Quotex bonus explained: Conditions and how to activate it

Trading is one of the most common investment methods, which, if placed rightly, can give you several wins and rewards. But there is always an “IF” in trading because it’s completely based on your speculations and assumptions. You need to forecast a certain outcome, and if it matches the real-time result, you will get back your investment with returns on the same. And if there’s a mismatch, you will lose your investment, thereby suffering a loss whose impact can be determined based on how much you have deposited in the trade. 

Official website of the Binary Options Broker Quotex
Official website of the Binary Options Broker Quotex

There are two major types of trades- crypto and forex trading. In the crypto trades, you have to make deposits and withdrawals using different types of cryptocurrencies or digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. Similarly, when you are trading in the forex market, you have to use the currency pairs like US Dollars/Sterling Pounds or US Dollars/ Japanese Yen. 

Regardless of what you are trading in, the basic rules will remain the same- understanding the trade market, bidding on future trade, and waiting for the position to get closed and outcomes to be displayed. 

The trading platforms are actually virtual, which is why there are no such fixed websites or software that will give you access to the trading details, market prices, and more. To see all these details, you have to use brokerage software- a website or an application where you can initiate a trade, open and close a position, and withdraw the funds when you have enough in the account. With the increasing demand of the forex and crypto trading market, several new websites have been launched. Some of these sites are pure forex platforms, while others are crypto exchanges

But a couple of platforms are there where you can initiate both the crypto and forex trades, which is why they are termed as hybrid exchanges, like Quotex. It is an online brokerage platform where you can easily access all the trade details, information, price movements, and so on for starting with making different trade strategies, opening and closing a position, and more. 

How to start trading on the Quotex platform? 

Overview of the quotex deposit bonus
Quotex free deposit bonus

Before we learn more about the Quotex bonus or the conditions required for triggering them, let’s have a quick glance at the trading methods. Once you create a profile here, you will get two options- a live and demo account. If you are an amateur, you can open the demo account where you will get a certain balance for opening the positions and placing the trades. 

To use the demo account successfully and have the best trading experience and learning, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Once you are in the demo account, you have to initiate a trade from the right-hand column of the entire screen. First, you have to choose the payment method with which you have registered. If you want to change the method, go back to settings and add the conventional methods. 
  2. After you have chosen the correct payment method, your duty will be to set the right time and date for closing the trade. If you are new to the platform, it would be best if you go for a day trade. It won’t expose your position to the vulnerabilities and volatilities of the trading platforms. 
  3. As you will set the time and date, you have to assess whether the price will go up or down. On the screen, you will see a few bars in two colors. The upright, green bars signify price increases, while the inverted red bar denotes price decreases. 
  4. You have to predict in which direction the price is going to move and what the value could be. For this, you need to take reference from the market stats present on the graph and also understand the inflation/deflation trend. 
  5. Once you confirm, the trade position will get locked, and you need to wait for some time till it is closed. You can see the outcomes only them about whether the placed trade has formed a match with the market or not. 

From the demo account, you can find many surprising features with which you can become a pro trader in both the crypto and forex market. But, unfortunately, you won’t be able to win any amount in real-time. To put it in simple words, you will be able to make then trades, check the price movements on a real-time basis, and even deal with a wide range of payment methods. 

If you manage to win some amazing prizes on the investment made in the trade market, you won’t be able to withdraw that amount which is where the live account comes into play. 

It will help you to connect with other traders on the market and start opening and closing the positions on a real-time basis. Since here your investment will be at risk of price inflation and deflation, make sure not to make any mistake while predicting/ speculating the price and movement direction forecasts. If you manage to win the trades, the returns on the investment will be amazing. But when you lose the trade, you won’t get the return which can be quite disheartening.

Perhaps that’s the reason why Quotex has introduced several bonuses for all the traders. The bonus credits will be populated into the withdrawal wallet under your account only when you are playing with a live account. Sometimes, these credits are limited for a certain number of days, while others are restricted by further usage. 

Therefore, before you receive a bonus, you must check the minimum deposit or trade amount you have to bear, the trading strategy like day and copy trading, and so on. The details will help you to stay aware and alert for a long time. 

Quotex allows trading on different devices
Quotex allows trading on different devices

What is a trading bonus?

