ETFinance broker review and test – Good choice or not?

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As traders, we seek a broker that brings out the best of us and our full potential in the trading industry. ETFinance claims to be a broker that provides tools and products a trader needs in order to reach his full financial potential. How serious is ETFinance with their clients? Is this broker legit and worth the risk? Let’s find out together in this review.

ETFinance official website

ETFinance official website

Regulation and security of customer funds
Professional Customer Support
Good trading conditions

What is ETFinance? – The company presented

ETFinance was founded in 2018 with an aim to help ambitious people around the world to be able to trade at the best of their potential. This broker believes that the world is an ever-changing financial world, and people should realize their financial potential. The company offers its investors a unique trading experience that they can be able to build their own financial future. This is through the focus of providing their clients with all the tools and knowledge need in the world of trading.

ETFinance offers a firm foundation and cutting-edge platform that will surely bring out the best in each and every trader. This broker aims to become the choice of aspiring individuals as a go-to platform that they can use to place their investment capital efficiently and intelligently. ETFinance enables its clients to choose from a number of assets to trade on. This includes forex, stocks, indices, commodities, crypto pairs, currency pairs, and ETFs. Also, the firm has an official partnership with Real Madrid Basketball Club.

ETFinance is a award-winning broker

ETFinance is an award-winning broker

Facts about ETFinance:

  • Founded 2018
  • Global broker
  • Offers competitive and cutting-edge platform
  • Markets include forex, stocks, indices, commodities, crypto pairs, currency pairs, and ETFs
  • More than 750 assets
  • Award-winning broker
  • Secure

(Risk warning: 74 – 89% of the CFD accounts lose money)

Is ETFinance regulated? – Regulation and safety for customers

Before choosing a broker, make sure that it is regulated by an official regulator. This is one way to determine if the broker is operating legitimately or not. As investors, we need to make sure of the safety of our investments. The regulation serves as proof that the broker has passed certain criteria in order to gain the license. ETFinance is a brand name of Magnum FX (Cyprus). It is a leading Cyprus Investment Firms (CIF) licensed and regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under license number 359/18 as of 04/06/2018 with the registration number of 360548.

ETFinance is regulated by CySEC

ETFinance is regulated by CySEC

Also, CySEC is the supervisory and regulatory authority for Investment Services firms in Cyprus. It is also a member of the Committee of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). Its license is subject to the Law 87(I)2017, which provides for the provision of investment services, the operation of the exercise of investment activities, the operation of regulated markets, and other related matters, which is harmonized with EU Regulation, MiFID II to ensure the high level of investor protection and the efficiency of the financial markets.

ETFinance is regulated by the following:

Financial security

Each and every trader seek a trustworthy broker that will secure their investments and funds. ETFinance provides ancillary services to its clients. This includes safekeeping and administration of financial instruments (including custodianship and related services), granting credits or loan to one or more financial instruments (where the firm granting the credit or loan is involved in the transaction), and foreign exchange services where these are connected to the provision of investment services.

Also, ETFinance is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund for Customers of Cyprus Investment Firms and works with regulated payment service providers, such as Wirecard, Trustly, and “Isignthis” to ensure the safety of its client’s funds.

Summary of regulation and financial security:

  • Regulated and secure
  • Member of the Investor Compensation Fund for Customers of Cyprus Investment Firms
  • Offers ancillary services

Review of trading conditions for traders

ETFinance claims to be the broker that brings out the full financial potential of its traders. Enhancing the trading skills and capabilities of its clients is the goal of this broker. ETFinance claims to provides tools and products a trader needs in order to reach his full financial potential. This broker empowers its traders by giving them the freedom to trade anytime, anywhere, through its competitive, user-friendly, and powerful platforms. It offers its clients a reception and transmission of orders in relation to one or more financial instruments. Also, it offers the execution of orders on behalf of clients.

ETFinance offers its traders the ability to choose from over 750 assets. You can trade CFDs assets, like forex, stocks, indices, commodities, crypto pairs, currency pairs, and ETFs. ETFinance promotes fast execution of trades and convenience through its platforms. The platform offered by ETFinance is well developed. The platform (WebTrader, MetaTrader, Mobile App) will be further discussed later on in this review.

