IQ Option vs. Olymp Trade – Which one is better?

Do you want to start trading digital options or forex for your future development? Then you have to choose one of the online brokers for that. But getting a reliable trading platform is not easy right now. Because there are many available near you. It’s like a thousand or more. But you can find two major brokers that are leading the industry. They are the well-known IQ Option and Olymp Trade.

IQ Option vs. Olymp - Trading platform

IQ Option vs. Olymp Trade platform

At present these are the most famous digital options brokers in the world. But many people have their own opinion to choose one. Also, they review them with different benefits and ease of use. We will also explain here about them and describe in detail how we can compare IQ Option and Olymp Trade. What they really offer you? We will explore all these things here thus you can know everything with a short review. So let’s see IQ Option vs. Olymp Trade – Which one is better?

The main facts of IQ Option and Olymp Trade:

IQ Option:Olymp Trade:
Regulation:CySEC (Cyprus)International Financial Commission (IFC)
Minimum deposit: $10$10
Demo account: $10,000 Free$10,000 Free
Platform: Desktop, web, appDesktop, web, app, MetaTrader 4
Markets: 500+ currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, indices, commodities100+ currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, indices
Financial products: Binary Options, Digital Options, Forex, CFDsBinary Options, Forex
Yield for Options: Maximum of 100%+Maximum of 92%+
Support: 24/7 phone, email, chat24/7 phone, email, chat

(Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk)

IQ Option overview:

IQ Option is a famous online broker for trading options, forex, and CFDs. Mainly it is a Cyprus-based broker company. More than 25 million registered customers are trading here. It is being one of the best binary options brokers among others. Generally, IQ options allow users of three kinds of trading accounts. Users can easily sign up or register for a real account, a demo account, or a premium account on this platform.

Users can start the trading journey with the demo account. So you can say that demo accounts are given to get started on this platform. On the other side, the real account needs a minimum deposit to open. The account needs a minimum of $10  deposit. Also, the premium accounts need a $3,000 deposit first.

IQ Option growing numbers

IQ Option growing numbers

With IQ Option, users can trade with more than 500 markets. Also, IQ Option gives you a fabulous educational system online. So that the user who wants to trade with  IQ Option can learn about it. Also, the newcomers can learn on this platform easily. Not only that. Experienced traders also can use this.  They can gather knowledge about the trading system using this educational material. All the resources available there are much well and useful for the users.

IQ Option is a licensed authority that is regulated by the famous CySEC. Also, this broker company is available in various countries with their services across the world. But unluckily IQ Options is not open for Canada, the USA, Israel, Japan, and rare in some other countries.

IQ Option trading platform

Main facts about IQ Option: 

  • The company is based in Cyprus and St. Vincent and Grenadines
  • Largest broker for digital options
  • Growing account registrations
  • Regulated company
  • Accepts international clients
  • More than 500 markets
  • Small minimum deposit $10
  • High returns on investments
  • Quality and userfriendly platform

Olymp Trade overview:

Olymp trade is not much different from IQ Option. They are just like each other for digital options trading. Olymp Trade is based in Cyprus, too and it has a great serving base in Russia and its headquarters is in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This digital options broker calculated that they have more than 25,000 trading people who are trading on their platform daily.

Olymp Trade allows two types of trading accounts on their site. The standard account and the VIP account. A standard account needs a minimum of $10 deposit to start trading. And VIP accounts need a $2,000 minimum deposit with it. But these two accounts proceed with a $10,000 virtually deposited demo account first. The company gives more than 100 assets to trade on the platform. Also, it has large educational elements that the newcomers can utilize for their trading training.

The platform is regulated by the International Financial Commission (IFC) and got no real authority of a country that is regulating the offers. That is why Olymp Trade is not available for European clients. But through our research and tests, the trading platform has the highest security standards.

