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Choosing an automated trading software to assist you in your crypto trading career can be exhausting. There are so many to choose from, and they all seem to function the exact same way. This article will focus on a particular trading software known as Bitcoin Profit.

All the information you will find here will help you decide whether this bot is right for you. Additionally, there are some tips for beginners who wish to jump on the Bitcoin trend but have no idea where to start.

What is bitcoin profit?

Bitcoin Profit is third-party software that functions as an automated trading bot. It is a bit unclear as to who created the software, but according to the website, the algorithm used by this software was created by two brothers who share a passion for trading and helping others who have very little experience in the trading scene.

Since Bitcoin Profit is a third-party software, clients are automatically partnered with reputable and registered brokers. Through the broker’s network and services, clients will be able to use the auto-trader and passively invest in the cryptocurrency market. This is beneficial for newbies and veterans as Bitcoin Profit’s algorithm was built to navigate the market and give you unlimited opportunities as long as there are funds in your account.

Bitcoin Profit is also proud of its high win-rate system that nets clients more than $1500 on average. This third-party software’s trading bot is completely free, and it does not charge any fees.

Is Bitcoin Profit legit and safe? 

Bitcoin Profit ensures their clients that they only forge partnerships with brokers who are 100% regulated and are strictly monitored by the FCA (the Financial Conduct Authority) or the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission). Both regulatory bodies are responsible for making sure that the brokers they monitor strictly follow the rules they set up to maximize the security of their client’s funds and information.

Bitcoin Profit also follows the guidelines set by the GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation to help put traders at ease. The GDPR is responsible for securing the personal data of Bitcoin Profit’s clients.

This particular automated trading software, as an added layer of protection, has an SSL certificate that protects your data from hackers and data phishers. The SSL certificate is responsible for the encryption of your passwords and credit or debit card details.

How do you create a Bitcoin Profit account?

It is quite easy to open your very own Bitcoin Profit account. As soon as you visit Bitcoin Profit’s website, a sign-up form will greet you. This automated trading software will only ask for basic information like your complete name, email address, and phone number. Once you fill in the details, click on the “register” button, and Bitcoin Profit will instantly process the verification of your account. You will be redirected to the trading bot’s platform, where you will need to log in using the information you provided on the sign-up form. Keep in mind that Bitcoin Profit will verify your phone by sending you a message. They will also send you a confirmation email containing your login credentials.

How do you deposit and withdraw funds from your Bitcoin Profit account?

As previously mentioned, you will instantly be redirected to the trading bot’s platform as soon as you finish creating an account. To deposit funds, navigate your way to the “new deposit” tab.

You will be presented with several deposit methods, such as SafePay, Visa, MasterCard, MerchantPay, GiroPay, and other debit card options. Keep in mind that the minimum deposit that Bitcoin Profit requires is $250. The funds you deposited will reflect in your account after the necessary confirmations.

Withdrawing your profit can also be done through the trading bot’s platform. All you need to do is send in a withdrawal request with the amount you wish to withdraw. This process takes a while, but the amount will reflect on your account within 24 hours.

How does Bitcoin Profit work?

Bitcoin Profit is, as previously mentioned, third-party trading software. This means it has to partner with brokers in order to let clients trade and own investable assets. With this, all of your trades go through a network that is also being used by financial institutions all over the world. This also means you are connected to liquidity providers and traders that buy and sell the assets you are interested in.

Being partnered with a broker allows Bitcoin Profit’s users access to margin and leverage as well as its proprietary trading software. This gives you the opportunity to increase your gains, even through a passive investment method, exponentially. This particular trading software utilizes a state-of-the-art algorithm. This algorithm is in charge of looking for favorable trading opportunities and is a consistent way to deploy your funds without the need for manual research. It basically functions as your own professional fund manager.

