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The 5 best TradingView alternatives in comparison

TradingView is the best platform for experienced and beginner traders. TradingView users can get access to extensive features by signing up with TradingView. If you don’t want to use TradingView, you can opt for its TradingView alternatives.

Well, Since there are plenty of TradingView substitutes, it seems confusing to choose the best trading platform. So, here we are with a list of the 5 best TradingView alternatives. You can select any of these and start trading with them. 

All of these alternatives are full of exceptional features. Many people have tried their hand on these trading platforms and had an amazing experience.Let’s have a glance at these platforms. 

See the list of the 5 best TradingView alternatives here:

Review & RATING:
Free account:
1. MetaTrader 5
MetaTrader 5 logo

Free basic account for individual users
Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web browser
# More advanced charting than MT4 # More indicators than MT4
# Economic calendar
# Analytical tools
# Customizable interface
Free MetaTrader 5 account available on Vantage Markets:
(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)
2. MetaTrader 4
The MetaTrader 4 official logo
Free basic account for individual users
Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web browser
# Variety of indicators
# Analytical tools
# Customizable interface
# Automated trading available
# Multiple Add-Ons
Free MetaTrader 4 account available on Vantage Markets:
(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)
3. cTrader
cTrader logo official
Free plan available, commission depends on broker
Windows, Mac, Web browser, Android, iOS
# Advanced charting
# Custom indicators
# User-friendly interface
# Fast order execution
# Depth of market
Free cTrader account available on Pepperstone:
(Risk warning: 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs)
The official logo of ATAS
• $69 (1 month)
• $179 (3 months)
• $299 (6 months)
• $479 (1 year)
• $1790 (for the unlimited plan)
Windows, Mac
# Fast order execution
# News and market data services
# Advanced automation possibilities
# Wide range of indicators
# Excellent risk management tools
Test ATAS for free:

(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)
The official logo of Finviz
4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
$39.50 per month or $299.50 annual
Windows, Mac
# User-friendly interface
# Advanced charting and technical analysis tools
# Real-time market data
# News feeds
# Automated trading and backtesting capabilities
Test Finwiz for free:

(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)
The best tradingview alternatives in comparison

The list of the 5 best TradingView alternatives includes:

  1. MetaTrader 5 by Vantage Markets
  2. MetaTrader 4 by Vantage Markets
  3. cTrader by Pepperstone
  4. ATAS

1. MetaTrader 5 by Vantage Markets

Dashboard of The MetaTrader 5 by Vantage Markets

The MetaTrader 5 platform (MT5 platform) is the future generation of forex trading. MT5 is the upgraded version of the well-known forex trading platform MetaTrader 4 (MT4). Therefore, you must enhance your trading level with the MetaTrader 5 platform. So, you can indulge in this trading with this platform.

Good to know!

With MetaTrader 5 by Vantage Markets, you can get started on your trading account without any hassle. The MT4 trading platform, as a TradingView alternative, comes up with many features. 

Users can get access to the functions, such as:

  • powerful charting abilities,
  • tightest of spreads, and
  • lightning-fast execution speeds.

These functions make the trading platform much more powerful than the MetaTrader 4

The different timeframes of the Vantage Markets MT5

MT5 traders have the option to make use of different timeframes with an infinite no.of the chart. So, it would be a great choice to upgrade to MT5 as MT4 offers you just 21 timeframes and one-minute history of quotes. In addition, you can get a sight of the prices on big orders, and you can plan your trip according to that.

Good to know!

Although it is quite similar to MT4 in the aspects of looks and feels. You will get access to commodities, flexible forex, and indices trading at your fingertips with the help of Vantage Markets.

Apart from these, customers can benefit from many other features on MT5 by Vantage Markets. 

These include: 

  • Algorithmic trading with MQL5 language,
  • Extra in-build analytic tools,
  • More accessible trading assets, and
  • Enhanced trade management.

If you’re searching for a TradingView alternative, this is the best bet for any trader. So, sign up with MetaTrader 5 and get a kick start with your trading journey.

