How much does it cost to trade with RoboForex? – Spreads & fees explained

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Is it not natural to inquire what percent commissions you could be paying for a trade whenever you deal?

Every trader, whether or not knowledgeable one or a starter, continuously calculates the commission before inserting any trading orders.

This is also the proper approach as if you are doing not grasping the value of trading; however, are you able to anticipate your profit margin over an equivalent.

People often get frantic in them explore for an answer to become moneyed. As a result, they either take ineffective shortcuts or take the unlawful route. A wise individual, on the opposite hand, would choose trade as some way of increasing money.

We should perceive that there’s no various possibility that may give you additional profits. What is more, as online modes have seized, you will currently trade completely different plus categories with only 1 device and a couple of clicks?

Being thus straightforward, though, comes with larger hazards. As a result of its thus straightforward to urge started with online trading, even those with no previous expertise square measure interested in it. In contrast to alternative professions like medicine or law, you ought not to bear years of training.

RoboForex, founded in 2009, is an Fx and CFD brokerage. It is a proud sponsor of BMW M Motor racing and is governed by the IFSC of the Central American nation. It provides customers with access to trade with over 12,000 cash CFD assets covering Forex, Equities, Index, Derivative, Soft Commodities, Energy assets, and Metals via the preferred MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms, as well as the cTrader framework and the firm’s internally developed R StocksTrader platform.

Customers may choose between five account types: Prime, ECN, R StocksTrader, pro end, or Pro. Pro end and Pro categories are commission-free, whilst Prime, ECN, and R StocksTrader options charge commissions. However, trade prices among all accounts are fair, and clients will benefit more via rewards if they deal in sufficient quantity. Both demo and Islamic are also available.

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Deposits don’t incur any fees via a variety of typical forms of payment such as bank card cards, bank or wire transfers, Neller, PerfectMoney, Skrill, AdvCash, and others. Withdrawals are generally subject to a fee, although the broker will provide an offer of cost-free withdrawals on the first 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month.

Users can also benefit from several perks and offer such as the Profit Share & Welcome Bonuses and also Classic Bonuses. The broker offers in-depth marketing research and academic material that’s appropriate for beginners and advanced traders.

Therefore, as we tend to mentioned before, we tend to should examine the conditions for the spreads and costs before selecting RoboForex because of the mercantilism partner. So, allow us to perceive the essential terms first, then comprehend what proportion it’ll value to trade with RoboForex.

Mobile Trading on tablet
Mobile Trading on tablet

What spread fee signify in spread trading?

A spread in trading is the difference between the obtain (offer) and sell (bid) costs quoted for an asset. 

Many brokers, market makers, and alternative providers can quote their costs within the sort of a variety. This implies that the worth to shop for an asset can continuously be slightly over the underlying market, whereas the worth to sell can continuously be slightly below it.

Spread will have a range of alternative meanings in finance; however, all of them see the difference between 2 costs or rates. As an example, it’s also a method in choices trading called option selling. This involves shopping for marketing spreads an equal variety of choices with completely different strike costs and expiration dates.

The unfold a way within which traders pay to execute an edge. For a few assets, like shares, suppliers won’t use a variety however can charge on a commission basis – alternative assets may feature a mix of the 2.

When trading a product with a variety, a dealer can hope that the value can move on the far side of the worth of the spread. If this happens, it means the trade is closed for a profit. If the worth doesn’t move on the far side of the value of the spread, the dealer might shut their trade at a loss, notwithstanding the market moves within the direction they need to be expected.

Strategy and purpose of spread trading

The strategy of spread trading is to yield the investor an internet position with a {price} (or spread) that’s dependent upon the distinction in price between the securities being sold-out. In most cases, the legs aren’t listed severally; however, instead, they are listed as a unit on futures exchanges.

The goal for investors is to create a profit off the spread because it gets wider or grows narrower. With spread mercantilism, investors aren’t usually wanting to profit from direct value movements of the legs themselves. Spreads – as a result of {they are| they’re} dead as a unit – is either bought or sold-out. It depends on the investor’s desires on whether or not he believes he can benefit from a wider or narrower spread.

Two common types of spreads

There are several types of spreads; still, the two most common printer-commodity spreads and options spreads.

#1 Inter-commodity spread 

Their-commodity spread is created when an investor buys and sells goods that are substantially different but also related. A profitable relationship exists between the goods. For example,

A crush spread is a relationship between soybeans and their by-products, which reflects the significance of processing soybeans into oil or meal.

