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Bitcoin Buyer is it a scam or not?- The real test of the trading robot

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With each passing day, the value of Bitcoin rises. Its current worth is around $65000, and it expects to reach $ 5 million per bitcoin by 2030. As a result of these realities, a growing number of people are joining the bitcoin trading market.

But, it takes years of training and perfecting trading tactics to make consistent gains. Not to mention the monetary investment, and in-depth knowledge of pricing charts. These are a few of the issues that deter new traders from investing in bitcoin.

The good news is that industry specialists have recently developed automated trading technologies. Traders can use these platforms to trade without a lot of knowledge about trading. The bitcoin buyer trading platform is one of these platforms.

Let us look at the platform’s benefits and drawbacks. Its features and whether it genuinely generates the massive profits it boasts of.

What is Bitcoin Buyer?

Bitcoin Buyer is a trading platform automated for trading cryptocurrencies. More so, it works with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. It is similar to other robotic trading platforms that have come up to simplify how to trade.

A group of trading brokers saw potential in rapidly growing bitcoin trading. They came together to create this trading platform.  They wanted to create a trading platform involving new traders. It is a trading platform that offers a variety of services. It helps a trader to trade without having to go through the trouble of research and other aspects.

It has gone through tests to verify its ability to implement its functions.

Regulation and safety

Bitcoin Buyer is safe, and the brokers working with this platform are all regulated. The body regulating the brokers is the general data protection regulation GDPR. The data is also encrypted with the best technology to make sure all the user information is safe.

Apart from all that, the transactions are all available through blockchain technology. They are safe from cyber-attacks. This blockchain technology also stores all the transactional information. This secures the data from cyber-attacks. All the transactions are available for review in case of any transactional problems. We can conclude that this trading platform is secure for trading cryptocurrencies.

How does a Bitcoin Buyer work?

Bitcoin Buyer reduces the arduous process of finding the correct information for trading. It works fast to search the market to get the signals and insights that could profit a trader. It relies on the type of cryptocurrency that you want to trade.

When you trade manually, you can foretell the market direction based on the predictions you have made. The automated platform works the same way except faster and more accurately. It finds the best positions on the market to buy and sell, therefore increasing your profits. Bitcoin Buyer has a success rate of 97%. However, no profits are guaranteed. The traders have given it good reviews, and they report a good return on their investments.

How do you open an account?

Their website is available on different browsers. Browsers that open the website are firefox, internet explorer, google chrome, and safari. Use these browsers to check their website and to get an online registration form.

They need you to fill in your legal name, phone number, and working email address. After this, they will set you up with a brokerage firm. They will set up your account, and then you can choose whatever trading account you want to use.

Test it with a demo account 

A demo account is a type of account that allows traders to practice their trading skills. It is a simulation of how trading takes place in real life. The Bitcoin Buyer has access to a demo account, which they can use to learn more about the system.

New traders should start with a demo account to gain experience with trading. The demo account will show you how to trade cryptocurrency using the platform. It has both trading modes manually and an automated platform.

How do you deposit funds?

To make a deposit, go to your trading broker’s website and fund your account. Trading brokers match traders based on their geographical location. They have payment options for traders in their vicinity to fund their accounts.

On the broker’s website, they have portals with directions on how to deposit. Follow the instructions on how to deposit, which will guide you through the process. Trader can deposit funds into their trading accounts in a variety of ways. To make a deposit, you can use debit, credit, or wire transfer. Some platforms even allow you to fund your account with Paypal, Skrill, or Visa.


They use the deposit to verify whether all the information given is valid. After that, they complete your account creation. The minimum amount or the initial deposit is $250.

What is the procedure for withdrawing profits?

User can withdraw their profits once they have finished trading. The withdrawal process can show whether the trading platform is legitimate or a scam

Withdrawals are quick and simple on this platform. They don’t charge a withdrawal fee, so you can get all of your money or winnings. Withdrawal takes only 24 hours to reach your bank account or any other account you use. Their withdrawals can be used to establish their legitimacy.

What are the features of this trading platform?

The ability to trade in real-time

Set up your trade the way you want it once you’re ready to start trading with your funds. There are several options for where you want to put your stop loss and profit target. Some traders even have trading strategies that they use. They can specify how they want the trading to be done.

When the algorithm designed to collect and process data works, it is referred to as live trading. It saves all of the necessary market information. During trading, the algorithm analyses data from the market. This data or signals aid in the decision-making process by predicting the profitable points. This property makes automated trading get preferred over manual trading.

The crypto trader can watch the algorithm as it strives to make the best decisions possible. In a millisecond, thousands of signals get collected, analyzed, and processed.

Manual trading

Bitcoin Buyer has an option of manual trading. The user can make decisions on how to trade without interference from anyone. This method requires experience in trading otherwise, it has more risk. The user makes the research they use and decisions on when to trade cryptocurrencies.

The manual account caters to users who like to trade themselves. Users who want manual trading need enough knowledge and experience before trading.