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

2. MetaTrader 4 by Vantage Markets

The MetaTrader 4 by Vantage Markets

The MT4 platform is among the most famous trading platforms. Most people use it mainly concerning foreign exchange (forex) trading. At present, there are millions of loyal consumers who have been trading on the platform for several years. Vantage has tried to improve the fiber optic network and server of MetaTrader 4.

Good to know!

With Vantage Market’s help, users can take advantage of MT4’s forex trading abilities. In addition, the platform provides you with a transparent price feed. Users can rely on the platform with their funds. It has given an edge to traders in the context of global forex markets.

Also, traders will have the option to choose from thousands of chart options. The platform can customize the charts with chart studies and indicators. These features make the platform apart from all others. Furthermore, the platform has a custom charting option that helps all traders.

Why the MetaTrader is a popular choice among traders

The major reason for the popularity of MT4 is flexibility. The platform is accessible for the forex charts as well. You can use them whenever and wherever. In addition, users can make use of the platform on both Android as well as Apple mobile phone apps. So, you can use MetaTrader 4 whenever you want to.

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

3. cTrader by Pepperstone

Pepperstone ctrader programvare for desktop og mobil handel (app)

The easy-to-use and versatile forex trading platform makes it stand out from the other platforms. That’s why the platform is popular among ECN brokers and has become the first choice for many ECN brokerages.

Good to know!

This TradingView alternative’s main focus is to aid in executing the trades and streamline charting capabilities. Also, you have the option to customize charts. Users can get a polished interface along with a user-friendly navigation system. Thus, you can try the platform even if you’re new to trading. 

cTrader offers many APIs to its customers. As an example, Open API is also one of these APIs. It helps the brokers get in touch with the platform for any trader-related process. 

You can use cTrader by Pepperstone for:

  • Customized charting solutions,
  • Trading analytics, and
  • External trading tools.

Well, you get to deal with an array of features with the cTrader platform.

Let’s take a look at what cTrader offers:

  • Multi-asset platform
  • Branded mobile apps
  • Caters to ECN brokers
  • Integrated with major third-party technology providers
  • Number of first-party extensions available
  • cTrader Copy
  • Tailored to address brokers’ needs
  • Algorithmic trading

The cTrader trading platform has a lot to offer its advanced and beginner traders. It is capable of addressing the needs of each trader out there. Moreover, cTrader is one of the most flexible trading platforms in the market. Thus, It is a must to give this platform a shot.

(Risk warning: 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs)


The official website of the ATAS trading platform

ATAS is one of the long-standing trading platforms out there. Users have the option to opt for many exchanges in both cryptocurrency and legacy space. Also, as the best TradingView alternative, the platform provides consumers with a variety of indicators. 

They have a partnership with Optimus Futures, one of the major IBs in the futures industry. So, getting along with the platform and setting up an Atas account is very easy.

How much ATAS costs

Well, ATAS is expensive compared to the other trading platforms. If you want to opt for a monthly subscription, you must pay 69€. Or you can get lifetime access for €1790.

Moreover, you also get the features of trading and charting cryptocurrencies free of charge. The platform allows you to get a trial offer. New users can get a trial account for 14 days without any fees. When the trial period is over, you can use it for trading and charting. They can use it and get sure about its features and reliability.

Good to know!

Those who want to try out the platform for order flow tools and charts must invest in this platform. The platform allows you to trade cryptos and bitcoin. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily handle the functions.

Some features of ATAS are as follows:

  • ATAS includes the standard volume and order flow indicators just like the other platforms. 
  • Users can get the proper amount of custom settings. 
  • Additionally, they can customize the indicators as well. All of these perks make Atas one of the best TradingView alternatives for customers. 


The official website of Finviz

When it comes to stock screeners for traders and investors, FINVIZ is the best choice for that. FINVIZ represents the financial visualizations. It upholds several features that can help the users to go along with the platform easily. 

Plus, it has a free version, so if you need more clarification o investing in FINVIZ, you can consider it. Once you are assured of its features and services, you can also invest in the pro version. The platform is great for both new as well as experienced traders.

