How to withdraw money on Naga – Withdrawal tutorial

Online trading is beneficial only when the trader can withdraw his funds as and when he wants to use them. No one likes to get their money stuck on any online trading platform. After all, the sole aim of trading for an investor is to use his profits when he needs them. Well, it is a good thing that you can make a NAGA withdrawal whenever you want to. However, if you are new to trading, you should note that you can withdraw funds from your live trading account only. 

Naga official website
Naga official website

If you use a demo account, you might need to shift to a live trading account with NAGA. After that, you will be able to withdraw funds from your trading account. NAGA is the choice of millions of investors because of its easy deposit and withdrawal process. 

When you trade with NAGA, you can deposit any amount of funds in your NAGA account. Similarly, you can make a withdrawal request for any amount of funds. There are multiple payment options for both deposits and withdrawals at NAGA. You can select any payment method that suits your convenience to trade with NAGA. 

Unlike other online trading platforms, NAGA does not charge high withdrawal fees from its clients. For a minimum withdrawal amount of 50 USD, an investor only needs to pay 5 USD as a withdrawal fee to the broker. 

So, you can be free from paying a huge part of your profits earned to the online trading platform. The withdrawal fees might vary according to the different account types. 

Also, you can withdraw any amount that you want to start with a minimum of 50 USD or equivalent. Before we discuss the NAGA payment methods, let us dive right into the NAGA withdrawal process.

Naga logo
Naga logo

How to withdraw money?

If you want to withdraw funds from your NAGA account, you should ensure that your NAGA account has sufficient funds to support the withdrawal process. For a NAGA withdrawal, you can follow these steps. The procedure of withdrawing funds from your trading account is more or less similar to the following steps. 

  1. Log in to your NAGA trading account. You should have sufficient funds in your account to make a withdrawal request.
  1. Click on the ‘withdraw funds’ option. 
  1. Now, enter the withdrawal amount you wish from your NAGA trading account. Make sure that you do not enter an amount higher than the balance of your NAGA account. 
  1. Select the payment method of your choice to make your NAGA withdrawal. There are many payment methods available on NAGA. These include wire transfers, e-wallets, Crypto Currency, credit and debit cards, etc. You can select any of the options that fit your needs perfectly. 
  1. Confirm your withdrawal and wait for an e-mail confirmation from NAGA. 

Following this process, you can make your NAGA withdrawal without any trouble. You can choose a payment option that you previously used to deposit funds into your account. 

However, you must note that you cannot get your NAGA withdrawal in a third-party account. It means that NAGA will process your fund withdrawal only if you are the account or the cardholder. 

If you want to withdraw funds into a third-party account, you cannot do so. It is against the legal regulations to transfer funds via a third-party account. It is also a threat to your security while trading online. 

To withdraw funds from your NAGA account, you can use the same method as you did to deposit funds. Here is a list of NAGA payment methods that you can use to make a NAGA withdrawal. 

Payment methods

Naga offers not only a variety of different stocks, but also many different payment options
Naga offers not only a variety of different stocks, but also many different payment options

NAGA supports all the payment methods that other online trading platforms do. It offers its clients a wide choice, so they do not face inconvenience. The most common payment methods at NAGA are

  1. Credit and debit cards
  2. Wire transfers
  3. Crypto Currencies
  4. E-wallets
  5. Naga Card

Let us look at these NAGA payment options one by one

#1 Credit and debit cards

There is no online trading platform that does not offer its clients the option to deposit and withdraw funds through their cards. NAGA supports credit and debit card withdrawals. 

If you want to use this payment method to make your NAGA withdrawal, you can select it. You can add the details of your card to your trading account. Requesting withdrawal through your cards is similar to how you shop online for your favorite products. 

#2 Wire transfers

Many investors choose the option of wire transfers to withdraw funds from their trading account. You can use this option to withdraw funds just like you deposited funds with this option.

You can verify your bank account with NAGA by uploading the bank statement, which is not older than six months. It will help NAGA identify your bank account as you cannot withdraw funds in a third-party bank account. 

You can select this payment method and enter your bank account details to get your fund withdrawal in your bank account. 

#3 Crypto currencies

Cryptocurrencies are ruling the market today, and NAGA has not excluded itself from providing them as a payment method. NAGA supports the leading Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. 

Naga cryptocurrencies
Naga cryptocurrencies

#4 E-wallets

You can use the option of e-wallet to request your NAGA withdrawal. NAGA supports many electronic wallets like Giropay, Skrill, Neteller, etc. You can select the option of e-wallet for a speedy withdrawal process.

