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Bitcoin Trend App review – Is it safe or a scam? – Review based on a real test of the Bitcoin Trend App

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The official log of Bitcoin Trend

Since the rise in popularity of cryptocurrency trading, many types of trading robot web apps have flooded the internet.  The people behind these trading tools often promise huge, unbelievable profits with little exertion. A few of them live up to their promises, and users attest to making more money than they expected using the auto traders. Others? Not so much. 

The Bitcoin Trend App happens to be one of the many ‘robotic traders’ on the internet. As expected, its creators promise incredible returns on investments and little or no effort on users. They claim that the App is over 90% accurate, meaning 9-out-of-10 trades will generate profit for the user.

Is this just another scam and false promise? In this review, we look at this auto trader to investigate its legitimacy and profitability. In our research, the Bitcoin Trend App turned out to be a legitimate trading bot. However, whether its accuracy level is 91%, as claimed, is hard to quantify. But we can say that over 90% of the feedback about the software is positive. It seems profitable, and users reported making money “most of the time” trading with it.

The official website of Bitcoin Trend

What is the Bitcoin Trend App? The robot explained

This crypto trading App is a programmed robot designed to help people make a profit from trading bitcoins. The App was built in response to the sudden “bitcoin boom” of 2017. It aims to increase bitcoin’s popularity by getting the world to trade and invest in the flagship digital currency. According to the people behind the App, this robot is here to stay.

Its focus on this bigger picture is allegedly the reason generating profit for users is of utmost importance. The more profit users make, the more famous bitcoin gets. The robot was built with machine learning, which it uses to study and adapt to the ever-changing market conditions. And artificial intelligence analyzes a large amount of data and spots the perfect trading opportunity that can generate profit for its user.

Is Bitcoin Trend App legit and safe?

The CySec

Since Bitcoin Trend is a crypto trading system, the trading robot is not regulated. This is common with many crypto providers. However, Bitcoin Trendworks with reliable brokers that may be regulated. This always depends on the respective broker.

From our findings, the platform seems a legitimate one. Users have been trading with it for around 4-years now. The feedback given by traders and investors is generally positive, in fact, the platform received the highest number of Excellent votes on Trustpilot. Its brokers are said to be licensed by CySEC and FCA. This gives traders and investors a sense of safety regarding their funds. And it also proves the genuineness of the platform.

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There were reports of some traders losing money. And as we investigated further, we discovered that a few people lost money at some point. The existing users who are happy with this platform also confessed to losing money at some point. We discovered that this is not the fault of the platform. Market conditions are significant determinants of profit or loss in this type of investment. 

The financial market is volatile, much more so for the crypto market. So even though the accuracy level is high, the risk of loss remains. The rule of thumb is never to invest your savings, insurance, or retirement funds.  

How can I open an account with Bitcoin Trend App?

The sign up form on Bitcoin Trend

The sign-up process is straightforward on this platform.  Type your details in the SIGN-UP box on its landing page, and wait for a verification email. This email should drop within minutes. Click on the verification link in your email to verify the registration. 

Once this process is done, your assigned broker will contact you to finish the registration process.

You may be required to upload a government-issued ID and proof of address to complete your sign-up with the broker.

Can I test the app with a demo?

Yes. Bitcoin Trend App offers a free demo to check all its functionalities and get used to the system before you put in your money.  We advise users, especially newcomers and inexperienced traders, to test the platform before trading for real. It is an opportunity to fully understand automated trading before investing in it.

How to fund my trading account

The Bitcoin Trend chart

After testing the features and trading techniques in the demo trial, it is time to trade for real. To do that, you need to fund your account. The App offers several ways to deposit money in your trading account. They include:

  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Maestro
  • Visa
  • MasterCard 
  • Bank transfer 

Your assigned broker is responsible for handling this part of the process. And from what we gathered, the funds are usually reflected in the trading account within minutes after you send the payment. Once the funds are in your trading account, you can begin live trading.

Start trading with the Bitcoin Trend app robot

You can customize the settings to trade however you want, either at high risk or low. A trading manual is provided on how to do this, but the settings seem easy enough to navigate. All the tabs are easily accessible. 

We advise that you ensure your risk settings are in order before you begin. Set a stop-loss and a take-profit limit. 

Your first trade is still in the trial stage, but with the real thing, so we advise you to take advantage of all the risk management tools available.

How to withdraw your profits

To withdraw your earnings, click on the funds’ management tab on the trading platform. The page will then link you to your broker’s page, where a withdrawal request form pops up for you to fill out. As we said, since they are the financial institution, the broker handles all these aspects of funds. 

The Bitcoin Trend App is simply the software used for trading and has nothing to do with the actual funds. It is the broker that processes everything related to money in this system. With the Bitcoin Trend App, the broker receives the withdrawal requests and credits the trader’s bank account within 24 hours.

What are Bitcoin Trend App’s unique features?