Reasons to trade with ETFinance

Reasons to trade with ETFinance

As a regulated broker that puts customer safety first, the broker keeps the account of its clients secure with its enhanced cyber-security and cutting-edge encryption of all data shared between the user and the server. ETFinance follows the strictest principles provided by the regulators and takes additional measures to make sure that its platform, and our traders, are protected at all times.

The following markets are available at ETFinance:

  • Forex
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • Crypto pairs
  • Currency pairs
  • ETFs
Account:SilverGold Platinum
Leverage:Max. 1:30Max. 1:30 (retail account) and 1:400 / 1:500 (professional account)Max. 1:30 (retail account) and 1:400 / 1:500 (professional account)
Spread:Min. 0.07 pointsMin. 0.05 pointsMin. 0.03 points

ETFinace offers low spreads, 0 commissions, and maximum leverage of 1:500. ETFinance offers low spreads from 0.03 points and had won several global awards de to its products and services. It provides its clients with advanced tools and fast trading execution. This broker offers a free demo account that you can use to practice in order for you to enhance and develop your trading skills and strategies. This demo account comes with free virtual funds that you can use without risking real money.

Facts about the conditions for traders:

  • Offers fast execution
  • Secure and legit broker
  • Good customer support 24/5
  • Over 750 assets and 10,000 registered traders worldwide
  • Maximum leverage is 1:500
  • Minimum spread from 0.03 points
  • No commissions
  • A minimum deposit of €250
  • Competitive and user-friendly platforms
  • Award-winning global broker
  • Offers Demo Account with virtual funds

(Risk warning: 74 – 89% of the CFD accounts lose money)

Test of the ETFinance trading platforms

ETFinance claims to have competitive platforms with useful tools that keep traders on track and on edge. These platforms are user-friendly, simple, yet powerful that will suit any type of trader.

Trading Platforms:

  • WebTrader Platform
  • MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Platform
  • Mobile Trading (App) Platform

WebTrader Platform

WebTrader is the type of platform that is convenient and doesn’t require download. It is a user-friendly platform with useful tools and vital information that will keep traders at the forefront of market awareness. The WebTrader Platform of ETFinance offers an optimal trading experience that takes financial trading to the next level for both beginners and professionals. It gives traders round-the-clock access to the global arenas through any device using only an internet connection and a web browser.

Its exceptional interface enables traders to monitor different assets and trends. It can perform fundamental analysis and make an informed decision that helps fulfill a profitable potential. It is simple, yet competitive. You can view real-time prices conveniently, check your list of tradable assets without ease, analyze graphs and charts professionally, and execute trades with a one-click function.

ETFinance WebTrader Platform

ETFinance WebTrader Platform

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Platform

The MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Platform is the most popular platform in the trading industry and it is also available when trading with ETFinance. It is an award-winning trading platform that is favored by both beginner and professional traders. It has a lot of helpful tools and great features that give you the edge to have good trading results. It is available on both web- and on mobile-platform. It is a user-friendly, uncomplicated, and powerful platform that millions of traders are using worldwide on a daily basis.

With this platform, you are able to access all of ETFinance’s assets and opportunities, alongside advanced analysis tools and instruments that give traders control over the markets. It has an exceptional interface that enables traders to monitor different assets and trends. It is secure and promotes fast trading execution.

ETFinance MetaTrader 4 Platform

ETFinance MetaTrader 4 Platform

Mobile Trading (App) Platform

ETFinance gives its traders the ability to trade anywhere and anytime as long as connected to the internet through its Mobile Trading (App) Platform. This platform offers convenience and is easy to use. It has good indicators, designed for quick action, and brings all the global markets to the palm of the traders’ hand. The ETFinanceapp allows traders to manage their position in real-time alongside their daily activities. It provides the same capabilities as the web platform.

It has a responsive interface and one-tap actions for fast and efficient trading. Also, the app keeps traders up to date with the latest market trends by providing market reports, updates, and analysis straight to their mobile devices. This app is free and available to download in GooglePlay (for Android) and AppStore (for iOS).

