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Profit Secret review – Is it a scam or not? – Real test of the robot

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The crypto market has been catching the eyes of a lot of investors and traders for the past couple of years. Although other assets are available, traders opt to invest in cryptocurrency instead. Why is that? It’s because a lot of trading gurus claim that the price of cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin, will skyrocket in the next couple of years.

When Bitcoin was first created, its value was less than a dollar. Now, one Bitcoin costs more than $50,000. A lot of early investors managed to capitalize on the sudden rise of the crypto’s value. But it’s getting more difficult to invest in cryptocurrency.

The market is very unpredictable, and it can change at a snap of a finger. Since the crypto market is open 24/7, you will have to watch it all day, every day, to avoid missing out on great trading opportunities. But we’re not robots. It’s impossible for us to stay up24/7.

Thankfully, many trading platforms offer auto-trading for those of you who can’t sit in front of a computer, watching charts all day. But trading bots aren’t only useful to traders who don’t have time. Beginners are given an edge if they use trading bots since they technically don’t have to go through the charts themselves.

Profit Secret is one of those platforms that offer auto-trading. But is this the best trading robot for you? Keep reading to get to know Profit Secret and its capabilities as a trading platform and trading robot.

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What is Profit Secret? – The robot presented

Profit Secret presented

Profit Secret is a platform where clients can invest in cryptocurrency or other digital assets on the market. This particular trading platform has a tool that allows users to trade without having to scour the market themselves for a profitable asset. This tool is known as a trading robot.

The trading robot uses a sophisticated algorithm to help it collect a huge amount of data on the cryptocurrency market so it can decide on which asset is the most profitable. It is also capable of keeping up with the volatility of the crypto market, so it can make the necessary adjustments for your investment. 

Profit Secret’s trading robot has an accuracy rate of 92%, which is quite high compared to other trading robots out there. But just because it has a high accuracy rate, it doesn’t mean you will make a profit 100% of the time. Remember, there’s still an 8% chance of the robot being wrong. 

Regulation and safety

Profit Secret ensures the safety of its client’s personal and bank details. It is protected by an SSL certificate and encryption software known as SiteLock. This keeps your data safe from hackers or other unwanted third parties. 

How does it work? – The trading platform

How it works to trade on Profit Secret

Similar to most trading platforms, Profit Secret uses a wide range of trading strategies that are suitable for trading at a high frequency. It uses leverage to sell and buy crypto at a higher risk. This potentially increases your profit by a lot compared to when you don’t use leverage when trading.

Profit Secret’s trading robot trades at lighting-fast speeds, so you don’t miss out on a profitable trading opportunity. The best part is you don’t even have to invest a huge amount of money to be able to benefit from Profit Secret’s trading strategy. 

Trading manually is an option with Profit Secret, but the use of a trading robot gives you a better chance to earn from investing in cryptocurrency. As humans, we are prone to make human errors because of our emotions. We also tend to hesitate as soon as we see the numbers drop, and we immediately pull out our funds.

A trading robot does not feel emotion. Therefore it can’t distract it from its main purpose: to invest in the most profitable asset. But keep in mind that trading bots are not perfect. Using one does not guarantee a win all the time.

Open your free account

The sign-up form of Profit Secret

Profit Secret is free to use, and you can create an account in under five minutes. The only information that you need to provide is your full name, email address, and mobile number with your country code. The email address and phone number are important because you will need these to verify your account. 

Before hitting the “Register Now” button, we suggest you read the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the platform to avoid any misunderstandings or problems in the future. 

Test it with a demo account

Advantages of Profit Secret

A demo account is one of the most important features that you should look out for when choosing a trading platform or trading robot. Not only does it verify its legitimacy, but it also gives you a chance to try out the features and tools before you invest your money in the trading robot.

Profit Secret’s demo account comes in handy when it comes to traders who are just starting out. Here, beginners can test their skills, try out new strategies, or simply familiarize themselves with how the market works and which tools to use. 

Since a demo account is basically a free trial, Profit Secret will fund your account with virtual cash that you can use on their platform. But keep in mind that since it’s just virtual cash and you’re trading in a simulated environment, there’s no actual money involved. 

Deposit money

Profit Secret guarantees a hassle-free deposit for all its clients. It can be done directly from the trading platform using various payment methods like debit or credit cards, bank transfers, or online e-wallets.

With Profit Secret, you only need at least $250 to start your crypto trading journey. This is the minimum deposit required by the platform, but you can add more funds in the future if you feel confident. 

Withdraw money

Withdrawals on Profit Secret

Just like depositing money, you won’t have trouble withdrawing your profits with Profit Secret. You can rest assured that your funds will be credited to your account within 24 hours. According to user reviews, it doesn’t even usually take hours for Profit Secret to process their withdrawal request.

