OctaFX minimum deposit and payment methods

Introduction to the minimum deposit: 

The minimum deposit in a trading broker is one of the conditions that help each broker to specify the portion of the deposit. In the case of many customers, the minimum deposit plays an important role. Ensuring minimum deposit usage before any client uses the broker for the first time. The minimum deposit does not have to be a higher three or four-digit amount so it is a much easier deposit. In a broker trade, the minimum deposit should be given much importance so that the customer is attracted to it.

Traders look for a minimum deposit broker before starting the first CFD or Forex trade in the trade market. Traders search for the right Forex and CFD broker for only the minimum deposit. This allows you to compare the condition of the supplier with other brokers. What the deposit will look like will depend entirely on choosing your broker. Traders are encouraged to use brokers that demand relatively low minimum deposits. The minimum deposit helps in increasing the number of customers. Similarly, traders use the minimum deposit of brokers as an important criterion.

OctaFX website
OctaFX website

What is the OctaFX minimum deposit?

As the broker OctaFX is in the average range, it allows the customer to deposit $100 as the minimum deposit in the first instance. The minimum deposit is meant here. This is just an offer, no special conditions are imposed here. This offer allows the customer to start a business with a minimum deposit.

In the first instance, traders cannot trust any broker so they first use the minimum deposit to check the broker. In the first instance, traders cannot trust any broker so they first use a minimum deposit to check the broker. No trader directly wants to deposit  $100 or more deposit. Of course, OctaFX is useful for many potential clients. Considering so many aspects, one can understand how important minimum deposit plays in CFD and Forex trading. So in most Forex and CFD brokers, you look for these minimum deposit terms.

The OctaFX minimum deposit is depending on the account type: 

  • MetaTrader 4 Micro account: $ 100
  • MetaTrader 5 Pro account: $ 500
  • cTrader ECN account: $ 100

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

What are the OctaFX deposit methods? (how to deposit)

There is no charge for deposits to the OctaFX account.

The following are the minimum deposit methods for an OctaFX account. You can deposit an OctaFX deposit using any one of the methods from here.

  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bitcoin
  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit or Debit Card

OctaFX only supports two deposit currencies to fund traders’ accounts. Apart from these two currencies, no other currency can raise funds.

The two currencies are:

  • USD ($)
  • and EUR (€)

Deposits for OctaFX account users must transact in USD ($) and Europe (€). If there is any other currency in the account then it has to be converted into that currency. In this case, the financial situation may change a bit.

Are there deposit fees?

Before making a deposit, the user should know whether OctaFx takes a commission in case of withdrawal or case of deposit? It also covers the percentage of fees applied by OctaFX payment systems. Whether there is a limit to the number of daily deposits of OctaFX.

If you plan to start trading in a foreign currency account, you must first deposit to earn money. It is great for you at the beginning of the trade that OctaFX does not charge any commission for depositing or withdrawing money. OctaFX only covers the fees applicable to the payment system here, also by paying a much lower fee. There is no limit to the number of deposits on OctaFX so this is a great account for traders. OctaFX credit card /debit card and e-wallet deposits submitted are very quick.

In MetaTrader Pro 5, a minimum deposit of 500$  will be accepted for the account. Foreign traders from Thailand, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Malaysia will be able to deposit money using their local banks and withdraw it through banks in the same way. You can select any local bank to transact with. Because OctaFX supports various local banks.

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Are there account types?

OctaFX provides transactions through three types of accounts. Each of these OctaFX accounts has its unique trading conditions. Traders are also provided with the best value services with the environment including a dynamic trading experience.