Bitcoin trading of the Bitcoin Trend app

1. Automatic trading with robotic software

The App is a trading robot that, once set, will carry out all the trading functions for the user. The trader does not need special skills to use it, and the App does not require much time from users. This makes it a convenient and effective trading tool for beginners and experienced traders who are busy with other engagements. 

2. Potential for huge returns

Some users reportedly make at least 10% of their invested funds on this platform daily. Others have claimed to make up to $150 per day from a deposit of $250. The platform also promises a 90% win rate to its users. If all this is true, then the earnings are incredible and worth taking advantage of.

3. Demo account for tests

Users can test the App before they begin live trading. You can check out all of its features and run some trade tests without financial risk to you. 

4. Free account and verification through licensed brokers

Your free account will have to be verified. And your paired broker may request some ID and proof of address as required by regulatory policies. But the process will be a simple upload of scanned copies of these documents.

Bitcoin Trend App VS other robot traders

The Bitcoin Trend app

This robot trader offers users some unique features that traders may not find elsewhere. Below, we examine part of the differences that make it better than other trading Apps on the internet:

1. Regulated brokers

Bitcoin Trend App will not partner with a broker without a background check to confirm their authenticity. Hence, all its brokers meet all the requirements and are licensed by well-known regulatory bodies like FCA, CySEC, ASIC, and others. This is rare because, in our research, we gathered that this practice is common for these types of trading platforms. They often partner with any broker, licensed or not. We met users of other auto traders who lost their funds to unregulated brokers. 

2. Free access to the app

The Bitcoin Trend app is free of charge. Unlike other programs that charge a registration fee, registration costs zero charges here. And there is no charge on transactions or the trader’s profit.

3. Great feedback from users

Users are satisfied with this robot trader. People generally give good reports about its platform, and this is neither a case of half-good nor half-bad comments, like with other Apps. The platform has the highest number of Excellent ratings on Trustpilot. Apparently, traders make money frequently by trading with this bot. 

4. Beginner-friendly trading app

Bitcoin Trend App tabs are easier to navigate than most platforms on the internet. The robotic software seems to have been simplified so that newcomers can easily understand how to trade with it.

5. Good customer support

The customer service team is available round the clock through phone or live chat. They are said to be responsive and helpful when presented with issues. Additionally, regulated brokers usually have good support services that traders can make use of when needed.

Disadvantages of using the Bitcoin Trend App

Trader using the Bitcoin Trend on a computer

The Bitcoin Trend App appears legit and offers many benefits to users. But in our review, we found a few limitations:

1. Limited cryptocurrency options

From our findings, bitcoin is the main focus of this robot. It allegedly offers the opportunity to trade other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. But we could not find this option on its official website. With this App, the user’s option may be limited to only bitcoin.

2. Too many fake websites

There are too many websites on the internet claiming to be its official website. Most of these links are affiliate websites, but it is hard to tell which one is the Bitcoin Trend App’s official web address. This can confuse the user and lead them into the wrong hands. It would be great if the Bitcoin Trend App could regulate this so that users can find them easily.

Conclusion – Our final opinion

Bitcoin Trend App is one of the few legitimate robot traders on the internet. It is not 100% perfect, but it generates profit for its users. 

We recommend it for its user-friendliness, easy accessibility, and efficiency.  But traders must be aware of all the risks associated with digital currency markets. And should approach the investment with care. 

The Bitcoin Trend

The Bitcoin Trend is a trading robot offering automated trading and solid trading conditions.

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The official log of Bitcoin Trend


The Bitcoin Trend is regulated, making it an overall safe and secure trading robot.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Bitcoin Trend:

Is Bitcoin Trend App a Ponzi scheme?

No. There is no evidence of this auto trader being a Ponzi scheme. All profits are reportedly earned from real trading in the financial markets.

Is Bitcoin Trend App real?

Yes. According to research, the App is real. Users have been trading with it since 2017 and have attested to it being a genuine robotic trader. Its customer base has continued to grow over the years in spite of competition, and it now has a presence across Europe, Africa, and Asia.

How does the Bitcoin Trend App work?

Bitcoin Trend App is built with Artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies with which it searches the market for the best trading opportunities. It gathers and analyzes market data, then provides valuable insights on the following price movements. It then pushes this information to your broker, who in turn executes your winning trade. 

Is Bitcoin Trend App free?

Yes, the App is free. But the creators are planning to introduce a license fee soon. It is said that the App is still in its “pilot testing” phase. Once this phase ends, new customers will be charged the “license fee” to use the App. But old customers can continue to use it for free.

How much can I make on Bitcoin Trend App?

As with all investments, capital determines profit. That said, users reportedly make a minimum of 10% of their investment daily. Some have also claimed to make up to $150 per day on a $250 deposit. This may not be the case for everyone, but it shows that the App does generate a reasonable profit for users.