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Full review of the Crypto Bank auto trading software – Is it a scam or not?

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As cryptocurrency gains a foothold in societies worldwide, various companies and their products are arising. The goal of these corporations is to make the move into virtual assets as easy as possible. For many years companies have been moving towards a cashless system.

How good is the software Crypto Bank? – You will find out in the following review and test for new investors

What is Crypto Bank?

Crypto Bank is a revolutionary system that is going to use the latest technologies. One of the features that this platform is going to be able to perform is the ability to transfer cryptocurrency into a Crypto Bank account. The user will have the ability to collect all of their scattered assets and gather them into one central location. This is a major advantage for users who have started breaking into virtual trading assets on various platforms. It’s also very useful for experienced traders who have been experimenting with different services. 

Many people deal with the frustration and struggle that comes with not being able to keep track of their various assets when they are scattered.  This is where Crypto Bank comes into play. Crypto Bank is going to help users by offering them the option to compile all of their funds in one place. The platform will then allow the user to be able to manage their portfolio in a manner that eliminates some of the hassles of crypto trading.

The company behind Crypto Bank understands that cryptocurrency usage is both cumbersome and confusing. They aim to streamline the process for use worldwide. C-Bank is planning to launch its app in all areas that allow crypto trading once they have enough support from users. The platform is currently in a beta state but is slated to be released at the end of 2022. Currently, only their partners and stakeholders have access to their system. Interested parties may contact the company and pay for access to the app ahead of time if they so wish. 

The biggest push for programs and robots such as Crypto Bank is the fact that currency exchange and centralized banking areas are a major hassle for tourists and those traveling for business alike. Many countries tend to favor different kinds of payment methods, and this adds to the confusion. A system that allows the use of Bitcoin and another supported cryptocurrency will help eliminate these problems. Conventional currency, or fiat currency, varies in value and obtainability and isn’t always able to be exchanged. Limitations are also in place on the exchange of foreign currencies. At the same time, Bitcoin has the same value around the world and is much easier to trade and use for purchases.

What is a crypto robot?

Many of the programs used in crypto trading are called robots. These robots are designed to analyze current data and translate it into useful trading decisions. These robots are linked to various blockchains and also operate within specific guidelines and with the assistance of virtual asset platforms such as Crypto Bank. Crypto robots take the information and the parameters put forward by the trading system to sell cryptocurrency.

The robots are able to provide the highest possible return on a client’s investment.  Using crypto robots allows the trading of virtual assets to become a form of passive income. This has a huge appeal for traders who don’t have the time to watch the market. 

Can you trust that it is legit?

Crypto Bank is very transparent about its plans, leadership, and partners. With the simple download of a PDF file, anyone can access their business structure and the various features that they are going to offer. Many of their partners are verified and well respected, such as Block Global and Swiss Capital. This platform seems to be legit and is going to utilize many safety procedures that we will discuss in further detail.

How safe is Crypto Bank?

Crypto Bank is just like every other crypto asset program in the respect that it involves risk. This is where the similarities end. Crypto Bank takes customer service and security very seriously. This isn’t to discredit the other robots or platforms, and this is something that will set them apart from the rest. 

All trades of this manner contain risk and reward. That is the nature of the business and must be understood before one decides to invest. The company is implementing various security features, including contacting the client to verify their account upon creation. The other security measures that the app uses include biometric sign-in and password protection. The user’s personal information is backed up and secured on separate servers to prevent hackers or malicious software from being able to obtain the data. 

How does one set up an account?

With Crypto Bank being in the beta stage, making an account is not currently available to everyone. The only access to the platform is reserved for the investors and members of the development team. Once the program is out of the beta stage and released throughout the world, they intend to make the account creation progress as simple as creating a new email address. 

The process for setting up a new account is going to be simple. The only information gathered for the application process is an account name, phone number, and email address. 

How good is the customer support?

Crypto Bank plans to be an all-inclusive phone app-based solution for all cryptocurrency trading needs. They will be offering 24/7 customer support and already have a FAQ section added to their website for ease of use. Crypto Bank’s customer support will be available in many different languages to be able to provide help to clients worldwide. Along with having a customer support line, they will also be offering an email option to address questions and concerns. This option will result in a more delayed answer but should be just as thorough as a phone conversation.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Crypto Bank?

The biggest disadvantage of Crypto Bank at this point is that it isn’t currently available on the mass market. This creates mixed feelings about the software. Some are grateful that it is not being rushed, whereas others worry that the delay will be the undoing of the app. The advantages of the platform include security, ease of use, and fluidity. We have gone over the various security features that each account will have already. Along with those, the servers will be backed up, and data will constantly be refreshed. This allows all information shared between the client and the company to be accurate and not redundant. This also keeps the information safe and secure. 

