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How to get TradingView Pro/Pro+/Premium for free (no costs)

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Traders can only have the best trading experience when they use the best online platforms. Apart from choosing a leading broker, the choice of the trading platform that a trader makes is also paramount. Online trading platforms such as TradingView support automated trading, enabling a trader to have the best trading experience. 

A trader can choose TradingView to trade the best underlying assets with top-tier features. However, mostly, a trader would need to pay to access TradingView. But certain platforms and ways involve no TradingView costs and allow traders to access TradingView for free

Let’s explore TradingView prices before learning about those platforms and ways. 

TradingView Pro for free on BlackBull Markets

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risks)

The pricing and costs of TradingView:

Traders get the best features on all account types offered by TradingView. Usually, the trader can access almost three account types on this trading platform. All three account types carry different TradingView prices. 

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Every trader can have budget constraints while choosing a plan for operating this platform. However, most traders can access the basic TradingView version at a low cost. 

If a trader visits the TradingView website, he can find three options for TradingView prices. These include the following:

TradingView Pro
TradingView Pro+
TradingView Premium
$ 14.95/month
$ 29.95/month
$ 59.95
– 5 indicators per chart
– 2 charts in one layout
– 20 active server-side alerts
– Ad-free
– Volume profile indicators
– Custom time intervals
– Multiple watchlists
– Bar Replay on intraday bars
– Multi-monitor support in the Desktop app
– 10 indicators per chart
– 4 charts in one layout
– 100 active server-side alerts
– 10 saved chart layouts
– Intraday exotic charts
– Charts based on custom formulas
– Chart data export
– Indicators on indicators
– 25 indicators per chart
– 8 charts in one layout
– 400 active server-side alerts
– Unlimited saved chart layouts
– Second-based intervals
– Alerts that don’t expire
– 4x more data on charts (20K bars)
– Publishing invite-only indicators
– 4x more intraday data in Bar Replay
How to get it for free:
Trade a minimum of 5 lot on BlackBull Markets per month or make a minimum deposit of $ 500 on Vantage Markets and a turnover of $ 1 Million per month.
Make a minimum deposit of $ 1,000 on Vantage Markets and do a turnover of $ 1.8 Million per month.
Make a minimum deposit of $ 2,000 on Vantage Markets and do a turnover of $ 2.8 Million per month.

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risks)

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risks)

TradingView Pro

It is the most basic account type available to traders on TradingView. The cost of this account type is generally low, and any trader can access it. A trader only has to pay $14.95/month if he opts for an annual subscription. Taking the monthly subscription plan of this account type can prove expensive. 

In addition to low pricing, TradingView Pro offers great features to traders, as below:

  • It offers traders integrated trading tools. 
  • Trading charts are available on TradingView Pro. 
  • Traders get price alerts using this account type. 
  • It enables a trader to use several trading indicators on a chart. 

TradingView Pro+

Traders can access an advanced trading platform, TradingView Pro+ on this trading platform. TradingView pricing for this account type is only $29.95/month if a trader is billing annually. 

Thus, this trading platform is affordable for intermediate traders who wish to conduct their trades through an automated platform. TradingView Pro+ has several features, making subscribing to this trading platform worthwhile. For instance, 

  • Traders can get at least 4 charts per tab on TradingView. 
  • Upto 10 chart layouts are available on this platform. 
  • Traders can export the strategy data and use it for further reference. 
  • TradingView allows traders to use up to 20 indicators on the trading platform. 

TradingView Premium

Most traders subscribe to the Premium subscription plan. It offers the best trading features to traders. 

Traders can unlock all the automated features on the TradingView Premium. This account type offers all functionalities to traders. Also, it is available for traders at $59.95/month when opting for annual subscription plans. 

TradingView Premium offers the best features to traders. 

  • Traders can open up to 8 charts per tab using this account type. 
  • This account type offers traders an unlimited number of saved chart layouts. 
  • Traders can also open up to 25 technical indicators on this trading platform. 
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TradingView offers great pricing options to traders. However, many traders would still want to try this trading platform for free. After all, a trader would want to invest in something that will reap him profits. 

How to get TradingView Pro, Pro+, or Premium for free?

Get TradingView for free on Vantage Markets

Getting TradingView for free on the platform can be a challenge as traders can access only the paid plans on this trading platform. However, if a trader wishes to use these three TradingView account types for free, he can collaborate with a broker. Several online trading platforms help a trader connect with a broker. For instance, traders can rely on online trading platforms such as Vantage Markets or BlackBull Markets to access this major trading platform. 

The TradingView brokers offer traders a free demo account to test their trading platform. So, traders can use a TradingView free demo account to enjoy the best services. 

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risks)

TradingView Pro for free

As mentioned, TradingView Pro is the most basic account type available on TradingView. This account type is paid but is available at the lowest of all TradingView account types. Any trader would want to try TradingView Pro for free. However, not all trading platforms can offer traders this feature. 

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Traders can use BlackBull Markets and Vantage Markets to use this account type for free. Both these brokers are highly trustworthy and allow traders to use TradingView for free. 

The TradingView account that traders can use with these brokers carries the following features. 

  • They can access all features of TradingView Pro by signing up with one of these brokers. 
  • The brokers allow traders to use the Pro account type for free for 30 days if the trading volume turnover is made. 
  • Traders can trade without subscribing for 30 days. However, as 30 days lapse, a trader must subscribe to the TradingView Pro platform. 

On BlackBull Markets you have to trade at least 5 lots per month to get TradingView Pro for free! The broker will credit the amount of money into the trading account.

On Vantage Markets you have to trade at least a trading volume of $ 1 Million per month (10 lots) and make a minimum deposit of $ 500 to get TradingView Pro for free.

TradingView Pro+ for free

Vantage Markets leads among all brokers that offer TradingView trading platform to traders. This broker is a highly efficient online broker that supports multiple trading platforms, including TradingView. 

Traders can sign up for different account types on Vantage Markets. Most traders prefer this broker because it allows traders to access TradingView Pro+ for free.

So, traders can trade numerous underlying assets with automated trading. In addition, this broker also offers several features to traders. 

Some things to consider when choosing to trade on TradingView Pro+ on Vantage Markets are as follows. 

  • Traders can use TradingView for free on Vantage Markets only for 30 days.
  • This broker offers a demo account for trading on TradingView for 30 days. However, with this account type, a trader cannot trade with real funds or earn any real profits or losses on TradingView. 
  • Vantage Markets offer traders exceptional trading services that make their trading experience smooth. 
  • You have to make a minimum deposit of $ 1,000.
  • You have to make a trading volume turnover of $ 1.8 Million per month (18 lots).

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risks)

TradingView Premium for free

Traders can get the best deal to use TradingView for free when they signup with Vantage Markets. If traders were to purchase the premium version, TradingView pricing would stand somewhere around $60/month. However, a trader using Vantage Markets can access it for free.

So, Vantage Markets can offer traders excellent trading conditions by offering them the following features.

  • First, this trading platform allows traders free access to the TradingView Premium version for almost 30 days. 
  • The trading platform supports all top-tier features that make trading on TradingView fun. 
  • After 30 days, a trader must subscribe to TradingView premium to continue using it. 
  • Also, traders can use all technical tools and indicators available on the TradingView application when they log in using their Vantage Markets credentials. 
  • You have to make a minimum deposit of $ 2.000.
  • You have to trade a volume of $ 2.8 Million per month (28 lots).
Good to know!
Thus, traders can get TradingView free on Vantage Markets and BlackBull Markets platforms. These trading platforms are known for their dependable services. So, traders can use these platforms to enhance their trading experience on TradingView. 

With that said, traders choose TradingView because of the immense trading features it offers traders. This trading platform can take a trader’s trading experience to the next level. The credit owes to the features offered by TradingView, making it the top-tier choice. 

Good to know!
While traders might not be able to access the full features of TradingView on the free account, they can do so on the paid accounts. Thus, a trader should subscribe to the paid plans of TradingView to unlock all essential features as below. 

How to apply for free TradingView on Vantage Markets:

Steps to get free TradingView on Vantage Markets!

You need to complete the following steps to unlock your free TradingView Plan with Vantage Markets:

  1. Sign up with Vantage Markets
  2. Opt-in for unlocking the free TradingView plan (screenshot below)
  3. Choose which TradingView plan you want to apply (Pro, Pro+ Premium)
  4. Deposit the required minimum deposit
  5. Meet the trade volume requirement
  6. Contact the support to get the refund for plans on TradingView or get it activated in your trading account on the Vantage Pro Trader!
Opt-in for the free TradingView plans on Vantage Markets – After the Sign-up visit:

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risks)

Features of paid accounts on TradingView

  • The platform offers traders a great technical analysis tool to conduct their research before placing their trades. 
  • TradingView offers an affordable solution to traders looking for automated trading features. 
  • This online trading platform is great for charting. 
  • TradingView has great coverage of all the underlying assets and markets. Besides, this trading platform offers the best solution to beginners and advanced traders. 
  • Traders can access the best trading tools for conducting their fundamental research. It includes more than 20 technical indicators that allow traders to conduct in-depth research. 
  • Traders can access several other features on TradingView. For instance, they can get several time frames, drawing tools, and exchanges.

Conclusion: Vantage Markets is the best option to get TradingView for free!

TradingView can enhance a trader’s overall trading experience. Its automated features can contribute to a great trading solution. Besides, this trading platform is easily accessible to most traders. 

However, to use TradingView, a trader must keep TradingView pricing in mind. A trader must choose a plan that fits his budget well. 

If a trader wishes to enjoy using TradingView for free or test the trading software, platforms such as BlackBull Markets and Vantage Markets offer the best solution. These platforms allow traders to access this automated trading platform for free for 30 days. So, a trader can signup with these platforms and have the best trading experience of his life. 

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risks)

Frequently asked questions about TradingView prices:

What is TradingView?

It is an automated online trading platform that supports the best trading features. Traders get a perfect trading solution when choosing this online trading platform. In addition, TradingView offers traders the best features that make it worth using this trading platform. 

Is TradingView pricing affordable?

TradingView pricing is highly affordable for traders looking for a great trading solution. However, traders can get the best TradingView pricing when they choose an annual plan. Also, the TradingView plans vary according to the different account types a trader chooses. So, a trader can pick one that he thinks is the most affordable. 

How can I get TradingView for free?

A trader can get TradingView free by joining trading platforms such as BlackBull Markets and Vantage Markets.  

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