How much does it cost to trade with Admirals? – Spreads & fees explained

For 20 years, Admirals has been one of the most popular trading platforms for beginners and professional traders. The best thing that draws all traders’ attention to this platform is that this broker offers high-tech software tools for all its clients. Moreover, it also has MT4 and MT5 trading accounts for more proficient outcomes. 

Admirals official website
Admirals official website

Apart from that, there is also a proprietary plug-in with the name MetaTrader Supreme Edition for more powerful outcomes. Admirals come with many features that offer education, analytics-wise understanding, and other such features. 

The webinars, seminars, tutorials, videos, and other such content are also available for free over the platform. The lessons available for traders over the platform will help you thoroughly break down the various trading definitions, strategies, and concepts. 

Admirals are offering its trading service with low Admirals fees and commission and competitive spreads. There is a wide range of account options available for you to choose from, based upon the software. 

Admirals offer account flexibility that you might not see with all other broker platforms. Many investment firms under the Admiral Markets TM offer to trade in Forex, Stocks, ETFs, Indices, Metals, Energies, and other CFDs, which is considered a wise choice if you are looking for a reliable and feature-rich broker. 

This review guide intends to educate you on the Admirals fees and commissions you must pay for starting to trade with the platform. Apart from that, you will have more information on the trading perks of this platform. So, follow on till the end! 

Who can benefit the best out of Admirals?

As the educational tools are considered the USP of this platform, it is best for traders of all levels. Irrespective of whether you are a complete beginner or are at some intermediate levels of trading, you can master your skills and gain immense knowledge by hopping onto this platform. 

Even though you are professional, you have a lot to win over with your trading strategies on this platform. The lessons available over the platform will also educate you on genuine and reasonable Admirals fees, operations, graphs, asset information, etc. 

You can learn the right ideology of investing in forex trading from the beginning. A course named “Zero to Hero” indicates how Admiral is willing to help all novices master their fundamental strengths and leverage the full potential of successful trade bonuses. 

If you are an experienced broker, you will like to use the advanced software systems embedded within Admirals. The professionals will have a familiar touch with these tools, and they will definitely use them to advance their trading strategies. 

You get access to advanced professional tools, including MT4 and MT5 for various devices
You get access to advanced professional tools, including MT4 and MT5 for various devices

Admirals offer MT4 and MT5 account types that have become popular industry standards in the modern era. In short, you should keep in mind that your experience level shouldn’t bother you from experiencing this brokerage platform. 

Admirals have ideal tools, trading patterns, courses, and solutions for every trader out there. So, it is time to know how much it costs to trade with this platform. 

The regulators of Admiral markets

Admirals or Admiral Markets is operating under the regulations of:

  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission (Australia)
  • The Financial Conduct Authority (UK)
  • Financial Supervision Authority (Estonia)
  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Cyprus)

These regulators have unified certain rules and conditions to ensure that traders’ money is secure over the platform. These regulators are destined to maintain the compliance aspects of Admirals and all the other brokers they are regulating. So, investing in Admirals is a reliable option for beginners and experienced traders. 

The minimum deposits/fees/charges that you will encounter while trading with Admirals

Like most brokers, Admirals also charge a fee from the spread. Spread is defined as the difference between the buying and selling price of the instrument. All Admirals fees/commissions and spreads are specified per the minimal norms. 

#1 Minimum deposit amount

There are no such Admirals fees for deposits on most payment methods. But if you are using Skrill or Neteller for your deposits, you might have to pay a fee of 0.9% for them. There are no such fees upon using PayPal, Bank Transfer, Credit Card, etc. Most traders prefer charge-free options for making their deposits. 

If you make the bank transfer deposits, you have no minimum amount specified. But if you are using credit cards, Klarna, Skrill, or Neteller, then the minimum deposit amount is specified as $50 or currency-wise equivalent value. 

The amount will be deposited instantaneously on the Admirals trading account for all payment methods except bank transfer. If you are depositing the funds with a bank transfer, it will take up to 3 days to reflect in your trading account. 

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#2 Minimum withdrawal amount

Just like that, there is a completely free program set for the Admirals fees for withdrawals. You do not have to pay a penny for withdrawing your funds from any payment methods available within the platform. 

The minimum withdrawal amount for all payment methods is $1, and the maximum withdrawal limit is specified as $10,000. These figures might just vary from payment method to method. 

