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Can you withdraw money to a 3rd person from your trading account? Numerous issues come up when managing a trading account, particularly when dealing with transactions involving third parties. One frequent query that good traders may very well have is whether it is feasible to withdraw funds from their trading account to a third party.  Due […]

What are broker fees and costs that can occur while trading? When people invest, they set aside a certain amount of capital. However, they overlook anything else that’s not the purchase price or the initial investment. An excellent example is broker fees and costs, often referred to as brokerage fees. As the name suggests, brokers […]

Can a broker steal your money? A guide to avoiding broker fraud Investments are always associated with risk. However, when the definition of risk expands to your broker’s wrongdoings leading to money loss, it constitutes stockbroker’s fraud. So, even if your broker doesn’t steal your money from your trading account, their violation of rules and […]

Can a broker sell shares of a trader without permission? When you check in on your brokerage account, you see that some of your investments have been sold.  Is it reasonable to feel panic? Your broker might have broken the law if they sold stocks from your investment account without your knowledge or consent.  You […]

Can a broker lend trader’s shares for short-selling? – Risks and Benefits Stock lending has become a common thing in the trading world these days. There are many instances where the broker lends the shares of the traders. But traders often wonder if a broker can do it at all.  Lending shares to any trader […]

Broker scams: How they work and how to avoid them? Most traders get caught up in a broker scam by trading online. It causes them to lose more money than they would lose while trading an asset. Traders fall into the trap of scam brokers by believing in their false trading tactics. Even a regulated […]

How to get the best rates from your trading broker? When it comes to trading, you need to know a few things to maximize profit. For instance, are broker fees negotiable? That’s a million-dollar question, given how high these fees can get. Therefore, if one isn’t wise, broker fees can take a considerable amount of […]

How to verify your brokerage trading account? When opening a trading account, account verification is essential for guaranteeing a secure and reliable trading experience, because it helps to verify your identity and stop fraudulent activity on the account. Along with ensuring the protection of your data, it also gives you access to several trading tools […]

How to sign up & login into a brokerage trading account? Creating a brokerage trading account is a crucial first step if you want to invest in the stock market. For beginners, in particular, opening and logging into a brokerage trading account can be overwhelming. This ought not to be the case, however.  In this post, […]

How to deposit money into your trading account? Depositing money into your trading account is among the first things you are going to need to do when starting to trade on the financial markets. If you’re unfamiliar with the world of trading, this may be a challenging task. However, once you are aware of the […]

How to answer the broker’s verification questions? It is normal practice for brokers to request client verification when creating a new brokerage account or making substantial modifications to an existing account. These inquiries are meant to verify the account holder’s identification and ensure the account isn’t being used fraudulently.  Although these questions might sound simple, […]

How can you verify your phone number on an online broker? In order to maintain the confidentiality and precision of account information, phone number verification is essential in online trading. As part of the account setup procedure on online trading platforms, traders are frequently required to submit and verify their phone numbers. This makes it […]

Can you incur debt on your brokerage trading account? You may want to boost your purchasing power as a good trader to make more money. You might consider borrowing money to trade, which you can do by creating debt on the brokerage trading account. However, when choosing such a course of action, it’s crucial to […]

Can you deposit money in your trading account with the help of a 3rd person? When engaging in stock market trading, an investor or trader must take into account several considerations. Transferring money to the trading account is a necessary initial step before investing in the stock markets.  Many different methods exist for depositing money […]

What is the minimum deposit to open a trading account? Do you want to open a trading account? Wait! Before doing that, you need to know the minimum deposit amount needed to open a trading account.  Here in this post, we have discussed the minimum deposit amount charged by a trading account, its benefits, drawbacks, […]

What is the inactivity fee of your online broker? When you buy or sell crypto, forex, or other assets, trading fees from a broker might kick in. As every broker is different, the trading fee they charge is also different.  That’s why you must thoroughly check the broker to understand the charges you need to […]

How to contact your online broker? A trading broker is an independent firm or person that organizes and executes trades on behalf of an investor. They do this for different assets, including forex, stocks, indices, currencies, and more. While executing a trade, brokers charge a small commission fee from an online trading account. Some brokers […]

How do you change your registered phone number on an online broker? Opening a trading account is simple; the process can be completed in a matter of seconds. But after opening an account, your job doesn’t end. You need to keep your trading account safe and away from the reach of scammers.  Exercise all caution, […]

How do you change the password of your broker trading account? A trading broker can either be a person or a firm that sells and buys stocks on behalf of investors. That means anyone willing to enter the trading market must have a reliable broker on their side.  As many brokers are popping up in […]

