Expert Option bonus explained: Conditions and how to activate it

A bonus is something that always gets us happy and excited. Often, we may have received various types of bonuses. We can see them in a job or even while purchasing. It is an effective way to attract anyone. So, the employers give bonuses to their staff to retain them. On the other hand, the shopping centers and brands give bonuses in purchases to attract more people. Therefore, wherever there is a need to attract more people, bonuses can help. 

Similarly, it applies to the trading world also. It is not unknown that trading is among the fastest ways to gain wealth. Moreover, with the increasing reach of information and technology, more people are getting aware of trading and its benefits.

Many of them are interested in joining it, yet they often hesitate for various reasons. That may include poor access to markets, complicated interfaces, etc. However, if the features are attractive enough, the customers will be drawn towards it. A trading bonus helps achieve that. 

Various brokers offer a trading bonus through their platforms. Also, we know that the popularity of various trading platforms was not there before the rise of online platforms. 

People had to gather physically at the exchanges during the conventional days, call for orders, and note them down. But, all such systems have come to an end with online trading. We can access the trading world with a few clicks at our computer or any other device. 

Anyone who looks for opportunities to increase wealth can utilize what online trading offers at its best. A trader gets to trade in various assets that range from stocks, crypto, CFDs, currency pairs, etc. 

But, a new trader may not always know where to commence from. So, there is a need for a good online broker to make the trades better. ExpertOption is an online broker that does a similar job to what brokers do ideally. 

It mediates the trading process with the help of its services through its trading platform. The trading platforms enable the user to place orders for the financial asset of their choice. Such platforms include various types of accounts and payment methods as well. 

The account types can vary from a mini account to a gold account and even be available as platinum and exclusive account like in ExpertOption. So, a broker may charge different fees for using different accounts and even offer bonuses

We understand that a new trader may not know which to choose first. So, to ease the problem, they must always prefer the account with minimum costs and additional bonuses if available. 

Now, no broker would offer a surreal bonus to join their account; however, you can expect a better offering from ExpertOption. ExpertOption is a company that has been dedicatedly working on transforming the traditional smart trading industry. 

It has focussed on opening the financial markets to everyone. The ExpertOption platform has become one of the TOP-3 most downloaded financial apps globally on Google Play.

Another feature that is rare among other traders but is offered by ExpertOption is the social trading feature. It can become a leading social trading network soon. More than 55 million registered users have already shown their trust in it. 

They can access a collection of innovative trading and investment tools through the social trading feature. The platform’s social trading is a remarkable feature that provides the chance to monitor the deals of top traders. 

Copy trading is nothing more than a strategy that allows traders to blindly copy other traders’ trades. We can view it as portfolio management that imitates the trades as a whole. 

Though it is often associated as a synonym to social trading, it differs slightly. We can say that copy trading is a form of social trading, but all social trading methods are not copy trading.

Copy-trading aims at finding other investors who have a track record that a trader can mimic. It focuses on copying the trading methods completely. In contrast, social trading focuses on gaining the idea and using it per the trader’s decisions. 

Since ExpertOption offers a reliable social trading platform, beginners can learn and trade with minimum risks. They can copy the trades from experts or gain ideas from various other traders.

Since 2014, ExpertOption has earned a loyal following in a short period. It currently executes more than 30 million deals each month after establishing itself as one of the most trustworthy and reliable trading platforms.

ExpertOption is committed to providing the fastest trading using modern technologies. So it doesn’t let any delays happen in order to execute. Also, many brokers use an existing platform like MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 to save time. 

Trading for all devices

It offers its platform, which is fully customizable and can be molded to each user’s needs. ExpertOption also offers dedicated customer service that is available 24/7. Moreover, you can trade using the newly added financial instruments. 

It offers technical analysis tools that include 4 chart types, 8 indicators, and trend lines. You can also find more than 100 assets, including popular stocks like Apple, Facebook, etc.

The features of ExpertOption extend to the bonuses as well. It offers a trading bonus for new as well as existing customers. But before moving on to its details, let us first understand the basics of a trading bonus.

What is a trading bonus?

Trading bonuses are relatively popular in financial markets and are often provided to traders when opening a new account. It is a special incentive used by brokerage firms to recruit new traders. 

A trading bonus is a sum of money or a percentage given to traders when they create an account or deposit money for the first time. Bonuses can be seen as a reward offered to the trader by the platform for choosing them.

