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Crypto Revolt review: Is it a scam or legit? – Review based on real test of Crypto Revolt

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If you are considering an investment in cryptocurrency and do not know how to start, you have visited the right page. You may have heard of the bitcoin ‘robot’ but are unsure how they work.

Commonly referred to as bitcoin robots, these trading robots are designed to help inexperienced crypto traders to make a profit in the crypto space. Expert traders also use them for their efficiency and profit potential. People have taken advantage of this trading tool since they flooded the market around five years ago. And users have grown their investments and wealth with it.

Crypto Revolt is one of these trading robots that has gained fame among users on the internet. Its owners claim the robot is highly accurate in its predictions, with a 90% win rate.

In this review, we investigate this claim and bring you all you need to know about this robot trader.

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Crypto Revolt review summary:

  • It is legit
  • Claims a 90% win rate
  • Offers the opportunity to trade bitcoin and altcoins such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc.
  • Withdrawals are credited within 24 hours 
  • No demo accounts 
  • The trading platform is SSL certified. 
  • Offer multiple deposit options

What is Crypto Revolt? – The robot presented

Available cryptocurrencies on Crypto Revolt

Many people dream of making a huge profit by trading in cryptocurrency, but the high level of risks makes them scared to try.

Crypto Revolt claims to be able to reduce this risk through the use of modern technologies. With Crypto Revolt, the chance of making a profit on your trade is 90% magnified.

The robot is designed with modern technologies to analyze the market and make intelligent trading choices for its user. It can quickly find the perfect trading opportunity and execute the trade to make a massive profit for the trader.

Is Crypto Revolt a scam?

No. Our findings show that the robot has existed since 2019 and gradually increased its customer base over time. Its users have given good reports about this bot, and from our tests, we can conclude that the bot is not a scam.

How does Crypto Revolt work? – The trading platform explained

Once the user turns it on, the robot automatically connects to the crypto market. Using intelligent algorithms, it searches for the best trading opportunity by analyzing information and trends in the market. Once it finds a profitable opportunity, it sends it to your online broker, who places the trade.

This whole process is said to take only a few minutes to complete. But the trader must have credited their account with the funds first. As we mentioned, the minimum deposit for trading on Crypto Revolt is $250.

How to start trading with Crypto Revolt

Purple Crypto revolt button to become a member

The steps to trading with Crypto Revolt are signing up, depositing funds into your account, and starting live trading. You can sign up by clicking on the “BECOME A CRYPTO REVOLT MEMBER NOW” button on their website.

How to sign up for Crypto Revolt

The sign up form of Crypto revolt

Head to the platform’s official website and enter your name, email, phone, and username in the sign-up box.

You should receive a confirmation email that will contain a verification link. Click on the link to verify the details you entered.

The process is almost complete at this point. A consultant will contact you to finish up this account setup. They may request some ID and proof of address as part of the KYC requirements. Sending them scanned copies should suffice.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency rising in value

Deposit funds in your account

Your account is not fully active until you deposit money. The minimum amount accepted by the platform is $250. The platform offers multiple options to make this deposit, including Neteller, Bank transfers, and credit and debit cards.

It is essential to note that your Forex broker will be handling the money aspects of the trading process. Your deposits and withdrawals will be processed through the broker. Crypto Revolt is not a financial institution and therefore can not deal with people’s funds. It is a programmed software used for trading in the crypto market. 


We always advise users of robot traders to double-check the broker they’re assigned. And ensure this broker adheres to all necessary financial regulations in their region before making any deposit. 

Unfortunately, this platform does not offer the opportunity for testing with a demo. Though, most robot trading platforms are like that. They claim that this is unnecessary since the trading process runs on automation.

Start trading with Crypto Revolt 

Crypto revolt trading chart

Your deposit should be credited to your account within minutes.

Before you trade, you can customize the trading robot to your trading preferences before you start. The platform allows you to set your desired trading hours, amount to stake, etc. You can also set your risk limit by placing stop-loss or take-profit. Once you have customized the settings to your liking, you can start trading for real.

Regulation and safety of funds

Crypto Revolt claims to be in league with licensed brokers worldwide.  A licensed broker has met all required standards and operates under the licensed body’s laid down rules and policies. Traders feel at ease dealing with such brokers because these policies protect their funds. 

Despite this, we advise you always to confirm that you have been paired with a licensed broker before crediting your account. You can do this by checking the broker’s profile on the internet.  The Crypto Revolt platform is said to be highly encrypted and runs under an SSL license. Traders’ details and tokens will be safe from hackers.

Withdraw your earnings from Crypto Revolt

Profit follows live trading on this App, from what we gathered. Users can withdraw their profit anytime they like. To do this, click on the funds’ management icon on your dashboard. It then takes you to your broker’s page. The withdrawal request form will be displayed for you to fill it.

