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Bitcoin System review: Is it a scam or not? – Review based on real test of the Bitcoin system

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Cryptocurrency trading is making people rich. And as many experts keep proclaiming that “cryptocurrency is the future of finance.” it looks like this new means of passive income will continue to trend for the foreseeable future. 

As technologies advance, software engineers and programmers keep coming up with new ways to create more opportunities in the digital currency world. Now, the market is full of different brands of robotic trading software for both newcomers and experienced traders. People are gaining financial freedom with little effort by taking advantage of these auto traders.

While many people are getting rich using any of the genuine ‘auto-traders available on the internet, a few have not been so fortunate. And this bad experience has led to increased doubt and negative feelings toward automated trading platforms. It is hard to affix 100% blame to the auto trader they chose to use because the digital currency market is dynamic and extremely volatile. Though some of these robots indeed have a low accuracy level, while a few are not genuine.

In this review, we examine one of the market’s crypto trading apps – The bitcoin system. We bring you details of our discovery, including all its disadvantages.

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Is this robot trader legit?

Yes. We found a few discouraging reports about the robot. But we also received much positive feedback from independent users. And from all our research and analysis, we could conclude that this auto-trading platform is genuine. 

What is the Bitcoin System, and how does it work? – The robot presented

Bitcoin system is a trading software that is programmed to help the user trade profitably in the crypto market. The robot uses modern technologies to search the market and identify opportunities for the trader, either buy or sell. It claims to have inbuilt trading strategies that ensure consistent profit.


Anyone can use this software, either beginners or expert traders. Since it is fully automated, it does not require special technical know-how to operate. The platform promises a high win rate of over 90%, and some users reportedly make money on a daily basis using its software.

How the Bitcoin System works

The robot is allegedly built with modern machine learning technology to constantly study the ever-changing market conditions and adjust to them quickly. It combines machine learning technology with the inbuilt Artificial Intelligence software to analyze price trends and provide profitable trade signals for its user.

Like all other crypto software, the software is driven by blockchain technology, which records all transactions and market activities in a public ledger. So traders are assured of transparency in their operations. The platform works in conjunction with brokers around the world. These brokers contacts traders as soon as they complete their first registration to assist with finishing the account set-up and activation process.

Is The Bitcoin System safe?

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The platform is in partnership with brokers around the world who help users with transactions and leverage. Once you register as a new user, you will be paired up with a broker who then contacts you immediately to assist you further in getting started.

From our findings, most of its brokers are well-regulated. Since Bitcoin System is a crypto trading system, the trading robot is not regulated. This is common with many crypto brokers. However, Bitcoin System works with reliable brokers that may be regulated. This always depends on the respective broker. But we recommend that you check to make sure your broker has all the required licenses. Ensure they operate under the necessary regulations before you make your first deposit. We should add about the trading platform, that users have confirmed it to be safe and secure.  Encryption and data protection is guaranteed. This safety is a given because it runs under SSL license and certification. Additionally, the platform promises a standby cyber response team. The team is there to quickly handle any security issue you may encounter while trading.

Facts about the Bitcoin System

  • Safe and legit auto trading platform, with cyber response team to deal with security issues on time.
  • Accepts $250/€250 as initial deposit
  • Offers free demo account for tests
  • Provides the opportunity to trade in other asset classes like forex and commodities
  • Trade different types of digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Cardano, Iota, Binance coin, EOS, and Bitcoin cash

How to trade with The Bitcoin System

How to trade on the Bitcoin system

There are 3-steps to trade with this software:

Step-1 Registration

Visit their website and register by entering your name, email, phone, and username. You should receive a link in your email to verify this registration. The app is free, and the registration process is simple.

Step-2 Deposit funds in your account

Fund your account to fully activate it. You can credit your account through debit, credit card, bank, or wire transfer.

This step-2 is the stage where a partnered broker contacts you. We advise you to find out all you can about this broker and ensure they operate under the necessary regulations before you proceed to deposit.

Step-3 Trade on The Bitcoin System

You can begin trading once your account has been funded. You will be required to set some parameters according to your preferences before you trade. We recommend you turn on your risk management features such as stop-loss or take-profit and set your limits.

Test it with a free demo account

The free demo account of the Bitcoin system

Experienced traders may not think it necessary to test the platform since it is fully automated.

But we advise new users, particularly inexperienced traders, to take advantage of the free demo account. A demo trial can help you understand how the platform works. You will also get the chance to test the different trading techniques in the system without risking your money.