Trading bonuses are one of the most enticing promotional offers that encourage traders to enter the trading market. Bonuses are a major aspect that helps determine which forex or stocks broker to choose, along with the platform’s practicality, spreads, and commissions. 

A good trading bonus could be the decisive factor for a trader thinking about joining the platform. Some firms provide traders with a 100% trading bonus. So, if a new customer deposits $50, he will get an additional $50 as a bonus

It helps a trader open larger trades with a larger amount. Trading bonuses are non-withdrawable, but a trader can withdraw the profits by utilizing the bonus in trades.

The bonuses usually get documented in a secondary account. But any profit made by using the bonus will go to the real balance. For example, let’s assume that a trader has $60 as a bonus and makes a profit of $50; they can withdraw $50

A trading bonus can increase a trader’s profit margins by opening larger trades or splitting the amount on multiple trades. Many new traders enjoy getting a trading bonus. However, The decision to accept a bonus is up to the customer. 

Most trading platforms allow traders to choose not to receive a bonus. But we do not recommend it; after all, why won’t you want free capital? But if the trader truly does not wish for a bonus, they have the option to decline.

Usually, platforms require the trader to deposit money to get the bonus. The amount to be deposited is not very large. Traders only need to deposit the money they intended to use for trading, and the platform will give the bonuses accordingly. 

However, some platforms offer traders a no deposit bonus, and traders should not choose a platform solely based on bonuses. Traders must do proper research on the platform before deciding to trade there. 

Novice traders often ignore the platform’s wide spreads or high commission rates when they see a huge signup bonus. This mistake often costs them to lose out on profits.

So doing proper research on every detail about the platform is important. Bonuses should not be the end all be all of a trader’s decision-making. Bonuses also come in different types. A trader must be aware of the different types of bonuses offered by a brokerage firm.

How does a bonus work?

Various brokers offer bonuses. Some brokers give the bonuses post-trading and others the initial deposit. The latter is the more common form so, as soon as you complete a deposit, bonuses known as rebates are credited to your account. 

However, certain brokers may require you to carry out a few more trades. Usually, after you make the deposit, it may take a few hours or even days, in some cases, to receive the bonus. 

But once it is credited into the account, a trader may start opening and closing positions. She can aim to trade the required volume to claim the bonus. 

After a trader has completed the required volume, the broker may transfer the bonus money to the trader. Finally, the trader is free to do whatever she wants with these funds.

Which bonuses are offered by ExpertOption?

ExpertOption is a broker that offers a bonus program itself. So, if you are a beginner trader, you must read all the details carefully. A new trader must note that ExpertOption claims to reserve the right to modify or eliminate the entire bonus program without any prior notice.

ExpertOption Rating
Demo Account
Minimum Deposit
Initial Deposit Bonus
Maximum Bonus For Current Users
Bonus Expiry
30 days
Account Activation Time
24 Hours

Welcome bonus

The bonus program is a special program that revolves around a welcome bonus for new customers. ExpertOption offers the clients the chance to earn an amount on their initial deposit. 

It is given as a welcome token which aims at winning the customers for a long time. However, we cannot stipulate the amount as ExpertOption holds complete discretion. So, we can say that it may offer a client-specific welcome bonus amount.


Though it may appear as a lucrative offering, the trader must also be aware of the conditions it puts forward. 

  1. Firstly, the bonus balance is a virtual amount, and it is credited to the user under special conditions. The most significant of all is that you can use it only for trading. 

That means ExpertOption does not allow the client to withdraw the bonus amount under any cause. Moreover, it reserves the right to nullify any profits made by such bonuses.

  1. The next condition prevents the client from using the ExperOption bonus for trading if there are real funds already. So, it signifies that the bonus amount is possible only when the real balance is zero or less than that.
  1. If the client uses the bonus and receives profits, ExpertOption shall refill the bonus first. The remaining funds, if any, will be credited to and will reflect on the client’s real balance.
  1. Another point to be careful of is when it comes to closing the trades. If the user decides to close the trade done by bonus before expiry, the bonus won’t be credited back.
  1. Lastly, ExpertOption reserves the right to set limits on the bonus amounts. Therefore, if a trader exceeds the limit, there is a chance that she won’t be able to place any other trade with the bonuses.