With the platform being app-based, this allows ease of access of its own. On top of that, all of the key features will be detailed and easy to use. This allows beginners to feel comfortable while not feeling cheap to veteran traders. The key feature that Crypto Bank is most proud of is the fact that everyone will be able to transfer their existing cryptocurrency to their system and take full advantage of it. Every trading platform runs various security systems, fee schedules, and other limitations. With Crypto Bank, a user can do everything they want to with their virtual assets in one easy use interface. Along with that, it is fee-free trading. 

Along with managing, transferring, and storing cryptocurrency on Crypto Bank, the user is going to be kept up to date on the latest market trends. This will allow the user to always be informed about where the market is heading and how volatile it is when it comes time to sell its assets. Crypto Bank has partnered with World Vision to keep everyone updated in real time. 

Is there a mobile app? 

Many of the competition to Crypto Bank tend to use a web-based experience that is best viewed on a laptop or other personal computer. With Crypto Bank, this is not the case. Almost everyone nowadays has a cellular device or tablet that they use on a daily basis. This is what they plan will help draw attention to their services and away from their competitors. With more users, the team will have more backing to be able to continue building upon the robot they have already built. 

The integrated security of being able to use a cell phone for transactions is beneficial for both the client and the company as this information is generally also backed up by a third-party source such as Google. Unlike other mobile apps that penalize users if they are unable to remember their login information, Crypto Bank is taking steps to make sure no one is ever separated from their virtual assets. If one does forget their information, Crypto Bank has systems in place to restore their account and full accessibility. 

Along with having online market access set up, Crypto Bank also will have an offline feature for users to be able to buy and sell virtual assets without being on the internet. This feature will allow transfers in and out as soon as the user has once again regained internet access and saves their trading profile. 

Do they have a demo account system?

Many people are fresh when it comes to trading cryptocurrency but have a decent understanding of it and the possible profit margin. The cryptocurrency market is currently the best possible investment one can make. Crypto Bank offers a demo account for anyone who either isn’t ready to invest or doesn’t fully understand how to do it properly. 

The demo account allows a user to learn how the process works by running a mock system. It operates as if the user actually has cryptocurrency to trade. To put it simply, it is an online monopoly game designed to teach everyone how to break off into the market. This provides a novice with the skills and knowledge needed to make informed decisions before investing in their own portfolio. This tool also shows the transparency of the company and its trading practices. By being transparent, Crypto Bank is able to garner more respect and credibility. 

How does one get started with Crypto Bank? 

After setting up an account, which is completed in a few easy steps, it is time to make the first deposit. Crypto Bank has a relatively cheap initial deposit and one that seems to be rather universal. This deposit is $250. Initial investors should find this to be a comfortable investment that will allow them to study the tools available to them further and to grow their capital slowly. 

How do you deposit funds?

Crypto Bank allows users to set up wire transfers from banks, debit, and credit cards along with transferring their virtual assets from other services. Once the user’s portfolio is all in one place, it is much more convenient to be able to control which assets to trade and which ones to keep. 

Currently, supported cryptocurrencies at this time are: 

  • Bitcoin
  • Ripple
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • DASH
  • Bitcoin Cash

All major fiat currencies are also accepted via wire transfer. These include but are not limited to:

  • USD
  • GBP
  • NZP
  • EURO

Once funds are deposited into the account, they are generally available within minutes. The process is usually instant but can take up to 15 minutes. The user is going to be able to see their buying power in an easy-to-view section of the app. The value of their virtual assets will also be displayed in the same, easy-to-read, manner. This allows the user to be able to have complete control over their trading power. 

What can one do with Crypto Bank? 

Crypto Bank has a live market for trading cryptocurrency that can be run automatically or manually. With the automatic system, the user inputs the parameters for each virtual asset. The robot then decides what is best based on the up-to-date information that it has gathered. It will then sell the currency as it sees fit. This is a seamless process and doesn’t require the client to do anything. 

In the early stages of this robot, profits have been reported to be higher than expected, and there is room for good growth. This process is safe and legit. There is no guesswork for the client, and it allows someone to grow their capital in a controlled manner. For the more advanced trader or someone who doesn’t have full trust in the system, there is always manual trading. Manual trading allows the user to set the exact amount of virtual assets that they wish to sell at any given time.

For example:

John wants to sell .032 BTC but only at a profit margin of 1% or higher. The system would post his offer onto the live market, and it will sit until his requirements are met. This is sometimes the best bet for investors as they narrow down their assets. Along with using wire transfers to add to a cryptocurrency portfolio, clients are able to exchange one crypto for another. This is a very useful tool, especially with the upswing of the market. 

