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QProfit System review – Is it a scam or not? Real test of the robot

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Cryptocurrency trading
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In 2009 a man (some say a small group of men/women) came up with the idea of Bitcoin. They felt that the world could do without our financial restraints. The aim was to give the power of wealth to the ordinary folk. That thought backfired a bit when cryptocurrencies became a reality. The price increased so much that only the rich could afford them. Cryptocurrencies were the dream of the future that we can grab onto now.

So how can the man in the street grab a bit of this power? The value of one bitcoin is over $60,000, but if we look at Bitcoin trading, we can grab onto a fraction of a Bitcoin. Some of the world’s wealthiest people have added cryptocurrencies to their e-wallets.

A cryptocurrency exists in an e-world. It is not something that you can touch and hold. It exists as a concept, an e-currency. It is a token that can be swapped for goods or services when dealing with places that accept it. It is interesting that the first cryptocurrency transaction was done in 2010. Laszlo Hanyecz from Florida bought 2 Pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins. A bit mind-blowing when you consider its value now.

How can you buy cryptocurrencies? You can buy them, you can mine them, or you can trade them. With crypto trading platforms opening up, scammers are not far behind.

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What is QProfit System? – The robot presented

Trader using QProfit System

The QProfit System is an automated trading system that trades Forex and cryptocurrencies. The site assures potential traders that they can make up to $5000 a day. 

The robot can work on autopilot. It can search trading sites for the choices you have programmed into it. It claims to have successful trades 90% of the time if you allow the robot to auto-trade. There is a manual trading option as well.

There are many bots available. The purpose of the bots is to surf the World Wide Web for the best trade-in in your commodity. If it works in an auto-trade mode, it will perform the transactions for you. Because the bot is a computer program, it can generate more trades per minute than it would take you to read the screen and act on a decision.

Regulation and safety

I battled to find out if regulated brokers are attached to this site. They seem to use brokers from areas and countries that are not too worried about regulated brokers. A regulated broker must conform to a set of rules and regulations. This set of rules and regulations protects the safety of the traders’ investments. 

The site is a registered secure site that uses encryption. The lock in the address bar indicates a safe and secure site. The site is a registered HTTPS platform. However, you will be given a broker. The broker’s site is often not a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) site, so protection, where you need it most, is not available. 

When you use your hard-earned cash on a website, you need to ensure that it is a secure site and that your money will be safe.

How does it work? – The trading platform

The trading platform allows the trader to trade in commodities and cryptocurrencies. The user interface is friendly and easy to move through the site. 

QProfit System on a smartphone

The site supplies bots to help make your investment choices. You can use the bots as a backup for your own trading decisions or allow the bot to run automatically through the day. You will need to set up the process if this is your choice. You must spend twenty to thirty minutes setting up your daily trading preferences each morning.

Once you have activated the bot for the day, you could leave it alone to do its thing indefinitely. It is best if 

  • You periodically check the site to see how you are doing. It would be best if you took responsibility for your cash. 
  • You set stop loss amounts. If the trading robot reaches this amount, it will pause trading until the situation improves.
  • You close trading at the end of the day. Closing your trade will help you settle for a peaceful night’s sleep. You will not worry if all is well with your account. 
  • If you wish, the robot is capable of trading 24/7.

Open your free account

The sign up form of QProfit System

It is easy to start your free account. There is a video on the left of the home page and a form on the right. It is up to you if you choose to watch the video. The video does not have startling revelations to help you through registration, so it can easily be left alone.

You must fill in your name, email address, and phone number on the form. The platform has a GPS locator. It can pick up and supply the prefix to your phone number. While this is convenient, I found it creepy, almost like Big Brother is watching you.

Once you have submitted your crucial details, the site verifies that you are not a robot. They do this by either sending an email or phoning you. The phone call is virtually immediate. The agent will help through the rest of the stages of registration. The email will take a little longer and will give you a link to continue with your registration.

Test it with a demo account

Bitcoin and dollar bank notes

Once you have completed all steps of the registration, you will be able to start trading. If you are a seasoned trader, you may consider a demo account a bit infra dig, but for the first time on the platform, you are urged to spend some time with the demo account.

If this is your first time on trading platforms, you must spend time on the demo account. The demo account will give you a look and feel of the trading experience. The demo account may be a real-time operation, or it may be a preset experience. Either way, you will get the look and feel of an experience. It could be considered a learning experience. You will be ready to try the platform out with real money as you gain confidence.

