Profit Revolution review: Is it a scam or not? – Real test of the robot

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Cryptocurrency trading

Getting invested with crypto may sometimes take too much of your time. Even more, you fail to be up to date with the crypto market trades. Automated trading allows you to participate in cryptocurrency trading without having to continually watch your computer. Using algorithms, it purchases and sells your bitcoins at predetermined intervals. Automated cryptocurrency trading is a fantastic choice whether you don’t have the time to trade bitcoin or you don’t want to purchase and keep it. 

There are numerous different ones to choose from. Let’s check out this one – Profit Revolution!

What is Profit Revolution? – The robot presented

It is an automated software that examines cryptocurrency markets and then uses that information to execute automated trading. Profit Revolution is now available for download. 

With the help of powerful algorithms paired with artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, it gathers cryptocurrency market data. It decodes it and makes predictions about the price movement of the various cryptocurrencies provided on the platform. The robot then automatically generates an order to commence or close a trade in a digital asset. The transaction is completed in seconds with no human intervention.

This allows expert traders to place their trades based on predetermined criteria, which saves time and reduces errors in the process. Traders may customize the robot’s software by specifying specifics such as the cryptocurrency asset to trade, a stop loss, profits, and so on. Over the day, the crypto bot monitors the market for things that meet the trader’s exact specifications. If the system determines that the specified parameters have been satisfied, the transaction is automatically performed.

Regulation and safety

In addition to providing genuine trading services for trading in digital currencies, Profit Revolution also offers automated and manual trading services. The consequences of cryptocurrency trading may be forecasted using technical approaches, allowing traders to enter profitable transactions. Many positive evaluations of the Profit Revolution app are available on the internet, which confirms the program’s efficiency.

Alternatively, the robot’s official website employs deceptive claims, unsupported testimonials, and fraudulent claims to get attention. As a consequence of the money earned by the robot, the website promotes individuals as obtaining luxury services – which is just not true. Because of the various clips, you will not be able to produce as much money every day as indicated on the company’s official website. Many celebrities are featured on its website, giving the impression that they are linked with Profit Revolution.

How does Profit Revolution work? – The trading platform

To conduct trading research and execute transactions, Profit Revolution relies on artificial intelligence and the Blockchain. Profit Revolution trading research is enabled by artificial intelligence and its subsets of deep learning DL, machine learning ML, and natural language processing NLP. These are all said to have an accuracy level of over 90%.

Moreover, with such a high degree of accuracy, it is claimed that the bot is right in nine out of 10 deals executed. Furthermore, machine-learning ml enables the robot to develop itself as it deals with a variety of datasets and, as a result, achieves better performance. Profit Revolution is equipped with natural language processing (NLP) language and deep learning (DL). This allows it to undertake fundamental and technical analysis at lightning speed, precisely like expert traders do but at a far faster rate. Profit Revolution analyzes the market for marketable qualitative data in the context of fundamental research. This includes articles in the press and posts on social media. Profit Revolution can detect the difference between legitimate news sources and phony news sources, which is amusing. 

Did you know?

This bot can examine patterns on hundreds of charts and provide high-quality trading signals based on technical analysis. All of this takes place in a fraction of a second, allowing Profit Revolution to outperform the competition and bear the market.

Guide to opening an account

Step 1: Register

Creating an account with Profit Revolution is a quick and straightforward procedure. Go to the Profit Revolution web page and fill out the information asked on the provided form to get started with the program. 

The terms and conditions of the company will be shown to you, and you will be given the option of choosing whether or not you desire to receive offers from them through email. It is advised that you check both items on the checklist. During this operation, a password must also be generated. To protect accounts, Profit Revolution requires that its users generate secure passwords.

Step 2: Make a deposit

You will be connected with a Profit Revolution account manager when you have finished the registration procedure. Your account manager will assist you in setting up your trading account in the most efficient manner. 

Making a minimum deposit of $250 into your account is necessary to activate the auto trading option on your account. Your initial capital investment in the trading application will be represented by this deposit, which is non-returnable in nature. You won’t have to worry about your information being leaked or used for fraudulent reasons by third parties since Profit Revolution performs all transactions online. Your information is protected by an SSL certificate.

Step 3: Demo trading 

Profit Revolution offers you the opportunity to hone your trading abilities on a simulated account before investing real money. While using the demo trade mode of the platform, you will be able to practice trading for as long as you like. That this function does not need the usage of actual money is its most appealing feature. 

Beginning with a trial account is highly recommended for all users, new and seasoned alike. When it comes to first-time traders, this tool is excellent since it allows you to practice trading until you are ready to trade live with your real account.

Step 4: Trading real-time

Once you have grown comfortable with trading in the demo account, you may go to real trading mode to practice more. It is possible to automate your bitcoin trading by utilizing the slider. The only thing left to do before you can begin trading is to await the aid of your account manager with the configuration of your trading settings. 

The bitcoin bot discovers new opportunities by scouring the marketplaces for fresh opportunities. It carries out the transaction through a broker with whom it has formed a partnership. Traders can define different criteria on the dashboard for manual trading while they are performing this task. Make sure to use our trading tips to get the best results.

