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The world of online trading keeps evolving and changing. A newer and increasingly popular way to make money from trading online is via affiliate programs. Online Broker affiliate programs provide you an opportunity to earn without really trading. One good such program is Binomo Affiliate Program.

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Introduction to the BinPartner program:

The online trading industry continues to grow – and even more, innovations start to be introduced.

Traditionally, the major way to earn with the financial markets is to trade. To do this, you have to commit your funds to a broker, and make trades yourself. But this is quite risky. Online trading involves a lot of great risks that can cause you to lose a great deal of your capital. Statistics say that over 70% of online brokers consistently make and record losses.

Some traders try to find a way around this by using signals or even robots to trade. Nevertheless, these also involve risks. No matter how accurate the signals are and no matter how ‘sharp’ the robots are, they are not always profitable. There are also times when they record losses.

Some traders who cannot deal with those risks can look for other ways to make money off trading. There are newer ways to make money – this time from your broker. One such way is via affiliate marketing.

First facts of the BinPartner program:

  • Revenue share up to 70%
  • Lifetime payment
  • Weekly payouts
  • CPA/CPL possible
  • Different landing pages ready to use

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

What is Binomo?

Binomo is a global financial and derivatives broker that provides excellent services to traders. It is present in more than 180 countries of the world, although headquartered in Cyprus. There are over 6 million traders who currently trade on its platform.

Features of the Binomo (BinPartner) Affiliate Program:

Binomo runs the BinPartner affiliate program, which is one of the most feature-filled affiliate programs out there.

Benefits of being a BinPartner Affiliate:

Staying true to its culture providing better services than its competitors, the BinPartner program performs better than most other broker affiliate programs that you find out there. There are a number of factors that clearly set the Binomo Affiliate program apart. Some of them are listed below:

1. Lifetime commissions

One of the most important things you get from Binomo is lifetime commissions. This is because it makes use of the RevShare system in which you earn when your referral trades. With Binomo, you only need to do the hard work of referring only once, after which you start to earn for life.

2. High Payout Percentage

The percentage of your referral’s deposits that you are paid is comparatively high. Binomo pays you up to 70% of whatever the trader you referred to deposits. This is easily one of the highest you can find in the binary options space.

3. Hybrid Affiliate System

Binomo does not operate just one single affiliate system. It operates the CPA, CPL as well as RevShare systems. As such, no matter which part you choose, you can still earn money as an affiliate.

4. Easy and fast payouts

Furthermore, Binomo provides you with easy and quick payouts. You are paid whatever you earned at least two times each month (i.e. every two weeks). Apart from being fast, it is also easy. You get paid through diverse options including Skrill, WebMoney, and many others.

5. Personal Support

Binomo has dedicated affiliate managers whose aim is to see you succeed as affiliates for the company. The company also provides you with exclusive promotional materials to help you facilitate your work.

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

What are broker affiliate programs?

As we may know, brokers are also companies that are looking for customers and clients. It is from these clients that they generate their income.

Brokers are always looking out for more traders to sign up on their platforms. As such, they engage in various marketing efforts to get more traders. There are several marketing strategies that they apply, but one very popular one is via affiliate programs.

Simply, what they do with affiliate programs is that they encourage people to sign up to market their brokerage services to others. When customers get to sign up and fulfill other tasks via these affiliates, they pay the affiliates a fixed amount or percentage.

Increasingly, it appears that many brokers happen to prefer Affiliate marketing to other forms of marketing.

You may ask why binary brokers still engage in affiliate marketing. This is especially when they can go out there and get the customers for themselves and not have to share the revenue with affiliates.

Those reasons include the ones outlined below:

  1. Relatively easier to get conversions/sales. This is because people believe in “word-of-mouth” rather than any other form. People generally prefer others to recommend something to them rather than a company or broker advertising to them.
  2. A very cheap form of advertising. The broker does not have to do any marketing themselves.
  3. One of the surest forms of advertising. The affiliate must have done all the marketing and advertising work.

With broker affiliate programs, you combine the domain knowledge of trading that you have with the knowledge of internet marketing to make money for yourself.