Olymp Trade trading platform

Main facts about Olymp Trade:

  • Based in Cyprus and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • A regulated company by the IFC
  • Broker for digital options and forex
  • A small minimum deposit of $10
  • Secure trading platform
  • More than 44 million downloads
  • More than 25,000 users every day
  • Growing popularity

Regulation of the companies (regulators):

IQ Option is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). This shows us a high trust because it is a legit regulatory authority in Europe. In addition, IQ Option is registered in many countries by regulatory authorities which allow the service of the trading platform.

IQ Option is regulated by the CySEC

IQ Option is regulated by the CySEC

Olymp Trade is regulated by the International Financial Commission with the highest category A. It is an independent regulator which is checking brokers through different criteria. The regulator is legit too because we know that a lot of trusted brokers got this regulation.

Olymp Trade is regulated by the IFC

Olymp Trade is regulated by the IFC

But both regulators assure that the activities of the brokers are in accordance with the legal financial laws. The regulators also manage conflicts resulting from the bad use of brokers.

Active traders measurement

More than 25,000 registered traders are using the Olymp Trade with the real-time account from the site. According to their website, nearly 250,000 registered users made real trades on a live account in the month of January 2020. They boast more users on their platform daily. Their monthly turnover exceeded $171 million.

On the other hand, IQ Option processes over 15 million traders with a monthly trading volume exceeding $290 million. So both broker companies dominating the Digital Options and the Forex Market.

(Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk)

IQ Option vs. Olymp Trade – Trading platform comparison

We explained the trading and facility of the digital options brokers above. And you have already known that Olymp Trade is one of the real competitors of IQ Option. Although they are pretty similar, they have some different trading policies and benefits. Now here we will help you to differentiate and choose the better option from them. Here we compare both platforms with every single research from the depth. So that you do not have any confusion even if you are a new trader on this platform.

There are many people who are confused about choosing the best one. But the comparison below helps you a lot to decide the better one before investing in it. Let’s go to the comparison with the side-by-side in-depth research comparison.

IQ Option trading platform screenshot

IQ Option trading platform screenshot

Olymp Trade platform screenshot

Olymp Trade platform screenshot


Users and traders can access both platforms using different Web applications. They are accessible via different desktop apps (Windows and macOS) as well as Mobile apps (Android and iOS) anytime. Also, Olymp Trade is offering the popular trading platform MetaTrader 4 for forex trading.

IQ OptionOlymp Trade
Web platform:
Download version:
Apple iOS:
MetaTrader 4:No

Charting on IQ Option and Olymp Trade

From our experience, IQ Option is showing a better-developed trading platform. There are more opportunities to analyze the chart and use technical strategies. You will find more indicators and analysis tools. In addition, you can customize the chart better than on Olymp Trade.

IQ Option indicators for analysis

IQ Option indicators for analysis

That does not mean you can not trade successfully with Olymp Trade, both platforms are offering the right tools for investments.

Charting tools: 

  • Indicators
  • Drawing tools
  • Chart types
  • Multi charting
  • Templates
  • Customizable platforms

Return on investments (options):

Depending on the financial instruments or assets, Olymp Trade allows returns varying from 70% to 92%. Also, it depends on the account type and volatility of the account. IQ Option returns of investments ranging from 75% to 100%. Here the account type and volatility also counted. All in all, you can earn more money with IQ Option because of the higher yield. Another important difference is that you can earn a 100% yield without a VIP account on IQ Option. For earning 92% you will need the Olymp Trade VIP account.

Types of accounts they are offering

There are different types of accounts that are offered. Olymp Trade offers 3 different account types and IQ Option offers 2 different account types. The account status is depending on the deposit and trading volume.

For standard accounts, the user has to deposit the minimum amount of $10 on the account to open this on both brokers. On the other side, VIP accounts need a deposit of $2,000 on the account first with Olymp Trade and $3,000 with IQ Option. The Vip account gives some extra benefits for the account holder. It included higher returns options and a personal consultant policy initially. The VIP account covers the risk-free trades on the Olymp Trade platform.

