Deriv demo account & how to use it – Trading tutorial

Many beginner investors struggle with the problem of executing the right investment decisions. It is generally because of their lack of understanding about how online trading works. Sometimes, investors know how to trade successfully, but they are skeptical about using a new online trading platform. A demo account can prove helpful to wipe out these issues from the minds of the investors. A demo account can work wonders for beginners and experts alike. It can help them know how to trade through the website. Also, they can see how well the website performs. 

A demo account will not only help traders understand the intricacies of the market, but it will also help them be assured of Deriv’s services. If you are new to the Deriv trading platform, you might want to join the community of Deriv clients after having a quick demo tour of the website. For this, you can sign up for the Deriv demo account and decide for yourself whether it is worth giving a shot. Online trading can be very confusing and leave you worried about the results. A beginner, especially, lands his mind in a state of turmoil when he does not understand the terminology associated with trading. There are numerous products and securities in the market that a beginner needs to understand with complete details. 

We cannot forget about learning the apt trading strategy that will help keep trading losses at bay. That is why a Deriv demo account is a must-have for beginners. Let us understand the meaning of a demo account in detail.

What is the demo account?

If you are new to trading on Deriv and wondering about the meaning of a demo account, we shall help you. If you want to get started with online trading, the Deriv demo account is one of the best ways to begin. 

A demo account is similar to a real trading account, except a trader uses only virtual money here. For a newcomer on Deriv, starting with a Deriv demo account is crucial. It will help them gain insights into the market and gain beneficial trading experience using the features of the demo account. 

The technical tools of the Deriv demo account help the traders learn how to analyze the market. It saves the investor from the risk of losing their money and trains them to perform in the market. 

A beginner can dig deeper into the aspects of the market before having enough experience. Investors can have a great deal of experience before stepping into the real-world market with the help of a Deriv demo account

An investor can create his Deriv demo account on any of Deriv’s trading platforms. One can learn trading with the help of an initial 10,000 USD that gets credited into his demo account.

If this amount is still not enough for you to grasp the basics of trading, you can always top up anytime you run out of funds. With a Deriv demo account, an investor can open positions to trade on any trading platform. 

It will help him get a good amount of knowledge about how the trading platform works. Also, he can brush up on his trading skills and explore the assets available to trade. 

How can the Deriv demo Account help you?

Deriv logo
Deriv logo

We already know that the Deriv demo account will help you learn about the market and improve your trading skills. In addition to this, a Deriv demo account can help you in the following ways.

1. Risk management

If you have been researching trading recently, you might have come across the term ‘risk management’ for sure. If you are not one of those who open a trading account with a ‘get it all at once’ mindset, you manage your investment risks properly. 

With a Deriv demo account, a person can practice trading in any way he wants to. You can even go with a ‘get it all at once’ mindset to see how it works without worrying about losing your investment. 

Deriv’s DTrader platform lets you explore your risk management skills. You can customize your trade and devise the right trading strategies for yourself.

2. In-depth market analysis

Most newcomers in trading have to bear immense monetary losses because of their lack of understanding of the market. Deriv demo account lets you trade forex, stocks and stock indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, etc. 

It means that you can research the trends of these securities based on their different characteristics. A Deriv demo account will help you judge how these markets perform in real-world trading platforms. 

It will let you trade in these securities without actually having to spend your real money. Features and tools like real-time quotes, charting tools, journals, newsfeeds, etc., on the Deriv demo account will help you analyze the market movements and make smart investment decisions. 

3. Developing a plan

A Deriv demo account can also help you realize the importance of planning your trades. If you have already built a high-yielding trading strategy, the Deriv demo account will let you practice and improvise them further. 

It will help you figure out more investing game plans and, eventually, one that fits your needs perfectly.

How to open a Deriv demo account?

If you have already decided to start with a Deriv demo account, you can sign up for one on Deriv’s website. Signing up for a Deriv demo account is as easy as signing up for your favorite social media account. 