According to the developers, they have measures that secure the platform from cyber-attacks. They have encrypted the platform with high-level technology. They work with controlled trading brokers by international financial regulators. They adhere to data protection laws. You can see in their data protection forms available on their website. Furthermore, their data is encrypted.

Advantages of using the automated Bitcoin Buyer

It is consistent. Trading manually can be tiresome. All the hours that you have to stay and track the market. Traders who like to trade according to a trend have to watch the price market for a long time. This problem is solved using an automated system.

The user can place a trade and activate the automated trading. It provides a sense of relief in a way from all the stress of watching the market. It can trade as you go about your regular business. The bitcoin market is volatile. Bitcoin Buyer is reputable for trading in bitcoin, which is a volatile cryptocurrency. This is mainly because bitcoin is the most traded cryptocurrency. Using a trading robot will increase your chances of making a good profit.

Automated platforms like Bitcoin Buyers are known to do well in a volatile market. A trader still needs to be careful and place the appropriate risk management strategies. It has a high profit. Automated trading can give more profit than trading by yourself. Because it is more accurate, faster, and has more signals than you can get within a given time. Bitcoin Buyer promises 97% accuracy of all trading signals.

It is less risky. If you compare your trading research to that of a trading robot you can say the robot will make better research. Not only that, the robot does not have emotions influencing its decisions. When trading you can make decisions based on greed, while the system acts on signals and insights. Trading using an automated platform could be less risky than manual trading. However, do not get confused with the fact that there is still risk in cryptocurrency trading. Even when using an automated platform, the risk is still present.

Disadvantages of using the Bitcoin Buyer

It is risky. All trades carry a certain amount of risk. Automated trading is unexempted. Bitcoin Buyer offers a chance for you to set up a trading strategy before trading. Let’s give an example if you have a strategy, and set the target when the trade should stop. The target is where you expect a profit. If the market goes against your strategy while on automated trading, you could get a loss.

What you need to know as a new trader in automated trading systems

Understand the system that you are using. Before anything else, go through the demo account and get the knowledge that you will need. One factor that sets out good traders from poor traders is knowledge. Information is on the internet and the platforms have tutorials to educate more.

Research more about the trading platform before investing. There are scam websites promising millions and stealing from naive people. Always do your research first before investing. Start small. This advice sounds like cliché but it is true. These trading platforms claim to make you a thousand within a day. Others will believe this claim and let greed overtake their reasoning. The best way to grow is by investing little and growing steadily.


Bitcoin Buyer is free to use. You only need to deposit an initial deposit of $250, used for verification and capital for the first trade. The trading broker might not be free to use.

Support and customer care

One way to find out if a platform is legitimate is through responsive customer care. Scam websites have a characteristic of poor customer care response. 

If you encounter a problem when trading, you can reach out to the customer care team. They are available for 24 hours the whole week. The customer care team is friendly and present at any time they are needed. Users can reach out to them via live chat, email, and a telephone number.


Bitcoin Buyer is a legitimate trading platform. it claims to offer a 97% return on investments which is a bit too far-fetched. It has great reviews from people who have used it and made a good income therefore it is viable.

For investors looking for automated platforms with such qualities can try Bitcoin Buyers. It is fair to insist that there is always a risk on any type of investment. Investors should take their time to know more before taking any step.

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FAQ – The most asked questions about Bitcoin Buyer:

How long do I need to work on the Bitcoin Buyer trading platform?

You need to work for at least 20 minutes a day. The rest will be taken care of by the bot. It is very efficient for those who are studying and working.

How much can I make using the Bitcoin Buyer?

How much you make will depend on how much you deposit and discipline. Those with better discipline in trading can make good money. It also depends on the market, the automated platform performs well in highly volatile markets.

Is Bitcoin Buyer a scam?

It uses trading algorithms that predict market movements through insights and signals. It is very accurate that is why it produces big results.

What is the least deposit to start trading on a Bitcoin Buyer?

The initial deposit is $250. This deposit is not limited as you can deposit more. But, experts advise on starting small and growing slowly.

Which countries can access the Bitcoin Buyer?

Bitcoin Buyer is available in countries from Asia, Africa, and Europe.

What does Bitcoin Buyer mean?

The bitcoin buyer is an autonomous crypto trading platform. There are many options for trading, but this platform is made specifically for buyers and sellers so they can profit the most from the available features and functionality.

How user-friendly is Bitcoin Buyer?

Similar to any other trading bot, Bitcoin Buyer is simple to operate. The robot doesn’t mix different processes with complicated features because it is designed for new traders. You don’t have to worry about arranging trades yourself because Bitcoin Buyer is robotic; the algorithms are said to take care of everything.

How much can you benefit from utilizing Bitcoin Buyer?

With the use of AI and trading technologies, Bitcoin Buyer seeks to assist traders in maximizing the profit potential of the cryptocurrency market. Since the algorithm handles most of the work for you, the goal of Bitcoin Buyer is that you will only need to spend a little time monitoring your holdings.

Is Bitcoin Buyer safe to use?

Bitcoin Buyer is not legitimate. First, trading bots are the least dependable method of trading assets. When they execute trades, most users lose their deposits. They will need to contribute additional money if they wish to keep going.