Expert Option demo account: How to use it – Trading Tutorial

Demo accounts are available on many trading platforms for investors who are already new to the industry of trading. For inexperienced traders to obtain a feel for simple trading procedures and practice before really trading with real money in the trading marketplaces in which they intend to participate, they should open a demo trading account. Here is a detailed tutorial about demo accounts that you must check out.

What is a demo trading account?

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Several online trading platforms provide potential investors with a demo trading account financed with ‘fake’ money. They may execute transactions to gain experience before making real-money market investments. When using a demo account, prospective investors may acquire a feel for real-world trading methods and learn what to look for when dealing with real-world assets and securities. 

Demo accounts allow potential traders to manage existing trading accounts before committing to a real trading account. Many trading portals, notably foreign exchange, stock trading, and commodities exchange platforms, provide this service.

Demo accounts are joint among traders of stocks currencies, including commodities, but they are not as effective for long-term investors looking to make a profit over time. The longer it takes to return on an investment, the less valuable the demo account becomes, as it diverts a long break from accumulating severe cash to do the demonstration.

The benefits of using a Forex demo account for new traders

What if I told you that worldwide trade volume in the foreign currency market had reached record levels? As a result of the instability in the global economy, an increasing number of people are becoming actively involved in the Forex market. Trading on a market that transacts more than $5 trillion in value every single day, on the other hand, might be intimidating at first. 

That’s why your first Forex account ought to be a Forex demo account while you are just getting started in the Forex market, and you know everything about it here in this tutorial

ExpertOption Demo Account
ExpertOption Demo Account

How to open the demo account?

Go to the MTrading site and click just on the “Open account” button to get started. The website offers multilingual support and a simple tool for switching between languages.

Open an account by going to the trading website’s homepage and clicking on the “Open account” option. The website offers multilingual support and a simple tool for switching between languages.

There are three basic types of trading accounts available on the system. Profiles for Partners, Live accounts, and Demo accounts are all included. You must pick “Demo” to proceed to the next level.

At this point, you will be required to provide your full name. Aside from that, the system requires that you enter your country’s phone code and a number. Open the drop-down menu and click your country or area from the drop-down list.

If everything has been completed correctly, you will get a notice indicating that your registration has been successful. All that is required is to check your email for a welcome message from MTrading, including a link to validate the email and approve your trade demo account.

Finally, you have entered a trader’s room, which has an integrated and comprehensive dashboard, trade metrics, account settings, as well as other parameters that you may find helpful in your trading. You can also install the MT4 platform from this page and access additional resources and instruments provided by multiple platforms.

How to use the demo account?

If you’re an experienced trader trying out a new technique, a demo account is your greatest buddy when it comes to learning the ropes of the trading business. If you’re a complete beginner, a demo trading account will allow you to experiment with different tactics, discover what works, and identify your unique strengths and shortcomings. 

When you already have specific methods that you’ve developed or learned, the demo account provides you with the chance to put those techniques through their paces, fine-tune them, make them second nature, and assess their viability.

The prices in demo trading are the same as those in live trading, but rather than placing real deals; your trades are simulated; therefore, no real money changes hands. 

Demo trading accounts are available for free from many brokers. They are an excellent method to learn about the movements of various markets and assets, practice capitalizing on those movements, and create trading techniques.

Expert Option app demo account
Expert Option app demo account

How to open the demo account?

Once you understand what a demo account is, who it is intended for, and for what reason it is used, you should be able to comprehend how a demo account operates. Many people interested in trading find online trading platforms to be bewildering. 

Demo trading is available on open trading platforms to prepare traders for the possibility of using the existing trading system at some time in the future. Trading platforms to attract new consumers may also be seen as a marketing tactic

You could sign up to open a demo account, which you can then use in the manner outlined below:

  • To trade assets and stocks, use the ‘false’ money given by the demo account to your advantage.
  • You trade in real-time market circumstances, but there is no danger involved because you are not trading with real money.
  • Trades are evaluated under real-world market conditions using a demo account.


Using such a demo account does not allow you to trade with real money. It does, however, imitate the actual trading experience, enabling you to become familiar with the platform’s features and capabilities while learning how to trade.

You will be given a significant amount of virtual money to use for trading purposes right away.

Even though every trading platform is unique, they all generally provide the same fundamental functions you get when you sign up, which include:

  • Quotes and rates for the forex market
  • Resources for technical investigation
  • Charts
  • Feeds of breaking news
  • Information about the past
  • Instruments for drawing
  • The ability to purchase and sell currencies is included in this feature.

You can always reset your account from the settings whenever you want. 

Advantages of using a trial account

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There is no danger

If you incur losses due to making poor judgments, you will not incur financial losses.


Practicing on a demo account helps you detect all of your flaws in market research, trading decisions, and trading strategy before investing any money.

There’s no pressure

 Actual trading elicits feelings of greed and terror in the trader. It is common for them to deny traders access to critical information necessary for effective risk management. 

A rookie trader can entirely concentrate on their plan since paper trading keeps them far from the overwhelming experience of traditional trading.


A newbie gains hands-on experience in every aspect of the trading process, from preparing for such trading days to the final recording of profits and losses on the trading platform. 

In the case of a demo account, traders may learn how to utilize the software for actual money trading in a relaxed environment were pushing the wrong buttons will not result in a financial disaster.


Confidence is built by making a lot of complicated judgments, each of which is compensated with a hypothetical profit. This is especially important for beginners, who will come to believe that they’re doing the same thing when real money is on the table.

When it comes to trading accounts, what are the distinctions between a demo and a live trading account?