Professional charting and analysis is possible

Charting with the right use of technical analysis can give you better trading results. This makes total sense because charting enables you to keep track of historical prices in the markets and technical analysis helps you determine what next steps you need to take. Charting is an illustration of the volatility of the markets. Through charting, traders can easily understand the movement of the market, whether it’s going upward or downward. Technical analysis, on the other hand, is a method of analyzing the markets and predicting price movements.

Charting with ETFinance

Charting with ETFinance

Combined together, you would have an edge in making good trading decisions. ETFinance has good technical indicators and helpful tools. The charting capability of its platform is remarkable. The company offers good assistance and has helpful analysis, that can gain you important statistics that you’d definitely find helpful to make a more informed decision. It has trading cubes and visual trends that can speed up your trades and keep track of the latest market trends. This has visual presentations that encompass all the critical information you need to see and highlight valuable data points. We can say that the charting capability of ETFinance is good and well-thought of.

ETFinance trading tutorial: How to trade

In trading, the first step is to decide what asset you would like to trade. However, before doing so, one must know how trading works and how to execute a trade in order to get good results. Basically, analyzing the markets and making decisions are the most important things a trader should be prepared about. Once you understand and know the volatility of the markets, it is easier to decide what step next you need to take – whether to buy or sell. For example, if you think that the market value is going to fall, then choose to sell. But, if you think that the price is going to increase in value, choose to buy.

First, select the asset you wish to analyze. Once you’ve chosen the asset, analyze the asset. Next, determine a forecast of the price movement. After that, open the order mask on the platform. Once done, go ahead and customize your position. Then choose the order volume you prefer. Last, decide whether to buy or sell.

Order mask of ETFinance

Order mask of ETFinance

Step by step tutorial:

  1. Select  the asset you wish to analyze
  2. Analyze the asset and determine a forecast of the price movement
  3. Open order mask on the platform
  4. Customize your position
  5. Choose the order volume
  6. Decide whether to buy or sell

(Risk warning: 74 – 89% of the CFD accounts lose money)

Free ETFinance demo account

ETFinance offers its customer a free Demo Account that comes with virtual funds. This demo account can be used without risking real money or investment. We highly recommend everyone, especially the newbies in trading, to first get a demo account before going live. Trading requires a high risk of your investments, and if you don’t understand how trading works, this may result in a huge loss of money. We recommend practicing your trading strategy and enhance your trading skills before going live.

How to open your account

It is not hard to create an account with ETFinance. First, fill out the basic information needed that includes your first and last name, phone number, email address, and you need to create a password to secure the account. Then, there are some questions you need to answer in order to proceed in confirming the registration of your account. Once you’ve finished answering these questions, it will direct you to the demo account right away. If you plan to go on live-trading, you can easily switch the platform into a live account and can fund your account right away. The minimum deposit requirement is €250.

Account opening with ETFinance

Account opening with ETFinance

Account rypes of ETFinance

ETFinance offers three account types. The first one is the Silver Account is considered to be a beginner-type account. It has a minimum spread of 0.07 pips and has a leverage maximum of 1:30. The second is the Gold Account which is considered to e an upgrade of the Silver Account. This account has a minimum spread of 0.05 pips and has a leverage maximum of 1:30 for a retail account and leverage of 1:400 / 1:500 for a professional account. It has a dedicated and active account manager.

This account has a swap discount of 25%, allows hedging, and has helpful webinars and videos. The last one is the Platinum Account with the same leverage as the Gold Account (leverage of 1:30 for retail account and leverage of 1:400 / 1:500 for a professional account) and also has an active and dedicated account manager. However, the swap discount is higher which is 50%, has free VPS, news alerts, and the minimum spread is 0.03 pips.

