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Bitcoin Rush review: Is it a scam or a legit trader? Review based on real test of Bitcoin Rush

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The future seems to look bright for crypto investors as this asset class continues gaining popularity worldwide. Reputable companies and business owners are investing and adopting it as a medium of exchange for their products and services. Big names like Elon Musk(Tesla Motors), Jack Dorsey(Twitter), Bill Gates(Microsoft), and many others have already joined the digital currency train.

If you have noticed the increasing craze, you may think that now is the right time to invest in cryptocurrency. Most people hesitate because they can’t figure out how to start. The market is now packed with helpful tools to make it easy for inexperienced investors to join the crypto trading party. Among these beneficial tools are programmed robots. These ‘robots’  help beginners and experienced traders in their investment decisions and trading.

There are a lot of these types of programmed robots on the internet. But in this review, we will examine the Bitcoin Rush, one of the market’s most popular trading robots.  You may have seen its campaign on the internet and wondered;

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Is it a scam or a legit robot?

It is NOT a scam. From our research, we found it to be a genuine trading robot.

What is Bitcoin Rush? The robot presented

the advantages of Bitcoin Rush

Bitcoin Rush is an automated crypto trading robot. It uses artificial intelligence and smart computer algorithms to determine the best time to place a trade on the trader’s behalf. 

It then executes the trade while ensuring that it takes full advantage of the best opportunity to generate maximum profit for the user. A group of experienced software engineers and expert crypto traders supposedly created this trading app. We could not trace the actual identities of these people.

The software is said to be embedded with incredible crypto trading strategies that aim to increase the user’s profit in the market. Using the bitcoin rush requires no technical knowledge since the bot handles all the logical aspects of the trading process. This fact makes it suitable for inexperienced traders and busy experienced investors. 

All it requires is a minimum deposit of $250/£250 and about 20-mins of your time daily. And the software does the work to generate daily passive income for you.

Here’s a summary of its features:

  • Claims an 85% win rate. That is, the robot places successfully winning trades at least 8 times out of 10.
  • Minimum(initial) deposit is $250/£250
  • The platform claims partnerships with licensed brokers worldwide and is regulated by CySec.
  • Bitcoin rush is available in 165 countries.
  • Orders are supposedly executed in less than a minute.
  • There are opportunities to trade Bitcoin and other altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance coin, Ripple, Zcash, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Cardano, IOTA, and Neo

Is Bitcoin Rush safe?

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The bitcoin rush platform is partnered with brokers who operate under strict regulations of the Cyprus securities and exchange commission. (CySEC). This broker regulatory body is well-known globally and requires high standards of operation to issue its license. It gives us a certain level of confidence in the credibility of the APP.

In addition to this, the trading portal is said to be encrypted and operates under SSL and GDPR licenses. Users can rest assured that their tokens and personal details will be secured.

How does Bitcoin Rush work? The trading platform

The bot is programmed to act on the best opportunity for maximum profit. So in the trader’s stead, it analyzes historical market data and price trends to find trading signals. Then it comes up with insights into price movements and places the trade with the highest probability of maximum profit. The app is said to have been built with the time-leap technology that makes it stay 0.01 seconds ahead of the market. This technology allows for accurate prediction of price moves before they occur, keeping the user on the winning and profitable side  85% of the time.

It is alleged that at least 8 times out of 10, the software makes accurate moves and generates profit. The software is also customizable, allowing you to choose your preferred trading strategies. You can set your desired currency pairs, the amount to invest per trade, stop-loss, take-profit, etc. The bot then makes all the moves based on your choices.

How to trade using the Bitcoin Rush

Reasons to trade with Bitcoin Rush

Bitcoin rush is free and can be accessed from 165 countries worldwide. To gain access to this software, you must first open an account by visiting their official website. You must enter your details, such as name, email, and phone, and choose a username. The process is simple and takes only a few minutes.  But the account will require a minimum deposit of $250/£250 before it becomes fully active.

The free demo offered for trial

The platform offers the opportunity to test it with a demo account. Before making the deposit, we recommend you take advantage of this to get a feel of how it operates.

You will get to test all its features without incurring any financial risks. If you are new to auto trading, it is a chance to get acquainted with its process before you fully get into live trading.

Fund your trading account

The platform allows several funding methods to make it easy for you to credit your account.

Once you are ready to begin live trading, you can transfer funds to your account via any popular channels like Paypal, Visa card, Mastercard, Or bank transfers.

How to withdraw your profit

Users reportedly start making a profit soon after they start trading. To withdraw this profit, the platform provides a withdrawal request form that you fill out with the necessary details. Once you have entered this request, the system computes your profit and credits your connected bank account within 24 hours.

Fees and commission 

Fees on Bitcoin Rush

As we explained, the app is free of charge. For now. 

According to our research, the software is in its final testing phase, which will end soon. After this phase, registration fees will apply. But traders who are already registered will continue to use the platform for free.