Withdrawing money

After your withdrawal application has been reviewed and accepted, the funds will be credited to your account. This is within 24 hours of submission. This means you won’t have to worry about spending all your money on your cash.

Costs and Fees of using the Profit Revolution

Unlike other trading platforms, Profit Revolution does not charge customers on its system. It derives all of its revenue only from the spreads that exist between the bid and asks prices. During their time trading on the site, users will take advantage of any and all earnings. Payment providers charge fees for each transaction. The payment provider you select to generate deposits or withdrawals may charge you a fee for each contract.

Does Profit Revolution have quality customer service?

If you have any questions, you may contact Profit Revolution’s customer support department at any time of the day. Their customer support representatives are polite, competent, and well-equipped, and they are available from Monday through Friday. 

Furthermore, Profit Revolution offers a variety of communication options, including phone, email, and live chat, among others. As a result, you may also contact them through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Other Features of Profit Revolution


Profit Revolution makes use of a feature that automates the distribution of winnings. This was a fantastic idea in terms of execution. It is a very convenient solution that does not necessitate the use of a prompt. 

The payment tool will be able to calculate your winnings immediately following the completion of a live trading session. Funds will be sent into your Profit Revolution trading account. There are no additional fees or charges.

System of verification

Once you have signed up for the trading platform, you will be required to validate your identity before you can log in and trade. 

This follows the various Know Your Customer (KYC) rules that the platform must follow. For things to go well, you must ensure that the information you supply when creating your account is valid. A photo of your government-issued identity, as well as a copy of your energy bill, will be requested. This is to verify that the personal information you have supplied is valid.

Brokers are regulated

Financial service in most nations, bitcoin trading, is regarded as such in the majority of countries. The result is that several different authorities will need these platforms that facilitate the activity. This is to check several boxes before they are permitted to function inside their separate regions of control. It is important to note that Profit Revolution is a worldwide trading platform. As such, it maintains good working relationships with several well-regarded brokerage firms. As a result, traders may trade on Profit Revolution from anywhere in the globe. 

All of these brokers are regulated by the proper authorities in their different countries is the most significant factor to consider.

An interface that is simple to utilize

Profit Revolution does not need the acquisition of any particular skills or expertise before its use. Once your account has been set up and your trading money has been deposited, the only thing left to do is press the “Go Live” button. If you’re seeking a way to enter the bitcoin market, this bot comes highly recommended by our team.


After this review, Profit Revolution is a legitimate platform whose robot has received outstanding evaluations on the internet. The majority of reviewers stated that it constantly produces results. Furthermore, this spotter’s data security measures are of military-grade quality. It is consistent with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With a $250 deposit, you may go ahead and give this place a chance. However, do not make any more deposits until you are delighted with how it works.

Overall, if you’ve had any reservations about it due to its widespread popularity spread, rest assured that it is a legitimate trading platform. So, give it a go, offer the platform to your friends and coworkers interested in online trading! Then share your thoughts with us in the comments area below about your experience with the site.

Frequently asked questions:

Profit Revolution

The Profit Revolution auto trading software comes with features such as manual trading options, a demo version + important trading parameters, and signals.

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Profit Revolution is legit. With the demo account, you can give the software a try without taking any risks.


FAQ – The most asked questions about Profit Revolution :

Is there a Profit Revolution mobile application?

While there is no downloaded mobile application for the Profit Revolution, it qualifies as a mobile application in and of itself. It can be viewed on smartphones and other devices such as tablets and iPhones, considered mobile devices. Because it can be viewed using standard browsers already installed on mobile phones. There is no need to download or install the application.

Is using Profit Revolution secured?

While there is no downloaded mobile application for the Profit Revolution, it qualifies as a mobile application in and of itself. It can be viewed on smartphones and other devices such as tablets and iPhones, considered mobile devices. Because it can be viewed using standard browsers already installed on mobile phones. There is no need to download or install the application.

How long will it take to master trading?

There is no universal answer to this topic since the time required varies from individual to person. The more constant you are with the app and your research, the more quickly you will become a more confident trader in the market. Keep in mind that simply using the app does not imply that you will become a successful trader. Trading is also about continuously obtaining knowledge that may be used to impact your decision-making process. Suppose you actually want to improve your trading skills. In that case, it is recommended that you begin by observing and understanding market behavior and trends.

What is a Profit Revolution?

Profit Revolution is an automatic trading tool that can predict market moves even before a trader does. Thanks to technological advancements, it enables one to choose the best transactions.

What is the starting deposit amount for Profit Revolution?

You need just $250 in capital to start trading with us. Funds from the accounts are withdrawn using any of their affiliate brokers. There are no transaction fees, and your trading account receives the funds in less than a second. A $250 deposit is sufficient to generate gains of up to $300 per day when the proper trading parameters are implemented, and the business conditions are favorable. 

What are the potential earnings of Profit Revolution?

Because everything depends on the sum of cash invested and the degree of leverage employed, it isn’t easy to forecast how much money one might make in the cryptocurrency market. Profit Revolution asserts that their winning transaction success rate can reach 85%.

Is the trading platform of Profit Revolution reliable and credible?

Yeah! The Profit Revolution website is powered by encryption to ensure that no outside entity may enter and steal information.