The best part is if you change your mind and wish to back out and get your $250 initial deposit back, you can do so by withdrawing it, and Profit Secret won’t charge you for it.


As mentioned above, Profit Secret is free-to-use trading software. They do not charge a commission or take a percentage of your profit. There are no withdrawal and deposit fees either. But you do have to deposit at least $250 to your account. 

We suggest you check with your bank as well if there are any charges for your deposits or withdrawals. But as far as Profit Secret is concerned, they don’t charge any fees.


Profit Secret’s dedicated customer support system can be reached via the platform or email. They are available 24/7 and are quite knowledgeable when it comes to trading platforms. They are also eager to assist you if you have any concerns or problems with your account. 

They respond promptly regardless of whether you have a time-sensitive concern or not, and they even support quite a few languages for ease of use. Lastly, they are more than happy to walk you through how to use the platform and their trading robot.

Conclusion – Profit Secret provides many trading opportunities

Cryptocurrencies available for trading on Profit Secret

With all the information provided on the website and user testimonials, Profit Secret should definitely be on the top of your list if you are looking for trading robots. Professionals can surely benefit from the trading tools and assets available on this platform.

Beginners also stand to learn a lot from Profit Secret with the use of its free demo account and the responsiveness of its customer support system. The platform, as well as the trading robot, is very easy to use and understand. You won’t have trouble navigating your way through it.

But although we have nothing but high praise to give to Profit Secret, this trading robot does not guarantee a 100% win rate to any of its customers. Investing in cryptocurrency can be risky, and there’s no way to accurately predict how the market is going to move. The amount you earn will depend on how much you initially invested and how well the robot performs. 

Lastly, reading reviews online about a trading robot is all well and good, but it’s best for you to try it out yourself. After all, some reviews are scripted to make it look like this trading robot is perfect in every way. Don’t believe all the reviews you see. Take some time to get to know the platform on your own before you decide to invest in it. 

Profit Secret

Profit Secret is a trading robot that provides many trading opportunities.

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Trading on Profit Secret requires a $250 minimum deposit to start.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Profit Secret:

Does Profit Secret support multiple languages? 

Profit Secret’s trading platform can be viewed in more than ten languages. These languages are English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian, Japanese, Hindi, Korean, Indonesian, Russian, Spanish, German, Arabic, French, Portuguese, and Polish.

Does Profit Secret have a mobile application?

Profit Secret does have a mobile app, and you can download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. But if you prefer trading on a web-based application, you can still access this from your mobile phone or tablet via any web browser.

Is Profit Secret available to traders in the United States?

Sadly, Profit Secret does not offer its services to traders based in the United States. The reason for this is that the United States has certain laws when it comes to cryptocurrency CFD trading.

What are the available cryptocurrencies on Profit Secret’s trading platform? 

There are multiple cryptocurrencies available on Profit Secret’s trading platform. These include Bitcoin, and Ethereum. Zcash, Dash, Ripple, Cardano, IOTA, EOS, NEO, Binance Coin, and many more. A full list of tradeable assets can be found on the trading platform.

Will I have the freedom to choose my broker with Profit Secret?

Unfortunately, customers don’t have the freedom to choose their broker if they partner with Profit Secret. This may be the only problem with this particular trading platform. The reason for this is that Profit Secret’s system automatically partners you with a broker in your area. However, you have nothing to worry about since this platform goes the extra mile to partner you with the best broker available in your country.

How much can I earn with Profit Secret?

There is no exact number as to how much you can possibly earn with Profit Secret. But since the crypto market is open 24/7, you have the potential to earn any time of the day. But this also means there’s a risk of losing your capital as well. So make sure to take a look at the market from time to time. There is also no limit as to how much you can earn with Profit Secret.

Is it possible to withdraw cryptocurrency from Profit Secret?

Profit Secret does not currently support this feature. When you withdraw your profits, they will automatically be converted to the currency of your country before they transfer the amount to your bank account.

How much time should I spend on the trading platform?

You should set aside at least 20 minutes of your time every day. This should be enough time to do a bit of research, read some articles, and set up your trading robot. You can leave it to trade on its own after that, but it’s a good idea to check back every now and then so you can adjust the settings.

Is Profit Secret a scam?

Profit Secret has proven to be reliable and legitimate, according to a lot of user reviews. We also tried out the platform itself, and so far, the transactions have been smooth and hassle-free. You don’t have to worry about your data getting stolen either since Profit Secret uses top-notch encryption methods to keep your information safe. Lastly, an SSL certificate is in charge of securing all the details that you share with Profit Secret.