A spark spread is a relationship between electricity and natural gas; numerous power stations bear gas for energy.

A crack spread is a relationship between oil and its by-products, with the spread showing the essential value of refining crude oil into gas.

#2 Option spread

Option spreads are another prominent type of spread. It is an options trading strategy in which a user buys and sells a large number of options of a similar type – either call or put – with the exact asset class. Such options are identical in many ways, although they frequently vary in respect of strike price, expiry period, or even both.

Spreads in FX trading

A spread in FX trading is the differential between the bidding (sell) and asking (buy) prices of a currency pair. A currency pair always has two possible values, the bidding, and the asking price.

The price of a bid at which you can sell the base on the currency, whereas the asking price you want to buy the base currency. 

The difference between the bid and ask prices of a currency pair is thought of as a forex spread, and it’s commonly measured in pips. When trading forex, it’s important to grasp what causes the spread to grow. Major currency pairings have a lower spread since they’re traded in big volumes, whereas exotic pairs have a greater spread.

Roboforex spreads or commission charges 

The broker provides the services and tools that you require for trading, and you must pay a fee to use them. As a result, the brokerage fee is the cost of trading.

Your trade skill is lucrative with RoboForex brokerage packages since the broker offers many brokerage packages for different traders.

We will go over each of them in-depth in the following portion of the post.

However, allow us to initial take a sneak peek at however cheap the plans are, or are they well worth the services you may get from the workplace or not.

So, you’ll think about RoboForex charges to be one in every of the foremost cheap charges, particularly for the standard services and products it’s to supply to the clients.

Rudolph Simmons founded this company in 2009, with its own headquarters in the Central American country.

The organization is governed by the IFSC, and it currently employs over 200 people across a variety of departments.

Types of RoboForex commission plans

Following are the various commission plans:

Account Type
Prime Account
ECN Account
R Trader 
Initial Deposit
From 0 pips
From 0 pips
Start From 0 pips
Strat From1.3 pips
Start From 1.3 pips
Commission of$10 per million traded 
The brokerage of $20 million on Forex pairs
US Stocks Pro commission of USD 0.445 USD per share

The RoboForex Commissions differs across the different brokerage plans that the broker has.

RoboForex account opening method

If you think that any of those 5 brokerage plans is good for your trading wants, then don’t wait and start opening the account with RoboForex. The following are the steps to register and open an account in Roboforex:

  • Select “Open Account” from the drop-down menu.
  • The application requests personal and professional information. Complete the form with all of your information.
  • After completing the form, you must submit it.
  • Once you have completed the form, wait for RoboForex representatives to contact you.
  • Representatives will take you through the following phase, such as transferring supporting documentation, the information you gave, and completing the KYC process.
  • The following component will be RoboForex’s evaluation of the information and whether or not it’s all confirmed to be genuine. RoboForex will provide you with the username and password for your brokerage account through the mail.
  • Then you may start trading.

RoboForex withdrawal method

Roboforex offers a wide variety of withdrawal methods; they are as follows:

Deposit Options 
Credit Card, FasaPay, Neteller, Poli, Skrill, Wire Transfer
Withdrawal Options
Credit Card,  Neteller, Skrill, Wire Transfer

The payment strategies are one crucial factor in trading as withdrawal strategies.

For depositing funds into the trading account, RoboForex contains a MasterCard as an associate option. Then there are QuickPay, Neteller, Wire or Bank Transfer, Poli, and Skrill.

Withdrawal options include credit or debit cards, Neteller, bank transfers, and Skrill.

RoboForex fees described

RoboForex earns money by charging spreads and fees on its diverse portfolio with over 9,400 products. This is a common strategy used by brokerage firms to generate income while keeping the lights on. RoboForex employs a unique forex marketing strategy, positioning itself as a market maker on its Cent Accounts due to the small trade volume necessary for its straight-through processing (STP) strategy.

Whenever the broker works as a call maker, it gains from the losses of the customers. Trade orders are re-routed across the network to the financial intermediary, and RoboForex receives a fee from the vendor in addition to spread risk. There is square measure overnight finance pricing on leveraged situations, therefore examine if rates are changing. The square measure is carried out by the company and is passed on to the traders’ accounts as well.

Based on the country, brokerage firms may offer varying levels of leverage. The highest forex brokers within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as an example, can give the most leverage of 30:1 below ESMA regulation.

Additional fees

It is value noting that some money instruments will solely be listed throughout a specific window, which has to take into consideration different time zones, and further fees may well be incurred if positions square measure command for too long once they need been closed.