There are no commission charges or transaction fees. But you will be charged 1% on all withdrawals AFTER your first 10 withdrawal transactions.

Bitcoin Rush customer service

Guaranteed good support services give traders assurance and rest of mind while using the software. Bitcoin rush allegedly offers excellent support services. The support team is available 24-7 and is said to be responsive and helpful. 

Advantages of using Bitcoin Rush

Advantages of using Bitcoin Rush


In our analysis, we compared this bot to other popular ones in the market and found some benefits and drawbacks.

The benefits include:

1. High accuracy level

The 85% win rate accuracy makes it far better than the average app on the internet. It is obviously more efficient than manual trading because of its high win rate and speed.

2. Low cost of trading

We discovered that other platforms charge commissions on traders’ profits. Not just commission but other charges like registration, deposit, and withdrawal fees. Bitcoin rush gives you access to its software for free. The only fees applied are minimal withdrawal fees.

3. Beginner-friendly user-interface 

Its trading portal is uncomplicated and very easy to use. Beginners can find their way around without hassle.

4. Licensed brokers

Not many auto traders online have the license to show their credibility. It is alleged that all Bitcoin rush partners are CySEC-licensed brokers. So users can rest assured that their funds are safe.

5. Easy access to the platform.

Most of the robotic traders we analyzed can only be accessed on desktop or laptop computers. With the bitcoin rush, you can log in to your trading account from your smartphone, as long as it’s internet-enabled. It is compatible with mobile and computer web browsers.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin Rush

We did not find many disadvantages to the bot trader. But we did notice that there is less opportunity to diversify here. We found that the auto-trader does not offer many cryptocurrency options compared to the others. This limits the trader’s opportunity to a few digital currencies. 

Conclusion – Bitcoin Rush is a platform we can recommend

Assets available on Bitcoin Rush


When you think of the potential rewards and the freedom that comes with less work, trading with an auto trader sounds exciting. But we advise you to be cautious when entering these types of investments.

We give newcomers a few recommendations to consider as you step into the world of automated trading:

1. Start small

We recommend starting with the minimum initial deposit, then increasing it over time. Though your profit will depend on your capital, playing safely in the beginning, is better. 

2. Use risk management tools

Risk management helps you secure a portion of your money in the event of a losing trade. These strategies include setting your stop-loss, take-profit, and any other risk management techniques you may have heard of.

3. Withdraw your profits often

We believe it is wise to separate your profit from your capital as much as possible. That helps you monitor the profitability of the investment.

4. Don’t forget the rule of thumb

“Never invest what you can not afford to lose.” It is a known fact that the crypto market has high volatility. Using the bitcoin rush may increase your chance of earning more profit. But remember that your funds will still be at risk because the app does not get rid of the market condition. 

Bitcoin Rush

The Bitcoin Rush trading ecosystem is powered by blockchain to ensure transparent and seamless transactions.

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Bitcoin Rush is license-free and available in over 165 countries. 


Frequently asked questions about Bitcoin Rush:

Bitcoin Rush review: Is it a scam or a legit trader? Review based on the real test of Bitcoin Rush.

It is an automated trading software for digital currencies. Traders use bitcoin rush to increase their profit potential while saving time.

What is Bitcoin Rush?

It is an automated trading software for digital currencies. Traders use bitcoin rush to increase their profit potential while saving time.

How does the Bitcoin Rush work?

It works by automatically searching the crypto market for the best trading opportunities. It does this by analyzing historical data to predict the next direction the market will take. After analyzing the market and ascertaining the highest potential for maximum profitability, it places the trade on the user’s behalf.

Is Bitcoin Rush a scam?

No. Bitcoin rush is a well-known registered auto trading software with a presence in 165 countries worldwide. It was introduced into the market in 2018, right after the bitcoin boom. And it has thousands of users in different parts of the world.

Is Bitcoin Rush safe?

Yes. Users testify to its genuineness. Its platform is SSL and GDPR licensed. The General Data Protection Regulation(GDRP) is an EU regulatory body that ensures a website adheres strictly to guidelines that keep individuals’ information safe and secured. SSL license is issued to web portals whose information is well encrypted and safe from hackers. Also, Bitcoin Rush’s partner brokers all operate under CySEC license. With this, it is safe to trade crypto on this platform. 

How much does the Bitcoin Rush cost?

Bitcoin Rush is free. For now. The platform is allegedly in its final ’beta’ testing phase and will charge a registration fee after it ends. Though, users who are already registered could continue to use the app for life.

How much can I make on the Bitcoin Rush platform?

Your investment will determine your profit. Bitcoin Rush promises you an 85% chance of making a profit. A significant determinant of profit and loss is market conditions. One must be mindful of the risks and opportunities when estimating their profit.

Who owns Bitcoin Rush?

It is alleged that the creators of Bitcoin Rush are a small group of experienced software engineers and crypto expert traders. Their identities are not disclosed on their website or anywhere else.