Trading bonuses are nothing but incentives that you will get as a reward for the trades initiated on the forex exchange. It can be a welcome bonus which is awarded by the website to everyone, or a trade specific bonus like a certain promotion on achieving ten successful trades with forex. However, you cannot expect all platforms to offer you the same type of bonuses. These will depend on a wide range of factors, like: 

  1. Type of bonuses offered by the forex platform
  2. The limit of the deposits and withdrawals
  3. Trading strategy, you are using 
  4. Currencies with which you have initiated the trade
  5. The outcomes of the trades post-closing the position
  6. Promotions you have received against the account

Advantages of trading bonuses 

To be honest, it is the trading bonus that has brought so many people to the forex and crypto exchanges. If you are speculative about the contributions these bonuses have played, here is a brief glance at their benefits:

  1. You will get an additional credit boost so that you can start playing the games with fewer deposits on your part. To ensure that the trade amounts are high enough to secure a wonderful investment, you can combine your deposit with the credit bonus and get a double return.
  2. Suppose you cannot join the live account due to a lack of capital. In that case, the bonus incentive will play a crucial role in giving you enough leverage to start the initiation process and open the position either in the forex or crypto market. 
  3. In order to ensure that the traders can enjoy the entire concept of investing based on speculations, most exchanges come up with a strategy to include various types of bonuses and promotions. So, apart from receiving welcome bonus, you can definitely enjoy other incentives also. 
  4. Sometimes, brokerage platforms won’t need any type of deposit from your end to allow you to take part in trading. Here, the broker will offer you a certain incentive with which you can start placing the trades and judge whether the platform is ideal for you or not. 

Disadvantages of trading bonuses

Just like everything has a good and bad side, the trading bonuses also have a couple of disadvantages. These are: 

  1. Sometimes, you won’t be able to withdraw the funds, including bonus credits. These credits can be used only for spending on trade investments and not for withdrawal funds. 
  2. In order to activate the bonuses, you need to make minimum deposits for most brokerage platforms, including Quotex, which can be a great disadvantage for some people. 
You can use Quotex on the desktop or on other devices
You can use Quotex on the desktop or on other devices

Which bonuses are offered by Quotex?

Quotex offers the Deposit bonus mainly to all the applicants who want to register themselves on this brokerage platform. The incentive is pretty high, and it will depend on a myriad of factors. If you fail to meet the expectations, the credit won’t be rewarded to your account. 

What is a deposit bonus? 

There are several types of bonuses one can get from the trading platforms, be it a forex exchange, a crypto exchange, or a stock exchange. Out of these bonuses, the deposit bonus is the most popular since it is mainly offered at the time of making a deposit on the exchange. Quotex has also configured the same for its platform so that everyone can enjoy trading on this platform. 

When does Quotex give the deposit bonus?

Quotex has merged the deposit and welcome bonus together, and therefore, it will be offered at the time of registration. There are several ways in which you can register yourself on this platform, like: 

  1. Via email 
  2. Via Google mail
  3. Via Facebook
  4. Via VK 

Once you register yourself, bonus credit will be deposited into your account from the broker’s operators. Usually, it’s pre-determined to be 30% (up to), but the actual percentage levied varies according to several factors. 

On what factors will the bonus depend?

The deposit bonus offered by Quotex will vary from one user account to the other. If you aren’t aware of the rules, it may become difficult for you to understand what things to be done for gaining that bonus credit and start trading seamlessly. In the below section, we have explained these factors for your better clarification. 

  • Registration of a live account 

Since there are two types of accounts you can open at Quotex; many traders think that the deposit bonus is offered to everyone. But that’s not the truth because this incentive won’t be available for the users having only a demo account. Therefore, you need to sign up for the live account using all the essential details. Make sure that you have enough funds to open the profile successfully.  

  • Amount to be deposited 

Even though the minimum deposit to be done for a live account is USD 10 or its equivalent in another currency method, this isn’t the condition for enjoying the deposit bonus from Quotex. Therefore, you need to make a deposit of $100 minimum. Your deposit amount can increase further, but since you are new to this brokerage platform, it’s better to stick to the nominal value. 

Quotex: Innovation platform for digital asset trading
Quotex: Innovation platform for digital asset trading

What is the bonus amount received from Quotex? 