See the account type: 

Account Type: SilverGoldPlatinum
Starting spreads:0.07 poins0.05 points0.03 points
Starting spreads forex:2.2 pips1.3 pips0.7 pips
Leverage retail: max. 1:30max. 1:30max. 1:30
Leverage professional:max. 1:400max. 1:400max. 1:400
Support:10 hours per dayPersonal account supportPersonal account support
Swap:No rebate25% rebate50% rebate
Islamic account: YesYesYes
Special:/Webinars, videos, risk managementWebinars, videos, risk management, free VPS, direct news

(Risk warning: 74 – 89% of the CFD accounts lose money)

Reviews of deposit and withdrawal

ETFinance offers its clients different ways of processing payments. You can use a debit/credit card (VISA/MasterCard), wire transfer, Neteller, VPay, SSL, and Skrill. This broker has the ability to process deposits and withdrawals within 2 to 3 days. However, it depends on what type of method was used. There are times that withdrawing money from ETFinance may take time and varies 2-5 days. This broker doesn’t charge a deposit and withdrawal fee. However, fees still vary on the payment method used. You may get charged a transaction fee by your bank.

Payment methods can be used with ETFinance

Payment methods can be used with ETFinance

Payment methods can be used:

  • Credit / Debit Card (VISA/MasterCard)
  • Wire transfer
  • VPAY
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • SSL

Fees and costs for ETFinance Traders

ETFinance doesn’t charge any hidden fees. There is no deposit fee and a withdrawal fee.  The broker claims to profit from the charge of the spread. The minimum spread with ETFinance is 0.03 pips. It is a zero commission broker. The minimum deposit required is €250.

Important facts:

  • A minimum deposit of €250
  • No deposit fee and withdrawal fee
  • No hidden charges
  • No commissions

Support and services of ETFinance

You can contact the support of ETFinance through Phone, Email, and Live Chat. The customer support of ETFinance operates Monday to Friday from 07:00-19:00 GMT. The support agents of ROINvestings are very professional, reliable, and approachable. The Live Chat can be found on the official website of ETFinance ( First, you just need to give in some information about yourself, like your name, email, and phone number. Then you can start the chat with one of the agents of ETFinance.

ETFinace also offers its clients educational materials. This includes webinars, articles, VOD, eBooks, courses, and tutorials. We can say that ETFinance is a broker that gives much effort into giving support and assistance t its clients. Also, there is a section on the website where you can view the Economic and Earnings Calendar. The educational materials ETFinace is offering to its clients are not just knowledgeable, but also in a way entertaining.

Education by ETFinance

Education by ETFinance

This broker is serious with its vision and mission to give its best in offering its investors a unique trading experience that focuses on providing them with all the tools and knowledge they need in order to go about building their financial future. There are a lot of helpful tools, products, and services being offered by this broker. If you just give ETFinance a chance, surely, it will impress you.

Phone number:
Email Address:
+8006 003 7004

Facts about the support:

  • Phone Support
  • Email Support
  • Live Chat
  • Offers educational materials
  • Offers VOD, webinars, and tutorials
  • Free eBooks and articles
  • Economic and Earnings Calendar
  • Professional agents
  • Reliable customer support

Conclusion of review: Is ETFinance legit? – We think: Yes

ETFinance is a secure and dedicated broker. We can say that the tools, products, and services offered by this broker are truly focused on its mission of bringing out the financial potential of its clients. This global broker is regulated by CySEC and gives great effort in securing client safety. We recommend this broker due to its dedication to its clients and in offering good products and services. It is reliable and worth of trust. This company is truly exerting its effort in bringing out the best of their clients and full potential to the trading industry. We can say, that ETFinance would give you their best if you choose it as your broker.


  • Some traders say they get spam phone calls

ETFinance is a trusted CFD Broker


  • Legit broker and regulated by CySEC
  • No commissions
  • Minimum deposit €250
  • Over 750 assets and 10,000 registered traders
  • Markets include forex, stocks, indices, commodities, crypto pairs, currency pairs, and ETFs
  • Award-winning and global broker
  • Free demo account
  • Secure and reliable
  • Free educational material and good customer support
  • User-friendly and competitive platforms

ETFinance is showing us average trading conditions. A recommendable CFD Broker if you want to trade with leverage. 3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

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(Risk warning: 74 – 89% of the CFD accounts lose money)