RoboForex bonus explained: Conditions and how to activate it

A bonus is described as a way to compensate traders for choosing a certain broker. The individual becomes a trading currency pair after opening their account with a Forex broker. They are required to bear the expenses just like any other trader.

The welcome bonus is one of the ways for the broker to reward the choice of the trader. Brokers also give some of such expenses to the trader after knowing they are active members.

A trading bonus can increase a trader’s profit margins by opening larger trades or splitting the amount on multiple trades. Many new traders enjoy getting a trading bonus. However, the decision to accept a bonus is up to the customer. 

Most trading platforms allow traders to choose not to receive a bonus. But we do not recommend it; after all, why won’t you want free capital? But if the trader truly does not wish for a bonus, they have the option to decline.

Usually, platforms require the trader to deposit money to get the bonus. The amount to be deposited is not very large. Traders only need to deposit the money they intended to use for trading, and the platform will give the bonuses accordingly. 

Secure trading with RoboForex
Secure trading with RoboForex

Warning note:

RoboForex Ltd and its affiliates do not target EU/EEA/UK clients. RoboForex Ltd and its affiliates don’t work on the territory of the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Iran, Russia, and other restricted countries. Please be aware that you are able to receive investment services from a third-country firm at your own exclusive initiative only, taking all the risks involved.

How does the RoboForex bonus work?

Since it’s a deposit bonus, a trader is required to make their Forex deposit with the help of an account manager after accepting all the terms as well as conditions and successful application. 

After the deposit of the account, it might take a few hours or days to receive your bonus on the account after signing up.

After receiving the bonus, a trader has to start to open and close the position to start trading the required volume for claiming the bonus, thinking of it as their property. After the completion of the particular volume, the transference of bonus money from the broker to the trader takes place.

After this step, the individual is free to do anything with their funds. But once it is credited into the account, a trader may start opening and closing positions. She can aim to trade the required volume to claim the bonus. 

After a trader has completed the required volume, the broker may transfer the bonus money to the trader. Finally, the trader is free to do whatever she wants with these funds.

How many types of bonuses are there?

Brokers offer a wide range of bonuses, some of them are given at the time of post-trading, and the deposit of other bonuses is done to your account after completion of a deposit.

The other name of bonuses is rebates. After completion of a trade, these are successfully credited to the account. Regular bonuses might demand carrying out a series of traders at an early stage.

Below are some of the types of bonuses:

#1 Deposit bonus

This bonus could be claimed either with every deposit or first deposit. It is dependent on the offers. Deposit bonuses are considered very useful for every trader; after unlocking the bonus, trading of more and bigger sizes assets could be done. Brokers usually 100% or less than 100% for deposit bonuses. Some traders might offer double the deposit.

#2 No deposit bonus

This bonus eliminates the requirement of depositing funds by the trader. It also minimizes the risk of losing hold of your money; it could be more than worse to lose your bonus. One of the best parts is that you can freely trade your bonus and generate great profits out of it without any issues.

Although the traders are required to always trade a particular volume before withdrawing any profits, a no deposit bonus is ideal for trying various trading strategies or even the chosen broker along with some trading conditions.

It is a bonus provided to traders without requesting any deposit from their side. 

Usually, its size is mediocre and can range between 5 USD and 50 USD

Brokers offer it so that traders can become more motivated to complete the operations more effectively.

A no deposit bonus can aid in previewing live conditions, as funds traded are on live servers. A newbie trader needs to note that no deposit bonuses are rare. 

Therefore, you must ensure that the broker offering it is reliable and regulated if you find one. That can prevent any scope of a scam and save your time.

#3 Welcome bonus

As the name suggests, the welcome bonus is regarded as a complimentary treat like a bouquet waiting for you at some lavish hotel. The transfer of such a bonus is done to the account of the trader after following both the verification as well as the registration process.

At times it is possible to receive it automatically or make a minimum amount of the first deposit at first. The welcome bonus is known as a fixed amount of sum, which is equal for every client.

They must register for a real account and deposit a minimum amount. Then they have to perform a certain number of trades also. After that, only they can claim a referral bonus. Therefore, the traders must familiarize themselves with such terms beforehand.

How to use trading bonuses?

To understand the use of trading bonuses, assume receiving a trading bonus in your trading account of the BTC contract. The funds could be further used for opening a new BTC contract position just like any other funds relating to your regular contract trading.

After closing the position in profit, you are free to keep your realized profit, or if you want, you can also withdraw or transfer it. However, it’s necessary to mention that the withdrawal of realized profits would lead to the removal of the bonus amount in your contract trading account.

The closing of position at a loss or during liquidation would lead to coverage of all the losses by the trading bonus. The fees and costs would be split by half percentage for the individuals having both trading bonus funds and regular funds in their contract account.

For instance, for paying a $10 funding fee for your open position, you would get a discount of $5 from your funds, and the discount of 5 dollars would be done from your trading bonus funds.

A good trading bonus could be the decisive factor for a trader thinking about joining the platform. Some firms provide traders with a 100% trading bonus. So, if a new customer deposits $50, he will get an additional $50 as a bonus. 

It helps a trader open larger trades with a larger amount. Trading bonuses are non-withdrawable, but a trader can withdraw the profits by utilizing the bonus in trades.

The bonuses usually get documented in a secondary account. But any profit made by using the bonus will go to the real balance. For example, let’s assume that a trader has $60 as a bonus and makes a profit of $50; they can withdraw $50.

