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The satisfaction that wealth gives is immeasurable. We cannot compare the happiness that hard-earned money provides with anything in the world. Making money is a need for everyone who wants to survive. But, it becomes more important when you want to enjoy worldly pleasures along with that. That is the main reason why people get desperate to make money and end up causing long-term harm to themselves. They get on the wrong path of getting rich and end up suffering. 

So, when it comes to making money and increasing wealth, we can hardly think of a better way other than trading. It is a method that allows you to understand the markets, assets, exchange’s functioning, etc. With the help of trading, you can learn and apply various strategies and techniques that can get you the profits by either buying or selling the assets.

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Trading can allow you to deal with various types of assets, which depend on the market you choose. However, with the growth of digital technology, the most prevalent form of trading is through online platforms. Through these platforms, you can trade in assets that include stocks, commodities, currencies, CFDs, etc., with the convenience of clicking on your device. 

Before the popularity of online trading, the investors had to gather at the exchanges physically. Also, they were required to call for orders and note down the trades. Online trading has paved the way to a new dimension of asset multiplication. But, like any form of trading, a trader enters the domain to maximize profitability, which may not always be possible. 

Therefore, online trading demands the help of trading brokers. During the transactions, they act as mediators and let the traders conduct them through their platforms by offering trading accounts. The accounts may vary depending on the features and may have variable charges. The brokers may keep the charges for depositing the initial amount to convert the base currency. Some brokers charge for withdrawing your own profits as well. 

So, before opening an account and starting the trading journey, just selecting your broker is not enough. You must also ensure that it offers a nominal deposit and withdrawal scheme. It is the least we can expect since we cannot wish the brokers to let the traders use all the benefits for free. But, the non-trading charges like withdrawal and deposit should be scrutinized by the trader.

It is not uncommon to see incidences where people who ignore the proper channels or methods end up losing their money. Therefore, it is important to understand the withdrawal process, especially while trading on volatile markets like Forex and CFD.

Deposits and withdrawals go hand in hand when we do any financial transaction. So, we cannot ignore how they are needful in trading, be it Forex or stocks. But, when it is about the withdrawal particularly, we must focus on the least costing method from a trustworthy broker.


Therefore, the role of a reliable broker is essential in taking the first step towards trading. So, when it reaches that point, may be a new name for beginners. However, it may be the only name they need to remember for all their trading needs, especially for Forex and CFD traders. entered the trading world in 2008. Since then, it has continuously offered relentless trading and investments in financial markets worldwide. The trader can choose to trade from more than 8,000 assets. That makes it a cutting-edge multi-asset platform. 

You also get the chance to trade over 2,200 instruments on their platform, which gives you phenomenal control over your trading methods. also offers a VIP service that treats you like an individual and provides help and support whenever you may need them.

It is a part of a company called Finalto Limited, a constituent of Playtech. Moreover, it is also an FTSE 250 listed company that knows the scale and has the resources to raise the bar for the clients in trading. is one of the international giants in CFD and forex brokerages. It has been listed on Finance Magnates and Forex Live and holds the title of the best platform in 2020. Moreover, it is a safe broker as several financial authorities regulate it, such as CySEC, FCA, etc. 

We can also benefit from the services and platforms under its indigenous brands: the MarketsI and MarketsX platform. The former focuses on share-dealing and investing, while the latter is used for CFD trading. So, if you choose, you can trade better and in a sorted manner.  

But before that, you need to sign up for your trading account on the website, which is untroubled. After that, you can add the funds by selecting the payment methods and then use them in trading, with the easy steps.

Similarly, the withdrawal is also an effortless process that you can undertake as you wish. You can withdraw any amount from your trading account once you select a payment method. However, there may be a minimum amount that a trader must withdraw. 

Therefore, as we mentioned before, it is essential to look into the withdrawal requirements of any broker. So, before choosing, let us get a deeper insight into its minimum withdrawal schemes and the methods to do it. award for being the best trading platform award for being the best trading platform

Withdrawal methods available at

When the trader wants to withdraw the profits, many brokers often offer only a limited number of methods. It causes the trader to choose a method that may be inconvenient and time-consuming. 

However, with, even beginner traders can withdraw from a list of methods according to their convenience and location. But, a trader must be careful to keep in mind that the withdrawal method shall be the same as the deposit method. It avoids any illegal activity, and since is a regulated broker and takes the regulations seriously, such a requirement is there.