In addition to this, Bitcoin Profit’s algorithm adapts to past market conditions and continuously improves. When using a trading bot, the losses that come from human error are eliminated. As much as Bitcoin Profit’s system can function on its own, clients have the option to modify it to the next level to fit their trading profile and preference. The settings you can freely modify on Bitcoin Profit’s software are the asset you want to trade, the minimum investment per trade, the number of trades per day, and the risk you are willing to take.

How to trade with Bitcoin Profit

The first thing you need to do to start trading with Bitcoin Profit is to create an account. It’s a very straightforward process, and it won’t take more than a minute to do. Details on how to do this can be seen above. Next, Bitcoin Profit will require you to deposit a minimum amount of $250. You can deposit via MasterCard, Visa, MerchantPay, SafePay, and other methods that can be seen on the platform. The funds will be credited to the account after a couple of confirmations.

Although it’s not necessary, we advise you to try the platform out using a demo account first. But if you think you’re ready, you can start trading live on Bitcoin Profit’s platform as soon as the requirements above have been met.

What are the key features of Bitcoin Profit?

Automated Trading

Bitcoin Profit’s main feature is its automated trading robot. Just like other trading robots on the market, it provides its users with convenience and more avenues to make a profit. Bitcoin Profit’s automated trading feature is so advanced that the users have reported win rates of over 90%.

This is exemplary compared to what other auto traders provide since some of their win rates sometimes don’t even reach the 60% mark. What makes Bitcoin Profit’s system so special is that despite being sophisticated, you can still customize it to a certain degree.

Manual trading

Aside from automated trading, Bitcoin Profit also features a manual trading option for clients who prefer this method. To manually trade using this software, you need to select the asset you want to buy and input the amount you want to invest and the price you want to invest at. Keep in mind that you must do your own research to lessen your chances of losing money.

Alternatively, Bitcoin Profit’s platform provides trading signals that could assist users by presenting trading ideas that they could execute on their own. It is important to note that these trading signals are also produced by the same state-of-the-art algorithm that Bitcoin Profit’s automated trading robot utilizes.

Web-based platform

The great thing about Bitcoin Profit’s platform is that you don’t need to download it. You can access it from any browser on your desktop, laptop, or any other mobile device. Just make sure that you are connected via wifi since the platform does not work well on mobile data.

On the web-based platform, there are four different tabs you can access. These are the trading room, trading history, open trades, and demo accounts. As the name suggests, the trading room is where you will be executing all of your automatic trades. Here, you will see your total profit, total balance, a list of all the brokers you are partnered with, and your trading settings. On the current broker’s tab, you’ll see the name of the broker, your balance and profit, your open trades, and your history. There are also two buttons for deposits and withdrawals for ease of access.

The trading settings include the trade amount, take profit, max concurrent trades, daily stop loss, daily take profit, and max daily trades. The assets you can choose from are

  • and BTC/USD

Demo account

Unlike other third-party software, Bitcoin Profit offers the unrestricted use of a demo account so potential clients can test out the platform and all its features with no risk. A demo account will automatically be created once you sign up with Bitcoin Profit.

You can access the demo account by clicking on the “Go To Demo tab” found on the left side of Bitcoin Profit’s web-based platform.

Easy sign-up 

To ensure that clients can start using this software as soon as possible, Bitcoin Profit made its sign-up and verification process simple. It only takes less than a minute to fill up the sign-up form. The only details that you need to provide are basic information such as your complete name, email address, and phone number. Bitcoin Profit won’t ask its clients to send government-issued IDs. However, for you to deposit or withdraw your funds, you will need to provide your banking details to the broker assigned to you. This ensures that your funds will arrive either in your bank account or your trading account.

Bitcoin Profit Calculator

Bitcoin Profit has a Bitcoin Profit Calculator featured on its website. This particular trading tool helps clients calculate any amount of Bitcoin to and from its USD or EUR value. This is a simple way to know the number of funds you have on hand and gained through the use of Bitcoin Profit’s trading software.