There is no minimum or maximum payment limit when using bank transfers as your withdrawal method. For credit cards and bank transfers, you might have to wait for 3 to 5 days to get the amount reflected in your linked account or portal. But with Skrill or Neteller, the withdrawal is instantaneous.

#3 Inactivity fees

If your trading account has been dormant for over 24 months, then your account is liable to be charged for the inactivity fee. It is the sum charged to your account if there is no activity or is not even used to hold any open positions. 

The Admirals fee for inactivity is $10 every month, which is deducted from the amount in the account. Admirals charge this fee only if there is a balance in your account. The deductions will also continue every month until your balance becomes zero. 

It is better to withdraw and close the account if you are done with your trading passion. Leaving the account dormant will hassle the administration and management team at the server rooms. 

#4 Currency conversion fee

The trades within the Admirals platform, such as ETFs, stocks, ETF CFDs, and Stock CFDs that are quoted in terms of certain currencies other than that of your base currency, then you will be liable for paying a minimal conversion fee of 0.3%. 

Hence, this is a genuine Admirals fee that you need to pay to justify the conversion efforts handled by the platform operations. 

#5 Internal transfer fees

If a client transfers funds from their Admirals trading account to a different account, there might be some changes. The transfer is free if the base currency is the same for both accounts. 

But if the accounts have different base currencies, then 1% of the amount will be charged by the platform as a fee. Hence, the brand must pay the conversion charge while processing the funds from one currency to another. 

The transfer is free if the internal transfers are made from wallet to wallet with the same base currency. But if such internal transfer within the Admirals platform is done for different base currencies, you get only 5 free transfers. And after that, 1% of the minimum $1 will be charged by the platform. 

#6 Account types and their commissions

The Trade.MT5 and Trade.MT4 accounts charge a single share and ETF CFDs with a commission of $0.02/share. These account types do not charge any commission for the other instruments available over the platform. 

The Invest.MT5 and Zero.MT5 accounts have a different set of commissions—the Invest.MT5 has a $0.02/share commission for the Stocks and ETFs. The Zero.MT5 account charges the commission of $0.05 to $3 for every 1.0 lots of Cash and Indices. The Energies are also commissioned investments at $1 for every 1.0 lots over Zero.MT5 account. 

#7 Bank or financial institution charges

This is not the charge deducted by Admirals but by the bank or financial institution handling the transactions for you. Not all the banks and financial institutes charge an amount for deposits and withdrawals over Admirals, but some implement a minimal fee. 

If that is the case, you will receive less than what you processed for withdrawal. It is because the bank charges are deducted from it. Admirals don’t keep any of these charges. If you want to know more about these charges, you must contact your respective bank or financial institute. 

These are all the possible fees, commissions, minimum deposits, and other charges that one has to bear while using the Admirals trading platform. Minimum deposits are not exactly any Admirals fees, but they are criteria for enabling your trading features over the application. 

Admiral Markets doesn’t keep a penny of those deposit amounts, and you get it all in your account for use over different trades. 

Tables of fees & spreads

The final section of this Admirals fees guide is the table to give you an elaboration upon the spreads and a brief elaboration upon the fees for those spreads. There is a separate table section for all financial instruments traded over Admirals. 

Following that, you will have the commissions table based upon the account type and spreads.

Minimum Admirals Spreads
0.1 pips
0.1 pips
0.1 pips
0.1 pips
0.1 pips
0.1 pips
0.1 pips
0.3 pips
Minimum Admirals Spreads
1.0 pts
1.0 pts
1.0 pts
1.0 pts
Minimum Admirals spreads
17.0 pts
1.8 pts
0.0018 pts
0.38 pts
Bitcoin Cash
23.0 pts
Minimum Admirals Spreads
18.0 pts
S & P500
1.0 pts
Dow Jones
1.0 pts
1.0 pts
1.0 pts
Nikkei 225
1.0 pts
Euro Stoxx 50
1.0 pts
Minimum Admirals Spreads
Crude Oil
1.0 pts
Natural Gas
0 pts
0 pts
1.0 pts
1.0 pts
1.0 pts
0 pts
0 pts

Fees upon spreads and account types

Account Type
Spreads from 0.5 pips
Commissions from 0.01 USD/share on Single Share and ETF CFDs.
Spreads from 0.0 pips
Commissions from 0.02 USD/share on ETFs and stocks.
Spreads from 0.0 pips
Commissions from 1.8 – 3.0 USD/1.0 slots on metals and forex.
Commissions from 0.05 – 3.0 USD/1.0 lots on the cash Indices.
Commission of 1 USD/1.0 lots on Energies.
Spreads from 0.5 pips
Commissions from 0.01 USD/share on ETF CFDs and Single Share. 
Spreads from 0.0 pips
Commissions from 1.8 – 3.0 USD/1.0 slots on metals and forex.
Commissions from 0.05 – 3.0 USD/1.0 lots on the cash Indices.
Commission of 1 USD/1.0 lots on Energies.

