BDSwiss minimum deposit and payment methods

The BDSwiss-Broker is an offer from the Banc de Swiss, which has been offering its customers a wide range of trading opportunities in the binary options sector since 2012. The offer, which was once limited to binary options, has now been expanded to include trading in forex currency pairs and CFDs. The Banc de Swiss, which is the operating company behind BDSwiss, has its headquarters in Cyprus, which is why it is regulated by the Cypriot regulatory authority CySEC. The very strict regulatory authority monitors the broker for compliance with various regulatory provisions, such as ensuring a deposit guarantee of 20,000 Euros per investor, or for double accounting for company assets and customer deposits.

BDSwiss website
BDSwiss website

Traders can trade more than 1,000 different underlying with the BDSwiss-Broker – the trend‘s still rising. However, the main focus is still on giving the customer the best trading experience. Since trading with the broker itself is very popular, the options regarding deposit and withdrawal as well as the minimum deposit at BDSwiss are going to be checked more closely. In the following sections, the reader will find all the information on the topics of deposit methods, minimum deposit, and fees for deposits and withdrawals.


The minimum deposit is only $100 with BDSwiss

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Overview of the payment methods at BDSwiss-Broker

Regarding BDSwiss payment methods, the trader has several options for deposits and withdrawals. Besides different fee structures, these also have different execution times. While real-time transfers usually go straight to the trading account or leave it immediately, normal bank transfers usually take between 1 and 3 working days. Keep in mind: With the BDSwiss-Broker, payouts are only possible, once the corresponding minimum deposit has been made.

While deposits are made from your own bank account to the trader’s reference account, withdrawals can be requested in the account dashboard. For this, the potential trader simply has to click on “Payouts”. Attention: Payouts under 100 euros, 100 US dollars, or 100 British pounds usually have high fees. The BDSwiss deposit methods also allow smaller withdrawals, but the broker charges them quite expensive since smaller accounts are rather less profitable. Apart from that, the following BDSwiss payment methods are available to potential traders from which they can choose:

  • Bank transfers (usually take between 1 and 3 working days)
  • Electronic instant transfers (are executed immediately)
  • Deposits and withdrawals via credit card (Visa and MasterCard)
  • Deposits and withdrawals via electronic payment service providers such as Skrill or Neteller
  • Deposits and withdrawals via giropay
  • Deposits and withdrawals via iDeal
  • Deposits and withdrawals via eps

It also has to be mentioned that deposits and withdrawals over 100 Euros, 100 US-Dollars, or 100 British Pounds are completely free. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 Euros, 10 US Dollars, or 10 British Pounds. The usual withdrawal fee for withdrawals under 100 Euros, 100 US Dollars, or 100 British Pounds is 5 %, or at least 25 Euros, 25 US Dollars, or 25 British Pounds.

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How to deposit step by step

In order to make a deposit with the BDSwiss-Broker, the following steps must be carried out:

Step 1: Accept the general terms and conditions of the BDSwiss-Broker

In order to be able to implement a deposit, the general terms and conditions first require you to accept it within your trading account.

Step 2: Note further conditions

  • A deposit can only be made from the trader’s bank account and not from a third-party account
  • Previous identification of the trader has taken place (for example via video identification process)
  • The deposit amount is available in the trader’s bank account
  • Tax registration forms are completed in the trading account

Step 3: Choose one of the different deposit options

The following payment options can be used for payments into your own BDSwiss-Account:

  • Deposits via credit and debit cards
  • A deposit via your own Skrill account
  • A deposit via the trader’s own bank account

Step 4: Make a payment to your reference account

With the final payment of the individual payment amount to the reference account of the trader, the payment can then be realized.

Are there deposit fees?

The BDSwiss-Broker only incurs costs for payouts under 100 Euros, 100 US Dollars, or 100 British Pounds. Deposits, on the other hand, are always free of charge with the BDSwiss-Broker. Only the respective payment service provider can pass on costs for transfers to the trader. The minimum deposits themselves depend on the respective BDSwiss deposit methods and vary between 10 and 100 Euros, US-Dollars or British Pounds.

Features of BDSwiss-Broker – What do you get for the BDSwiss minimum deposit?

In connection with the BDSwiss minimum deposit, the potential trader can open a BDSwiss Basic Account with which all basic trading activities can be carried out. This includes reliable 24-hour support in English as well as daily chart analysis options. Furthermore, the basic account offers access to the popular trading academy of the BDSwiss-Broker as well as opportunities to participate in many free webinars.

In any case, however, access to trading alerts is restricted. In addition to the basic account, the potential trader also has access to the broker’s free demo account, which is why the minimum deposit of 100 Euros, 100 US-Dollars or 100 British Pounds can be the best way to get to know the broker’s trading structures well via the demo account. In terms of fees, after making the minimum deposit for the Basic Account, potential traders can expect spreads of 1.5 pips as well as free order commissions. In order to get to know the broker with all its facets, the Basic Account, which becomes available in the course of the minimum deposit, is best overall.

Conditions for traders: 

  • Multi-regulated broker
  • Leverage up to 1:400
  • More than 1,000 markets
  • Low and competitive spreads
  • Personal support
  • Trading signals
  • Free education
  • MetaTrader 4/5, mobile app, web-trader

Also, read our full BDSwiss review for more details.

Conclusion of the BDSwiss minimum deposit:

Compared to other providers on the market, the BDSwiss-Broker offers its customers a cost-effective and wide range of options for deposits and withdrawals. The varied offer is underlined by the high degree of customer orientation. The individual account models are automatically assigned to the potential trader depending on the account balance so that he can always start with the Basic-Account without any problems.

This also offers the trader a variety of options such as a free demo account, webinars, and low-cost trading fees. As soon as the minimum deposit of 100 Euros, 100 US-Dollars, or 100 British Pounds has been made, trading can begin immediately. This offers traders of different levels of experience – from beginners to professionals – extremely easy access to the broker and its offer, which is why we would recommend the BDSwiss-Broker warmly.

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(Risk warning: 78.1% of retail CFD accounts lose money)

FAQ – The most asked questions about BDSwiss : 

What is the function of CySEC on the BDSwiss broker?

CySEC, or Cypriot regulatory authority, establishes rules and regulations to ensure the BDSwiss broker meets all the trading compliances and follows the legal establishments that have been put into place. The regulatory body also controls the parent company, Banc de Swiss. 

What is the BDSwiss minimum deposit limit?

The BDSwiss minimum deposit depends on the currency in which the trader or investor likes to make the deposits. The limits are 100 euros, 100 Sterling Pounds, 100 US dollars, or 200 of all three currencies based on the concerned country to which the trader hails from. 

How many BDSwiss account models are there?

There are two primary BDSwiss account models. These are the Classic account and the Black account. The classic account is suitable for beginners, but the Black account is for professional and expert traders. There are three other account models: VIP, RAW, and InvestPLUS accounts. 

What are the different BDSwiss payment methods?

There is a plethora of BDSwiss payment methods that one can avail of. For instance, the options on this trading platform are bank and electronic transfers, e-payments from wallets, and cryptocurrencies. 

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