RoboForex minimum deposit: A tutorial on how to deposit money

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RoboForex Ltd and its affiliates do not target EU/EEA/UK clients. RoboForex Ltd and its affiliates don’t work on the territory of the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Iran, Russia, and other restricted countries. Please be aware that you are able to receive investment services from a third-country firm at your own exclusive initiative only, taking all the risks involved.

The Roboforex platform for trading is a global online trading system that any adult can sign up for and start trading. The multi-asset broker platform’s founding year is 2008. Since then, the platform has grown as a financial trading solution for upcoming traders. 

The platform operates over different regions of the world in Forex and CFDs. The RoboForex platform is a reliable and trustworthy trading system for beginners and experienced traders. The platform has safe and secure trading practices that safeguard your money. 

The platform has its head office in Cyprus. However, its global footprint gives it an advantage of leadership in financial trading. The platform has the aim of reducing the time gap of finding the right broker for your trades. 

RoboForex website
RoboForex website

Deposit and withdrawal of money is a crucial process on the RoboForex platform. Every trading platform needs standard and safe payment methods and withdrawal techniques. Without a good deposit and withdrawal system, the trading platform fails as a viable trading option.

In the next few sections, the deposit methods on RoboForex find an explanation. If you plan to start as a trader on the platform, go through this article. You will know how to cash in your profits after a successful trade on RoboForex. 

You will know how a beginner trades with RoboForex minimum deposit safely. Your doubts about payments and income will dissipate once you read the details on payment methods. The article discusses the minimum amount for a deposit so that you can start trading on RoboForex today. 

Deposit and withdrawals are the bottom lines for trading in real-time. Without investment, trading cannot trade. A trader needs full knowledge of deposit and withdrawal guidelines for maximum use of the platform. 

RoboForex has 100+ assets in place for you to trade-in. However, a successful trading cycle in any asset needs proper deposits beforehand. As a beginner, many people prefer to invest a small amount in their first trade. 

However, the amount for investment needs to reach a threshold. This threshold also goes by as the minimum deposit amount. The minimum amount helps you participate in a viable trading session. 

The next section of this article talks about the minimum deposit for trading on RoboForex.  Read the next section to make your first deposit and trade your first position. 

Secure trading with RoboForex
Secure trading with RoboForex

What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum amount of deposit for RoboForex is 100 US dollars. The RoboForex minimum deposit is the amount that you have to deposit at the least for opening a position. 

The RoboForex minimum deposit varies for beginners from account type to type. The deposit amount activation happens over a period of 72 hours. Thus, the deposit function for your first deposit activates within 3 days of account opening. 

The minimum deposit amount during account opening is USD 1, or EUR 1. The traders operate in different currencies, which aligns with the global identity of RoboForex. The minimum amount for brokerage account returns back as premium services from RoboForex. 

A platform like RoboForex is better than free trading platforms because it offers additional features and services to members. The higher charges of deposition target the more experienced section of members who trade regularly. 

The higher RoboForex minimum deposit helps consolidate a strong trading population. This is different from free trading platforms that focus on customer acquisition over retention. 

Even with extra fees and a higher RoboForex minimum deposit, the platform offers good risk management features. The trader also finds tools for technical and fundamental analysis on the platform. 

The deposition method and amount fall under the regulatory framework of IFSC and CySEC. The deposition amount stays safe in segregated amounts according to the rules of IFSC and other regulatory bodies. 

Therefore, once you deposit the RoboForex minimum deposit, there is no reason for distress. The platform safeguards your money and only allows its use in trading activities. 

Another advantage that clients get from RoboForex is compensation. The platform is part of the compensation scheme as per IFSC guidelines. The compensation fund pays out to clients in case of company insolvency. 

In the next sections, the article focuses on deposit methods and fees for RoboForex Minimum Deposit. The deposit methods vary for convenience for customers. A client easily deposits money through various payment methods. 

Account Type
Minimum Deposits
100USD or EUR
10USD or EUR
10USD or EUR
10USD or EUR
R StocksTrader
100USD or EUR
The minimum deposit is 100 USD
The minimum deposit is 100 USD

Available deposit methods

Today, people operate through different payment methods. Banks and financial institutions also support different payment methods. As a global trading platform, RoboForex also works via different payment gateways. 

The platform supports many deposit methods for RoboForex minimum deposit. The charges for transactions differ from platform to platform. The numerous payment gateways increase convenience in trade through the platform. 

The payment methods are as follows:

Rapid transfer 

The Rapid Transfer option helps traders make instant deposits on the platform. The RoboForex platform allows Rapid Transfer from the Paysafe group. The process deposits money directly from your bank account to the trading account in an instant. 

The speed and convenience of the Rapid Transfer method make it a fan favorite. The method is an easy way to open a position in fast-paced trades. 

BlueOrange bank 

The BlueOrange Bank is a trustworthy financial institution that supports RoboForex deposits. Anyone with an account in the BlueOrange Bank can deposit his money on RoboForex easily. 

Barclays bank 

The Barclays Bank is a very famous and trustworthy bank. The bank supports payments on RoboForex, starting with the minimum deposit. 

Credit card 

Even if you do not want to invest in trade via your funds at the moment, the credit card is always for rescue. The use of credit cards comes through in immediate trades where funds are low. A bank credit card is a good payment method for RoboForex deposits. 

RoboForex visa/mastercard

Debit card 

The debit card is a conventional and proven way of making payments on any platform. The RoboForex also supports the use of the good old debit card. A trader verifies his card and bank account on the platform to deposit money for trade. 

Bank transfer

As a payment method, a bank transfer is also available on RoboForex. While bank transfers take some time to credit conventionally, there is improved speed. Bank transfers are a viable option if you plan to trade later. 

RoboForex supports bank transfers from client accounts with select banks. 

RoboForex bank transfer

Online payments

Online payment methods emerge as very popular today. Online payment apps and gateways have accessibility and reach for traders. Traders are the most comfortable with online payments. 

Online payments come with no hidden charges. Online money deposits on RoboForex are very fast and easy to complete. The various online payment gateways on RoboForex are WebMoney, FasaPay, and Skrill. 

With RoboForex, you can trade stocks, indices and ETFs
With RoboForex, you can trade stocks, indices and ETFs

Deposit currencies on RoboForex

Apart from multiple deposit methods, the platform of RoboForex supports multiple deposit currencies. The different currencies of deposit on RoboForex are- 


The EUR acronym stands for Euros. The RoboForex platform supports transactions in Euros. The Euro is the trading currency for European Union countries. If you are an EU citizen, the EUR is valid for you. 


USD stands for US dollars. US Dollars is the most prevalent currency on trading platforms. The RoboForex platform also supports trades in US dollars. The currency also goes as American Dollar. 


The PLN stands for Polish Zloty. The currency of PLN allows Polish citizens to trade on RoboForex. 


CNY stands for Chinese Yuan or the currency of China. The CNY also goes as People’s currency. The currency is valid for Chinese citizens for trading. The currency is the eighth most traded currency globally. 


MYR stands for Malaysian Ringgit. The Ringgit is the official currency of Malaysia. 


The abbreviation of IDR stands for Indonesian Rupiah. The IDR is the official currency of Indonesia. 


Apart from these currencies, the platform supports many more global currencies. This helps establish RoboForex as a reputed platform for Forex and CFD trading. The traders easily convert the currencies and cash their profits. 

Now that there is clarity on deposit methods and currencies for RoboForex minimum deposit, we proceed towards the process. The next section is a tutorial on how to deposit money on RoboForex for trading. 

Advantages of RoboForex
Advantages of RoboForex

How to deposit – Tutorial

Before depositing money on the platform, the trader needs registration. Once the registration process for a live trading account finishes, the trader starts with deposits. The trading platform allows trade deposits within 3 days of account opening. 

For making your first deposit, you log into your account through the portal. Once you log in, you select the deposit method along with the amount. A trader easily chooses the method he wants to deposit in. He also chooses the currency of deposition. 

After the selection of all criteria, the user clicks on payments. The platform proceeds to the payment processor page. The trader confirms a payment from the processor page. 

The trader chooses the payment method depending on the speed he wants for the completion of a transaction. The bank transfer method is the slowest. Online payment methods are the fastest. 

If you plan to trade at a later stage, a bank transfer is an ideal way. 

RoboForex partnerships
RoboForex partnerships

RoboForex deposit fees 

The RoboForex platform does not charge any deposit fees for the process. However, the additional fees depend on the type of payment method. Third-party payment gateways add extra fees for payment processing. 

Therefore, the trader must review the deposit payment fees before finalizing a payment gateway. For example, a deposition from the credit card adds higher fees than other payment gateways. The fee also changes with the change in the currency of deposition. 

The trader, therefore, has to pay attention to many pointers before making a deposit in his RoboForex trading account. 

Other fees on RoboForex 

The RoboForex platform does not charge any deposit fee. However, what about other fees? Are there hidden charges for trading on RoboForex? 

The RoboForex platform does not charge any inactivity fees. This means that when a trader is inactive on the platform for a long time, he does not pay additional charges in return. However, other trading platforms do charge inactivity fees. 

The RoboForex platform does not charge any additional commission fees. The platform allows the use of CFD instruments for free to traders. Other brokerage firms do charge commission fees to traders for the use of instruments. 

The RoboForex platform is a good trading platform that has minimal trading charges. It charges a minimum deposit amount to start trading. However, it does not have any hidden charges that worry the trader. 

RoboForex offers everything you need to trade.

What are the trading asset types on RoboForex? 

The RoboForex platform works with multiple asset classes and commodities for trading. The various asset classes differ with different trading instruments. Trading with these entities falls under the platform regulatory framework. 