Essentially, the only difference is that you are trading with imaginary money on a trial account, and as a result, you cannot lose any real money. 

Since there are no risks involved, this is an excellent way to experiment with different trading strategies or styles. However, you should keep in mind that trading with fake money would mean that you will be less likely to encounter the pressure & psychological pitfalls that can accompany live trading.

Aside from that, the execution pace may fluctuate at different times, and you may not see re-quotes in such a demo environment, although this may occur in a genuine account.

Tips to separate demo account

  • Make reasonable assumptions

When practicing on the demo account, establishing reasonable assumptions is critical to get the maximum advantage from your efforts. For example, you may place an order or make a bid. However, this bid was within one penny or one tick of that move’s peak or low point. Under this instance, your order may appear to have been fulfilled inside a demo account, which is incorrect. However, on a real account, this may not be the case.

For this reason, you should not include gains and losses from specific trades in the net profit/loss total in these situations. You should presume that these deals did not occur in the first place. You should consider them entirely only if the price moves by at least one cent higher or through. In the event of low-volume assets or assets that are only lightly traded, the buffer must be significantly larger.

  • Make the experience more unique to you

Maintain a trading log, and attempt to document your feelings as you place trades and track how they are doing. It is generally a good idea to incorporate the feelings of disappointment or profit you would experience while making trades in real life into the trading experience because it is tough to mimic this sensation when trading virtually. You may devise a system of rewards for when a deal is successful, or maybe you could opt to withhold anything when a trade is unsuccessful.

Slippage is the difference between the expected price and the price at which a deal is executed. Slippage is more likely to occur during high volatility moments. This is especially true during periods of high volatility. It can also happen when there isn’t enough trading volume to keep the current bid/ask spread from narrowing.

Even when trading on a demo account, it is suggested that your account for 1 percent slippage, mainly when trading equities with significant trading volume on the platform. When dealing with lower volume or more volatile equities, it is crucial to consider the possibility of more slippage. This will better prepare you for the transition to the actual world of trading.

  • Learn how to use the trading platform

Open a demo account with the same trading platform you want to use when trading for real money. It helps you obtain a thorough grasp of the trading system and the available tools. Even the most effective trading platforms, particularly those that provide one-click trading, can take some time to comprehend fully, and your demo account offers you the opportunity to spend as much time as you need learning about the platform. If your demo experience was not satisfactory, you have the option of switching to a different platform. is available for all devices is available for all devices


There are two sorts of trading accounts available in each financial market: Forex, stocks, or whatever else: live and demo accounts. While a live account is used for real-time trading with real money, online trading demo accounts are used for learning and trying new abilities and techniques before using a live account.

In contrast to a live account, the demo account does not necessitate disclosing considerable personal information about the trader. You may use it immediately after providing the bare minimum of information. 

Moreover, it is free, allowing traders to open new positions on even a market representative of current market circumstances. People may trade as much as they like without paying any fees in this manner. There would be no rewards or losses as a result of this.

Generally speaking, a demo account is best suited for novices who wish to perfect their trading abilities in the real world while not risking their own money in the process. By utilizing a demo account, individuals may determine which financial market is the most ideal for them when is the most profitable time to trade, and which trading method is the most beneficial for their specific requirements. However, seasoned traders may frequently use a trial account while transferring between one market to another and modifying their existing trading methodology.

On the other hand, some traders choose not to use a sample account when trading the Forex or other markets. Traders might be more irresponsible and make impulsive trading decisions while utilizing a demo account since there is no monetary risk. 

For the most part, a demo account does not elicit the very same emotional response as a real-world trading account.

FAQ – The most asked questions about Expert Option demo account :

Is it possible to withdraw money from a demo account?

The currency in your demo account isn’t money that you may take out of the account. A demonstration account is precisely what it sounds like: a practice account. This account that you will use to experiment with new trading methods and better understand the trading platform.

Is the demo account the same as the genuine account?

The currency rates displayed on demo accounts are intended to be consistent with those displayed on existing accounts, although this is not always the case. When comparing a demo account to a genuine account, the price feed, including bid and ask prices, might be significantly different when comparing a demo account to a genuine account.

How long should you practise trading with a demo account?

If one genuinely wants to learn and be lucrative in the long term, one should practice on a demo account for at least 5 to 6 months, in my view. When you have established a regular pattern of profit generation on your demo account, you should consider moving to a real account. Never trade on a demo account.

Is it possible that demo accounts are rigged?

The demo account will be rigged in any way, shape, or form. However, there are several variations between demo and real money accounts, and the following are a few of the most significant. Stop losses in demo accounts are often executed at the exact price at which you set the stop loss, regardless of whether or not you could have gotten out at that price in real life.

Is there any difference between the Expert option demo account and the live trading account?

No, there is no difference between the Expert Option demo account and the live trading account. The trader can access similar features on both platforms. However, the demo account does not involve transactions with real money. The Expert Option demo account has only virtual funds. So, a trader can learn to trade on this demo account without fear. 

What is the purpose of the Expert Option demo account?

The Expert Option demo account helps traders learn how to trade. It is an excellent feature offered by the broker for beginners. 

Even professionals can use the demo trading account of Expert Option to improvise their trading skills. They can strategize their trading moves and learn to manage risk well. 

Does a trader have to pay fees to use the Expert Option demo account?

No, a trader need not incur any charges to use the Expert Option demo account for the first 30 days. The broker offers free demo account services to test its trading platform. However, after 30 days, you might incur some charges to continue using the demo account. However, these charges are very nominal for any trader.

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