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Weed Millionaire review – Is it a scam or not? Real test of the robot

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Weed, Cannabis, Marijuana, or dagga (in South Africa), is it legal? Is it illegal? Many countries and certain states in the United States of America are reconsidering its illegality. 

The use of weed is sectioned into two sections – recreational use and medicinal use. Some countries and states have legalized it medicinally, but it is still illegal recreationally. Canada is the only country to legalize it for both, with no restrictions other than age.

It is medically legal with no restrictions in more than thirty countries. Eleven countries have legalized it with certain conditions. Many countries have decriminalized but not legalized it. In other words, you may be told that you are naughty and get a warning, but that is all. Surprisingly, South Africa has legalized recreational use as long as the weed is not sold; citizens can grow it and use it recreationally in a private home. Mexico has similar restrictions.

The medical benefits are mounting as more research is being done. Positive results are being seen for many severe conditions. The medicines are pricey and will mostly be funded by the patient.

As the restrictions around the world are lifted or reduced, it is not surprising that it should begin to feature as a commodity worth trading. And as more wake up to its value as a commodity, scammers are not far behind. 

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What is Weed Millionaire? – The robot presented

Information about Weed Millionaire

Weed Millionaire is a web-based app and trading robot. More countries are growing and selling Marijuana and producing medical creams, lotions, capsules, and liquids. It should inevitably appear as a trading commodity. Weed Millionaire is a trading platform for this commodity. The platform is designed to help traders buy and sell shares in the listed companies. The platform is user-friendly, even for beginner traders.

It is an auto trading website that has many web bots to search the web for the most advantageous deals for traders. The bot’s job is to collect and collate the data. Market trends are analyzed, and traders are fed the most advantageous and up-to-date information. The robots take over tasks that are repetitive and boring for a human trader. Traders no longer have to make these decisions. All decisions can be left to the auto trading bot, which will make trading more profitable and enjoyable.

Weed Millionaire and its robots are fully automated. The platform assures traders that there is more than 90% trading accuracy giving a trader a nice profit during a trading day. Any trading comes with potential losses. Traders can use the platform for manual trading as well.

Regulation and safety

The platform is a safe and easy-to-use tool for all levels of traders. All trading is a risky business. Traders must only use money that they will not mind losing if the bottom falls out of the market. There will be profits, but there will also be losses, and a trader needs to make sure that their losses will not impact their financial life.

The site is a registered Secure Socket Layer site which can be seen by the lock and the HTTPS in the address bar. This indicates that all dealings should be safe as your data is encrypted. However, when you put money in your account, it will go to a broker. As I have no way of knowing which broker will be assigned to you, you will need to check the safety of his site.

The site is regulated, but the broker’s site may not be. 

The safety of a website is only as good as you are. Keep financial disclosures to a minimum. If you feel that the site is sketchy and asking for too much information, get out. 

Remember the rules for a strong password, Upper and lower case letters, symbols, and numbers. Keep your password in a safe place, and do not share it with anybody. 

How does it work? – The trading platform

The weed millionaire on a laptop

The program can operate in autopilot mode with robots that are programmed to make your trading experience risk-free. Autopilot requires you to spend a bit of time in the morning setting up your preferences. Beginner traders should try to get some tuition before starting on any trading app. The platform is easy to use if you have taken the time to educate yourself in trading and to get used to the interface.

You can manage your trade yourself. You can also hand it over to the robots or do a mixture of the two. Personally, I like the last one. It gives me freedom for bathroom breaks, but I am in charge of my own financial destiny.

Once you have set up your trading parameters for the day, you can leave the robot in charge if that is your choice. But make sure to check in frequently to ensure all is well. 

Open your free account

The sign up form of weed millionaire

It is easy to open an account. When you enter the site, the registration form will be on the right. You need to supply needs your name, email address, and your phone number. When you have completed the form, click the button to register.

You will now have to wait for the site to verify that you are you and that you are not a robot trying to gain access. An agent will call you, or you will receive an email. 

Once you have been verified, you can continue setting up your account by supplying them with banking details and any other information they may ask for. When all necessary information has been given and checked, you will have access to the trading platform. At this point, you will be assigned a broker. You are now able to trade.

The program is user-friendly, even for the beginner. 

Test it with a demo account

The weed millionaire trading platform

You should run a demo account for a while, even if you are already a skilled trader in other commodities. A demo account is necessary because:

  • You will learn by trial and error without placing any of your cash at risk.
  • You will establish whether or not this type of trading is suitable for you personally.

Once you are happy with the operation of your account, you will be ready to move on to dealing with real money.

