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The Bitcoin Billionare – Is it a scam or not? Review for traders

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Bitcoin has been gaining so much popularity for the past couple of years. Naturally, newbies and even professional traders are jumping on the trend in hopes of expanding their assets and gaining more profits.

This is why it is so important for traders to partner with the right broker or trading software. In this article, you will get to know Bitcoin Billionaire and all its features. Is it safe? Does it have any fees?

All the information you will find here will help you make an informed decision as to whether this Bitcoin trading software suits your trading style or needs.

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What is Bitcoin Billionaire?

Information about the team of Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin Billionaire is an online crypto trading software that allows clients to trade automatically using a robot. With its automated trading technology, traders who use Bitcoin Billionaire will be able to profit from this asset class with little to no knowledge.

This trading robot was developed a couple of years ago by the Bitcoin Billionaire team. This team comprises of graphic designers and software programmers that share a passion for Bitcoin. They believe in the future of Bitcoin and its potential to grow as a form of currency. This is the main reason why they created this software.

With Bitcoin’s rise in value and popularity, Bitcoin Billionaire’s team is more than eager to develop their product further and share it with the world so that everyone may experience greater profits. According to Bitcoin Billionaire, they prioritize customer satisfaction above anything else.

Is Bitcoin Billionaire legit and safe?

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Since Bitcoin Billionaire is a crypto trading system, the trading robot is not regulated. This is common with many crypto providers. However, Bitcoin Billionaire works with reliable brokers that may be regulated. This always depends on the respective broker.

To ensure maximum safety and legitimacy, Bitcoin Billionaire only partners with registered and regulated brokers. These brokers are handled by regulatory laws under ASIC or Australian Securities and Investments Commission and FCA or the Financial Conduct Authority located in the United Kingdom.

FCA logo

Both of these organizations are broker regulators that have a reputation for giving credit to legit brokers. With proper regulation, clients can rest assured that whatever funds they deposit or earn through the broker or Bitcoin Billionaire are safe and secure.

Bitcoin Billionaire also holds an SSL certificate that allows their website and program to have additional security functions. The SSL certificate allows for data encryption. This means that whatever data you input on Bitcoin Billionaire’s website can not be accessed by hackers or and unwanted software.

How do you create a Bitcoin Billionaire account?

How to create an account with the Bitcoin Billionaire

Creating an account with Bitcoin Billionaire is fast and very easy. It only takes a couple of seconds to input all your details. Signing up is 100% free, and you gain instant access to Bitcoin Billionaire’s platform and multiple features.

The details that you will need to provide are your full name, email address, country of residence, and contact number. Once you submit this information, Bitcoin Billionaire’s partner broker will send you an email to confirm your account.

In this email, you will find your designated password and a link to the broker’s client portal. Using the same account details given to you, you may use this to log into your Bitcoin Billionaire account as well to start using its features.

Furthermore, you will also be required to verify your phone number via phone call. This is so that the broker can verify and validate your account. Expect a call from one of their customer service specialist within the next 30 minutes after your creating your account from Monday to Friday.


Alternatively, you can activate your account yourself by depositing funds to your account with the partnered broker. This amount could be as low as £250 or €250. Immediately after this, you can start trading live either manually or using Bitcoin Billionaire’s robot to trade automatically.

It is important to note that when signing up with Bitcoin Billionaire, their system will choose the most suitable broker for you, depending on your location. Some of the partner brokers that may be assigned to you are 24Option, UFX, or EverFX.

Another thing that should be noted is under Bitcoin Billionaire’s terms of use, only clients above the age of 18 are allowed to use their platform.

How do you deposit and withdraw funds from your Bitcoin Billionaire account?

Since Bitcoin Billionaire is an automated trading robot that acts as a third-party service, you will not directly be depositing funds to them. Instead, the amount you choose to deposit will be sent to your designated broker. Once your funds reflect on your account, you can start trading.

Depending on the broker assigned to you, the available deposit methods will vary. Most brokers, however, accept bank wire transfers, Visa and MasterCard credit or debit cards, and various online payment platforms like Neteller or Skrill. Some brokers may even accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as a source of funds.

