These days, most brokers support payments made through cryptocurrency. Thus, they ensure you have the best trading experience, as cryptocurrency payments are instant. 

Cryptocurrency transactions are instant. That is why most traders use this as their preferred payment method. 

So, traders can use any of these payment methods while they trade on NinjaTrade. Moreover, the deposits they make using any payment method are mostly free. However, the same is different for withdrawals. 

Good to know:

A trader can choose a deposit or withdrawal method depending on the duration he can wait for funds. Thus, if you need funds instantly, you can use the electronic wallet or cryptocurrency option. However, a bank transfer is the safest of all payment methods that any trader can use while trading.

Withdrawal process

While trading on NinjaTrader, a trader gains profits depending upon his trading expertise. In addition, you can withdraw funds from your trading account as and when it has sufficient funds. 

The fund withdrawal process is as under:

  • First, a trader must ensure that his trading account has sufficient funds to place a withdrawal request. The broker might charge you an additional fee if you withdraw funds less than the minimum stipulated amount. 
  • Now, you can log in to your trading account and choose the ‘withdraw funds’ option on the dashboard. 
  • After clicking on this option, traders can enter the amount they wish to withdraw from their trading account. 
  • Traders can now choose the payment method they wish to withdraw their funds. 
  • After this, you can submit your withdrawal request to the broker. 

These simple steps will allow the trader to enjoy the fruits of trading. They can withdraw their funds and use them as they like. Since you know the deposit and withdrawal process, it is crucial that you also know the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount. 

Minimum deposit amount

Traders can enjoy trading as soon as they fund their NinjaTrader trading account with the minimum deposit amount. For example, you must fund your trading account with $400 to trade on NinjaTrader. 

Good to know:

The minimum deposit amount that any trader has to make into their trading account is important. This is because the broker will only allow you to place trades if there is a minimum amount in your trading account. 

Minimum withdrawal amount

There is no minimum withdrawal amount that traders must enter while withdrawing funds on NinjaTrader. However, there is a withdrawal fee that the platform charges from traders. So, a trader must keep this withdrawal fee in mind while choosing a withdrawal amount. 

Advantages and disadvantages of NinjaTrader

The NinjaTrader platform on a desktop

NinjaTrader has several advantages and disadvantages that it offers to traders. However, even though the number of advantages of NinjaTrader outruns its disadvantages, traders still need to know them. 

Let’s begin with NinjaTrader’s advantages first:

Advantages of trading on NinjaTrader

Benefits and awards of NinjaTrader
  • This trading platform is nothing less than a one-stop solution for traders looking for an improvised trading experience.
  • Compared to other trading solutions or platforms, NinjaTrader charges a very low fee from traders. So, trading with the best features becomes possible for traders. 
  • Professional trading is possible on NinjaTrader. Traders can use the trading platform’s leading tools to make a perfect technical analysis. 
  • The fee structure of this trading platform is highly transparent. So, traders can trade on NinjaTrader without feeling duped or scammed. It has no hidden charges as everything is available to the traders. 
  • This trading platform is fully digital. Also, it fulfills the criteria of being the best trading platform in today’s world. So, traders can trade digitally and build digital strategies that enable them to trade better. 
  • NinjaTrader offers traders to initiate a trading account with a very low minimum deposit amount compared to other trading platforms that operate on the same level. 

Good to know:

The deposits and withdrawals that traders make on this trading platform are instant. So, trading without hassle becomes possible. Also, traders can tap the opportunities as and when they arise. 