Bank wire transfer

Wire transfer is a common cashless method that people use to transfer money quickly from one location to another. Knowing about a wire transfer is simple as it is nothing but an electronic way to transfer money. It is also known as bank transfer and gives you several advantages. It is a mode of transfer that is fast and secure. 

A wire transfer usually happens from one bank to another. Wherein such transfers are mostly used to send money abroad. 

In other words, a bank wire transfer suggests nothing more than an online check transfer. Since it is an electronic transaction, it eliminates the physical exchange of cash. It is done via a network that the banks and transfer service agencies dispense. 

However, it requires sending and receiving institutions and may also require you to give information like the receiver’s name and account number of the transfer source. offers it as a withdrawal method available for traders everywhere in the world. Moreover, since it is a method related to online banking, it is convenient and easily used. 

Credit/Debit cards

Credit and debit card payments are among the most common methods for any type of payment. Since its long-term use, many people continue to prefer it as their default method. It is simple and hassle-free for everyone, irrespective of their expertise in online transactions. 

So you can use your credit or debit card for withdrawing the funds as it is another easy option given by You only need to enter your card details and proceed with the confirmation. shall send you an email notifying you about the initiation of the fund transfer.

The card withdrawal is favorable for investors trading with as all online trading platforms do not offer this benefit to their customers.

However, it is available for customers across all locations with So, you can choose from a list of debit and credit cards that includes all the popular ones like Visa, Mastercard, etc. Moreover, for a customer experiencing a delay in the withdrawal, customer support is there to resolve it quickly and is available 24/5.


E-wallets or digital wallets are online services or software that allow traders to barter payments through digital units of currencies. You can have an amount as e-wallet money use it for cashless transactions. It is an easy and simplified method, so also offers withdrawals through the major E-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller. Using E-wallets does not require deep technical knowledge and can be used by anyone. But, with, this withdrawal method is unavailable in the UK, so a trader must make sure to confirm the location before proceeding with this method.


As one of the largest fintech companies globally, PayPal is a firm that specializes in online payments. It provides an alternative to conventional paper methods like checks and money orders.

The company also operates as a payment processor for online vendors, auction sites, etc. You can find PayPal as one of the withdrawal methods on Moreover, this method is available for all traders worldwide. They can withdraw their funds just by creating a merchant account in it. 


Sofort is a real-time bank transfer method common in European countries like Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. It organizes the transactions between the customer and broker. You only have to make the transactions by logging in with your online banking details. It does not require you to fill in card numbers and store them. 

After you initiate the transaction, the bank will receive the information in an encrypted form, further which you’ll be asked for a confirmation code. That’s all is there for you to do. So, traders can use this method for withdrawing their funds safely and conveniently. However, traders must note that it is exclusively available for users only in Europe. payment methods payment methods

How much is the minimum withdrawal?

Withdrawal Methods
Minimum Amount
Credit/Debit card
Wire Transfer
100 USD/EUR/GBP and 20 EUR within EU

A minimum withdrawal amount is that sum of money that is mandatory for a trader to withdraw. It means that a trader can wish to withdraw any amount beyond the minimum withdrawal amount. You can carry out the withdrawal over time, depending on the trading account. They can be in fixed or variable amounts as the trader wishes to withdraw.

However, many brokers offer the option to withdraw in one lump sum of the profits as well. But many a time, they cap a higher amount so that the traders do not get to remove their profits soon and continue to trade without any choice. 

However, offers a nominal amount kept as their minimum withdrawal. 

Depending on the payment mode, the amount can vary from a minimum of $5 to a maximum of $100. 

The least amount is for the E-wallets method, starting at just $5 or equivalent in other currencies. Whereas cards payment and PayPal requires an amount of $10 or equivalent. The maximum amount is required when you choose the bank transfer method. It is primarily due to technical reasons and needs you to withdraw $100 or equivalent; however, if you trade within the boundaries of the EU, then the amount shifts to just EUR 20.

The minimum withdrawal amounts are still lower than most other brokers who even keep them at $1000.

While withdrawing, a trader should also be careful about preventing her brokerage account balance from getting nil. You must maintain some balance in your trading account so that you can cover up the margin requirements. Withdrawing all the funds from your account altogether is not advisable if you wish to continue trading online. – Trade wherever you want

How to withdraw money?