Overnight fees

If a holding has an order open for more than a day, RoboForex may levy overnight costs, also known as rollover charges or swap charges. A switch charge is often referred to as an overnight fee. It arose when the trader failed to meet the time limit. That is, if she retains the same position for more than the allowed time, which is 22:00 GMT, a switch fee is levied.

Most brokers impose it to keep consumers from exceeding their time frame. FXTM, on the other hand, is unique in that it is swap-free. As a result, you may trade without having to worry about swap costs.

Deposit fees

It is a non-trading charge that many brokerage firms impose on their consumers. Roboforex, on the other hand, is a brokerage that does not charge fees for depositing the client’s own funds. As a consequence, you might see the exact money in your brokerage account as you did in your deposit.

Withdrawal fees

Though Roboforex provides quick withdrawals via a variety of options, it does impose a transaction fee in the form of withdrawal charges. Nevertheless, it is entirely dependent on the mode of payment. So, by picking the method, you are the one who chooses and decides the cost you wish to pay.

According to your preferences, you can decide which assets you want to trade
According to your preferences, you can decide which assets you want to trade

Fees that can occur

Deposit and withdrawal fees will very add up at the end of the trading amount. Fortunately, RoboForex does not impose a deposit fee. Withdrawal charges, on the other hand, vary based on how you choose to withdraw. Here’s a breakdown:

Withdrawal Method 
Credit/Debit Cards and JCB
2.6% plus $1.3 
Bank Transfer (SEPA)
China UnionPay
Local Bank Transfer
Around 4%
Perfect Money and FasaPay

RoboForex assets investments

There are a complete twelve thousand assets that are on the market with RoboForex. To a significant degree, this validates the RoboForex commission.

You may still trade equities as well as currency, Etf, cryptocurrency, and a variety of other assets using this broker.

There are 50 currency pairings that you may exchange with any of RoboForex’s accounts. There are unit 9 world indices, four commodities, and different instruments.

Currencies Trading
Commodities Trading
Indices Trading
Stocks Trading
Cryptocurrency Trading
Bonds Trading
Futures Trading
Options Trading


In terms of its trading fees (against major currency pairs), with spreads that are low.

RoboForex offers broad educational material that has trading methods, MetaQuote videos, a Glossary, world Economic Indicator definitions, Video Courses, and an Ebook.

Be aware that totally {different|completely different} entities beneath the Roboforex complete supply different trading instruments due to restrictive restrictions. Trading instruments offered might dissent supported the country of residence of the consumer. In addition, the trading instruments overall, RoboForex may be a well-regulated broker that is extremely competitive fired by Roboforex might vary counting on the trading platform you select to trade with.

FAQ – The most asked questions about cost to trade with RoboForex :

Do RoboForex charge commission?

Yes, RoboForex includes commission charges set up as per every of its trading accounts. The Pro account hasn’t any commission, or they’re commission-free.

So how much would RoboForex collect in commissions?

Trading fees vary depending on the kind of account. You will not have to incur any charge if you have a pro account.

What is the required minimum investment with RoboForex?

Except for the R Trader account, in which the minimum payment is $100, other accounts require at least a deposit of $10 or 10 Euros.

How much leverage does RoboForex offer?

The Prime and RTrader accounts have the leverage of up to 300 times. It is up to 500 times for the ECN accounts.

How much is spread at RoboForex?

The spread ranges from zero pips for the 3 accounts – Prime, ECN, and R trader. However, for the professional and Pro accounts, the spread starts from 1.3 pips.

Does RoboForex charge any additional commission?

Yes, RoboForex includes additional commissions set up that are automatically included in every trading account. But, to conclude, we can state that there are no added extra commissions. Hence it can also be considered commission free.

What is the amount of leverage that RoboForex offers?

If we speak about the R Trader account and the Prime account, it can be said that they are viable to the extent of about 300 times. Which is almost 500 times more than ECN accounts. All you need to do is specify the account and click on the leverage calculator, and within seconds you’ll be able to see the parameters of the transactions made. 

What do you understand by spread at RoboForex?

On average, the spread extends from zero pips for every 3 accounts. These three accounts are Prime, ECN, and R Trader account. But on the other hand, for the professional and the Pro accounts, the spread begins from 1.3 pips.

What are the withdrawal costs for RoboForex?

RoboForex doesn’t charge any fees for withdrawals. You will nonetheless be required to pay the transaction costs associated with the chosen payment method.

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