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BTC Direct Review and test – Is it a scam or not?

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Satoshi Nakamoto was the first person to bring Bitcoin into existence in 2009. Ever since the world of digital currency has manifolded, more and more investments are taking place. Cryptocurrency gained recognition on a larger scale in 2013 when a single Bitcoin value equaled 266 USD.

A cryptocurrency exchange platform lets the users trade digital currencies for other digital currencies or fiat money. With over 200 exchange platforms operational presently, it can be overwhelming to shortlist the one to start your trading journey.

In this article, we will talk about BTC Direct, a cryptocurrency trading platform. We talk about the different features of the platform and the different services they provide. We also talk about their fee structure and the security services.

BTC Direct landing page
BTC Direct landing page

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What is BTC Direct? – Introduction

BTC Direct is an exchange platform for cryptocurrencies with its base in the Netherlands. It was launched in 2013. Dutch Central Bank registered BTC Direct in its crypto-register on 25 November 2020. The official recognition provides an added comfort to the users in terms of security.

BTC Direct makes’ blockchain assets, bitcoins, and altcoins accessible to all. The firm strongly believes in one sole mission: to make Bitcoin more acceptable and popular in Europe. BTC Direct has a team of 30 professionals and is expanding as we speak.

A quick timeline of their achievements:

  • June 2013: founded in the Netherlands.
  • October 2015: Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) are added to the platform
  • May 2016: number of registered users crosses the 100,000 marks.
  • November 2017: recognition by the Netherlands government
  • June 2018: firm started paying employees in Bitcoin, one of the first firms in the Netherlands to do so


You can trade with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple on the BTC Direct platform.

BTC Direct website

BTC Direct renewed the look of its website by the end of 2019. The interface has a sleek and modern look. The tabs are strategically placed, making it convenient for the eyes to follow. The website includes a detailed knowledge center, several new items highlighting the latest happenings in the market, and many interactive pricing pages. It makes it convenient for the users to access every bit of information in a single space. They do not need to browse multiple sources to gain insights.

There are more than a million active users on the platform. BTC Direct has processed more than one million transactions and is on the verge of processing more. You can even find the entire BTC Direct team on the website. The platform has a dedicated YouTube channel where the team members share the latest updates in the crypto world. They also share tips related to investments and trading from time to time.

Is it safe to trade via BTC Direct?

BTC Direct is registered in the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. It is one of the first crypto trading platforms to receive such recognition. It is a popular player in the cryptocurrency market and has maintained an excellent European market reputation. BTC Direct is an excellent choice for investing in a large cryptocurrency. You get to manage the private keys to your wallet on your own. It implies 100% ownership of your wallet. After the multiple verification levels, it takes only two minutes for coins to reach your external wallet. Hence, the delivery speed is incredible.

BTC Direct has completed more than a million successful transactions and has sold several coins since its inception in 2013. It is a good number of years to prove its worth and create an identity in the market. Overall, it is a very safe platform to purchase and sell various cryptocurrencies on BTC Direct.

BTC Direct accounts

BTC Direct identifies itself as a “broker” and not as an “exchange.” For bigger sellers, there is a possibility of negotiating a better fee. The impact on the daily order limit is due to the different levels of identification that are required.

NEW USER:1002% – 3%1,0001% – 2%
VERIFIED USER:2502% – 3%1,0001% – 2%
HERO LEVEL:1,0002% – 3%10,0001% – 2%
SATOSHI LEVEL:10,0002% – 3%10,0001% – 2%

*The fee varies based on the type of cryptocurrency that you are trading. If you include the bank fee, the overall fee can go up to 4.5%.

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Account creation, verification process, and limits

Creating an account is an easy and self-explanatory process. You are asked to verify your phone number, email address, and valid government ID. The ID could be your driver’s license, passport, Work ID card, to name a few. The process is very quick.

  1. You need to click a picture holding your identity card. It has to be a picture, not a scan. Ensure that all the data is clearly visible in the picture.
  2. For a new account, the daily limit is 2500 Euros, and you are allowed to sell coins for up to 10,000 Euros in worth. To change your daily trading limit, there are two higher levels – Hero level and Satoshi level. Initiate with a Hero level and then upgrade to Satoshi level.

At the Satoshi level, you are allowed to trade cryptocurrencies worth 10,000 Euros daily. To ensure that you are a part of this level, you need to produce your proof of residence. The topmost level is called Trader. You can leverage a daily limit of up to 25,000 Euros to buy or sell cryptocurrencies at this level. To be a part of Trader, you need to complete a special survey and participate in a Skype interview. You can buy up to 100 Euros worth of cryptocurrency from BTC Direct without the need for verification. For a value above 100 Euros, you need to fulfill the KYC process.