The power to nullify and annul the bonuses is reserved with ExpertOption. It can execute the right immediately if the client submits a withdrawal request. Moreover, the bonus can expire if there is no trade for 30 days.

The user should follow all the conditions without fail to avoid any termination. So, if she breaches any of the terms, then ExpertOption can lawfully terminate the bonus program at its discretion. Moreover, the date shall also be determined by ExpertOption only.

Expert Option offers not only attractive conditions. In the education section you have the opportunity to learn a lot about trading.
Expert Option offers not only attractive conditions. In the education section you have the opportunity to learn a lot about trading.

Other types of bonuses in trading

Referral bonus

Referral bonuses are offered to traders who have registered a real account. It can help earn more rewards as it functions on a referral system. The traders need to refer a friend or family member to register a real account with a broker to gain this bonus

Many brokers use it, but ExpertOption does not offer it. Referral bonuses offer the brokers more exposure. It is because it rewards traders based on the number of successful referrals. 

They must register for a real account and deposit a minimum amount. Then they have to perform a certain number of trades also. After that, only they can claim a referral bonus. Therefore, the traders must familiarize themselves with such terms beforehand.

No deposit bonus

It is a bonus provided to traders without requesting any deposit from their side. 

Usually, its size is mediocre and can range between 5 USD and 50 USD. 

Brokers offer it so that traders can become more motivated to complete the operations more effectively.

A no deposit bonus can aid in previewing live conditions, as funds traded are on live servers. A newbie trader needs to note that no deposit bonuses are rare. 

Therefore, you must ensure that the broker offering it is reliable and regulated if you find one. That can prevent any scope of a scam and save your time.

How to use the bonus in ExpertOption?

Using the bonus is simple with ExpertOption. It can help you immensely in your trading. It is the extra money that you get and use to increase the profitability of your deals. With the help of bonuses, you can open deals with bigger amounts.

The amount for bonuses can differ according to the account types. So, we can understand the process with a simple example of a new user. For instance, 

if you deposit $250, $500 will be credited to your account, which means a straightaway double amount. 

However, the deposit should happen within the first hour. Moreover, from a deposit of $1000 onwards, the bonus does not double the deposit. Instead, it adds $500 to it. So, if you deposit $2000, then $500 will be all that is credited to your account. 

The process differs for already existing customers. If they deposit 30, 50, or 100 dollars, they shall receive a 20% bonus. So, if you deposit $100, it will credit you with $120. 

However, $250 and $1000 will get a 30% bonus. The maximum bonus for existing customers can reach up to 50%. It can be claimed by anyone who tops up by $2,500 or more.


ExpertOption is a remarkable online trading company that offers lucrative features. It is among those brokers who offer trading bonuses. We can visibly conclude that certain conditions govern the bonuses offered here

However, the amounts are fair and more attractive than others. So, it can be an ideal choice for any new trader to start with.

FAQ – The most asked questions about Expert Option bonus :

How do I withdraw the bonus from ExpertOption?

Withdrawing the ExpertOption bonus is not permitted. It clearly states the terms in its bonus conditions. Traders can use the bonus only for trading. However, they can withdraw the amount they gain from using the bonus. 

Can you make a withdrawal from the actual balance?

Yes, you can withdraw all profit amounts you made with the help of bonuses. They will be transferred to your real balance and can be withdrawn any time you wish. 

Which kind of Expert Option bonus will I be able to get?

There are welcome, referral, and no deposit bonuses accessible to traders. The Expert Option bonus is the best and the most lucrative. Any trader who signs up on Expert Option and fulfills the trading requirement can access the Expert Option bonus.

Does Expert Option bonus for welcome included in the knowledgeable choice bonus?

The Expert Option bonus program may be a special program that revolves around a welcome bonus for brand-new customers. Expert Option allows traders to earn associate quantity on their initial deposit.

It is a welcome token to win investors for an extended time. However, we tend not to stipulate the quantity as the Expert Option holds complete discretion. So, we can say that it’s going to supply a client-specific welcome bonus amount.

How does one get a knowledgeable associate choice for the Expert Option bonus?

By depositing the quantity of thirty, fifty, or one hundred bucks – you’ll receive a 20% Expert Option bonus. For instance, if you create a deposit of $ 100, the account is attributable to $ 120, and so on. Expert Option will add a half-hour bonus for the amounts of $250 and $100.

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