Take a look at the Bitcoin chart:

For example:

John has noticed that his friend Joyce has had a better profit margin by trading Ethereum than with Bitcoin. He chooses to trade a portion of his Bitcoin for Ethereum. Not only does this diversify his portfolio but it also gives him access to more trading options. At any time that a user decides to transfer their virtual assets from one currency to another, they will have the ability to do so without penalty or fees. 

This process is just as easy as funding the account and will be completed within minutes. The live market is always being updated and offers the best possible information to the clients so they feel more secure with their transactions. 

Take a look at the Ethereum chart:

What fees are involved with trading?

Fees seem to be everywhere we turn, and everyone needs to be aware of them. Crypto Bank doesn’t charge hidden fees. These funds would include commission fees or transfer fees. At this time, Crypto Bank doesn’t charge fees and doesn’t seem to be looking to add fees in the future. They are able to offer a fee-free live market system because of their relationship with the brokers. This is something that certainly helps Crypto Bank stand out among the crowd. We are all looking for a safe way to invest without having to pay a large number of extra fees. 


Without the burden of bothering with fees, clients will also be able to optimize their profit margin. Along with that, users will not be side-swiped by hidden fees. In this market, transparency is key. Crypto Bank seems to be willing and able to provide that. As virtual asset trading becomes more commonplace, platforms like Crypto Bank are going to be at the forefront. 

In conclusion

Crypto Bank seems to be willing to meet the current demands of clients everywhere and aspires to become much more. With the right backing, Crypto Bank seems like a good bet for anyone interested in using crypto robots to make a profit in the market. One must always understand that trading always involves risks. There is absolutely no way to avoid risk. It is never a good idea to invest in virtual assets if one can not afford to lose their investment.

This being said, the business of virtual trading assets is growing and is also being more regulated every day. Now is a good time to do your research and make an investment plan. Make sure always to do your due diligence and decide what is best for you and what meets your needs. There are many services out there, and Crypto Bank is just one of them. 

Crypto Bank

Crypto Bank is still a better version but will probably be released at the end of 2022.

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Crypto Bank meets the current demands of clients


FAQ – The most asked questions about Crypto Bank:

  • Can I Use Crypto Bank now? 
  • Crypto Bank, as was previously discussed, is not currently available on the market. The development team is making sure all of the features are user-friendly and comply with specific regulations. The estimated release of the platform is in late 2022. 

  • What is SWEPT?
  • SWEPT is the virtual asset version of SWIFT. These are the policy guidelines that banks such as Crypto Bank follow. This prevents illegal activities from being performed by the company behind Crypto Bank. It also allows its clients to have an in-depth understanding of the rules and regulations that must be followed. 

  • Why Pay With Virtual Assets?
  • Virtual assets are the future of worldwide commerce. Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin is already being accepted in millions of locations throughout. As popularity grows, this market is gaining more ground. Checks have become a thing of the past, and fiat currency causes issues when it comes to being able to exchange it. 

    How does one transfer cryptocurrency? 

    With the interface, adding cryptocurrency to the user’s portfolio is very simple. Along with adding assets, one can actually transfer them to a friend or family member. Being able to transfer assets to others allows the software to be used even further. It also allows a better understanding of cryptocurrency culture for everyone. This process will also be streamlined and usually instantaneous as well. Crypto Bank is aiming to make the future of cryptocurrency as easy to use and understand as ordinary fiat currency. 

    How does one withdraw their gains?

    Withdrawal of virtual assets into fiat currency is also available through Crypto Bank. The funds will never be locked into one form of currency or another. The liquidity of this makes the consolidation of assets much easier and hassle-free. Crypto Bank has a 24-hour withdrawal timeframe. The trials that have been run have proven that this is indeed the case. All funds that were set to be wire transferred were available within that timeframe. There are not any limitations or restrictions on withdrawing funds either. This is a welcome relief for any who intend to use the platform to buy and sell large amounts at a time. 

    Is Crypto Bank secure?

    Crypto Bank, like any other cryptocurrency asset program, carries risk. The commonalities stop at this point. Safety and customer care are top priorities for Crypto Bank. Not to disparage other bots or platforms but rather to distinguish them from the competition.

    How can I create a CryptoBank account?

    Because Crypto Bank is still in beta, not all can presently create a new account. The investors and the developers are the only people who have the platform’s access. Once the software is out of beta and available worldwide, they look forward to making the user registration process as straightforward as possible.

    What costs are related to trading with CryptoBank?

    Everybody needs to be informed of the costs because they appear to be prevalent. There are no additional costs at Crypto Bank. These costs include commissions or transaction charges. Crypto Bank doesn’t currently impose any charges and doesn’t appear to have any plans to do so in the coming years. Due to their connection to brokerage firms, they can provide live market analysis tools without any fees.