Advantages of trading with The Bitcoin System

Benefits of trading with the Bitcoin system

In our review, we found some satisfactory points and unique features of this trading bot that can make it a good choice for investors;

1. Speedy processing of withdrawals

Most of the other platforms we reviewed need 24-hours to handle withdrawals. The Bitcoin system is not one of them. Users have reported receiving their funds within 1-hour of making the requests. This speedy withdrawal is a great feature as we believe it increases traders’ confidence in the platform.

2. Secured trading platform

The website is encrypted, keeping all information safe and not able to be hacked. A rapid response Cyber team is always on standby to deal with security issues if they arise.

3. Claims high profitability

This auto trader claims to be highly profitable, generating successful trade signals for users. Some traders have attested to the fact that they make a profit consistently on this platform.

4. Round the clock customer support

Support service is allegedly available 24-7 on this platform. Traders can reach out to them at any time for help. For us, this proves transparency and shows that the platform depends on its traders’ success as well as the trader. Readily available support gives one the peace of mind to go about their trading without anxieties.

Disadvantages of the Bitcoin System

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Some serious drawbacks could give a trader pause before signing up here;

1. Unregulated affiliate brokers

First, some of its affiliated brokers may be unregulated. It was shocking to see some feedback about some dealing with unregulated brokers. Though some traders have claimed that this is common practice among auto trading platforms. Users are matched with brokers who may or may not be licensed and could lose their capital without trading. The platform did make it clear on their website that traders are responsible for verifying the authenticity of their paired broker before making any deposit. So it is up to the user to ensure they are working with a licensed broker before making a deposit.

2. Delays crediting bank accounts

Traders reportedly experienced delayed withdrawal processing. Some users complained of their account receiving funds a few hours after withdrawal requests instead of within the same hour as promised. It’s hard to say if this is caused by system downtime in their banks or the broker. But at least, no one reported any delays beyond 24-hours, so this can be disregarded.

3. Commission charge

Thirdly, the platform is said to deduct a certain amount, though minimal, as commission on users’ profit. This fee is not uncommon in the crypto market. But there are other auto traders whose services are completely free. According to these other platforms, they make money from trading different financial assets. They use their advanced software in all their investments.

Conclusion – The Bitcoin System can be interesting for aspiring traders

Facts about the Bitcoin system

From this review, we see that the bitcoin system is real and genuine.  Though, like all other auto trading software, it is not 100% perfect. Indeed, automated trading is far better and almost 100% more profitable than manual trading. But bear in mind that it only minimizes the risk and increases the chance of making money. It does not entirely erase the risk of loss. Caution is highly advised, and your disposable income is better used as an investment in this tràding. 

People have profited and are still profiting from auto crypto trading. But there are some who were not so lucky. It is up to you to decide if the software is good for you or not. We have given you all the information you need to make that decision. We hope the information provided here has made you aware of all the risks and potentials. And will help you make the right decision. For us, trading with the Bitcoin system is worth a try.

The Bitcoin System

The Bitcoin System is an auto trading software that uses algorithms for making trading decisions.

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 It is safe and secure from any form of cyberattacks.


Frequently asked questions about The Bitcoin System (FAQs):

Is the Bitcoin System real?

Yes. Bitcoin system is a real and genuine auto trading software with partner brokers in many parts of the world. This software was created in 2016 and now has over 400,000 users all over the world. Traders have given testimonies of its legitimacy and profitableness. 

How do I join the Bitcoin System?

Visit their official website and enter your details in the SIGN-UP box. You will receive an email to verify the details you entered. The broker you are paired with will then contact you to assist with completing the registration process and getting you to make the initial deposit. You may be required to upload scanned copies of your ID and utility bills for KYC documentation. After you complete all the registration process, you will have to fund your account with at least $250/€250. Your trading account is only fully active after you make the first deposit. 

Is the Bitcoin System free?

Yes. The software is free to use. There are no registration fees or transaction charges. But a small percentage of your profits may be deducted as required to keep your account running.

How can I withdraw my money from Bitcoin System?

On the bitcoin system dashboard, click on funds management. You will be redirected to your broker’s page, where you will fill out a withdrawal request form. Once this request is initiated, your profits will be converted to your currency and credited to your bank account within an hour.

Does the Bitcoin System have an app?

No. The platform is fully web-based. But it can be accessed on any browser on a computer or smartphone, as long as you are connected to the internet. Users prefer web-based app because it is more convenient and does not need download or frequent upgrades.

Is the Bitcoin System available in my country?

The Bitcoin system is available in over 160 countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Before registering on the website,  you will be able to check if it is accessible in your region.

What is the Bitcoin System?

Bitcoin system is a robotic software that helps users trade in the crypto market and earns higher profits. It is a fully automated app that analyzes market conditions and places the most favorable trade on the user’s behalf.