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The choice of a trusted Forex Broker is very difficult nowadays. XTB is currently one of the best-known internationally. Are you looking for experience with the Forex Broker XTB? – Then you are exactly right on this page. With more than 7 years of experience in the financial markets, we tested the broker for real money. You will get an overview and an introduction to trading with X-Trade Brokers. Is it really safe to invest your money there? – Inform yourself in detail.

The official homepage of XTB

Regulation and safety of customer funds
Good Trading Conditions
Customer Support and Service

What is XTB? – The broker presented

The company was founded in 2002 in Poland and is still a good address for online trading. The company quickly grew in demand and offices were opened throughout Europe. Currently, the broker is represented in over 12 countries. Maybe a branch is also located in your country. XTB is a public company, which is traded on the Polish stock exchange. In 2016, the company dared to take that step and posted a 4% gain on the first day.

With this Forex Broker, you can trade over 3,000 different assets and 6 asset classes on a universal trading platform. In addition, XTB connects its customers with very good customer support through support, webinars and training long term. Extensive training also helps beginners to find their way around the markets.

Personal care and a high deposit guarantee are the broker’s heart. Overall, the company has won many awards, which makes an additional good impression on me. From my experience, the company is one of the top providers.

Facts about the company:

  • European Broker which accepts international clients
  • The company is traded official on the stock exchange
  • There are a lot of XTB branches worldwide
  • Huge variety of markets to trade

XTB regulation and safety of customer funds

The regulation of an official financial regulator is essential for serious online trading. The broker thus gains trust between him and the customer. Among other things, European brokers must have official regulations to offer certain financial products. If such a license is missing, one can start from possible fraud. Before investing, the provider should be checked for regulation.


For your own safety it is recommended to trade only with regulated companies and brokers.

XTB has several international regulated regimes as the company has a large number of branches in different countries. Important and well-known regulations of the broker are for example the FCA (UK), IFSC (Belize), BaFin (Germany) and the KNF (PL). Thus, the company radiates a very high level of security.

Global regulated Forex Broker based in Europe

Certain criteria and requirements must be met for such a license to be awarded. A breach or fraud would mean the immediate loss of this license. Another point for a good provider is the security of customer funds. XTB keeps client money separate from corporate funds in Europe. Speculation with client funds is completely excluded here. There is also a deposit guarantee of up to 20,000€. In summary, XTB makes a very serious and trusting impression on us. Fraud on the customer can be excluded.

Facts about the regulation and safety of customer funds:

  • International branches with regulation
  • Separated customer fund from the broker’s money
  • Regulated payment methods
  • High deposit guarantee

Review the conditions for traders

Before opening an account with an online broker you should be clear about which trading instruments you would like to trade and which offer or terms the broker will give me. From our experience, XTB is a truly broad-based provider of many financial products and asset classes. More than 3,000 markets are currently available and the company is steadily expanding its offering.

Huge range of markets (variety sometimes depends on your country)

Trade Forex, Equities, Commodities (CFDs), ETFs, and Cryptocurrencies (CFDs) from a trading platform. As a beginner, you can quickly find your way around the platform, because the menu navigation is very clearly arranged.

You can trade a huge range of markets:

  • Forex
  • Index and Stocks
  • Commodities
  • ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)
  • Cryptocurrencies

Add to that a maximum leverage of 1:400, which can be used to make faster and more profit. Furthermore, the trading fees are very low compared to other providers and very competitive (more on this website later). Also, beginners can start trading with a very small amount of money. In summary, the conditions make a very good impression on me. XTB clearly stands out from other suppliers because of its experience and expertise. Further down on this website we will go into more detail on the individual topics.

Facts of the conditions:

  • Maximum leverage 1:400
  • No minimum deposit
  • Low spreads and the best execution

Which Trading Platform is available with XTB?

The trading platform is the most important tool for every trader. It is all the more important that it works correctly and is reliable. Of course, XTB’s trading platform was scrutinized in this review. The world-famous Metatrader 4 and its own developed xStation 5 are offered as software for the trade. From our experience, xStation 5 has a few more advantages in contrast to Metatrader 4, which is why we would like to elaborate on this platform in the following lines.

Professional xStation 5 Platform

The platforms are available for any device:

  • Web Trader
  • Desktop
  • Mobile Trade
  • Smartwatch
  • Table

The platform makes a very professional impression on us. It is very easy to use for beginners. A clean structure helps the trader not to get confused. Prices and charts are clearly visible. There are many options here. In addition, the trading platform displays possible fees openly and transparently.