The trading instruments, however, differ from country to country. The country of residence for the trader decides the trading instrument availability. Moreover, the instruments also vary with the trading platform you choose to trade with. 

The financial instruments on offer from RoboForex go in the range of 100+. If you aim at the trade of currency pairs on the Forex market, the currency pairs on offer are more than 35 pairs. 

The choice of trading, the currency of trade, and the instrument depend on you. The RoboForex platform provides flexibility to its clients for trading on a global scale. 

RoboForex is winner of more than 10 awards
RoboForex is winner of more than 10 awards


The RoboForex platform is a global and highly recognized trading platform. The platform has thousands of users who trade on it regularly. The platform is different from usual brokerage sites in terms of the risk management and analytical tools on offer.

As an experienced trader, a person loves to operate on the RoboForex platform. The wide range of assets and instruments on offer make the platform a very useful one. The trading platform supports multiple currencies and payment methods. 

As a novice in the field of trading, RoboForex offers opportunities for learning and earning. Whether you go for Forex trading or for CFD instruments trading, the brokerage site helps you earn. The risk management tools on the platform make it easier for beginners. 

RoboForex is a platform that supports CFD and Forex trading. A beginner gets a lot of room to experiment with trade options to find their space in trading. An experienced trader can operate in both types of trade assets. RoboForex is a safe platform to operate in different trade areas. 

RoboForex is a leader among multi-asset trading platforms with a global presence. The platform is great for experienced traders. The no hidden charges skeleton of RoboForex helps beginners establish their trading portfolios. The platform is apt for regular trading activity and profits.

The RoboForex platform is a trusted site that assuages all your doubts about trading. A membership on RoboForex connects you with a global community of traders. The exposure and profits from the platform are great for traders from all backgrounds. 

RoboForex Logo
RoboForex logo

FAQ – The most asked questions about RoboForex minimum : 

How much is the RoboForex minimum deposit? 

The RoboForex minimum deposit amount is USD 100. The high amount of minimum deposit supports the advanced risk management and analytical tools on the platform. The platform is better than other lower minimum deposit trading platforms. 
A trader easily makes a deposit for a minimum amount after account registration. The validity for minimum deposit starts within 72 hours of account sign-up. The trader deposits the money in easy steps and flexible payment methods. 
The minimum deposit on RoboForex does not come with any hidden charges. However, the processing fees change with the payment method you choose. The platform supports multiple payment methods like cards, online gateways, and bank transfers.

Is the RoboForex platform secure for trading? 

The RoboForex platform is highly secure and compliant with global safe trading guidelines. The platform adheres to the rules of IFSC and CySEC in terms of trading. The online portal is very safe for users because it uses SSL encryption on personal information. 
Therefore, no matter which information you provide to RoboForex, the information stays within the limits of the website. The website adheres to encryption and data security guidelines. The Web and mobile apps are safe from cyber threats and financial fraud. 
Even when the user uses the site on browser mode, the SSL encryption sign appears on the screen. You or your device do not suffer from risks from the portal in any way.

Is RoboForex available on web and mobile devices? 

The RoboForex platform works in both Web and Mobile versions. On the other hand, the platform operates in different modes to support its extensive user base. The platform works on both MetaTrader versions of MT4 and MT5. 
Moreover, the trading platform also offers the option of trading on CTrader platforms. The mobile app of RoboForex works well with iOS and Android devices and tablets. The mobile app has more accessibility than the web version of the platform. 

How global is Roboforex in operations? 

The RoboForex platform is a truly global platform with a footprint in 193 countries. The platform supports trade in many international currencies. The operations of RoboForex move towards expansion as we speak. 

What are the recognition and awards RoboForex has achieved?

There are many awards on which the RoboForex platform sits. The most recent award is of Best Global Forex 2019 Award. Another award in recent times is Manchester Investor Show Best Crypto Broker 2018. 

How much of a deposit is required to trade in RoboForex?

The required minimum deposit varies by account type:
Prime, ProCent, and ECN: 10 USD, 10 EUR, or comparable in the currency of the account.

R StocksTrader: $100 or $100 EUR.

How do I make a deposit into my RoboForex account?

Utilizing any of the payment methods offered in the Members Area, you can add money to your account. Select the account to deposit on the deposit funds page. Choose the payment method, enter the desired amount and currency, and then click “Deposit Funds.” 

How do I withdraw money from my RoboForex trading account?

In your Members Area, select “Withdraw Funds.” Check that the account from which you would like to withdraw money is still active in the Members Area. From the list of withdrawal options, select the payment method and complete the on-screen instructions.

What is the commission rate for money withdrawals at RoboForex?

RoboForex does not charge a fee for money withdrawals. By using other payment systems or your bank, commission may be deducted. The table that may be seen on their website specifies the current commission rates for funds withdrawal.

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