Bitcoin UP review – Is it legit or a scam? – Review based on real test of the Bitcoin UP

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The bitcoin craze gave rise to the creation of many other cryptocurrencies. As the amount of these digital currencies increased, it became an asset class in its own right and the opportunities to make money with it expanded too. Before long, many trading ‘robots’ were introduced to the financial market to help everyone take part in the opportunities that exist in this new asset class. 

Bitcoin up is one of the numerous trading ‘robots’ for cryptocurrency on the internet. It claims a win rate of 98% and promises daily huge gains to its users. The crypto market is the most volatile among all the other assets in the financial market. It is hard to believe that a robot trading app can accurately forecast the market’s next move 98% of the time.

In this review, we examine this claim, and more importantly, we investigate the platform’s legitimacy. Is it true that traders have a 98% chance of making a daily profit with this bot? The 98% win rate claim was impossible to verify. 

What is Bitcoin UP? – The robot presented

The bitcoin up is a robot designed to help users trade profitably in the crypto market. This trading app was supposedly released into the market in 2015. Since then, traders have continued to flock to it. This is due to the positive testimonials given by its users. The app is said to be an intelligent and simplistic trading bot, requiring no technical skills or too much time from users. Like other automated trading apps, this one performs all the trading operations for its users.

 All that is required is to turn it off and on and set some trading parameters based on your choice and risk appetite.  Many users reportedly make money daily trading with this bot. Some have claimed that a $1000 daily profit is possible here.

Here’s a summary of this review:

  • The robot trader seems legit
  • It supposedly entered the market around 2015
  • Claims a win rate of 98%
  • Requires a minimum deposit of $250/€250 
  • Withdrawals are credited within 48 hours.
  • Supports Bitcoin and altcoins like Ethereum, Cardano, dogecoin, Binance coin, and litecoin
  • The software was supposedly developed by a Harry Johnson
  • Offers free demo trial

Is Bitcoin up safe?

Based on our research, Bitcoin UP is entirely genuine and safe. It works in partnership with reputable and licensed brokers. And in the last 5-years, its users have continued to increase and have mostly given positive testimonials about their experience with the app. This is sufficient proof that the platform offers the service it claims.

How does Bitcoin up work? – The trading platform

The bitcoin up software is said to use AI, machine learning, and other fancy technologies to trade the crypto market.  With the help of these modern technologies, the bot studies the market conditions and comes up with analytical insights. Based on this insight, it places a trade for the user according to the best opportunity for the highest profit.

The trader does not have to do anything but turn it off and on. And, if necessary, set the desired trading strategy. A new account has to be credited with $250/€250 to get it fully activated. With funds in the account, once it is on, it automatically seeks and executes the best trade for the user, irrespective of the market conditions. 

How to trade with a bitcoin up bot?

You will have to complete 3-compulsory steps to trade cryptocurrencies with this bot.

You need to register

By visiting its official website, you can enter your details in the registration box. After this, you will receive a verification link in your email. Once you click on the link, the details presented will be confirmed on their system.  A partnered broker will then contact you to finish up the registration process. 

As part of the KYC requirements by its regulatory body, the broker may request to see your ID before they can proceed. Uploading a scanned copy of this will be enough.

Free demo for trade tests

A free optional demo trial is available in case you would like to test the app beforehand. You will find virtual funds on the account to run this test. We advise new users to take this opportunity to understand how autopilot trading works. You can try out all the features and trading parameters without risking your funds. It helps you experience the trading platform before you actually trade with it.

Deposit funds in your account

Once the registration is complete and approved, you will have to credit your new account with at least the minimum deposit requested. In this case, $250/€250.

Bitcoin up provides several deposit options to make it easy for traders to fund their accounts. Debit cards, credit cards, and wire transfers are all acceptable. The broker handles this deposit and ensures that your account is credited with the full sum.

Start live trading with bitcoin up

Once your account is funded, you can start trading live. The user interface is straightforward, and all the useful tabs can be easily found on the dashboard. You can customize the settings to suit your trading style. 

For new or inexperienced traders, before you begin, we advise you to turn on some risk management features like stop-loss or take-profit orders. That way, you can safely trade on your preferred risk limit.

How to withdraw your profit from Bitcoin up app

From the information we gathered, you would earn a profit soon after you start trading live. To claim your profit, there’s a fund management tab visible on the dashboard. Once you click on it, you will be automatically directed to your broker’s page. Remember, we said the broker handles the funds part of the trading process. 

On your broker’s page, a withdrawal request form pops up on the screen for you to fill out. Fill out the necessary details and click OK. Your profit will then be converted to your local currency and credited to your bank account. This process is said to take a maximum of 48 hours.

Unique features of the Bitcoin up trading bot?