Compared to other platforms, the xStation 5 is really worth mentioning because not every Forex Broker offers a good and reliable trading platform. Through various tests and ideas from traders, it has turned out that the xStation is very powerful and you have real-time access to the markets.

Professional Charting für beginners and advanced traders

Technical analysis is a tool for long-term market success for most traders. That’s why it’s important to check if an offered trading platform provides the right tools. The first impression of xStation 5 is sensational because the charts are personally customizable.

Use several chart representations:

  • Candlestick Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Heikin-Ashi Chart

For personal analysis, drawing tools and indicators are provided. More than 6 different drawing tools can be actively used on every chart. So the analysis should not be a problem for a trader. For example, use horizontal, vertical or trend lines. Even the familiar Fibonacci levels can be inserted with just a few clicks.

Customizeable indicators

The drawing tools are also independently adjustable in the presentation. Also, indicators make up a significant proportion of the tool in xStation 5. More than 20 different indicators can be inserted in a few clicks.

  • More than 20 different indicators
  • Technical drawing tools
  • Customizable and user-friendly tools

XTB Analysis, News, and Stock Screener

In addition, xStation 5 delivers current market news and a professional stock screener. Get the latest business news and results displayed directly on the trading platform. Market news is provided by XTB every day on current events and can generate additional trading ideas. In any case, the market news should always be checked before a trader in order to increase the probability of winning.

Stock screener and more helpfull tools

Stock traders beware. XTB offers a professional stock screener in its trading platform. This allows you to select the best values for investment. More than 20 different filter settings are possible with the stock screener. This makes it easier for you to find profitable companies from more than 3000 markets. To the large offer, there is also help under the point “training”. Video tutorials are provided to show trading on the platform.

Get more success through:

  • Market News
  • Market Analysis
  • Stock Screener to find the best companies
  • Educations center

How to trade with XTB? – Step by step guide

XTB’s trading platform comes with all the tools you need for a professional trading experience, but how does the Forex Broker Order actually work? We would like to talk about this in this section. Below this text, you will see the live order mask of XTB. There you can see different settings.

In general, the Forex Broker offers you the opportunity to invest in rising or falling markets. Short sales (short) are easily possible by the forex market or if you own the stock and want to hedge. Minimum amounts of a few dollars can already be invested. The biggest advantage of the platform is that all sizes and transaction properties are displayed transparently. So it is easy with a bit of practice to plan an exact risk and start the investment.


  1. First, select the appropriate contract size for your investment. This starts at 0.01. You will see the current value next to it and the margin (security deposit) will also be displayed directly to you. For leveraged products, the margin is much smaller than the contract value (maximum leverage 1:400) So you can move 1$ into your account with a maximum of 400$ on the market.
  2. Another great feature of the order mask is the display of fees. All costs such as spread, commission and daily swaps will be displayed before the position is opened. So you can include the fees in your risk.
  3. Stop-Loss and Take-Profit are price levels in the market that automatically close your position. So the risk is limited and the profit secured.

The execution at XTB is very fast, as the broker sits directly near international trading centers (for example) Frankfurt. In addition, the Forex Broker brings thanks to the current low-interest-rate environment in Europe another advantage of no swap fees in some commodities or indexes.

How to open your account and get started

Choose the best XTB Account Type for you

The broker offers 2 different account types. There is a Standard- and a Pro-Account. XTB has created a possibility for small and high-paying traders. The only difference between the types of accounts is that you pay less in the Pro Account, but you need to trade in higher positions starting at 0.10 Lot.

Which account is the best for you?

This can not be answered on a flat-rate basis since one’s own risk and trading strategy play a role. In the standard account, you can start from just 0.01 Lot. This is the smallest position size and the risk is in most cases only a few cents. It also plays a role, which Stop-Loss and Take-Profit range you use. In the Pro-Account, you have to trade at least 0.10 Lot and can only increase this amount in 0.10 Lot. For smaller deposits of 200$, for example, the Pro-Account is in my opinion unsuitable.

You have to give yourself an overview. The lower table will give you the conditions of the account types:

Standard AccountPro Account
Assets:More than 3000 marketsMore than 3000 markets
Leverage:Maximal 1:400Maximal 1:400
Spreads:0.7 Pips0.1 Pips
Forex Commission:0$3.5$ per 1 traded lot
Min. Positionsize:0.01 Lots0.1 Lots
Stocks Commission:0,10% (min. 3.99%)0,10% (min. 3.99%)

Review of the deposit and withdrawal of money

In this section, we tested the deposit and withdrawal of XTB. For traders, it is important to be able to carry out quick transactions of funds. Deposits should work without errors and in a few minutes. The payouts should be granted without any problems.