To withdraw funds from your Bitcoin Billionaire account, you will need to use your broker’s withdrawal methods. This process usually takes one to two days, and funds will be credited directly to your bank account, card, or online wallet.

Fees for both depositing and withdrawing will vary depending on your broker and your transaction method. But keep in mind that Bitcoin Billionaire won’t charge you any deposit or withdrawal fee.

How does Bitcoin Billionaire work?

How Bitcoin Billionaire works

Since Bitcoin Billionaire is essentially a trading robot, it allows clients to trade automatically on Bitcoin Billionaire’s partnered broker’s platform. Using its web-based trading system, Bitcoin Billionaire opens and closes multiple trades on various assets for their clients.

In addition to this, having partnered with a regulated broker, users of Bitcoin Billionaire will be allowed to use a margin of up to 1:1000 even with the minimum deposit of £250 or €250.

Since all of their trades go through a liquidity provider, loss for spillage will be minimized as well as volatility in prices. This, in turn, allows for fewer drawdowns and, possibly, higher gains. Additionally, high net worth clients can be rest assured that they can place a trade as high as €250,000.

Even though Bitcoin Billionaire’s automated trading robot can function on its own, the trader has the power to adjust some of its settings to match their trading style. Some of the settings that they can change include, but are not limited to, the invested amount per trade, risk level, percentage tolerance in stop loss and take profit levels, and the choice of the asset to be traded.

How to trade with Bitcoin Billionaire

The Bitcoin Billionaire sign up form

To be able to start trading with Bitcoin Billionaire, you will need to deposit a minimum of £250 or €250 to your live account. Once the amount you deposited reflects on your account, you will be able to start trading.

Clients have the option to trade manually using the partnered broker’s platform. Alternatively, clients can opt to trade automatically by utilizing Bitcoin Billionaire’s trading robot. The robot uses statistical analysis that covers a multitude of factors that would affect the success of a trade.

These factors can range from the strength of a trend, the volume traded, and the kind of asset. You could even specify which asset this robot should trade and which ones they should avoid. Bitcoin Billionaire offers four cryptocurrencies. These are Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin (BTC), and Litecoin (LTC).

If you choose to trade automatically, you will need to modify the robot’s settings to suit your specifications in accordance with your trading strategy.

What are the key features of Bitcoin Billionaire?

Bitcoin Billionaire has a ton of features that are proven to be both useful and convenient for most clients. Below are the said features and how they function.

Web platform

Since Bitcoin Billionaire’s platform can be accessed by any web browser, this makes it very convenient for most, if not all, traders. You won’t be required to download any software to be able to use its features. The web platform is very user-friendly, which makes it ideal for traders who are just starting out. But this doesn’t mean that the software is not good enough for well-seasoned traders.

Bitcoin Billionaire’s web platform can also be accessed on browsers on any mobile device or tablet, so you can trade wherever you go.

Mobile app

Bitcoin Billionaire also has a mobile application that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The interface of the application is more mobile-friendly. Here, you can see the top gainers and losers in the cryptocurrency market, as well as trending assets and their corresponding charts for the day. You will also see a breakdown of the performance of select coins all in one screen.

The mobile application also supports automatic trading which, effectively reduces your effort and time in planning out or setting up trades. Additionally, the application supports more than 17 different languages, which include English, Spanish, and Russian, to name a few.

Live automated trading

With Bitcoin Billionaire’s proprietary trading system, it would only take a few minutes of your time in a day to set up this trading software. You could customize it to your liking and select which assets to trade.

With the use of a margin of up to 1:1000, clients can effectively increase their buying power through their designated broker. It is important to note, however, that losses incurred through Bitcoin Billionaire will also be magnified depending on the margin you decide to utilize.

To view all of the possible calibrations you can make for this software, it is suggested that you create an account and access their platform.

Manual trading

Aside from the live automated trading that Bitcoin Billionaire offers, they also cater to clients that would prefer to trade manually. This is possible through Bitcoin Billionaire’s proprietary web-based platform or through the partnered broker assigned to you.

With this, you could either go long or short with margin on the assets that you choose to trade.