Good to know!

At present, over 18.75 million people use the website every month. The platform is reliable, and you can see its worth after using it. Besides, the reason for attracting the crowd is its simplicity. It’s the best time to invest in FINVIZ and earn profit.

There are many features available on the platform that make it convenient for users.

Here are some of the features of FINVIZ:

  • It has a fast search capacity. You can see the results in fractions of a second whenever you search for something. You can see it in three individual categories:
  • When you look at the upper left section, you will see three options: Publish a chart, save it to a portfolio, and create an alert
  • The first option is free of cost; you can use it without paying any amount. To save a stock to a portfolio, you must have a FINVIZ account. To create an alert, you need to have FINVIZ Elite.
  • You can get the feature of three charts, these are performance-based and interactive charts for FINVIZ Elite users.
  • Line, candle, and advanced charts for free 

Users also have the benefit of modifying the time frame. You can find it at the upper right, and you can switch between daily, weekly, and monthly. These options are available for the free FINVIZ version and the real-time intraday charts with FINVIZ Elite.

Disadvantages of TradingView

Tradingview logo official

Traders consider the TradingView alternatives because of the following disadvantages:

Customer service

The major issue with the TradingView platform is customer support. They don’t offer access to customer service for free users. If you face any issue with TradingView, you don’t have someone to assist you. 

Many other TradingView alternative platforms offer the feature of customer service for free users. However, on TradingView, you can get customer service only if you have a paid account.

Unnecessary charges

You can see that TradingView asks you for unnecessary charges for basic functions. If you want the feature of multiple charts, you need to have a pro subscription. Moreover, most of the features are only available to users with paid plans.

Need of two platforms

Well, you don’t place trades with TradingView directly. There are a few other brokers involved, like Oanda and FXCM. 

Sometimes you can’t enter your trades from the charting platform itself. You will have to use the broker’s platform along with TradingView. 

Conclusion – There are great alternatives for TradingView

Nowadays, every other person is indulging in the trading industry. Also, people are making huge profits from it. That’s why the trading industry is attracting the crowd towards itself. TradingView is also among the trading platforms. Not only that, you can consider its alternatives as well. 

Above mentioned are some of the excellent alternatives to TradingView. They have got some of the exceptional features which you expect from TradingView. Moreover, they are reliable, so you can trust them with your money and withdrawals.

You can consider any of these TradingView alternatives if you are searching for a substitute. These platforms provide outstanding services for the convenience of their users. With a variety of features, you have the chance to enhance your trading skills. Plus, you can expand your trading business with them.

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Frequently asked questions about TradingView alternatives:

Is there any free and worthy TradingView alternative?

Yes, there is a free and reliable alternative for TradingView. The market is full of TradingView alternatives. The long list of these platforms makes it difficult to choose the best one. You can opt for these options if you want to try out a similar platform. Know more about these TradingView alternatives to decide if they are worth using.

How much should I pay for TradingView?

Well, the price you have to pay depends on your chosen plan. There are different plans, one is free, and three are paid. The price is $10.50/month if you want a Pro plan. For the Pro+ plan, you need to pay $17.95/month. Moreover, if you want to invest in the Premium version, the price is $30/month. The platform offers a trial of these paid plans.

Is TradingView a no-cost charting software?

No, TradingView charges a specific amount for the plans. Users must put forward the required amount to use the platform. Apart from plans, you have the option to choose the billing methods. You can choose the plans with monthly or yearly billing options or go with the one after every two years. Nonetheless, you can get a 30-day free trial period with these paid plans.

How can I get TradingView pro free of cost?

If you want to get access to TradingView pro for free, email the company and claim your no-cost TradingView Pro account. 

Which TradingView alternative should I choose?

You can choose a TradingView alternative depending on your requirements. The best of all TradingView alternatives include: MetaTrader 4 by Vantage Markets, MetaTrader 5 by Vantage Markets, cTrader by Pepperstone, ATAS, FINVIZ

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