This time, you are not hoping to make money for yourself alone; you also want to make money for your broker.

Who is a broker affiliate?

An affiliate is simply a person who brings potential traders to sign up with a broker and is rewarded for it. It simply involves you referring someone to do business with a particular broker and the broker compensates you for the referral.

So, the broker sets up an affiliate program where you sign up as one of the affiliates. Then you start referring people to trade with the broker.

What is a broker affiliate program?

This is a program set up by a broker to encourage people to bring in traders to sign up with such a broker. In turn, they compensate the affiliates. Broker affiliate programs are increasingly becoming one of the most preferred marketing channels for binary options and other derivatives brokers. We see evidence of this in the amount of work they put in to draw in affiliates to do business with them.

Different brokers are luring affiliates with different offers and bigger promises than the others.

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Types of earning potentials with BinPartner:

Affiliate programs do not work the same way. What a broker expects affiliates to fulfill and what structure the program takes differ from one another. There are types of affiliate programs and structures that binary options brokers do work with. They include:

Cost per Action (CPA):

Cost Per Action (CPA) marketing is a form of affiliate marketing where affiliates are only paid when their referrals take certain actions. That is, in this case, the requirement for the affiliate’s referral to perform is to take a certain action. Such action can include submitting an email, taking a survey, signing up for a newsletter, amongst others.

In the case of a broker, such “action” might include filling the registration form to sign up to a broker, submitting emails, or signing up for a webinar organized by the broker.

Why would a broker pay you to get others to perform these seemingly irrelevant tasks? It is because you have done the first part of the job for them – that is, you have got the first lead. This is especially if the referral has imputed their emails. The broker can then take on the marketing campaign from there.

CPA Marketing may look like the easiest form of affiliate marketing, and as such, it is the least paying. A broker will not pay quite much for helping them land a potential client’s email.

Cost per Lead (CPL):

This takes the whole thing a notch higher. Here, you are doing much more than just getting the broker some emails and other contact details. Here, you are going further by actually bringing the referral to trade with the broker.

We must note that what qualifies as “Lead” with a particular broker differs from what qualifies as Lead with another. For some brokers, getting the referral to complete the entire registration process might be enough to qualify as Lead. So, the affiliate will be compensated. For some others, you must actually get the referral to deposit funds into their trading account with the broker.

Revenue Share (RevShare):

This can be an offshoot of the above systems, and one that can be very rewarding for the affiliate. Many brokers introduce the RevShare system to lure more affiliates. Essentially, what the RevShare entails is that the affiliate is paid a cut of whatever revenue the broker generates from the referrals for an amount of time – in some cases, for life. Consequently, when the affiliate refers people to trade with a broker, and they do so, the affiliate may be earning from them as long as they keep trading.

Combining some of these systems, Binomo runs one of the best affiliate programs you can find out there.

Conclusion on the BinPartner affiliate program of Binomo:

The BinPartner program is fair and very profitable if you have enough traffic. There are no disadvantages for the user if he is using your referral link. BinPartner has much higher payouts than most affiliate programs because the revenue share can go up to 70%. You should definitely try it to build a passive income.

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

FAQ – The most asked questions about Binomo Affiliate :

Is Binomo affiliate worthwhile?

If any trader looks forward to making money without indulging in real trades, the Binomo affiliate is the best choice. It allows traders to earn income when a new trader joins Binomo through their reference. So, a trader earns money from Binomo without trading. 

How to become a Binomo affiliate?

To become a Binomo affiliate, a trader must choose the ‘become an affiliate’ option after visiting Binomo’s website. Then, after completing the affiliate signup process, the platform will allow you to become a partner. So, this program offers affiliates a great way to earn income through commissions from the platform. Binomo will offer you a commission of a certain percentage with every new joiner and the trades they place. 

How does the Binomo affiliate work?

Binomo affiliate works by way of making a trader their partner. The affiliate program allows traders to have a share in the earnings of the trading platform. However, as mentioned, to do so, a trader would need to attract new traders to join Binomo. The new joiners can be professional traders or even beginners. Whenever they place a trade and Binomo earns, it will offer you a part of its earnings as the affiliate commission. 

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