The bonus amount that you will receive will depend on the total amount you have deposited into the account. The higher the deposit amount, the greater will be the return. For example, if you manage to deposit $500 the first time, you may get a bonus percentage of 50%. 

Therefore, you will get a credit of $250 additional to your account. According to the declarations made by Quotex, the minimum bonus percent that will be offered to you is 30%, and it may go up to 50% or more as per the deposits you are making and the promotional event going on. 

Bonus percent
Total balance

The above example is just to show you how the bonus percentages, credits, and total amount will vary according to the deposit amount you will be adding to the live trading account. 

How the bonus helps both the Quotex?

It is obviously not something hidden that the bonus features are added not only for the traders but also for the growth of the platform itself. Are you wondering what benefits Quotex enjoys by giving you the incentives? Well, just for satisfying your curiosity, here is a glimpse of how the brokerage platform benefits from the deposit bonus

  • The minimum amount you have to deposit to activate this bonus is $100, and it is the same throughout the world. Therefore, the actual amount one has to pay will depend on the equivalent amount of $100 as per the national currency. Since sometimes, the amount can increase a lot, not many users will make such a huge deposit. 
  • Even if several new members are joining with the sole aim of having the bonus, Quotex will still make a profit due to the increase in the number of traders and better contribution to the liquidity pool. 
  • This welcome comes deposit bonus is a method of publicizing the brand in the world of forex, stock, and crypto traders. 
How to start trading with Quotex: 3 steps
How to start trading with Quotex: 3 steps

How to use the bonus?

For using the deposit bonus credited to your account, you have to initiate a trade. The minimum transaction that needs to be made for initiating the bonus is $1. Also, you have to have $10 at least for withdrawing the funds from the Quotex account. 

Are there any other bonuses or promotions available at Quotex?

Yes, there are a few other bonuses and promotions that you can get at Quotex. These will be offered as you progress with the trading concepts on the brokerage platform. 

  • Cashback 

One of the main benefits that you can enjoy from Quotex is the cashback offer, where you will be assigned a particular amount from the investment you have made, provided you are able to meet the conditions as proposed by the operators. These conditions and the cashback percentage will vary according to the offers.

  • Cancel X

If you want to cancel a trade or a transaction, you will get a provisionary reward from Quotex. This is offered to ensure that you can stay on the website and continue to trade. 


Yes, it may sound weird, but Quotex does offer some of the best bonuses to all the traders who manage to make a $100 deposit for the first time while opening the live account. If you aren’t sure about the trading methods or want to learn more, you can open a couple of positions in the demo account and then register yourself for the live account. Deposit the amount, and you will be able to get the incentives right away. Besides, since you have already practiced on the demo account, you will be able to open the perfect trades and make the right forecast. 

Quotex logo
Quotex logo

FAQ – The most asked questions about Quotex bonus: 

Can I make a deposit of less than $100?

Yes, you can make a deposit of less than $100, but in that case, you won’t be able to win any deposit bonus at the time of registering yourself for the live account.

Will I be able to withdraw the bonus credit? 

No, you won’t be able to withdraw the bonus credit. But you can use the same to open the trade positions on the forex market. 

How much bonus does Quotex offer?

You have the chance to gain a 30% deposit bonus from Quotex when you open a trading account there. In order for people to engage in more profitable trading, this bonus seeks to motivate more and more people. There is no set bonus amount. Rather, it is determined by the sum that you have deposited.

How do I spend my bonus on Quotex?

You must start a trade in order to use the deposit bonus that has been applied to your account. The bonus can only be started with a minimum transaction of $1. In addition, you need at least $10 to withdraw money from your Quotex account.

Does Quotex give any special offers besides bonuses?

In addition to this, you can also take advantage of cash-back bonuses, cancel X points, risk reduction incentives, and balance bonuses. Additionally, you can obtain discount codes from this reputable trading site to save more money and make larger trades.

What other qualities make Quotex unique besides the sign-up bonus it offers?

The brokerage offers an alluring 30% sign-up bonus, a minimal minimum deposit requirement, and no withdrawal fees. The variety of assets and ease of the interface will satisfy many newcomers interested in digital possibilities.

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