Does an online broker charge withdrawal fees? A broker allows buyers and sellers to enter the trading money. It helps facilitate smooth trading so both parties can perform exceptionally well in the market. In simple terms, brokers are a gateway to safe and efficient trade.  But have you ever wondered how trading brokers make money? […]

Does an online broker charge deposit fees? Traders need a reliable broker on their side to enter the market. That’s because brokers make trading easier and offer a safe platform to enter the market.  But the question is, how do trading brokers make money? It’s simple; they charge brokerage fees from their registered traders. The […]

Can I have more than one trading account with an online broker? As new trading brokers pop up every now and then, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype. You also might want to open multiple trading accounts, but is it actually possible to have more than one trading account? Yes, it’s possible […]

Can you transfer the trades to another online broker? Are you not satisfied with your online broker and want to switch to a better one? Are you worried about how you will transfer trades to other online brokers? Don’t worry; you have come to the right place.  The right brokerage account can help you get […]

Do you need to pay taxes on your online broker? Picking good investments is important for growing wealth. But you also need to make sure you invest tax-efficiently to gain more profit.  Whether or not your trading account is taxable depends on the type of brokerage account, dividends, interest, and capital gains.  You can choose […]

How to make the trading account more secure? You can easily enter the trading world and access your information through an online trading account. It also lets you buy and sell securities so you can earn huge profits. It offers a host of benefits and makes trading easy.  But no matter what trading account you […]

How do I add funds to my online trading demo account? A demo account is a free trading account offered by a broker to practice trading different assets.  The main feature of a demo account is that it is not real. It offers dummy money for you to place trades. So, the money you win […]

How do you perform a closing of your online broker account? Trading has become a popular way to earn extra money and accumulate wealth. Plus, the easy accessibility of trading accounts has made people familiar with the concept of trading.  While trading offers numerous benefits, there can be numerous reasons why someone wants to opt […]

How old do you need to be to sign up for a trading account? One might think choosing a trading broker is a daunting task, but it’s not. With so many trading broker options available, you can quickly choose one by knowing your requirements.  But do you know the minimum age requirement for starting a […]

How to deposit funds to your online broker trading account? Investing in the trading market is a fast way to increase your income. But you cannot start your trading journey without funding your account with the minimum deposit amount.  Depositing money in the trading account is fairly easy and can be done in no time. […]

How to withdraw money from a broker? – Tutorial The reason one engages in trading is to earn money. After all, it is an investment that has helped many people make a fortune. All you have to do is ensure that trades are successful in earning a profit. However, earning isn’t enough because you can’t […]

Is my money safe with an online broker? Your long-term wealth and financial goals can be met when you start investing with a brokerage account. But if you are new to the investing and trading world, you might wonder, is your money safe with one?  Honestly, there is a risk in investing. Even if you […]

Why can you not withdraw funds from your trading account? Every trader wants to cash out their hard-earned profit from the trading account. In fact, traders are advised to regularly withdraw the money to ensure they don’t put all the money into trading.  You can use any method except bank transfers to withdraw your money […]

What are the overnight refunds & funds of an online broker? Traders are showing an interest in funds and other alternatives to diversify their portfolios. It has mainly happened after the poor performance of liquid funds.  If you are also interested in overnight funds, continue reading. We have discussed everything from overnight funds to overnight […]

What are the popular payment methods of online brokers? When trading online, you can choose from plenty of payment options. That’s because different brokers support different deposit and withdrawal options.  Each payment method has certain advantages and drawbacks, which you must consider before registering with a trading broker. Some payment methods can quickly process the […]

What is an online broker account statement? You have a brokerage account, but do you know how to read a brokerage statement? While it’s not the most exciting thing, it’s important for smart money management.  Now knowing how to read broker account statements can make it difficult for you to spot mistakes or find fraud […]

What is the W-8BEN form and why should I sign it? The W-8BEN form is important for anyone who generates income in the USA but is not a U.S. taxpayer. The form helps establish foreign status and helps you be taxed appropriately as a foreigner.  If you are investing in U.S. stock, thoroughly go through […]

Where can I see the overnight fees of my online broker? An overnight fee in the trading market is called a rollover fee. It’s a small payment, which only applies if you hold your CFD position overnight.  Remember that the rollover fees are not unique. They are a part of CFD trading because they reflect […]

Why should you use 2FA in your trading account? Thousands of people wish to open a trading account because the share market has reached its boom phase. That means they have the opportunity to earn huge profits.  But many individuals still shy away from the trading market, mainly because of the risk involved with trading. […]