Advantages of Bitcoin Profit

For a system and algorithm that surpasses expectations, Bitcoin Profit’s platform is actually user-friendly. Newbies and Veterans alike could use their system with ease with all the customizations they want to apply. On their platform, you would see arranged tabs and could access all services that your auto trader has to offer. Aside from that, all data that can be used for backtesting is organized in easy-to-understand tables without any hard-to-understand jargon. 

Despite being customizable to a certain extent, clients of Bitcoin Profit have reported outstanding win rates of up to 90% even when using the base settings of their trading bot’s algorithm. This ensures that as long as you’re properly allocating your trades, you will be able to thrive by using this trading robot. It is important to note that it is difficult to find a trading bot that offers not only one cryptocurrency for its scope of service. This leads to more opportunities and less forced trades. 

Unlike other third-party services that offer trading bots, Bitcoin Profit allows clients to use their proprietary trading system even with the use of the demo account that’s given to you once you sign up. By using the demo account, you’ll be able to assess whether the claims of Bitcoin Profit of having high win rates are realistic. You can also test this against other trading bots in the market and decide if being a client of Bitcoin Profit is best for you. 

It is a huge misconception that all trading bots charge a fee for the use of their algorithm. In fact, Bitcoin Profit is one of the few service providers that offer their services for free for clients. However, users should note that they may be charged trading fees and commissions by their partnered broker. For more information about this, it is best to check with the customer service representative of your broker. 

As previously mentioned, Bitcoin Profit’s bot does not only deal with Bitcoin, but it also looks for opportunities in other major cryptocurrencies such as Ripple, Litecoin, and Ethereum. One of the few advantages of this is being able to diversify into other assets in case any of these cryptocurrencies surpass Bitcoin. Having more options in where your bot will invest will also ensure that your funds have more chances to be used while being able to allocate the proper amount per trade to avoid over-allocation. 

Disadvantages of Bitcoin Profit

It is important to note that Bitcoin Profit does not have a mobile application for any kind of mobile device. However, with Bitcoin Profit’s web-based platform, you will be able to access their platform and services with any device that has a browser. Most likely, their platform is compatible with any kind of browser, such as Chrome and Opera.

This also bypasses any kind of risk, such as hacking and viruses, that comes with installing mobile software applications. Since all features can be found on the web-based platform, you can be sure that all customizable settings can also be accessed through your mobile device. 

Not much is known about the creators and the developers of Bitcoin Profit, but we are sure that it was made by a team of dedicated individuals that have dedicated their time and effort to the creation of this state-of-the-art application that brings profits to clients worldwide. Additionally, they intentionally made their service free for everyone, even for those that only deposited the minimum amount. 

Tips and tricks

The reason why Bitcoin Profit was made was to provide their clients with profit from Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Since 2009, Bitcoin has risen in value from less than a dollar to more than $60,000, and having the chance to seize this opportunity will do wonders for your funds. 

With Bitcoin Profit, you can passively invest your funds through an exceptional trading bot that was specifically built to navigate through the crypto market to get you the best trades. As they always say, the best time to trade and invest is now, and if you’re feeling skeptical, putting in a small percentage of your funds to try out their system wouldn’t hurt and would even probably give you a profit. 

Additionally, you could use this opportunity to use the demo account first to practice your strategies or test out their trading system to see if it’s profitable to ease your concerns further. With backtesting, you will be able to test out the capabilities of their proprietary software through real market conditions. There is no risk on your part, and all it takes is a few clicks to discover what this platform could do for you. 

There would be times when market conditions are bad such that trading bots would not be at their top potential. To increase your chances of gaining rather than losing, you could either do your own research or listen to experts. Investing when there is a bull run in the crypto space greatly increases your profitability and hit rate. A simple tip that you could do is to apply an indicator called Moving Average to your charts to determine the trend of a specific asset. 