#5 NAGA card

You can also use the option of the NAGA card for your NAGA withdrawal if you used it previously to fund your trading account. After you withdraw funds from your trading account to your NAGA card, you can use it again to deposit funds into your account. 

A trader must keep in mind that he can withdraw funds with a payment method he used earlier to deposit funds only. If you deposited funds into your account through a wire transfer, NAGA withdrawal should process through the same method. Likewise, it holds for all the other payment options. 

To withdraw funds from your NAGA account, you should remember that you need to verify your payment method. Once you confirm your bank account, credit card, etc., you can get your funds credited at the earliest. 

There are many different payment methods at Naga
There are many different payment methods at Naga


Naga payment methods
Naga accepts these payment methods

How to verify the payment method to make NAGA withdrawal?

To approve the payment method at NAGA, you can provide the broker with the relevant verification details. For different withdrawal methods, there is a different verification process. Let us have a look at the verification process for different payment methods. 

  1. Card withdrawals

For card withdrawals, you can upload scanned images of your card on the online trading website. These images must show the cardholder’s name, expiry date, signature of the cardholder, etc. You can skip the last four digits of your card visible to the broker and cover the rest of the numbers and your card’s CVV. 

  1. Bank or Wire transfers

To verify the payment method for the bank or wire transfers, you can upload your bank statement with your full name on it. The bank statement that you upload should not be older than six months. 

It should also contain your complete bank account details. Your NAGA withdrawal shall approve after verifying your bank account with the broker. 

  1. E-wallet

For your e-wallet withdrawals, make sure to send the details of the deposit transaction to the broker. It will help the broker verify your e-wallet payment method, and you will be able to withdraw funds into it. The statement should also contain all the details of the beneficiary. 

Now that we know about all the methods to withdraw funds from the NAGA trading account let us know the time involved in the process. 

How long will my withdrawal be pending on NAGA?

After you make a NAGA withdrawal request, it ensures that all your request gets processed within 24 hours. Withdrawing funds from your NAGA trading account is a speedy process. However, the time involved in the entire transaction can vary according to the different payment methods. 

Payment Method
Processing time
Wire transfers
2-6 business days
Credit or debit cards
3-5 business days, maximum 10
Within 24 hours
Crypto Currencies
Up to 1 hour

Some withdrawal options like e-wallets, Crypto Currencies can offer you a quick payment method. On the other hand, NAGA withdrawals with credit and debit cards or bank transfers can take many days. Some transactions through these modes can even take up to ten business days. 

So, you can choose a deposit and withdrawal method that suits your requirements the best. If you need an instant transfer of funds, you are well off selecting e-wallets or Crypto Currencies. If you can wait for your funds to get credited into your bank account, you can use the option of a wire transfer or choose card payments. 

Withdrawal processing time at NAGA
Withdrawal processing time at NAGA

Fees that can occur

Though NAGA covers all the fees for depositing your funds, it does charge its clients a nominal withdrawal fee. No, the withdrawal fee will not burn a hole in your pocket. Also, this withdrawal fee will not take up a massive portion of your profits. NAGA charges low withdrawal fees compared to other online trading platforms.

Trading account type
Withdrawal fees (USD or equivalent)

The standard NAGA withdrawal fee is only 5 USD. If you are withdrawing funds in a currency other than USD, the withdrawal fees will be equivalent to 5 USD in that currency. 

If you want to reduce your withdrawal fee, you can upgrade your trading account. For instance, the NAGA crystal trading account holders need not pay any withdrawal fee. When you trade with NAGA, you can enjoy the privilege of a low withdrawal fee as you upgrade your trading account to a higher level. 

Usually, a trader starts his live trading account with the NAGA iron trading account. He can climb up the ladder from iron to bronze, silver, gold, diamond, and finally to crystal to eliminate the withdrawal fee. The basic NAGA withdrawal fee stands at 5 USD or an equivalent amount. 

Problems/Issues with NAGA withdrawal

Though the process of withdrawing funds from your trading account is straightforward, you can still come across some problems. Here, we will discuss these problems and work out the possible solutions to them. You do not have access to the payment method used to deposit funds.

Sometimes, you do not have access to the payment method you used to fund your trading account. It is possible that the credit or debit card you used to fund your account is lost or has expired. 

In such a case, you can still refund your amount to the bank account to which the credit/debit belonged. However, the bank account should be active because it is the only way to request a fund withdrawal. It is the investor’s responsibility to tell the broker about the expiry or theft of the card

  1. Payment method rejected

While withdrawing your funds, you can encounter a problem where your payment method gets rejected. The common reason for this can be that your payment method has not been approved. 

To eliminate this issue, you can proceed to verify your payment method. This verification will require you to upload the relevant documents. It takes up to 24 hours to substantiate your payment method. 