  • Highest accuracy: The platform claims the highest accuracy rate in the industry at 98%. It is said to employ some fancy techniques and trade the crypto market round the clock at “high frequency” to bring the user the most profitable trade signals. Traders will rest assured that almost all their trades will yield a good profit. 
  • Trade on autopilot: The bot is programmed to take full advantage of the constant price change in the crypto market. The user does not have to make any effort. Though there is an option for manual trading, it is alleged that the best way to use this app is to go full auto trading with it. 
  • Reputable broker: Bitcoin up partners with the industry’s most reputable brokers to bring users the best service. Its brokers are all licensed and well-known globally. Traders can be confident of getting outstanding brokerage services as they trade.
  • Safe and secure platform: As we mentioned, bitcoin up is in partnership with globally recognized brokers who are well-regulated. Trader funds are safely separated from brokers as part of regulatory policies. Also, the trading platform is encrypted for the safety of personal details and users’ tokens. 
  • Excellent support service: The platform boasts excellent customer support services that are available 24-7 for users. People have reported that the support service readily responds and resolves issues effectively.
  • Advanced technologies to keep you ahead of competitors: The bitcoin up app uses highly sophisticated technologies like AI, time-leap, and machine learning to trade the cryptocurrency market. With these technologies, the bot can adjust quickly to the dynamism of the market and make intelligent trading decisions by staying ahead of the market.
  • Easily customizable: The app allows users to choose how they would like to trade.

Experienced traders who prefer to trade manually can choose the option. You will be able to adjust your risk settings, choose your desired contract size, trading time, etc.

A summary of bitcoin up pros and cons


  1. User-friendly platform
  2. Licensed brokers
  3. Safe and secure trading platform
  4. Outstanding customer service 
  5. Good customers rating


  1. Unverified accuracy claim
  2. Misleading promotion about celebrities using the robot.
  3. Brokers are assigned randomly by the software. Users can not choose their broker.

Is bitcoin up legit? Conclusion

According to our research, bitcoin up looks to be a legit trading robot. That said, users should be careful not to completely rely on robot trading apps because these apps are not 100% perfect. We should reiterate that the accuracy claim remains unverified. Although users make a profit from using this bot, it is unlikely that a $1000 profit can be made daily from a $250 capital. This claim might be a marketing ploy to get more people to sign up.

Also, we investigated the promotions regarding famous celebrities using this bot. And we found it to be false. Keanu Reeves, Elon Musk, Gordon Ramsey, and all those other celebrities have NO affiliation with bitcoin up whatsoever. The people behind these types of apps usually use such tactics to garner attention and gain more customers. Potential users should ignore false rumors about celebrities and focus on what active users say about the platform. You should also take advantage of the demo trial to test its functionality and see if the platform is for you or not. 

Bitcoin Up

Bitcoin up offers automated trading software.

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So, is the bitcoin up a scam? No. The robot seems to be a genuine auto trader for cryptocurrencies. And according to users, the app generates profit for them consistently. Though, we could not confirm its exact accuracy level.


FAQ – The most asked questions about bitcoin up:

What is bitcoin up?

Bitcoin up is a trading robot designed to help users make a profit in the crypto market. It is fully automated and so, on behalf of its user, it handles almost all the aspects of trading. 

How much do I need to begin trading with bitcoin up?

Bitcoin up accepts a minimum deposit of $250. This deposit can be paid through any of the popular payment channels online like Paypal, Visa card, Mastercard, or bank transfer.

Does bitcoin up work?

Bitcoin up was released into the market sometime in 2015. Since then, users have traded the crypto market with it. People have reported making daily profits of up to $1000 on this app.

Is bitcoin up safe?

The bitcoin-up platform is said to be highly encrypted, keeping customers’ details and tokens safe from cyber attacks. It is also in partnership with renowned global licensed brokers. Users have a sense of safety with this platform.

Does bitcoin up have a mobile app?

The bitcoin up app is web-based and can be accessed using any browser on your mobile phone or computer. The app does not require a download, maintenance, or upgrade. But traders can log in on their mobile phone browsers to trade.

How much can I make on bitcoin up app?

Apart from the market conditions, your capital largely determines how much you can earn trading with this bot. People have reported making around 10% of their stakes per day. A few others claimed to have made up to $1200 from a $250 capital. While this may be true, it can not be the case for everyone. Many factors determine profit in the digital currency market.

What do you mean by Bitcoin Up?

The Bitcoin Up platform is designed to have an automated trading platform to generate profits of up to $10,000 for users by trading Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. The program is intriguing since it allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies without having any prior understanding of Bitcoin trading.

Is Bitcoin Up a true phenomenon?

A trading robot called Bitcoin Up claims that it can use an algorithm to automatically conduct transactions in the cryptocurrency market. Although this claim has not been independently verified, Bitcoin Up claims to have been on its official website for nearly five years.

Is Bitcoin Up a wise investment right now?

If you want to enhance your portfolio’s exposure to digital currency, have a high-risk tolerance, are in excellent financial standing, and wish to invest in the largest cryptocurrency by market size, Bitcoin, then you should do so.

Why is Bitcoin Up growing so quickly?

There is an increasing desire to store less cash and to be protected against sharp market fluctuations in the current social and economic environment. Recently, publicly listed firms moved their cash from their treasuries to Bitcoin as it is more reliable to store and trusted.

(Risk warning: High risks involved. Unregulated crypto trading. You can lose money.)