Remember, practice makes perfect! But also remember that no system should guarantee that you will always be on a winning streak.

The demo account will also establish if this type of trading is what you are after.

Deposit money

One step to completing your registration will be to deposit money into your trading account. The site requires a minimum deposit of $250. It is a pity that you have to make this deposit to gain access to the demo account. The demo account could help you decide if trading is an activity you could thrive in. You can deposit more if you wish. As this is your first time on this platform, keep your outlay small until you have established that it is a platform that could be profitable.

Most payment methods are recognized. When you have decided which payment method to use, it will store that information on your profile.

If the agent has not already contacted you by phone, they will probably contact you now. As they are likely to work for a commission, they will try to persuade you that a bigger deposit will increase your income. You are the master of your wallet, and you should never let anyone influence how much money you can afford to invest to earn money with online trading.

Withdraw money

Master traders will often encourage you to withdraw your profits regularly. Some advise you to deposit your profits to allow your trading capital to grow.

If you wish to withdraw your money, you will make a request using the withdrawal form. 

 When you registered, you made your initial deposit. You would have indicated how you want to withdraw your profits. After withdrawing, your profits should be available in your account within twenty-four hours. Some sites will not allow you to withdraw your deposit as they consider it non-refundable. Checking up on this before you make your deposit would be wise.


Reasons to choose Q Profit System presented on the official website

The site says that it is free. It also states that no fees are needed for trading. That is not strictly true. You must deposit a minimum of $250 before proceeding with your registration. Once you have paid that amount, your financial details will be saved to your profile. 

This site is a business, and no business is that benevolent. They will not just give things away to however many people decide to join the scheme. A business’ purpose is to make money. The employees must be paid, and the owners must get something out. So if no fees are being charged by the company, they must benefit each time you profit. Taking a small percentage from your trades is the usual way to go. 


The support teams are available to help with your queries 24/7. You can get support by phone, text messages, or email. 

When you phone, an agent will help with your queries. If they cannot help you, they will transfer the call to your broker.

If you have used text messaging or email, the reply will take a bit longer, but ideally, the reply or solution will appear in a few hours.

Conclusion – Trade on your own risk

QProfit system on computer devices

In all my intensive research, I have battled to come up with positive reviews for this platform. There is a load of dissatisfied clients who have not been helped, have not profited, and have lost everything. Without help with their queries, some clients have lodged negative reviews on review sites.

When I entered the home page of QProfit systems, it was like déjà vu. I had seen the same design on many other websites that have been declared scam sites. The colors are the only different thing. This similarity led me to believe that all these sites have been cloned. There is a lot of evidence to back up my view.

  • The creators of the site are Jerry Douglas and Sasha Petroshenko. Internet searches have not honed in on Jerry Douglas, but a search for Sasha named him a scammer of note. He also appears as a character in video games. 
  • The video is presented by an unknown actor claiming to be Jerry Douglas. The website even issues a disclaimer that actors are used.
  • There are testimonials of satisfied members who claim to have made it big with the QProft System. These people can be found in stock photos on the internet.
  • They use pressure tactics by warning that the offer is limited and that only a few spots are left before they close the site to all but members.
  • The brokers are unregulated, meaning they can do what they like with your funds.
  • It is advertised as a get-rich-quick scheme. There is no shortcut to riches for the common man.
  • Mark Shuttleworth was initially cited as a member, but he has refuted this by proclaiming that it is a scam site. 
  • The creators claim that the robots use prediction software similar to NASA’s.
  • When you search for QProfit Systems, you come up blank. A company does not back the website, and nowhere does it give a name for the founding company.
  • QProfit Systems is not available to any United States citizens.


If you are still interested in profiting from this company, please do your own checks.

If you are still interested in profiting from this company, please do your own checks.

QProfit System

 The QProfit System has an easy-to-navigate platform.

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 The Libra Profit System can be legit. QProfit Systems is not available in the United States.


Frequently asked questions about the QProfit System:

Is it easy to register on QProfit System?

Yes, very easy. All you need is your name and email address, and phone number.

If I do not have much spare cash, can I still register?

There is no fee for registering. All you need is a $250 deposit to start your journey.

What type of trading is available?

You can trade commodities or cryptocurrencies.