However, some platforms offer traders a no deposit bonus, and traders should not choose a platform solely based on bonuses. Traders must do proper research on the platform before deciding to trade there. 

Novice traders often ignore the platform’s wide spreads or high commission rates when they see a huge signup bonus. This mistake often costs them to lose out on profits.

So doing proper research on every detail about the platform is important. Bonuses should not be the end all be all of a trader’s decision-making. Bonuses also come in different types. A trader must be aware of the different types of bonuses offered by a brokerage firm.

How are trading bonuses different from cryptocurrency or money?

Trading bonuses are referred to as complementary funds, which are sent to either USD or BTC Contract Trading Accounts. This means the funds could be further used for trading contracts, and it restricts withdrawal to a spot wallet.

The usage of these funds is only facilitated with Contract Trading. So don’t go with Spot Trading. For attempting to either transfer or withdrawal your trading bonus, it would lead to the removal of the entire amount.

Although it’s impossible to withdraw your trading bonus, it could be used for trading contracts like regular funds. The generation of any profits from trading becomes easy to withdraw.

What are some points to remember while choosing a good Forex trading deposit bonus?

While talking about bonuses, it’s not easy to find the correct information which would illustrate best practices to choose FX bonuses. Here are some steps which would guide you to choose RoboForex bonus:

#1 Choosing a good broker

Irrespective of how good your offered bonuses are, keep in mind the broker is your priority. Suggest opening an account and making some deposit along with your trusted broker, the platform which you could easily use, and whose conditions look accessible to you.

It’s important to be aware of one thing that the primary goal to trade is achieving some profit, and this is regarded as your main income. A bonus is known as a secondary advantage.

After shortlisting some brokers who fit your requirements then, you start by checking which brokers offer attractive discounts and bonuses. If you are unable to find any offer or bonuses, feel free to ask them regarding your queries for easy resolution.

#2 Choose the terms of your bonus

Few deposits bonus Forex brokers provide terms that are not easy to achieve until and unless you choose to neglect your risk management principles. At the time of going forward with a deposit bonus offer, always choose a broker who offers achievable terms within the normal trading regime.

It’s suggested to choose terms which facilitate trading in a more relaxed way. Also, be aware of the number of days offered by the broker for fulfilling the trading volume and keep a check of the amount you have achieved within some days and take around 80% of it.

This is one of the most important rules since some traders make illogical trades for the sake of achieving volume. In these cases, the losses which crops are because of the silly trades might also maximize the size of your bonus.

Ensure to read every terms and condition of deposit Forex bonuses. Few brokers often restrict scalpers to achieve the trading volume by a limitation or amount of qualifying trades for around 15 minutes.

#3 Trading the bonus

In general, it’s suggested to avoid employing any kind of trading strategy for casing out the bonus. The primary idea is choosing a bonus that would abide by your trading strategy in comparison to adapting the strategy to your bonus. After the selection of bonuses, the cash-out is very easy. That’s why trading is not as essential as selection.

However, you might face such situations which lead to the expiry of the bonus, yet there is some volume for you to achieve it. In these cases, opt for a simple calculation of your trading expenses for the volume and start comparing it with the size of your bonus.

The larger size of the bonus promotes hedging deals by achieving the total volume without any kind of risk. However, mark its completion if the deposit terms of your Forex broker bonus allow hedging.


At the time of starting with Forex trading online, there is a requirement to select one good broker. While traders generally look for different useful features at the time of opting for a Forex broker, they tend to come across a handful of aggressive advertisements from many FX brokers whose motivation would be enticing new traders with an appealing Forex deposit bonus. This article will brief you about this bonus, the best method to choose a broker, and its usefulness.

FAQ – The most asked questions about RoboForex bonus :

How to claim your 30 % bonus on RoboForex?

In the section “Welcome Bonus 30 USD” in the member’s area, ensure that your “Antifraud” system can detect repetition in the transfer of funds automatically has gained approval for your participation in that program. After approval, you’re doomed to get a message from them along with your confirmation code on your email, which has been used during the registration.

Is it possible to trade without any money?

You can do forex trading without any money by utilization of demo accounts and receiving no deposit bonuses from your brokers. With the help of demo accounts, it’s quite impossible to receive real money. In the case of brokers, it blocks the option to withdraw deposit bonuses. Money deposition is required to enjoy real profits.

Are trading and gambling identical?

A: The stock market trading is not easy like rolling dice; on the other hand, gambling is known as a zero-sum game to play your available odds. Trading includes an examination of the past information followed by analyzing the available data for trading or investment in stocks. Unlike gambling, trading is free of any ultimate loss or win. Hence trading and gambling are not synonymous.

How can I get a RoboForex bonus when I sign up for a trading account? 

1. You must first establish an account. Bonus monies are available for cent and standard MT4/MT5 accounts with the main currency of $ or €.
2. Get your account validated after that. Your residence, identification, and contact details must all satisfy a quick verification process.
3. Subsequently, add money to your account.

How can a trader withdraw his RoboForex bonus?

A trader might not be able to withdraw his RoboForex bonus. The broker allows users to use the bonus to make trades. Some account types might allow you to withdraw your bonus. But it can happen only when you cross a certain trading volume. It is not possible to withdraw the RoboForex bonus with every random trading account type. 

Does RoboForex offer a deposit bonus?

Yes, there is a RoboForex bonus available for users who deposit funds in their trading accounts. It is a portion of the deposits made. Additionally, it can be obtained when a trader contributes money into his account using the automated depositing feature in his member’s area. Customers have the option of selecting a bonus amount of 25 percent – 120 percent.

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