Withdrawing your profits from does not involve complex steps. You can withdraw even from your phone through the app. However, the traders need to remember that the funds will be returned using the same deposit method. We can view the simple steps to withdraw the funds below.

  1. Firstly, you need to log in to your account. So, if you have not made it yet, that will be the first step for you.
  1. You will see a Withdrawal or Withdraw funds option in the menu; by clicking on that, the webpage will direct you to the payment methods page.
  1. Now you need to select the withdrawal method. You need to remember to choose the same method as the deposit. 
  1. The next step requires you to enter the amount you wish to withdraw. It may also give you a choice to mention the reason or description.
  1. Lastly, you need to click on the submit button and wait for to process the funds. It can take time, depending on the method you choose.

How long does it take to withdraw money from

Withdrawal Methods
Time Taken
Credit Card 
2 to 7 business days
Wire Transfer
2 to 5 business days
Up to 24 hours

After winning the trades, the trader would expect to withdraw the profits as soon as possible. But, it might not happen with all the brokers. But ensures to take every effort that lets you receive the funds in a prompt and efficient way.

However, if you are only beginning, you must be aware of the time frames that various payment methods require for crediting the funds. From the table, we can note that the E-wallets method is the fastest and needs only 24 hours at max. 

In contrast, bank wire transfers may take longer, which could be between 2-5 business days. Now, the cards method may take the longest to credit your funds, extending to even 7 business days. So, a trader must choose the option keeping in mind all such factors.

Withdrawal fees

Usually, a withdrawal implies additional fees to the traders. Brokers generally keep it as their non-trading fees. An early withdrawal may be one of the major reasons the broker charges fees and penalties. Sometimes, they may even levy the fees from the trader at an interest rate.

However, when you trade with, there is no such compulsion. It offers a charge-free withdrawal for all the customers. So, you need to pay no extra fee or commission, and the amount you withdraw shall reflect the exact amount you requested. offers the possibility to trade with MT4. These are the advantages of using it offers the possibility to trade with MT4. These are the advantages of using it

Conclusion is visibly one of the top brokers in the Forex and CFD world. It also offers online trading in other assets like stocks, commodities, etc. Moreover, it has grabbed the title of the best broker in 2020. 

However, it is common for a beginner or an expert trader to look for a cost-efficient broker with the least expenses on deposits and withdrawals. stands apart by offering a low minimum withdrawal and a process that involves only a few steps.

Moreover, it does not charge any commission for the withdrawals. It also offers a diverse list of methods for traders across the world. Therefore, if we assess the broker for the withdrawal alone, it surely surpasses all others to become the ideal broker. logo

FAQ – The most asked questions about withdraw money on :

How long will my withdrawal be pending on

The completion of withdrawal solely depends on the payment method you choose, which should be the same as the deposit. Based on the methods, it can take from below 24 hours to a maximum of 7 business days.

Can I withdraw funds from third parties? does not allow withdrawals or deposits by a third party. It means if you want to withdraw your funds, then the source for returning the funds must bear the account owner’s name only.

If you haven’t received the withdrawal; what to do?

The withdrawal method determines how long it will take, so you must verify before moving ahead for a grievance. But, if you have not received the withdrawal even after the maximum time frame, you can contact the support team available 24/5 through chat or email.

How long does withdrawal take?

The duration involved in making a withdrawal will depend upon the payment method that a trader chooses. The broker offers a couple of payment methods to traders. Usually, when a trader submits his withdrawal request, the broker processes it within the minimum possible time. All withdrawals on this trading platform get processed within 24 hours. But the ultimate duration depends on your chosen payment method. 

What payment methods are available for making a withdrawal?

Traders seeking to make a withdrawal can use any leading payment method the broker offers. These include the following. 

Bank transfer
Electronic wallets
Debit cards
Credit cards

A trader must keep in mind to choose the same payment method that he did to deposit funds. 

Which withdrawal method is the fastest?

If you wish to make a withdrawal instantly, you might have to choose payment methods such as cryptocurrency or electronic wallets. These payment methods are the fastest. You can even use card transfer if you are willing to wait for some time. Payments through cards usually take 2 to 4 hours after your broker processes your withdrawals. So, if you are in a hurry to receive the payment, you should choose your electronic wallet or crypto.

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