How to purchase bitcoin at BTC Direct:

Bitcoin Price
Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin is the biggest and the most popular cryptocurrency. There are close to 13 million people that own Bitcoin. There are three broad steps that you need to follow in order to purchase a Bitcoin.

Step 1: Register at BTC Direct

The first and foremost step is to register yourself on the platform. You need to click on the “Register” tab on the landing page’s top right corner. The registration is a quick process, and it lets you begin your trading journey in a very short amount of time. The first thing is to identify yourself. BTC Direct lets you use its platform with great convenience. Hence, it is important to provide legitimate identity proof to be able to enjoy the process. It is also to ensure that hackers do not attack the platform or attempt a theft.

Registration form

BTC Direct has a very straightforward KYC policy. The user’s personal documents are saved offline in an encrypted drive. These documents are accessible by only a few select BTC Direct employees. The user’s personal information is not leaked to any third parties.

Step 2: Create a wallet

wallet types

BTC Direct does not have a wallet of its own. In order to trade on the platform, you need to have an external wallet where you can hold your cryptocurrencies. You can send, receive, and manage your coins if you have a wallet. There are numerous wallets present in the crypto world. We recommend you to have a thorough check and read through their terms and conditions before creating your account. Try storing small amounts initially for a period.

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Step 3: Purchase at BTC Direct

Once your account and the wallet are in place, it is time to purchase the bitcoin. There is a calculator on the homepage where you need to select “BTC” or “Bitcoin.” Enter the details of the number of coins you wish to purchase or the number of Euros you wish to spend. You get to see an overview of your placed order.

Enter your wallet address in the corresponding field where you wish to receive your coins. Avoid typing the address. Instead, try copying and pasting the address to avoid any typing mistake. Select a payment method of your choice. You are allowed to do payments only from your own bank account. Ensure that the details you’ve entered are correct. Read through BTC Direct’s terms and conditions thoroughly.

After the payment, you are directed to a screen pop that reads “verify your transaction.” It is a final chance to ensure that all the details have been entered correctly. In case you have entered the wrong detail, you can contact the support team for seamless help.

When do you receive the Bitcoin in your wallet?

The transaction is processed instantly. In the majority of the cases, the users have received their coins within ten minutes. However, there are always a few exceptions. In the case of your first order placement or using a bank account that you never used before, you will have to verify the details manually.

Also, if you place an order after BTC Direct’s working hours, the transaction can take a little longer. If the Bitcoin network is busy, the transaction can take longer to reflect in the wallet. In such a case, BTC Direct is not at fault.

What payment methods does BTC Direct support?

payment methods

There are several payment methods that BTC Direct supports. We have listed below all of them:

  • iDeal: 0.99 Euros
  • Credit Card: 2%
  • Bank transfer: 0.50 Euros
  • Bancontact: 2%
  • GiroPay
  • EPS
  • Mastercard and Visa Credit/Debit Card

While selling cryptocurrencies, it is crucial to provide bank account details where the value can be credited. The bank account details should match the details you provided during the identity verification process. Bank transfers usually take 1-3 business days to reflect the balance in your account.

Trade more than 100 different cryptocurrencies CFDs on professional platforms:

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Trading conditions in check

You can purchase or sell only a limited number of coins on the platform. You can trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. While many people may look at it as a limitation, but you need to understand that BTC Direct is an entry-level firm.

There are a few conditions that you need to keep in mind while trading on the platform.

Daily order limitations

BTC Direct comes with some AML measures. It does provide the crypto-space that you are seeking. We have enlisted the daily order limitations in the “Trading Account” section above. As you advance the verification levels, your limit increases.


BTC Direct is a straightforward platform that connects buyers and sellers of coins. It does not provide trading on margin. You need to ask yourself, why do you need a Bitcoin? A forex broker offering a Bitcoin trade could be a good alternative.

However, it would help if you were mindful that trading with such firms includes dealing in Contracts for Difference. It only enacts the price of the chosen cryptocurrency.


We have mentioned the detailed fee information in the “Trading Accounts” section above. To brief, buying fees range between 2%-3%, and selling fees range between 1%-2%, depending on the type of cryptocurrency. An additional fee on the mode of payment is applicable. The transaction fee for BTC Direct is higher compared to other platforms. They charge an extra fee in addition to the service fee for using a certain mode of payment.

The fee you pay per transaction depends on the cryptocurrency that you are trading. The fee for Bitcoin transactions differs from the rest. You pay 2% for purchase and 1% for the sale of a Bitcoin on BTC Direct. For other cryptocurrencies, you pay 2% for the sale and 3% for the purchase.

For a large investment of 25,000 Euros, you are eligible for a discount on the transaction fee. You need to contact BTC Direct first and then proceed.