OctaFX account types
OctaFX account types

See below the OctaFX account types are:

  • Micro account MT4
  • Account MT 5 Pro
  • Account ECN Ctrader/ Ctrader

Micro account MT4:

MT4 recommends depositing a minimum of 100 100 into a micro account.  Starting from 0.3 pips.  Also floating spreads and fixed spreads are started from 2 pip. No commission is charged on OctaFX MT4 trades. However, the mark-up is added to this account. Allows access to 28 Forex, Silver, Gold, 4 Indicators, 3 Cryptocurrencies. OctaFX leverage is up to 1:500 for Forex, 1:50 for index, 1: 200 for metal and 1: 2 for cryptocurrency. Stop-out level is acceptable up to 15% and margin call up to 25%. MT4 is useful as an alternative to converting a live trading account to an Islamic account.

Account MT5 pro:

Account MT5 Pro can be deposited a minimum of 500 500. Its floating spread starts from 0.2. The trader does not have to charge any commission for the trades. Gold, Silver, 28 Forex pairs, 2 Strengths, 3 Cryptocurrencies, and 10 Indicators can be accessed. 1: 200 leverage for foreign exchange, 1:50 leverage for energy, 1: 2 leverage for the cryptocurrency is applicable on the MT5 account. Out stop 30% and margin call 45% is applicable. If you want to transfer commissions from here overnight, 3 days fee is deducted. Access to cryptocurrency and CFD trades is acceptable.

Account ECN Ctrader/Ctrader:

Ctrader is a popular account because the minimum deposit here is dollar 100$. Its floating spread starts from 0.0. Commissions are charged even if no mark-up is added. Silver, Gold, and 28 Forex Force can be accessed. Gold and Silver 1: 200 Leverage and Forex 1:500 Leverage. Stop Out Level 15% and margin calls are caught 25%. Here the commission is charged according to the weekly fee.

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

What is the offer of the broker?

OctaFX offers customers a minimum of 1:5 leverage and a maximum of 1 500 leverage. No one else offers the best offers from OctaFX brokers. The broker’s offers are sent in a way that traders can get quickly. OctaFX is much more popular in the broker markets due to its offers. Because the lowest leverage is available here.

  • Multi-regulated brand
  • Free demo account
  • A low minimum deposit of $ 100
  • MetaTrader 4/5, cTrader
  • Mobile trading app
  • Professional support
  • Low trading fees
  • Personal support
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals

Conclusion on the OctaFX minimum deposit

Internationally, OctaFX is a good broker. To traders, it is helpful as a popular broker and minimum depositor. There are three types of trading opportunities that are provided to traders with trading accounts. The accounts are ECN account, micro account, and pro account. Each account type has different trading platforms and leverages. The accounts are known as Ctrader, MT4, and MT5. OctaFX allows traders to use several transaction methods for transactions. It can be called a special opportunity and helpful for customers.

You can find copy trading applications and an in-house trading application here. The broker is very helpful and easy for all traders, who are new to the international commercial market. So you can start trading deposits at OctaFX broker according to your preferred leverage package. We think the broker is suitable for any type of trading.

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

FAQ – The most asked questions about OctaFX minimum deposit :

What is the minimum deposit allowed on OctaFX?

One of the main reasons for which you should trust OctaFX is because of its minimum deposit. As a beginner trader or investor on OctaFX, you must deposit a minimum of $100 or 100 euros. On top of this, you can also make a minimum deposit of 50% of this amount, but the conditions will be slightly different.

How to make a minimum deposit in OctaFX?

If you want to deposit in OctaFX, the process is quite simple. You can make online transactions through your debit or credit card. The platform also allows you to deposit through Neteller, Skrill, BTC, and wire transfer. Therefore, you won’t run out of options, and that’s for sure.

What are the currencies supported on OctaFX for minimum deposit?

While you want to deposit the OctaFX, you will be allowed to use two currencies. These are the US dollars and Euros. If you belong to a country with any other money, you have to deposit the equivalent of $100 or 100 euros. 

What are the account types supported on OctaFX?

There are 3 types of accounts that are supported on OctaFX. These are the Metatrader 4 for beginners, Metatrader 5 for experienced traders, and the cTrader account for progressive traders.

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