As much as Bitcoin Profit boasts a high success rate for their system, you shouldn’t go all-in on a single trade, nor should you over-allocate on every trade. Proper risk management will allow you to survive in investing, and it’s no different even when using third-party trading robots. What you could do is allocate a maximum of 10% of your portfolio per trade so that even if you lose a lot on a single trade, you will be left with another 90% to carry your portfolio into profitable levels. 

When doing your research, it’s suggested to also learn about other kinds of cryptocurrencies, such as those belonging to the Binance Smart Chain or the DeFi. These young subcategories in the crypto space are some up-and-coming innovations that might exist along with Bitcoin or even surpass it. It wouldn’t also hurt to invest in some of these new cryptocurrencies. 

Once you’ve started earning real money through the bot of Bitcoin Profit, don’t forget to withdraw some of the profits. This is to lessen your risk and for you to enjoy some of the profits as well. There is also an option for you to invest your funds elsewhere, like in real estate or a business. This also protects you from a potential market crash that the trading bot might not be able to predict. 

Customer Support

Bitcoin Profit boasts of its knowledgeable and quick-to-respond customer support system. Bitcoin Profit’s platform has a “help” button where you can get in touch with customer support representatives anytime you have a concern or question.

You can also contact them via the “contact us” page on Bitcoin Profit’s website. Information like your name and email address will be required when filling out the contact form. Here, you can type in any of your questions, and the customer support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Bitcoin Profit

The auto trading software is specially designed for crypto traders

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Bitcoin Profit is a company that offers trading bots for crypto trades.


FAQ – The most asked questions about Bitcoin Profit :

Do I need experience in trading if I want to use Bitcoin Profit’s software?

Having basic experience when it comes to trading is an added bonus, but it is not a requirement. Bitcoin Profit was designed to help people who wish to trade Bitcoin but don’t know how to. This means that beginners or people who don’t know anything about trading can freely use this application.

How long should I work on the platform?

If you are trading automatically, twenty to thirty minutes should be enough to do a bit of research and set up your trading robot. If you prefer to trade manually, you will need to invest more of your time since you will do all the work yourself.

Are there any fees I should know about before I use Bitcoin Profit?

Opening a Bitcoin Profit account costs zero dollars. Additionally, Bitcoin Profit does not charge their clients commissions or any other fees. This means that all your profits go to you.

Does Bitcoin Profit have a mobile application?

As of writing this article, Bitcoin Profit does not have a mobile application that can be downloaded on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. However, you can still access Bitcoin Profit’s platform and features via your web browser of choice on your mobile devices. It is advised that you connect via wifi instead of cellular data.

Will I be able to withdraw Bitcoin from this software?

Unfortunately, Bitcoin Profit does not support the withdrawal of Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Your profits will automatically be converted to either USD or EUR before it gets sent to your account.

Is it secure to invest money into Bitcoins with Bitcoin Profit?

Bitcoin is indeed very speculative and immensely volatile. Putting all of your savings into cryptocurrencies is undoubtedly a bad decision. If you’re prepared to take a chance, be sure you know what you’re investing in and get a plan for your cryptocurrency investments. To be great on this platform, you should try with a Demo account.

How does Bitcoin Profit work?

Bitcoin Profit is a trading robot that works 24*7 and allows you to trade in both cryptocurrencies and foreign exchange (FX); it automatically executes trades in favor of its account holders through which you can earn good profits. Both FX robots and cryptocurrencies are supported on the platform.

Is Bitcoin Profit a genuine firm?

Bitcoin Profit is considered to be a safe platform; it proclaims the service they provide. This trading platform offers a crypto trading robot, which helps to automate the trading process. You can get started with the demo account to understand the features and functionalities. It also requires a deposit to access the actual account.

How can I create an account on Bitcoin Profit?

Visit the platform’s website and submit your information before completing the sign-up form to join Bitcoin Profit. Deposit into your new account with Bitcoin Profit before you can begin trading.