Opening a Deriv demo account usually involves the following steps:

  1. Visit the Website of Deriv
  1. Click the ‘create free demo account’ option to sign up for your Deriv demo account. You can also register through your social media accounts like Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc. 
  1. After clicking on the create free demo account option, you can enter your e-mail ID, tick the checkbox, and click on the ‘Create demo account’ option.
  1. After doing so, Deriv will send you an email confirmation. You can visit your mail inbox and verify your email ID.
  1. Now, your screen will show a new window to help you create your Deriv demo account. You can enter the name of your country, select a password for your trading account and click on the ‘start trading’ button. 

In this way, you can create your free Deriv demo account and begin the process of learning how to trade. With this demo trading account, you can virtually trade with 10,000 USD.

How to use the demo account?

Deriv offers a free demo account to the traders who wish to learn trading or experience the broker’s services. Without any risk involved in the transactions, a trader can work out a successful trading strategy for investing. 

Using your Deriv demo account is straightforward. You can access the market for various stocks and indices, forex, cryptocurrencies, etc. The virtual balance of 10,000 USD in your Deriv demo account will help you invest in the securities of your liking. 

You can look at the market trends for any particular stock. For instance, one can invest a few dollars out of 10,000 USD in cryptocurrency. Likewise, an investor can invest some amount in stock of any blue-chip company from his Deriv demo account. 

A Deriv demo account will make a beginner capable of making such trading and investment decisions. From his demo account, he can even research the market and understand the trends of various stocks. Accordingly, he can decide to invest a reasonable amount in any stocks of his liking. 

You can potentially learn a lot from your Deriv demo account. It is a reliable platform, so you won’t have to worry much about anything, especially monetary losses. 

It is because you don’t need to invest real money in your Deriv demo account. You can use the virtual money that gets credited in your demo account and practice trading unless you are sure of switching to a live Deriv account MetaTrader MetaTrader

Features of Deriv demo account

Deriv demo account comes with many features that investors can use to enhance their trading experience. These features make the process of learning trading accessible and exciting for beginners. Let us look at these features of a Deriv demo account in brief. 

The Deriv demo account is almost identical to the Deriv live trading account. It lets the trader transact and invest in the forex market. He can also monitor his progress and make profitable transactions from this account.

There is no minimum balance requirement for a Deriv demo account. Your demo account will get automatically credited with 10,000 USD. However, a trader will have to meet the criteria for minimum balance requirement when he shifts to a live trading account with Deriv

There are abundant investment options in a Deriv demo account, similar to a live trading account.  Indicators, real-time quotes, charting tools, journals, news feeds, etc., on Deriv demo accounts lets you track the market movements. It will help you in building a temperament to make smarter decisions. 

Deriv demo account is a reliable and trustworthy platform. You don’t have to stress much about anything when you learn to trade with it.

Charges for creating a Deriv demo account

If you wonder whether you will have to pay any fee for signing up for the Deriv demo account, you can stop worrying about it. There is no charge one has to pay for opening a demo account with Deriv. 

Type of account
Deriv demo account

One can make the most out of the virtual trading experience with your Deriv demo account without actually having to pay anything. However, when one starts live trading with Deriv, they might have to pay a charge or fees. 

The demo account operates mainly on market information. If a trader switches to a real trading account with Deriv, he can make profits in real-time. He can also withdraw them when he wishes to. 

For beginners, it is advisable to switch to a live account only after they are confident of their market knowledge and investment strategies. For this reason, you can use a Deriv demo account as long as you want to. 

Deriv demo account expiry

Almost all online trading platforms offer users a free demo account for 30 days. The time you can spend learning to trade with a demo account with Deriv is not mentioned on the website.

 So, we can safely assume that your Deriv demo account shall expire after 30 days. 

For 30 days, you can make the most out of your Deriv account and equip yourself with information and research to step into the real-world market. 

A period of 30 days or a month is sufficient for you to understand the core concepts of trading and devise a workable trading strategy. After 30 days, you can switch to a live trading account and begin earning real profits online. 

Deriv demo account balance reset

If you have used up 10,000 USD virtually through your Deriv demo account, you can always opt to top up your demo account balance. It is a simple process. You only need to log in to your demo account and click on the ‘deposit funds’ option.

You may select the amount you wish to top up to your demo account. You can add up to 10,000 USD to your Deriv demo account. After clicking on the ‘deposit’ button, Deriv will allocate the selected funds into your demo account. DTrader DTrader

Advantages of Deriv demo account

With a Deriv demo account, you can enjoy many perks similar to the live trading account. Here are some advantages of operating a Deriv demo account.