Demo account

Upon creating an account with Bitcoin Billionaire, you will be given access to both demo and live accounts. Demo accounts are useful in experimenting with what your trading robot can do without the risk of losing your hard-earned cash. In addition to this, it is important to track your robot’s performance and compare it to other bots in the industry.

The demo account is also useful for beginners because they can practice trading on it with zero risks. They can practice for as much as they want to hone their skills and gain more knowledge before trading with real money.

Advantages of Bitcoin Billionaire

Advantages of Bitcoin Billionaire

When using Bitcoin Billionaire’s system, clients are able to enjoy zero commissions and zero-fee automated trading. Signing up is also 100% free, easy, and you won’t need to download the software. You can easily access this through any browser on your desktop or any mobile device.

Bitcoin Billionaire’s proprietary trading system is easy to use, even for beginners. Its simple interface allows you to quickly find what you are looking for and promptly set up your desired settings.

There are multiple payment methods when it comes to depositing funds into your Bitcoin Billionaire account. These methods include bank wire transfer, Visa and MasterCard credit, and debit card, and online payment platforms such as Skrill and Neteller. These methods also double as withdrawal methods to make the process easier on the client’s end.

According to Bitcoin Billionaire’s website, their well-developed system has a high accuracy rate for trading. Aside from this, it is also highly profitable, boasting a high ROI of up to 60%.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin Billionaire

One disadvantage of Bitcoin Billionaire is the risk involved. No matter what broker or third-party service that you use, risk will always be involved. But this can be minimized if you’re extra cautious and only invest what you can afford to lose.

The website has very little information on the team that created Bitcoin Billionaire. They don’t disclose the names of the members of the team, and they’re very vague when it comes to the date of the creation of the software. This is not really a huge disadvantage to most traders since these are arguably trivial information to some.

Another disadvantage reported by users is the delay in withdrawal. On average, it takes up to two days for your funds to reflect on your bank account.

Tips and tricks

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Thousands of traders, regardless if they’re newbies or veterans, have profited from the rise of the price of bitcoin from $4000 to $60000. That’s why you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity. Once you’re a client of Bitcoin Billionaire, you can avail of their trading robot that will give you consistent and high ROI profits. To take advantage of this as soon as possible, it is suggested that you put in even the minimum amount to invest in them and watch your capital grow.

Even before participating in trading, however, be sure to research even a bit to know what you’re getting into. Knowing more about cryptocurrencies, in general, will give you an upper hand and will open your world to more ideas to invest in. Each cryptocurrency is different in terms of purpose and classification. Invest in what you believe in after your DD or due diligence, and you will be successful in the crypto trading world.


Make use of Bitcoin Billionaire’s demo account since this gives you risk-free access to everything that Bitcoin Billionaire has to offer as well as the ability to utilize your designated broker’s platform and services as well. Not a lot of brokers and third-party services allow you to experiment with their proprietary trading system, so take the time out to study their trading robot, and you may someday be even able to trade on your own or with minimal guidance from trading signals.

With only a few minutes per day to set up your automatic trading robot, you can go on with the things that you regularly do. This passive source of income that only requires a moment of your time is worth it and should be taken advantage of.

If you are doubtful of your trading robot’s performance, you can always try their service in their demo account, or you can also manually track the historical performance of their system after backtesting. Remember to jot down the win rate, average profit, and average loss to compare these data to other robots in the market. Daily and historical drawdowns are additional data you could take note of.

While Bitcoin Billionaire does boast high probability trades, it’s a rule of thumb that you must still do adequate position sizing in each of your trades. Never go all in because a single mistake in the system or perhaps a single instance of volatility in the markets might be too much for your portfolio to handle. To fix this, only allot a certain amount for your trades. In addition, never forget to occasionally take your profits for you to enjoy and to lessen your risk and exposure as well.

Customer support of Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin Billionaire’s customer support representatives are available 24/7 to answer your queries or assist you when it comes to using their software. It won’t take more than a minute to contact them via telephone.

You also have the option to send them an email. Just click on the “contact us” tab on Bitcoin Billionaire’s website, and you will be redirected to their online form. Here, you will have to input your complete name and email address. Type down your question or problem on the message tab and hit send.