The demo account may be an actual real-time view of the market. It may also be a pseudo-account. Either way, you will learn how to trade.

If you decide not to go trading Marijuana, you may have to run into agents who will try to convince you to carry on trading. They may even attempt to get you to deposit more into your account. 

Deposit money

Cannabis rising in value on Weed Millionaire

Once you have registered and been verified, you will need to pay a deposit before you can start trading. Unfortunately, you are only allowed into the demo account area after you have paid your deposit.

The minimum deposit is $250, but you can deposit more if you wish. The more you deposit, the more chance you will have of making large profits. But you could also lose big. 

When your deposit has been secured by your broker, you will be free to use the system, either as a demo account, or you can jump right in and start your trading. 

As you profit, you may choose to reinvest some of your profits to add more cash into your trading account.

How to withdraw money on Weed Millionaire

Cannabis plant and money

When you have made a profit it is advisable to withdraw it to your bank account that you have registered on the site. 

The website has a money management page with a form to request a withdrawal from your brokers. Once you have filled in the form, your money will be paid within twenty-four hours.

You can withdraw as much as you need as often as you like as long as you have money in your account. Some people recommend that you withdraw every day your trading account shows a profit. You could also reinvest the profits to bolster up your trading account.

Fees of Weed Millionaire

There are no registration or withdrawal fees. There is no charge for using the website.

When you are assigned a broker, he may demand fees for his services. When you make a profit, a percentage will likely be deducted before paying you out. 

Support of Weed Millionaire

How to contact the weed millionaire

Support is available by phone or email. Phone calls are typically sorted out immediately. If you have sent an email query it will take longer to resolve. The website offers support 24/7.

The broker that has been assigned to you should also be in a position to answer any queries you may have. 

Conclusion – Be careful when using Weed Millionaire

The Weed Millionaire on a mobile phone

When I went into the website for the first time, my initial impression was, “Oh dear! Not again”. The website has the same look and feel as so many of the other websites reviewed. The question you need to ask yourself is: “Does this make it a scam?”

In my opinion, yes, it does. The site is either a scam, or the web creators have been very lazy, and have cloned a website that they felt looked good. The only difference in all these sites is the colors. 

When I searched for the site, I got two possibilities one was weedmillionaire and the other was weedmillionairePro. Both have identical home pages. That sent me another alarm bell. 

Use of the app does not bypass your need to be a knowledgeable trader. The bot works effortlessly for you. However, it is your money that is being used. You need to take some responsibility by keeping up to date with trading news.

Just some important comments:

  • Check the broker assigned to you. If he is legitimate, he should be a registered broker, and his website will display his physical address. 
  • No one is claiming ownership of the website. This should be a red flag.
  • This website has a banner forcing you to be quick otherwise you will lose your opportunity to invest. This is to topple the impulse buyer into moving on with registration. 
  • The logos on the home page are pictures, not links. 
  • The about us page does not tell us anything about them. 
  • Stock photos are used on the promotional page. 

Marijuana is a strange commodity. It is not regulated, so the prices from the different vendors can differ hugely. Some vendors could be trading illegally as their country does not allow weed. The market is volatile, and vendors could change their pricing structure frequently as they try to go one better than another vendor. 

It is a new market and there are frequently more countries that are legalizing it for medical purposes. You will be trading medical marijuana products and companies. It is a growing market. 

This trading platform is relatively new, so reviews are sparse. Some reviewers claim it is excellent, and they have made pots of money, and other users slam it as a scam. My feelings about the platform are that you need to consider the pros and cons very carefully before you make your initial investment.

Weed Millionaire

Weed Millionaire is a trading robot that offers automated trading.

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The platform offers many features, but we recommend being careful when using it.


Frequently asked questions about Weed Millionaire:

Is the trading platform suitable for beginner traders?

It is an incredibly user-friendly platform. There are text boxes to enter information, and there are buttons that will take you further on your journey.

Is it profitable to trade in Marijuana?

Yes, it is. This is a new commodity, so it is good to get in on the ground floor. As more countries legalize it, there will be more competitive pricing. 

What is CBD?

CBD is a part of the marijuana plant that has many health benefits. CBD will not get you high.

Can I use Bitcoin for my initial deposit?

Bitcoin is perfectly acceptable for your deposit. You could also use MasterCard, PayPal, etc. 

Can I use my cell phone to trade?

There is no cell phone app at the moment, but the website can be viewed and interacted with on the phone.

Does the website offer any other trades?

No. Unfortunately, it is only geared toward trading weed.