  • NinjaTrader has a great user-interface and is easy to use
  • NinjaTrader charges no deposit fees from traders. 
  • When a trader submits the withdrawal request with this broker, they can expect the broker to process their withdrawal within a day. 
  • NinjaTrader supports several base currencies. Thus, it enables a trader to trade in their favorite currency. 
  • Traders can easily customize this trading platform. Furthermore, you can always make the charts, trading tools, indicators, etc., work according to your convenience. 
  • It also offers several trading tools for a trader to conduct a better trading analysis. 
  • The charts that traders can access on NinjaTrader are very interactive. Thus, trading becomes fun. 
  • NinjaTrader also has great customer support. That is why traders love to trade on this trading platform. 
  • Besides, it also offers you a demo account. If you wish to test the features of NinjaTrader, you can signup for a demo trading account on this platform. 
  • This trading platform also offers several educational contents to traders. Thus, traders can always improvise their trading knowledge when trading on NinjaTrader. 
  • Lastly, NinjaTrader is a regulated trading platform. It makes it reliable for traders. 

These important advantages of NinjaTrader are sufficient for any trader to begin trading on this platform. However, traders might also experience a dark side of trading on NinjaTrader. Therefore, let us discuss by looking NinjaTrader’s disadvantages. 

The NinjaTrader trading platform

Disadvantages of trading on NinjaTrader

  • Firstly, NinjaTrader charges a very high withdrawal fee from traders. For every withdrawal you make on this trading platform, you will have to pay a fee of $40. 
  • NinjaTrader lags behind the competition because it does not have a mobile trading app. Thus, if you wish to use NinjaTrade, you only have to use the web version. So, traders might find trading on NinjaTrader a little inconvenient. Trading on the go might only be a far-sighted dream for any trader. 
  • It offers to trade only futures and options.
  • The account opening process on NinjaTrader is fairly simple. However, it is time-consuming. The broker takes up to 5 days for account verification of the trader. 
  • Withdrawals and deposits through debit and credit cards are not available for traders who use NinjaTrader. 
  • This trading platform does not support two-factor authentication. So, making a safer login part of his trading journey is only a dream for traders. 
  • Even though NinjaTrader offers a lot of educational content to traders, it does not offer trading ideas. So, traders seeking help or beginners might have a hard time trading on NinjaTrader. 
  • NinjaTrader has good customer support. However, this customer support is not available 24×7 for traders thus, if you experience trouble while trading, it might be complicated to reach out for help. 
  • NinjaTrader offers a transparent fee structure to traders. But the financial information about this trading platform is not available for public use. So, traders might suffer problems. 
  • Apart from this, the broker does not have a listing on any stock exchange. Thus, trading can get skeptical for traders. 

Comparison with other trading solutions

NinjaTrader is gaining wide popularity among traders for its amazing benefits. But is NinjaTrader better than all the existing trading platforms? Let’s find out. 

Minimum deposit
Withdrawal fee 
Best for 
Advanced traders 
Futures traders
Mobile app
Trading fee
Tradable assets 
Wide range of assets 
Analysis tools 

Good to know:

When traders think of joining NinjaTrader, they also consider TradeStation. TradeStation is known as the best trading platform for its remarkable features. An interesting thing about the two brokers is that they rank as the best futures brokers. You will find them in the top 5 brokers for futures trading. 

However, TradeStation does offer traders a lot more. It allows them to access several other trading options apart from futures. It supplies a massive amount of data to traders. Traders can use this data to plan their trading moves.

Besides, TradeStation offers a heap of trading tools that allow traders to conduct technical analysis. This trading platform is suitable for traders who wish to trade professionally. Almost all features that it offers are identical to NinjaTrader. 

Good to know!
Traders prefer TradeStation because it allows them to access more than 150 futures options. Also, it has competitive market pricing. Besides, this trading platform offers traders to trade by paying lesser fees and commissions. It charges a $0 per trade fee. 

However, the account opening process of TradeStation will require a trader to make a minimum deposit of at least $500. this amount is $100 more than what NinjaTrader offers. So, traders might think twice while signing up on TradeStation. 

Thus, traders can choose their favorite trading platform depending on their requirements. 