Who is John Neff? – History of the trader and investor John Neff was a successful American trader. He also excelled in his career as a mutual fund manager. In addition to this, John was also a great philanthropist. John’s trading style usually revolves around value investing. He headed Vanguard’s Windsor Fund. Because of his […]

Who is David Einhorn? – History of the trader and investor David Einhorn is a leading hedge fund manager and American investor. He is the originator and head of Greenlight capital, which started in 1996. The trader has some great trading achievements for which he is popular. For instance, in 2013, David Einhorn was added […]

Who is David Tepper? – History of the trader and investor David Tepper is a billionaire investor and the owner of the Carolina Panthers. The investor rose to prominence by fetching himself great returns on investments. David Tepper has a great trading journey with plenty of lessons for beginners. He is a great trader who […]

Who is Michael Steinhardt? – History of the trader and investor Inquiring into the trading world will allow a trader to know about several personalities who achieved big while trading. Michael Steinhardt is a great investor who offers great trading lessons to traders. The trader excelled in trading and walked down the path of becoming […]

Who is Nick Leeson? – History of the trader & investor Trading is a profitable business: you will hear it from every other experienced trader. Yes, trading does come up with several advantages. But traders know that it comprises some risks. Although you can have a high profit from trading, there are chances of loss […]

Who is Warren Buffett? – History of the trader and investor Warren Buffett is an American business magnate. He excels in various fields. From delivering amazing management skills in business to trading exceptionally well, Warren Buffett is a sigma. This trader has revolutionized the trading world by letting investors know what it’s like to trade […]

Who is Steven A. Cohen? – History of the trader and investor Steven A. Cohen has been known for owning Major League Baseball of the New York Mets since September 14, 2020. Also, he owns 97.2% of the team. Steven A. Cohen is the originator of the boundary fund Point72 Asset Management.  Steven A. Cohen […]

Who is Richard Dennis? – The history of the trader & Investor Trading platforms are gaining everyone’s attention. Investment opportunities have given a rise to many traders.  However, things are only sometimes in your favor. New traders are also looking up to the trading industry.  Further, we know traders need time and hard work to […]

Who is Ray Dalio? – History of the trader and investor A big hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, is run by Ray Dalio. Ray Dalio could muster up the wealth and courage to start this hedge fund after making a fortune by trading. His trading style and knowledge make him special in amassing billions of dollars.  […]

Who is Peter Lynch? – History of the trader and investor Any budding trader would like to know the full information about their ideal trader. Peter Lynch is a great trader known for their great net worth. Like every trader, Peter Lynch has a great interest in trading, which he turned into his passion soon.  […]

Who is Paul Tudor Jones? History of the trader and investor Paul Tudor Jones is an American billionaire who made his riches managing his hedge fund. Further, he is also an environmental conservationist and a philanthropist who established his name through the financial services market. This man found his hedge fund named Tudor Investment Corporation. […]

Who is Larry R. Williams? – History of the trader and investor Trading becomes easier when people get guidance throughout their journey. Traders can look up to the guidance of prosperous investors. With their experience, one can get aware of the peaks and troughs. When it comes to trading, no one can forget the name […]

Who is John Templeton? – History of the trader and investor Most traders might have heard about bargain buying. It is what John Templeton believes in. This trader is highly famous for his bargain-buying skills. Besides, John Templeton always looks out for opportunities to make more money. Many traders feel inspired by John Templeton’s investment […]

Who is John Paulson? – History of the trader and investor John Paulson is a great trader and an American billionaire hedge fund manager. He has established himself as a leader in the industry with titles like “hedge fund swindler” With a $3 billion net worth in real time, John Paulson came to light in […]

Who is John D. Arnold? – History of the trader and investor John D. Arnold was a great investor hailing from America. He is famous for his trading tactics, inspiring other traders to go big time while trading. John Arnold is a master in energy products trading. John D. Arnold amassed huge wealth from trading […]

Who is John C. Bogle? – History of the trader and investor ‘Invest you must’ is great trading advice by the greatest trader. John C. Bogle was an immaculate trader who invested in several stocks and became wealthy.  John C. Bogle had a strong belief, in the fact that holding your money would never make […]

Who is Jim Rogers? – History of the trader and investor Undoubtedly, Jim Rogers is an amazing and the best investor. The trader became a millionaire only when he was 37. Jim Rogers became a great trader because of his exceptional trading skills. Also, the trader developed an excellent trading discipline which helped him make […]

Who is George Soros? History of the trader and investor One of the most wealthy investors, George Soros, is among the legendary managers of hedge funds. This Hungarian-American businessman and philanthropist managed the Quantum Fund, which the investors revered. His trading tactics may have generated animosity and controversy in the surroundings, but he has always […]