US Investors

BTC Direct prevents US investors from trading on their platform. The United States of America has several strict laws prohibiting international cryptocurrency exchange platforms from accepting US-residence traders.

Trade more than 100 different cryptocurrencies CFDs on professional platforms:

(Risk warning: 78.1% of retail CFD accounts lose money)

Pros and cons of BTC Direct

Let us look at some notable pros and cons of trading on the BTC Direct platform.


  • One of the topmost crypto platforms in Europe.
  • It takes only a few minutes to deliver the requests.
  • The platform is very extensive and has a dedicated YouTube channel for providing knowledge to its customers.
  • Personal information is not shared with a third party.
  • Easy and quick verification process.
  • Very user-friendly interface for easy navigation.
  • An extensive knowledge center is present on the landing page, which helps you acquire all the information and knowledge related to cryptocurrencies and their trading.


  • High transaction fees of up to 3%.
  • Additional costs on the service fee for paying via different payment modes.
  • The platform does not have a crypto wallet of its own

Final thoughts about the BTC Direct review: No scam detected

There are several brokers and platforms that sell and buy cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin would still be valuable irrespective of the source you purchase it from. BTC Direct has a few unique selling points that make it stand out from its competitors. BTC is not a scam or fraud to its investors. You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies with a high level of safety.

You receive your coins within two minutes when you initiate a transaction from a verified bank account. The support agents provide assistance on weekdays from 9:00 to 22:00 and on weekends from 12:00 to 17:00. The support team is extremely knowledgeable and efficient in their job.

BTC Direct is a very trustworthy platform. Having been recognized by the Netherlands government, it has surely earned the trust of its customers. The platform also provides a detailed Knowledge Center and Trading Guide where you can access tons of information about the trending cryptocurrencies.

BTC Direct review:

Review of the cryptocurrency exchange BTC Direct

Andre Witzel

BTC Direct Logo
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Trading conditions
Customer support


BTC Direct is a trustworthy crypto exchange with good customer support as well as a good variety of cryptos.


Trade more than 100 different cryptocurrencies CFDs on professional platforms:

(Risk warning: 78.1% of retail CFD accounts lose money)

FAQ – The most asked questions about BTC Direct:

Does BTC Direct have a wallet of its own?

No, BTC Direct does not have its own digital wallet. You can link your external wallet with your account on the platform. BTC Direct strongly believes that the users own their own private keys.

What is the minimum investment on BTC Direct?

You need to have a minimum investment of 30 Euros in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Ripple,

Can you send coins from an exchange to the BTC Direct platform?

It is not against BTC Direct’s terms and conditions. You can send your coins from an exchange to the platform. BTC Direct provides a 60-minute timeframe in which you can initiate the process. However, the exchanges are very slow at processing withdrawals.
The order is canceled if BTC Direct does not receive the cryptocurrencies in the 60-minute timeframe. Hence, we recommend you use your own digital wallet to send the coins.

When does the money get credited to your bank account after you sell coins on the platform?

BTC Direct aspires to process the payment at the earliest. The process multiple payments throughout a single business day. It takes between 1-3 business days to credit the payment in your bank account. You will also receive an email confirmation for the same.

What happens when the sell order gets canceled?

The prices of all cryptocurrencies constantly fluctuate because of the constant up-gradation in the market. Hence, you have a timeframe of 60 minutes to complete your sell order.
In case the order gets canceled, you can contact the support team ([email protected]) of BTC Direct and help you return your coins. However, it will be helpful if you did not send coins through another exchange. Sometimes the waiting time exceeds 60 minutes.

Is BTC Direct dependable?

BTC Direct is considered by many as the best broker cryptocurrency and is 100% safe. BTC Direct is registered with the Dutch Central Bank, so if you are planning to invest large amounts in cryptocurrency, BTC Direct has got your back with its transparency and high security. 

How do I withdraw money from BTC Direct?

First, open your Bitcoin Direct account. If you don’t have one, first create your account. Then go to the ‘portfolio’ and click the ‘withdraw’ button and enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Next, enter your bank account number where you need your funds to be transferred, and finally, click on ‘Withdraw.’ 

Is BTC Direct a brokerage platform?

The BTC Direct website, which is termed “Bitcoin Direct,” offers to trade and exchange services for cryptos. The site offers Ether, LTC, Bitcoin Cash, and XRP as its crypto. All assets, with the exception of those backed by the US currency, are tied to the Euro. Most cryptocurrency exchanges operate in the same manner.

Is KYC needed for registering in Bitcoin Direct?

The KYC process is fairly simple at BTC Direct.

Private files are kept remotely on a disc that is encrypted. A small number of carefully chosen BTC Direct personnel have access to this information. Sensitive data about the client is not disclosed to any entities.

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