Additional trading fees

The additional trading fees are imposed upon financial instruments such as forex, like overnight or swap fees. It is for holding onto the positions for longer than one single trading day. 

All Muslim traders are exempted from such kind of overnight or swap fees for the provision passed upon the Islamic Account option. This feature is available for select traders over Trade.MT5 account. 

The Muslim traders should keep in mind a minimal and flat administration fee, which is charged for holding up the positions for more than 3 days on most financial instruments. This flat charge is also for the Muslim traders who hold exotic forex pairs and digital currencies for more than a day. 

This platform doesn’t offer spread betting, for which there are no Admirals fees imposed upon spread betting. Hence, this is all that you should know about the spreads and fees of Admiral Markets! 

Admirals MetaTrader
Admirals MetaTrader


This is a complete explanation of the Admirals fees, charges, and other such amounts that you are liable to pay. With this information, you will better hand trade your desirable financial assets. 

Some instruments within the platform allow you to do commission-free trading. The ones that charge commissions are relatively low, ensuring that not much of your profit gets compromised. 

The Muslim traders have a leading edge with relaxation over the swap or overnight charges. The inactivity, administration, and currency conversion fees are general charges that the platform is bound to charge for handling the maintenance and administration works from the headquarters. 

But the pricing for the same is considerably lower than that of the other brokers. So, with this clarity, you can make a better decision upon joining Admirals. 

FAQ – The most asked questions about cost to trade with Admirals :

Do Admirals charge commission?

Yes, Admirals has a minimal commission-based trading system that depends upon the spreads and account software types. A few charges are imposed upon inactivity, currency conversion, and other such aspects. 
This review guide has tried to cover all aspects of fees, charges, and commissions you might have to pay within the platform. 
Therefore, have patience and study all of these charges properly before you start trading over the platform. It is because you should know where your money is being invested or deducted. 

Is Admirals free?

The answer is in the previous question! Admirals are free for deposits and withdrawals! But there are certain commissions that you should pay for successful trades over dedicated accounts. 
Commissions are imposed upon specific assets, spreads, and trading account types. So, Admirals is free for you to start with, but you might have to pay nominal charges when you move ahead with your trading habits. 
You need to pay a 0.9% charge upon deposit if you use Skrill or Neteller as payment methods. There is no such limitation for withdrawals! You also have a free demo account that you can access without making a deposit. 
It is for you to use your existing skills and knowledge and develop them to take on the strategic trading aspects. 

How much is spread at Admiral markets?

The spreads at the Admirals are not fixed, but it is evident that the spreads start at zero. The average spreads might go up to 0.6 pips to 1 pip for some financial assets. So, the spread you get depends upon the type of asset you pick for your trades. 

Is Admiral markets a legit forex broker?

Admirals are accountable as reliable forex broker that has been rewarded in 2019 and 2020 with the title of being the best forex broker. So, you can deploy your trust upon Admirals as a proficient Forex broker. You also get many bonuses and features upon making initial deposits over the platform. 

Are Admirals fees pocket friendly?

Yes, Admirals fees are pocket-friendly for any trader wishing to trade on this great platform. Admirals is a great trading platform for beginners from the perspective of fees. It does not charge massive fees from traders, which is why it has a huge clientele. Admirals also offer several features to traders, which are great for the small number of fees that it charges.

Do traders have to pay Admirals fees for making a deposit?

No, the deposits on this trading platform are entirely free. Traders can skip paying anything to the broker to fund their trading accounts. The broker allows you to fund your trading account with a convenient payment method. You can use your cards, cryptocurrency, electronic wallets, or any other payment method the broker supports. 

Are there any Admirals fees for making a withdrawal? 

You don’t have to pay any Admirals fees to withdraw your funds. So, you can make use of any payment method. The least amount to withdraw is $1, and the maximum amount you can withdraw is $10,000. However, it varies according to the payment method you choose. There is no fixed limit when you use bank transfers as your withdrawal method. 

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