IQ Option VIP account included faster withdrawals, a personal account manager, and free trading ebooks facility. Both IQ Option and Olymp Trade allow a demo account on their platform. This account accumulates $ 10,000 in virtual cash.

IQ Option: Olymp Trade:
Demo account: FreeFree
Standard account:$10 (yield up to 100%)$10 (yield up to 82%)
Advanced account:$500 (yield up to 84%)
VIP account:$3,000 (yield up to 100% + 1 – 5% additional return)$2,000 (yield up to 92% + risk-free trades)

(Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk)

Financial instruments (asset types)

Olymp Trade allows more than 80 different assets or financial instruments with its platform. It offers forex, options, indices, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and commodities.

On the other hand IQ Option has over 500 financial instruments or assets for the platform. These cover options, forex, ETFs, CFDs, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and indices.

Assets and markets of IQ Option

Assets and markets of IQ Option

The active assets are depending on the time and stock exchange opening. IQ Option offers far more options to trade. You can invest in more markets than with Olymp Trade. IQ Option clearly wins in this comparison.

Accepted payment methods

At present Olymp Trade receives only 9 payment methods. Including Visa/master cards, Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney they accept debit/credit cards and some other eWallets payment systems.

But IQ Option accepts more than 20 various payment methods for secure deposits and withdrawals. IQ Option accepts all the methods that Olymp Trade accepts.

Payment methods

Payment methods

We can not list all payment methods here because the payment method can be depending on your country of residence. For example, European clients can use PayPal with IQ Option. In conclusion, IQ Option also wins this comparison because the broker is offering more payment methods.

Deposit and withdrawals

Olymp Trade and IQ Option both are fast and easy process platforms for traders. If you are trading with a credit/debit (bank) card or e-wallet, they will prepare the deposit, especially in certain minutes. Olymp Trade allows its traders a deposit bonus also. The user can decline the bonus during the process of deposit. The least deposit amount for the account is $10.

The account you just used to create a deposit can be withdrawn. Both platforms (Olymp Trade and IQ Option) will not require any withdrawal charges or fees. Also, the minimum withdrawal balance is $10 for an account.

Within 24 hours to 5 business days, all withdrawals are prepared. But for both trading platforms, the VIP account owners will experience quicker withdrawal processing.

IQ Option: Olymp Trade:
Fees: No feesNo fees
Minimum deposit: $10$10
Minimum withdrawal:$2$1
Duration:24 hours on working days1 – 2 days

Review of the support

Olymp Trade and IQ Option both have a user-friendly and expert support team. They are very professional and knowledgeable about your trading on this platform. If any support the trader or anyone needs they can be easily communicated via chat, phone call, or email. At present they are also available to contact via different social media platforms like Facebook.

IQ Option:
Olymp Trade:
Phone, chat, email
Phone, chat, email
Personal support:
VIP manager:
Traders chat:
Yes, videos and tutorials
Yes, videos and tutorials
Asset information and news calendar
Trading signals

Conclusion – IQ Option vs. Olymp Trade: IQ Option wins

IQ Option and Olymp Trade both platforms are for options and forex traders. These two brokers are the best place for investment. Any traders can start options trading with the minimum $10 deposit amount. This a big chance with a little investment for long-term trading. For options traders, the broker company IQ Option allows better features with a higher return.

So IQ Option vs. Olymp Trade – Which one is better?

IQ Option is for us the better platform because of the higher return and higher variety of assets and charting tools. Also, the trading platform the best one compared to other online brokers. It is a very user-friendly broker which is offering you alls the tools for successful trading.

Why is IQ Option better than Olymp Trade: 

  • Higher returns
  • More assets are available to trade
  • More financial instruments
  • Better trading platform

Overall, IQ Option is the first choice for traders. There are only small differences between both online brokers but IQ Option shows us better opportunities to invest. 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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(Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk)