Quotex demo account: How to use it – Trading tutorial

What is a Quotex demo account?

Trading can prove to be difficult for any novice traders with limited to no information, talent, or expertise in the FX worldwide market. As a result, the firm has created a Quotex demo account to give all new and novice traders with risk-free trading conditions that do not include the use of actual cash.

The Quotex Demo Account is intended to precisely resemble a genuine trading atmosphere based on current market circumstances. Our conviction that the Demo trading conditions should be as near to the Live market situation as feasible is totally consistent with our basic principles of Honesty, Flexibility, and Accessibility. It facilitates a smooth transition when creating a Live Account to participate in the actual market.


So what is a demo account?

Quotex demo account is similar to a training account or a test environment that is offered to all novice traders. This gives all users the opportunity and capacity to experiment with the broker’s numerous assets, capabilities, and products without risking any cash. You will have a limited number of virtual money to trade with on your Quotex demo account.

All novice investors can utilize a Quotex virtual demo account to become acquainted with the trading ecosystem, referencing market, video components, real-time investing, and other features. They may hone their trading talents by taking part in Quotex demo trading but actual market circumstances, as well as developing their trading techniques.

Quotex demo account features are available not only to new traders but also to expert and seasoned traders who wish to refine or test their trading techniques, as well as discover everything Quotex has in store. Users are just required to sign up.

Clients who use the Quotex demo account get complete accessibility to the Quotex virtual trading platforms, such as the MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 platforms.

You can use Quotex on the desktop or on other devices
You can use Quotex on the desktop or on other devices

How to open a Quotex demo account?

Right next to the register button you have the option to create a demo account at quotex
Right next to the register button you have the option to create a demo account at quotex

Opening the Quotex Account through email

  • Go to the Quotex main homepage and tap on “Create Account” on the upper right side. 
  • Now enter a valid email address and then a password. It can be similar to the original mail password or a new one. 
  • You have to choose the currency type from the dropdown like USDT, Bitcoin, and more. 
  • Make sure that the currency you choose is the one in which you will deal so that you can make withdrawals later on.
  • Now, select “Sign Up” and wait for the procedure to complete. 
  • Refresh the page and enter the email and password you have entered. 
  • With these credentials, you can easily log into your account. 

Opening the Quotex through Gmail

For users who have a Gmail account instead of a normal mail, you can follow the below-discussed methods:

  • Open the official website, and on the Create Account page, you have to click on the Google option. 
  • A small popup box will appear with an empty space asking for your email id. 
  • Enter the email id and then the original password of your account.
  • Once you press the Next button, you will be able to enter the account on Quotex once again. 

Opening the Quotex through Facebook

If you want to open an account through Facebook, you can follow the below-mentioned steps. 

  • Go to the homepage of Quotex’s official site and click on the Facebook icon below. 
  • The Facebook login page will open up.
  • Now, you have to enter the user ID and password. 
  • Click on the Login option and then on Continue as Ng. It means that you will be allowed access without entering the details.

Opening the Quotex through VK 

VK initially is a Russian-based social media platform available in multiple languages. To log in through this platform, you can follow these steps:

  • Click on the official logo of VK on the Create Account page on Quotex’s official site. 
  • The VK site will open as a popup window where you need to enter your email or phone number. Make sure that both are registered with the VK account. 
  • Enter the password you use for the VK account and then click on Sign In. 
  • Once the signing-in is completed, you will get redirected to the Quotex account automatically. 

Opening the Quotex through Android phone 

  • First, you need to download the Quotex mobile application from either the Google Play Store or Apple Play Store. 
  • Once done, open the application and sign in with either of the above methods. 
  • Click on the Demo Account button from the top, and your account will become active. 

How to use a Quotex demo account?

How to start trading with Quotex: 3 steps
How to start trading with Quotex: 3 steps

If you don’t know how to use the Quotex Demo Account, here is a brief explanation of the same:

  • First, you need to open your account on Quotex and click on the Demo Account. 
  • Once done, you have to select the digital currency or commodity using which you want to trade. 
  • Enter the time and date when you want to close the trade position. If you are new to this field, go for day trades or short positions. 
  • After this, you have to enter the minimum and maximum money, and the allowable value ranges between $10 and $1000. 
  • Now, based on the graph, you need to decide whether the price will go up or down. Click on the green button if it will increase or the red button in the opposite case.
  • Click on next, and the trade position will open. Once it gets closed automatically, you can see the outcome and check whether you gained the returns on the investment or suffered a loss. 

What are the features of the Quotex demo account?

You get access to many features when you trade with Quotex
You get access to many features when you trade with Quotex

Quotex demo account features will slowly depend on the Quotex virtual trading platform that the customer is using or has selected during the registration process. 

Quotex demo account features and all the tools can only be accessed to the Quotex virtual trading platforms. That will depend on your preference of the asset class, financial instruments, leverage, spread, and various other things. They are not subjected to expiry conditions.

To use the Quotex demo account, the customer has to download the trading terminals from:

  • Desktop: Windows, Mac os and Linux
  • Mobile: Android or IOS or iPad

If the user decides to utilize Quotex demo trading account online trader for either of the interfaces, a downloading URL for every trading platform will be issued. Several users want to know how to reset it.

After installing the trading application, traders may connect via the interface and use their Quotex demo account using their demo account login details.

Quotex offers a reasonable quantity of virtual money, about $10000 or in your native currency. You may use these fake currencies to trade in actual market circumstances with the Quotex demo account.

  • You can practice various trading strategies
  • You can copy trading strategies of expert traders
  • You get access to all of the capabilities of the Quotex demo trading platforms, such as Metatrader 4 and MetaTrader5.
  • You will have access to all the instruments free of charge as the Quotex demo account is free

What are the Quotex demo account fees?

Quotex, like several other trading organizations in the industry, offers a free demo account to all novice investors, experienced traders, and potential traders. This basically means that the Quotex demo account registration procedure is available for free, and you may use them immediately. As a result, anyone may sign up for and utilize a Quotex demo account for free.

All the professional tools provided by the brokerage, such as trade tools, assets, and other capabilities, are free to use on the Quotex demo account. This will assist you in comprehending the trading market, the broker’s services, and the trading procedure.

Examining the trading environment and deals on Quotex

Quotex allows you to participate in the capital markets through the use of Binary Options. The approach is fairly easy; all you have to do is correctly estimate a price change in a given length of time (expiration time). Before registering with any brokerage, users and traders should review the terms and conditions. For instance, it is critical for a binary investor to receive the opportunity of large returns on assets from the broker.

It is also critical to know what deals, rewards, and assets are accessible. I verified every point in my Quotex evaluation and will provide you with the facts.

Below are some basic information concerning the offers:

  • The minimum deposit is ten dollars.
  • The minimum trading amount is $1.
  • FX, commodity markets, cryptocurrency, and stock indexes are all available for trading.
  • Return per deal up to 95% + Expiry duration from 1 min to 4 hours 
  • Bonuses offered up to 100 percent

How to begin investing with Quotex: Minimum deposit and trade quantity

Quotex web trading platform
Quotex web trading platform

To get started with Quotex, you must deposit at least $ 10. The minimum investment is $ 10, although this might vary depending on the payment type. Various payment options are available, based on your location of residency. Clients from Europe, for instance, can utilize different payment options than traders from the United States. In comparison to other brokerage firms, the minimum investment is quite inexpensive. It is simple to begin.

Furthermore, the minimum trading value is a mere $1. Small sums of money can be used to begin trading. For novices, I suggest starting with $1 and seeing how it works. If you really do not wish to deposit actual money right away, you may open a free demo account with $ 10,000 in it.

Quotex trades the following instruments and marketplaces:

  • Financial components (forex)
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Indices of Commodities and Stocks

Quotex, as previously said, is a relatively new internet broker. The trading platform will be gradually upgraded and developed by the organization. They intend to expand the platform’s trading instruments. Simply go to the menus and click the assets you want. You may potentially trade and select from over 100 separate marketplaces.

User-friendly interface
User-friendly interface

How much can you make using Quotex? – Profitability (profit)

The return of a single deal is restricted at 95 percent or higher. For instance, if you invest $1000 in the EUR/USD and correctly estimate the change, you would receive $ 1950. The return varies according to the instrument, the expiration time, and the account level. But if you’re a VIP-Member, you may earn an extra 4% return on every deal.

Frankly, I encourage trading during the major stock market hours and investing in liquid funds. These are all the sectors that will provide you with the best return. Once you’re on the platform, you can see it for real.

  • Profitability (yield) ranging up to 95%+ every deal
  • Profit depends on the assets and financial scenario you select.
  • The profitability is measured by the expiration date and time.
Quotex: Innovation platform for digital asset trading
Quotex: Innovation platform for digital asset trading

Time till expiration

Binary options (digital options) have an expiration time. Certain brokers only allow you to make 60-second or five-minute transactions. The expiration period is always determined by the brokerage and what they choose to provide their investors. You are in for a treat with Quotex.io. You have a choice of expiration times ranging from 60 seconds to four hours. Everything between is conceivable. You might, for instance, define the expiration time to 7.30 minutes.

Explanation of the Quotex bonus

A bonus is complimentary funds added to your brokerage account. The brokerage gives you virtual money to trade with. However, it is not entirely free since you must meet a turnover (volume) dependent on the incentive. The bonus amounts must be multiplied by a factor of 100. The outcome is the amount of trading you must complete on the site before you can collect the reward. The bonus may be obtained by making a deposit or by entering a promotional code.

  • A bonus of up to 100% Plus
  • The incentive can be turned off at any moment.
  • The bonus turnovers are multiplied by 100. (before the withdrawal is possible)

Quotex rewards coupon for free bonuses

The promo code enables you to receive a larger bonus even though you simply invest $ 100. You will receive a 30% bonus reward if you use my promo code. Keep in mind that the discount code is only available to the first 25 new traders.

Quotex demo account – Conclusion

Quotex demo account can be used free of search by any trader, be it a fresher or an experienced old trader, or someone who wants to explore the options provided by the broker. Quotex demo accounts can be used in the trader’s preferred Quotex virtual training platforms. The demo account provided by Quotex is considered one of the best as it provides all the necessary features free of charge.

Quotex logo
Quotex logo

FAQ – The most asked questions about Quotex demo account :

What are the fees of the Quotex demo account?

When users opt to invest using this trial account, the basic characteristics included in the Quotex demo account can be utilized by both new and experienced traders. As a result, you are not required to pay any fees when enjoying the Quotex demo account.

Is AMC levied on Quotex virtual trading platform?

Whenever using the Quotex virtual trading platforms provided by the broker, you do not need to provide any account maintenance charge as the Quotex demo account feature is available without any cost for all the new traders as well as old ones.

Is the Quotex demo account the safest option?

The Quotex demo account is recognized as being one of the finest demo trading accounts since you get all the advanced features at your fingertips, and you would not have to pay any extra charges to utilize all of these resources and assets.

What documents are required for a Quotex demo account?

When you choose to utilize the Quotex demo account, you will go through a short signup procedure that just requires your username, mobile number, and email id. As a result, you do not need to provide any information in order to use the Quotex demo account.

Is PAN required for opening a Quotex account?

Because you are not required to submit any papers for the Quotex demo account opening procedure, A PAN card is not additionally necessary.

Is there a fee for creating a demo account with Quotex?

At the time of registration for the Quotex demo account, no opening fee or any kind of registration fee is required as the whole process, and the use of it does not involve any kind of charges.

How much fake money does a Quotex demo account come with?

The highest amount of digital currencies, fake money, or fiat currency you may use and get in your Quotex demo account is 10000 USD. 

How can I open a Quotex demo account?

Complete these steps to open a Quotex demo account:

1. First, you have to open your account on Quotex. Then, select the Demo Account option.
2. After this, you have to choose the digital currency or commodity by which you want to trade.
3. Then, fill in the time and date when you want to shut the trade status.

Does Quotex charge any fees for using the Quotex demo account?

No, the broker doesn’t ask you for any charge for the Quotex demo account. The Quotex demo account is extremely free for the clients. When you opt for the registration process, there will be no opening fee or any kind of registration fee throughout the whole process. Also, you won’t have to pay anything while you use the trading account. 

Can I consider the Quotex demo account?

The Quotex demo account is one of the best demo trading accounts. It makes you aware of all the advanced features. So you can easily get along with the trading platform. And if you are a newbie in this industry, this platform is apt to try. You can get started with your trading journey from this platform. Additionally, you will get to learn a lot from Quotex. Moreover, you would not have to pay extra charges to use these resources and assets.

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