Overall, XTB is very well positioned for client cash transactions. There are several methods available, including PayPal. This is a very big plus for the broker because this method is often in demand by traders, but not every broker can offer it. There are no fees for the deposit. At the payout but you have to look more closely. For payments below 200 €, there is a charge of 10 €. Above that, all payouts are free.

Sometimes the payment methods depending on your country

The broker gains further confidence with me through the fast processing of the transactions. Within a maximum of 3 days, payment will be processed. In most cases, it takes less than a day and the payment is sent. In summary, there is a very good and recommended payment system at XTB.

Payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Bankwire
  • Credit Cards
  • Electronic Payment Systems
  • Payment within maximum 3 days

Is there negative balance protection on XTB?

The additional funding requirement is feared by every trader. In the past, there were such extreme events in the market that drove some account balance the negative balance. Forex Brokers worked too badly or slowly. Thanks to tightened regulation, there is currently no additional funding requirement, not even with XTB.

The fees for trading on the platform

From our experience, the costs and fees are very low. For example, some brokers charge a direct fee of over 50 € for 90 days of inactivity. With XTB one pays, for example, a maximum of an inactivity fee of 10 € after 365 days.

The fees for an order in the market are also very low compared to other providers. For example, trade the Dax at 0.7 points spread. For most traders, it pays 100% to switch to XTB.

Fees of XTB:

  • 10$ inactivity fee after 365 days
  • Markets spread for opening and closing positions
  • Commission for CFDs
  • Commissions for Stocks
  • 10$ fee by withdrawals below 200$

Another important advantage of XTB is swap-fees (financing fees). Currently, you are not paying any financing fees on stock indices overnight and on some commodities. Currently, it is the only broker to offer this advantage. If interest rates remain low, you will continue to pay no swaps.

Which type of support and service do they offer?

The last point in this review is the test of support. How good is the service for traders? – Since XTB has international branches worldwide, support is one of the best for each client. Professionally trained staff support you 24/5 during the week. The Forex Broker even suggests that traders can make a visit in the branches. In addition, the company is represented at many trade fairs, for example at the World of Trading in Frankfurt (Germany).


Compared to other companies XTB offers the best service for its traders.

Support is available by phone, chat, email 24/5. From my experiences and tests, you always get a very competent answer. In addition, after the opening of the account, a personal contact person will be in charge, who will introduce you to the world of XTB. The service at this broker is really great in comparison.

Professional XTB education and analysis

Market analyzes are issued daily at XTB and sometimes even sent by email. You can read the market analyzes directly on the homepage or in the xStation 5. Interesting trading ideas can be generated in this way or you are informed about important market events. The analyzes of XTB are professionally processed and quite suitable for their own application for trades.

Professional education center for beginners and advanced traders

Another service is the learning materials and training center of the Forex Broker. Videos, e-books or webinars for customers are provided. Especially beginners will help enormously with this knowledge, but even experienced traders can benefit. In summary, XTB offers one of the best services for customers.

Unlike other providers, XTB committed to providing its clients with sustainable and good knowledge. The more successful a trader is, the more the broker earns from the increased trading volume. It’s a winner for both sides.

The best support and service:

  • 1 to 1 support for each client
  • Education, coaching sessions, market analysis, and webinars for free
  • 24/5 support per phone, email or chat
  • Professionally educated service employees

Conclusion of my Review – XTB one of the best Forex Brokers?

Without question, XTB is one of the top Forex Brokers for me. A change of your actual broker will be worthwhile for you because the fees and costs are very low compared to other providers. For example, a special bonus is the abolition of the abolished financing fees overnight.

The variety of over 3000 assets and various financial products is huge for the clients and you will surely find your suitable market. The Forex Broker is trying to expand the offer and adds new markets. Recently, you can trade more than 15 different cryptocurrencies.

It is a regulated and licensed broker from Europe with a high deposit guarantee. In addition, the share of the company is listed on the Poland stock exchange. All this makes a very serious impression on us. A fraud could not be detected here.

Furthermore, every customer gets a good service via support. For every trader, there are webinars and even 1 to 1 training. Expand your knowledge as a beginner and advanced. Try the provider in the free demo account now.

XTB is a trusted Forex Broker (Stamp)

The advantages of XTB:

  • Full regulated and safety Forex Broker
  • More than 3000 different markets
  • Very good trading conditions
  • One of the best platforms (xStation 5)
  • No hidden fees
  • No minimum deposit
  • Professional support and customer service

In conclusion, the Forex Broker XTB offers its traders a huge range of markets and a good service. 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)