NinjaTrader on a desktop

Conclusion – NinjaTrader provides you with all the tools you need

So, it could be the best choice if you are looking forward to trading on NinjaTrader. This trading platform is all that you need for a perfect trading experience. This NinjaTrader review will help you understand that this trading platform can fulfill your requirements. You can signup with NinjaTrader digitally and enjoy your trading experience. 


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The NinjaTrader offers a variety of features. It supports many order types, has various indicators and has a highly customizable interface. Besides, there is a free version available, making it excellent software for traders.


In conclusion, NinjaTrader is an outstanding software. It offers all the features that traders need, including advanced charting, automation, and market data. Furthermore, it has customization options and offers the ability to create custom indicators. Every trader who takes his job seriously should rely on a good trading software. NinjaTrader is among the best ones. We can highly recommend giving it a try. 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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Frequently asked questions about NinjaTrader:

Is NinjaTrader good for beginners?

Yes, NinjaTrader is good for beginners as it can help you get the best trading experience. You can use its demo account to learn how to trade.

Is NinjaTrader free to use?

You can choose the free license if you wish to trade NinjaTrader for free. The free license offered by NinjaTrader does not charge anything from traders. Besides, it also allows you to access all the top features with a free license. Thus, trading is always a great deal for traders on NinjaTrader. 
However, if you choose the ‘lease’ or ‘lifetime’ license, you will have to pay the subscription fee for the same. 

How much does NinjaTrader cost?

NinjaTrader, as a platform, can cost you differently. It depends on the plan you choose to trade on this trading platform. As mentioned, this trading platform’s ‘free’ license does not involve any cost. On the other hand, choosing the ‘lease’ or ‘lifetime’ license will cost you $720 annually and $1099, respectively. 
For the best trading experience, a trader can choose the lifetime license on this platform. 

How much money do traders need to trade futures on NinjaTrader?

The traders would need a minimum amount of $400 in their trading accounts to trade futures on NinjaTrader. However, you can trade futures of any amount when you have this minimum deposit amount in your trading accounts. 

Is NinjaTrader free for paper trading?

NinjaTrader offers you several free charting tools and allows you to trade for free when you use the free license. Everything with the ‘free’ trading license is free on NinjaTrader. It includes paper trading. 

How long is NinjaTrader free?

As long as you use the trading platform with the ‘free’ license, you do not have to pay anything. However, when you switch your license type, you can use it after paying the license fee. 

Does NinjaTrader have an inactivity fee? 

Yes, NinjaTrader has an inactivity fee. If you trade on this trading platform and leave your account inactive, you have to bear an inactivity fee. This fee amounts to $25. So, once you log in to your trading account with this broker, you must place buy and sell orders to avoid the inactivity fee. 

How long does it take to get approved for NinjaTrader?

Once a trader signs up for a trading account, the platform takes up to 5 business days to verify your trading account. 

How do I deposit money into my NinjaTrader account?

You can deposit money into your NinjaTrader trading account using the deposit process we discussed. In addition, this process will allow you to access the payment methods the broker offers. 

Does NinjaTrader have a demo?

Yes, NinjaTrader has a demo trading account. You can sign up for it and access the features to know what the trading platform offers. It is free to use, and traders can use it for 30 days. 

What broker does NinjaTrader use? 

NinjaTrader uses several brokers, including interactive Brokers and TD Ameritrade.

How much does it cost to withdraw from NinjaTrader?

All withdrawals that you make from your NinjaTrader trading account have a fee of $40. 

How long does it take to withdraw money from NinjaTrader?

The withdrawal duration depends on the payment method you choose. For example, bank transfers can take up to 5 business days. On the other hand, electronic wallet withdrawals are instant. Therefore, NinjaTrader processes your withdrawals within one business day. 

How do I withdraw money from NinjaTrader?

You can withdraw money from NinjaTrader using the withdrawal process. You will need to choose an amount and the withdrawal method to make a withdrawal. 

Is NinjaTrader better than thinkorswim?

NinjaTrader is better than thinkorswim because it offers a better overall package.