Keep in mind that it may take one to two business days before they address your concern via email.

The Bitcoin Billionaire

The Bitcoin Billionaire is a trading robot worth trying.

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The Bitcoin Billionaire is an automated trading platform.


Frequently asked questions about Bitcoin Billionaire:

How much can I earn with Bitcoin Billionaire?

According to Bitcoin Billionaire, if you have deposited at least £250 or €250, you can earn up to $150 each day.

Can I delete my Bitcoin Billionaire account?

It is possible to delete your account if you wish to do so, but you will need to withdraw all your funds first. Once you no longer have any funds in your account, you can send a request to the broker and Bitcoin Billionaire to delete your account.

Will I be able to withdraw cryptocurrency from my Bitcoin Billionaire account?

Since the withdrawal is processed by the partnered broker, it is not possible to withdraw Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Instead, your funds will be converted to your desired currency.

Are there any fees I should know about?

Bitcoin Billionaire does not charge any fees. However, third-party platforms, including the partnered broker, may charge a commission that the client will have to shoulder.

Which countries are accepted by Bitcoin Billionaire?

Bitcoin Billionaire accepts traders from around the globe.

Below is a list of all the eligible countries:

Afghanistan Algeria Albania American Samoa
Andorra Anguilla Angola Antigua and Barbuda
Armenia Argentina Australia Aruba
Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain Bahamas
Belize Belgium Belarus Barbados
Bangladesh Benin Bhutan British Virgin Islands
Bolivia Botswana Brazil Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bermuda Brunei Bulgaria British Indian Ocean Territory
Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroon Caribbean Netherlands
Canada Cape Verde Cambodia Cayman Islands
Chad Chile China Central African Republic
Christmas Island Cocos Islands Colombia Congo
Comoros Cook Islands Cote d’Ivoire Costa Rica
Cuba Croatia Curacao Cyprus
Czech Republic Denmark Dominica Djibouti
Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt El Salvador
Eritrea Equatorial Guinea Estonia Ethiopia
Fiji Finland Faroe Islands Falkland Islands
French Guiana France French Polynesia Gabon
Gambia Georgia Ghana Germany
Greece Gibraltar Greenland Grenada
Guam Guadeloupe Guatemala Guinea
Guernsey Guinea-Bissau Guyana Hong Kong
Honduras Haiti Hungary Iceland
India Iraq Indonesia Iran
Ireland Isle of Man Italy Israel
Jamaica Japan Jordan Jersey
Kenya Kazhakstan Kiribati Kenya
Kuwait Kosovo Kyrgyzstan Latvia
Laos Lebanon Lesotho Liberia
Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Libya
Macedonia Macau Malawi Madagascar
Mali Maldives Malta Marshall Islands
Martinique Mauritius Mauritania Mayotte
Mexico Moldavia Micronesia Monaco
Montenegro Mongolia Montserrat Morocco
Myanmar Mozambique Nambia Nauru
Netherlands Nepal New Zealand New Caledonia
Nicaragua Nigeria Niger Niue
North Korea Norfolk Island Norway Northern Mariana Islands
Oman Palau Pakistan Panama
Palestine Paraguay Philippines Papua New Guinea
Paraguay Peru Poland Portugal
Puerto Rico Reunion Qatar Romania
Russia Rwanda Saint Helena Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Barthelemy Saint Lucia Saint Martin Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Samoa San Marino Saudi Arabia Sao Tome and Principe
Senegal Serbia Seychelles Singapore
Sierra Leone Sint Maarten Slovenia Slovakia
Somalia South Africa South Korea Solomon Islands
South Sudan Sri Lanka Spain Sudan
Suriname Switzerland Swaziland Svalbard and Jan Mayen
Sweden Syria Taiwan Tanzania
Tajikistan Timor-Leste Thailand Tokelau
Togo Tonga Tunisia Trinidad and Tobago
Turkey Turkmenistan Tuvalu Turks and Caicos Islands
US Virgin Islands Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates
United State United Kingdom Uzbekistan Uruguay
Vatican City Vanuatu Venezuela Vietnam
Wallis and Futuna Western Sahara Yemen Zambia