Libertex minimum deposit and payment methods

Libertex website

Libertex website

The minimum deposit in the trading business is a convenient condition. Libertex broker accepts users with a small deposit of $/€ 100. New traders at the broker first want to open an account with a small deposit, so they look for the right deposit amount. Libertex is one of the most popular trading markets among brokers. Because Libertex broker supports the lowest deposit. In this article, we will give you all information on that topic.

As a forex trader, Libertex highlights both your potential profits and risks. If you add a US/EUR currency minimum deposit of 50 to your investment, your multiplier will be 100. So you know your investment will increase 100 times. That means you will benefit at the rate of ($ 50 x 100 = $ 5,000). With the multiplier, it allows you to make big trades using the minimum deposit account balance. So if you seriously review trading, Libertex should be your first choice.

You should be aware that both the potential profit and loss in Libertex broker may vary proportionally with the selected factor. So, for those who are new traders on Libertex, we think the minimum multiplier of 1 should be used to avoid risk in adverse market conditions.

Facts about the Libertex minimum deposit: 

  • The minimum deposit to open an account with Libertex is $/€ 100
  • It offers multiple payment methods
  • No deposit fees
  • Leverage up to 1:600 is available

Note: Up to 50% commission discount for new clients

(Risk Warning: 74 -89% of retail investor accounts lose money)

What is the Libertex minimum deposit?

Libertex allows a minimum deposit of $ 10 for existing accounts and $/€ 100 for new trading accounts. The minimum deposit amount is required to open a new trading account and get access to the financial markets. From our experience, it is better not to trade with so little money on the financial markets. Users of small deposit accounts may not use every financial market correctly. So if you are new to Libertex Broker, we recommend adding more money to your account to use different trading strategies. Then your business opportunities will increase a lot.

It is better not to add small deposits to the broker to make it more profitable. Libertex is one of the most popular brokers. It has a noun name and reputation as an international broker. Several brokers are at the forefront of offering minimum deposit benefits. Such new traders are much more attracted to these brokers and create accounts.

What are the Libertex minimum deposit methods? (how to deposit)

Libertex allows you to use a variety of payment methods. This allows you to transfer your transactions in a much easier way. It is possible to make instant secure online payments using Visa cards, MasterCard, and credit cards. Traders use this method a lot to transact. Libertex accepts Visa cards and MasterCard cards issued as prepaid too. If you have an account with the broker, you can see this. If you want to know about the restrictions on using the card, you need to make sure to contact the issuer.

Libertex payment methods

Libertex payment methods

The biggest advantage you get when you transact with a card is that you can revolve around every transaction with certainty. In this case, do not face any kind of financial problems. Don’t use the wrong methods when you deposit, Take a look at the Libertex deposit methods below:

  • A debit card or credit card
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Bank transfer
  • Sofort
  • P24
  • Rapid transfer
  • Multibanco
  • Trustly
  • GiroPay
  • iDEAL

On the trading platform, if you deposit by credit/debit card, you can use the same card for any withdrawal. When you click withdraw for wire transfers, you will be sent a request to submit your bank details. Libertex offers customers the maximum benefits for transactions. So you can start your broker business through this trading. All the facilities you need to provide international training will be available here.

Note: Up to 50% commission discount for new clients

(Risk Warning: 83% of retail investor accounts lose money)

Are there deposit fees?

Libertex is a much more popular broker for no fees and low commissions. There are no fees for deposits. For the lowest charge, customers create an account in this trading market. Traders are charged a commission or fee for performing transactions. Libertex accepts charges depending on the financial asset. You can see all of this information in this broker’s trade window. Libertex uses this method to make it clear to the customer. A trading fee will be charged if you trade at $ 1,000.

Libertex account types:

If you want to create a broker account, you’ll see a list instead of multiple accounts. Libertex offers a demo account as soon as you create a main account. Libertex is very different from other brokers, so you can enjoy the most benefits here. To give you an idea of ​​the account, it will provide a demo account.

Within the Libertex account, you can verify access to different status levels based on the amount deposited. See these layers below.

Libertex account types

Libertex account types

Gold Status:

In this business account, you need to deposit £200 or €250. If you can earn gold status from this account, you will be rewarded with a 3% commission.

Gold Plus Status:

Traders who deposit £1,250 or €1,1450 will receive a 4% discount from this account. As a result of these account special discounts, traders use a lot more resources here.

Platinum Status:

Merchants are paid a 20% commission if users deposit £1,300 or €1,500. Also, merchants will be able to provide access to priority withdrawals.

VIP Status:

Traders who deposit £ 4,500, €5,000 or more here are given a 30% commission discount. The biggest advantage here is that you can withdraw preferences and enjoy premium customer support.

From the list above, you can choose your business type. You can enjoy these commissions depending on the type of deposit you make in your account. Thus, the account is credited to the entire user’s decision.

What is the offer of the broker for clients?

Libertex Broker 213 CFD instruments leverage up to 30: 1 for retail clients on currencies, stocks, ETF, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and indices. The brokers offer leverage up to 600:1 for professional clients and clients outside Europe. The offers by far the best offers among international brokers, so traders can make more money from here. Users can see all of the Libertex offers in their account dashboard. So traders can accept these offers and realize. The importance of offers in providing business skills is wide.

Users will be able to access the broker account through the mobile app and monitor all offers. The number of new clients of this broker is increasing day by day due to the convenience of the mobile app.

Why you should start trading with Libertex: 

  • Regulated broker in Europe
  • Free demo account
  • A low minimum deposit of $/€ 100
  • Zero spreads
  • Low commissions
  • Free deposits
  • Professional platform
  • Personal support

Conclusion on the Libertex minimum deposit

If you decide to participate in the financial markets, you can use Libertex as an international trading account. You can start a business using a minimum deposit of $100. If you can do business by accepting the offers of the broker then you can earn more money from here. So Libertex is one of the best and most secure brokers in the world. If you have a large number of deposits, you can use a large deposit without using a minimum deposit. Hopefully, from here, you can achieve success.

Note: Up to 50% commission discount for new clients

(Risk Warning: 83% of retail investor accounts lose money)