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Leeloo Trading is certainly unknown to many and most of you will know the companies Top Step Trader or OneUp. But what is so different about Leeloo? The overall structure and the funding process! In this review, We will show you all facts and conditions about this capital funding service.

Leeloo trading official website

Leeloo trading official website

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What is Leeloo Trading? – The program presented

Leeloo Trading has been on the market for a long time and has its origin in Spain / Europe, where Leeloo is much better known and often used compared to Top Step Trader or OneUp. The rules of Leeloo are very transparent and facilitate the trading and funding process.

The funding phase lasts from a minimum of 10 days to unlimited, which means that you have to trade for at least 10 days and must not violate the rules. If you break the rules you will have to reset your account and this will incur fees.

The rules are much more friendly to traders than with OneUp or TopStep, that trading during the news is allowed and overnight positions are no kick out criterion.

The accounts at a glance (With the code UBP8Y1GH– Get 15% on all programs):

Program:Account size:Contracts: Profit target:Drawdown:Costs:
Leeloo Express$100,000Up to 12 $6,000$3,000$77 / 14 days
Aspire$25,000Up to 3$1,500$1,500$145 / month
Launch$50,000Up to 8$3,000$2,500$170 / month
Climb$100,000Up to 12$6,000$3,000$220 / month
Cruise$150,000Up to 15$9,000$5,000$305 / month
Burst$250,000Up to 25$15,000$6,500$525 / month
Explode$300,000Up to 30$20,000$7,500$675 / month
Glide | Micro$100,000Up to 20 micro / 2 full contracts$2,000$625$145 / month

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The smallest account starts at 3 contracts and goes up to 30 contracts, this is certainly suitable for experienced traders. Beginners should start with a small account.

If a trader has passed the 10 days without breaking the rules, the trades from the Rithmic R Trader have to be sent to Leeloo, after a test you will receive a certificate that you are allowed to trade a paid performance account. A questionnaire follows and very friendly email contact with a Leeloo staff, this is really exemplary. The process is described in detail on the Leeloo internal page and can be followed step by step.

The Paid Performance Account is available in two versions:

The Accelerator Account:

  • Begin with 2 contracts or 20 Micro contracts and scale-up
  • Unlimited growth/ allowed contract potential. No need to re-qualify
  • Static drawdown (includes one jump to Initial Balance + $100, but never trails)
  • After 30 calendar days, no minimum or maximum withdrawal limit
  • Keep 100% of the first $8000 profit. 80% of profits in year 1.  90% after 12 months

The Investor Account:

  • Start trading Day 1 with up to the max contracts equal to Qualified Evaluation (i.e. 25 contracts)
  • No additional contracts can be added (Would require additional Evaluation)
  • Begins with a trailing drawdown until Initial Balance +$100 is reached, then remains fixed.
  • Limits on Min & Max withdraws the first four payouts
  • Keep 100% of the first $8000 profit. 80% of profits in year 1.  90% after 12 months!

The advantage of Leeloo compared to competitors is obvious and cannot be denied. Leeloo really has very fair conditions! The table below shows again the facts compared to other debt providers.

See why Leeloo Trading is better than its competitors

Leeloo Trading
Free NinjaTrader license
You must pay your own live account license
Most traders retain the Non-Professional Traders status and get cheap data prices
Must register as professional and pay higher data prices
You can trade max. 30 contracts from day 1
Competitors provide no other option but scaling plans
Allows quick 3+/- day turnaround from passing evaluation to begin trading a paid-performance account. No power of attorney form, no background check required.
Can take a couple of weeks to transition from evaluation to establishing and begin trading a live account.
Requires no scaling
You can hold positions overnight
You can trade during news events
Fewer reasons to reset your account
Get 100% of your first $ 8,000 profit

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Funding with Leeloo Trading – How does it work?

First off, all you have to open your account with Leeloo Trading and verify it completely. Then you can choose the program you want to trade and pay the fee of Leeloo Trading.

See the screenshot below. How to pay the fee of your trading account:

Leeloo trading payment

Leeloo trading payment

After you paid the fee, then you can start trading and complete the conditions for funding.

When the funding phase in Leeloo is completed, a complete extract of the trades from Rhitmic’s R Trader must be sent to Leeloo, this will be checked by Leeloo and after successful checking, you will be informed by email that you have qualified. There are some users who receive a certificate by email, others will definitely receive an email.

How does it go on after the funding?

After the funding, you have to choose between the Account Accelerator or the Investor. It should be started small in the Accelerator Account because the maximum loss is only 750$. The loss limit is reached very quickly with 2 contracts in the E Mini 500 and the work would be gone. It is recommended to start with for example 10 micro contracts (equivalent to one E Mini 500 contract). The micro allows for scaling and partial profits, this allows the account to grow.

I would recommend switching to the regular E Mini 500 for accounts over 52.000$ but always keep in mind the risk, less is more.

The trades are switched by Leeloo via an own Algo Live, the trader is still in simulation but will be paid! This means that if the Accelerator Account is set to 58.000$ a payout of 8000$ would be possible which is 100% owned by the trader, but the Loss Limit would be 49.250$ again.

It is therefore advisable to continue trading the account and possibly have a partial payout sent to you. The point is to continue trading the account so that you can trade in the long run.

The payouts at Leeloo always take place on the 15th of every month and usually take 5 working days. This means that if a payout takes place after the 15th of the current month, it will be pushed into the next month, so please always send any payout BEFORE the 15th of the month so that the money is actually in the account in the current month.

If you get funded you will get a certificate like this:

Leeloo Trading funding certificate

Leeloo Trading funding certificate

Conclusion: Leeloo Trading is better than most competitors

In conclusion, Leeloo trading is better than most competitors. It is a small company and not so popular but the conditions to get funded are very good. As we discussed in the previous sections, you will get the first $ 8,000 without fees. After that, you pay a fee of 20% on all profits. If you got good with Leeloo trading they will give you more profits up to 10% fee.

In addition, the account types are suitable for any type of trader. You can start with a small account and scale up to bigger account sizes. For starting with Leeloo Trading I recommend using the smallest account first and then trade more contracts if you feel comfortable. The support can help you to make the right decision. Another advantage is the free NinjaTrader license. With Leeloo Trading, you do not pay anything for the trading platform.

All in all, I can recommend Leeloo Trading for all the traders who want to trade with borrowed capital or who have not enough money to start a big future account.

Advantages of Leeloo Trading:

  • Accounts from 3 contracts up to 30 contracts
  • Free NinjaTrader
  • Get the first $ 8,000 profit for free
  • Low fees for your profits
  • Low account fees
  • You can hold positions overnight
  • You can trade during a news event
  • Minimum account $ 145/month

Leeloo Trading is a new and innovative paid trading program for successful traders and investors. Our review: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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