Who is Ed Seykota? – History of the trader and investor Trading is the best pursuit if you are ready to invest your time and hard work. Dozens of trading platforms have paved the way to success for every trader. Yet, everyone needs guidance to get the best out of it. Over the years, the […]

Who is Cathie Wood? – History of the trader and investor All a trader needs to get through his trading journey is some inspiration from successful traders. Cathie Woods is a trader who defies the notion that says women can’t be great investors. The investor overcame all the troubles that stood in the way of […]

Who is Carl Icahn? – History of the trader and investor All aspiring traders must have heard the names of many great traders. Carl Icahn is one such name that has attracted many traders. The credit owes to Carl’s amazing trading skills throughout his career.  There are many reasons why traders must learn the investment […]

Who is Bill Miller? – History of the trader and investor Bill Miller became a great fund manager and accumulated the wealth he owns today. He is an American investor who is also into several philanthropic activities. Taking inspiration from value investing, Bill Miller moved on to become the greatest investor. However, this trader started […]

Who is Bill Ackman? – The history of the trader and investor Bill Ackman has a very moving story. He is that trader who started his trading journey when he belonged to a middle-class family. However, his trading skills let him hit the jackpot. Bill Ackman went on to become America’s biggest billionaire investor. Pershing […]

Who is Benjamin Graham? – History of the trader and investor. Benjamin Graham is a famous trader who became remarkably rich with his investing tactics. Born in Britain, Benjamin is considered the father of value investing. He believes that if an investor follows the perfect investment psychology, he can generate immense wealth.  Benjamin Graham became […]

Who is Andrew Hall? – History of the trader & investor The trading world has had hundreds and thousands of investors. However, some investors lead the race. Andrew Hall is one such trader with immense capital management skills that brought him profits while trading online. Andrew Hall made so much money that he opened his […]

5 best MetaTrader 4 trading accounts in comparison MetaTrader 4 is a unique trading platform that can turn the life around of traders by allowing them to access top-class features. This trading platform is the best for any trader looking for automated features. Traders can signup for MetaTrader 4 trading accounts to avail themselves of […]

MetaTrader 4 withdrawal: How to withdraw from the MT4? MetaTrader 4 offers a great trading opportunity to traders. They can place more profitable trades by customizing their technical analysis. Then, MT4 traders can proceed with the MetaTrader 4 withdrawal. Traders opt to trade on MetaTrader 4 trading platform because of several features. This trading platform […]

The 3 best MetaTrader 5 alternatives – Comparison for traders MetaTrader 5 is unarguably the best trading platform for any trader. However, like everything has loopholes, MetaTrader 5 also has some. And because of this, traders often look for MetaTrader 5 alternatives.  Although MT5 is the best-suited trading platform for forex and CFD trading, you […]

TradingView review and prices: Is it the best trading software? Review: Type: Availability: Costs: Assets: Trading software Desktop (Windows, iOS), Webtrader, Mobile app (iOS, Andorid) Monthly subscription plans:Basic – 0 $Pro – 14.95 $Pro+ – 29.95 $Premium – 59.95 $ Forex, CFDs, Stocks, Crypto, and more TradingView allows traders to trade some of the best […]

Sierra Chart review and prices: Is Sierra Chart a good choice? Review: Type: Availability: Costs: Assets: Trading software Desktop (Windows, iOS) 15 days of a free trialMonthly subscription: $26Annual subscription: $18 monthly Forex, CFDs, Stocks, Crypto, and more Sierra chart is one charting software that traders might have heard about. You might have used Sierra […]

cTrader – overview and review: how to use cTrader and is it a good platform? Review: Type: Availability: Costs: Assets: Trading software Desktop (Windows, iOS), Webtrader, Mobile app (iOS, Andorid) 0 $ Forex, Stocks, Crypto, and more cTrader is a very important trading software for traders. This trading platform offers traders all the best features […]

How to use the MetaTrader 4 – Review & test – A beginner’s guide Review: Type: Availability: Costs: Assets: Trading software Desktop (Windows, iOS), Webtrader, Mobile app (iOS, Android) $ 0 Forex, CFDs, Stocks, Crypto, and more In this tutorial we will show you how to use MetaTrader 4 as well as all its important […]

How to use the MetaTrader 5: Review and Tutorial Review: Type: Availability: Costs: Assets: Trading software Desktop (Windows, iOS), Webtrader, Mobile app (iOS, Andorid) $ 0 Forex, CFDs, Stocks, Crypto, and more Trading is a game of technical analysis. An ideal technical analysis is key to fetching great profits. However, a trader has limited skills […]