  1. Withdrawal not allowed

NAGA processes all the withdrawals of its clients within 24 hours. However, if you cannot withdraw funds, you might not have provided the broker with all the relevant documents. It is also possible that you request your withdrawal to a third-party account. 

A simple solution to this problem is to provide your bank account details to the online trading platform. You can also supply the company with all the essential documents. 

NAGA withdrawal minimum amount

There is a minimum amount that you must remember while making a NAGA withdrawal. You can withdraw a minimum of 50 USD from your trading account. If you wish to withdraw funds in any other currency, you can enter that the amount is equivalent to 50 USD in that currency. Starting from 50 USD, you can take out any amount from your trading account. 

NAGA withdrawal minimum amount50 USD or equivalent.

NAGA reviews

NAGA has a lot to offer its investors regarding trading and investments. You can purchase and sell the most profitable stocks with the help of this online trading platform. 

The deposit and withdrawal process at NAGA is very straightforward. These processes are as easy as signing up for a trading account with NAGA. Investors all across the globe are turning to NAGA to experience the best-in-class online trading

It is an attractive option for all traders, beginners, or professionals. NAGA has low deposit limits and withdrawal fees. The withdrawal charges are comparatively low, making it a lucrative online trading platform. 

There are multiple payment options so that the traders do not stress using any particular payment method. Also, NAGA withdrawals are fast and quick. There can be no reason for a trader not to begin investing with this online trading platform.


Naga offers traders a lot of advantages and is overall a recommendable platform
Naga offers traders a lot of advantages and is overall a recommendable platform

NAGA offers its users a secure and reliable online trading platform. Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom) and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Cyprus) regulate NAGA, ensuring transparency in its work. NAGA is an investing powerhouse for investors for over 1000 assets, including the world’s most popular ones.

Both beginners and experienced traders can begin their investment journey with NAGA. Account opening with NAGA is fast and secure. You can also deposit and withdraw any sum of funds from your trading account without paying much to the broker. However, you can take out a minimum of 50 USD from your trading account.

Ease to deposit and withdraw funds makes an online trading platform favorable to its clients. NAGA offers hassle-free deposits and withdrawals to its client anytime. 

Don't forget to try the <a href=copy trading feature at NAGA.” class=”wp-image-526416″/>
Don’t forget to try the copy trading feature at NAGA.

FAQ – The most asked questions about withdraw money on Naga:

Is it tough to withdraw funds from my NAGA trading account?

It is not at all tough to make a NAGA withdrawal. You can easily withdraw funds from your trading account by clicking on the ‘withdraw funds’ option. You can then select a mode of payment and confirm your withdrawal request.

What payment methods can I use to withdraw funds from my NAGA trading account?

NAGA offers its clients various options to withdraw funds from their trading account. You can use the option of wire transfer, credit or debit cards, or e-wallets to request your withdrawal. You can also withdraw funds from your NAGA trading account using Crypto Currencies. You only need to select your desired withdrawal payment option, and you are good to go.

How long does it take to withdraw money from NAGA?

It depends entirely on your payment option that how long it takes to withdraw your funds. If you use the option of bank transfers or credit and debit cards, it might take a long time. However, withdrawals made through e-wallets and Crypto Currencies are quick and sometimes instant.

Do I need to pay any withdrawal fee to NAGA?

The standard withdrawal fee that NAGA charges for processing your withdrawals are 5 USD or equivalent. If you want to eliminate the withdrawal fee, you can upgrade your trading account to a crystal one. 

Is there any minimum withdrawal amount at NAGA?

To make a withdrawal request, you can start with an amount equal to or greater than 50 USD. In other currencies, your withdrawal amount should be equivalent to 50 USD. 

What to do if the payment method gets rejected during Naga withdrawal?

You often get to deal with a problem where your payment method gets rejected while Naga withdrawal. This is primarily due to the fact that your payment option is not valid. You can continue to affirm your payment option to avoid this problem. For this, you need to upload your relevant documents. It will take about 24 hours to confirm your payment method. 

How to make a Naga withdrawal?

Traders can follow these steps to make a Naga withdrawal. 
Login to your Naga trading account. 
You will see the withdraw funds option on the dashboard. Click on it. 
Enter the amount. 
Choose your Naga withdrawal method. 
Submit your request. 

What payment methods are available for Naga withdrawal for my trading account?

NAGA offers different options to withdraw funds from its trading accounts for its clients. There are numerous options available. You can go with the option of credit or debit cards, e-wallets, or wire transfers, to request your Naga withdrawal. Additionally, you can use cryptocurrencies to withdraw money from your Naga brokerage account. All you need to do is choose your desired withdrawal option.

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