Once you have completed the form, your broker receives this request and processes it. Your withdrawal is then credited to your account within 24 hours of the request.  There are no fees for this, and your profit is credited in full. There are no commission deductions. 

Advantages of trading with Crypto Revolt

Woman trades cryptocurrencies on Crypto Revolt

1. Reduced trading risks

As a result of intelligent algorithms and modern technologies, the robot makes the correct trading choices nine times out of 10. This is a far better option for traders compared to manual trading and the average bot on the internet.

2. Customizable trading robot

You can customize the platform to suit your preferred trading style. If you love to trade at high risk or low, the App accommodates all. Experienced traders who prefer manual trading can combine their analysis with the robot’s insights and execute their trades however they want.

3. Simple and easy to use

Users can find all the necessary tabs easily. A trading guide is also provided; you can read or refer to it anytime.

4. Readily available customer support

Good customer service adds to the credibility of a platform. Crypto Revolt offers 24-7 customer support via live chat or email. And the support service is reportedly helpful and responds quickly. 

5. Regulated broker partners

Crypto Revolt allegedly collaborates with only licensed brokers with a good reputation. Users can rest assured that their deposits are safe. And they can have access to professional support services from the broker.

6. Free trading accounts

Crypto Revolt is a free robot trader. There are no fees on brokerage services, transactions, or commissions. All its services are free, and users get to keep all their profits.

Disadvantages of trading with Crypto Revolt

Various cryptocurrencies, including ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin and others

1. No demo açcounts

Demo accounts are not offered to users. New traders may want an opportunity to test the robot before investing, and this might be a deal-breaker for them.

2. Not available in some countries

Crypto Revolt is not available in some countries. Some countries in North America may not be able to access this robot.

3. Several fake websites

There are more than a couple of websites claiming to be Crypto Revolt’s official website. It might confuse a new user who wishes to open an account.

Conclusion – Crypto Revolt is a genuine trading robot

Bitcoin available for trading on Crypto Revolt

From our research and analysis, we can safely say that Crypto Revolt is a genuine trading bot. Its claim about generating profit for its user is also accurate. Many have said that cryptocurrency is here to stay, and the opportunities are infinite. 

With Crypto Revolt, anyone can benefit from these opportunities and grow their wealth as long as they bear in mind that the risks of loss still exist and they exercise caution in their investments. 


We recommend only the minimum initial deposit for new traders. Start small, and then grow your investments bit by bit. With the Crypto Revolt App, anyone can trade the cryptocurrency market.

Crypto Revolt

The Crypto Revolt allegedly collaborates with only licensed brokers with a good reputation.

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 Crypto Revolt is a legit trading platform that does not offer a free demo account.


Frequently asked questions about Crypto Revolt:

What is Crypto Revolt?

Crypto Revolt is a robot that can execute profitable trades for its user in the cryptocurrency market. It scans the market and finds the best opportunity with high potential profit, and it places the trades to generate returns for the user.

Is Crypto Revolt a profitable trading bot?

People have reported making a daily profit using this robot. Some claim to have made up to $1000 per day, and others claim to make between $100 – $500. Based on these claims and its accuracy rate, the App appears profitable. But keep in mind that several factors determine profits. And users’ experience can vary. Sometimes, profit also depends on the trader’s education, expertise, and style.

Did any celebrity endorse Crypto Revolt?

No. We did not find any evidence to confirm this rumor. No celebrities are trading with this bot or affiliating with the platform. Most automated trading platforms use these tactics to gain attention and attract users. It is better to seek independent users’ testimonials and try out the platform’s demo to see what it offers. Any news or promotions about any celebrity using this App are false.

How much does Crypto Revolt charge?

Crypto Revolt is free of charge. There are no fees attached to any of its services. Traders get to keep all their profits, too, with no commissions deducted. But keep in mind that your bank or the payment channel you use may charge you for deposits and withdrawals. Crypto Revolt is not responsible for those fees.

What is the minimum deposit on a Crypto Revolt account?

Crypto Revolt accepts a minimum deposit of $250 before you can trade with the bot. Deposits can be made through popular payment channels on the internet or bank/wire transfer. 

How much can I make trading with Crypto Revolt?

The possibility of making huge returns appears good. Users allegedly make up $1000 per day. Others have claimed to make between $100 and $500. But these are just claims by independent users and may not apply to everyone. Also, keep in mind that these claims may be part of the marketing ploy to bring in more users. The robot is not 100% perfect, and profit is not entirely guaranteed. The size of your capital and the market conditions are significant determinants of profits.

Does Crypto Revolt have a smartphone App?

No, there is no downloadable App for this bot. But this is good because the trading platform is accessible on mobile phones through any browser. No need for downloads or frequent upgrades.