  1. You can monitor every transaction you make from your demo account. Deriv demo accounts have many features of the live trading account. So, you can experience what it is like to trade live through your demo account. 
  1. Trading in the real market becomes easier as you get an idea about the market risk. With a Deriv demo account, a trader can learn about these risks without stressing about any loss of capital.
  1. Investors can judge the market trends and put together a successful market strategy for their investments. The planned execution of financial decisions will help them reduce the possibility of losses and increase their profit margins. 
  1. You can enjoy signing up for the Deriv demo account free of charge and also get virtual 10,000 USD in your account. It will help you invest in the stocks that you think will bring you profits. When you become definite of your trading strategy, you can switch to a Deriv live account.
Deriv Demo Account advantages
Deriv Demo account disadvantages
Easy monitoring of transactions
Live trading gets easier
Helps in analyzing market trends
No fees or charges involved

When should you switch to the Deriv live trading account?

You can shift to a live trading account anytime you want. However, you should assess certain factors before making such a decision. Trading through your live account will require you to invest real money

There is a possibility of incurring unbearable losses in the real trading market. Before you switch to a live trading account, make sure that at least 50% of your positions are winning trades. This figure suggests that the investment strategy you devised is working. 

In other words, your profits should be more than the losses you incur while trading. There is an improvement in your fund management skills when balancing your wins and losses. You can consider trading through a live account when you become confident of your money management skills.


There are many online trading platforms available across the Internet. However, many beginners and experienced traders prefer Deriv because of its remarkable features. 

One can easily sign for a Deriv demo account and access the world-class features backed with the latest technology. If you are signing up for a demo account, it is crucial that you analyze all its aspects, even though there are no trading risks with a demo account. 

You can learn to trade with the help of a demo account without worrying about having to lose anything. Also, one does not need to worry about any fees or charges for running a Deriv demo account. It is free of cost, but shifting to a live trading account might involve small fees.

A trader can explore all the possibilities of earning profits and incurring losses through his demo account. A demo account is beneficial for beginners and experienced trading professionals.

FAQ – The most asked questions about Deriv demo account :

Does Deriv offer a demo account to its clients?

Of course, Deriv offers a demo account to its clients to learn about the prevalent market conditions and trade. Deriv demo account is similar to Deriv live account regarding its features. 

The only difference between these two accounts is that the Deriv demo account is free while the Deriv live account might involve some charges.

How can I sign up for a Deriv demo account?

You can easily sign up for a Deriv demo account by following some basic steps. Visiting the Deriv website and clicking on the ‘create demo account’ option is all you have to do next. After you fill in the relevant details, you can click on the confirm button, and you are ready to learn how to trade!

Do I need to pay any fees for creating a Deriv demo account?

No, Deriv demo accounts are usually free, and you can avail yourself of all the features without paying any charges or fees.

How much money do I get in my Deriv demo account?

When you sign up for your demo account, your account gets credited with 10,000 USD. You can use this amount to invest in various securities and learn about market volatilities. When you run short of money in your Deriv demo account, you can top up your balance by clicking on the ‘deposit’ button. 

Is Deriv demo account a trusted platform for beginners?

Yes, Deriv is a lawful and safe forex trading company. It is a fully transparent and systematized broker. The platform provides its users with low trading fees, high operational standards, and excellent service delivery and supports investors achieve their objectives. Their service is in top-notch condition. And it is available for all kinds of traders with distinct experience levels. If you’re new to the trading industry, you can consider Deriv. Create a demo account on Deriv practice trading from today itself. 

How can I trade on a Deriv demo account?

Use the following procedure to trade on a Deriv demo account:
First, open a demo account and rehearse all the strategies with infinite virtual funds.
You can open a real account or make a deposit. Then, you can begin with trading forex and other markets.
The withdrawal method is convenient, so you can withdraw your funds via any available withdrawal method.

Can I get the same feature on Deriv demo accounts as the real account?

Yes, you can get the same feature as the real account. Users can have access to the same positions, elements, and options. So, you can indulge in trading with the Deriv demo account.

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