Which jobs are available on a Forex broker?

A forex broker is an intermediary that connects the market and the trader. Many registered forex brokers offer forex brokerage services for traders worldwide. There are many roles that a forex broker plays in the forex industry. 

One of the roles of a forex broker is to ease buying and selling from one currency to another. During this process, they make money from the spreads. Some people work at these firms and play different roles that make up the whole trading system

What to consider before looking for a job on a Forex broker

These are some important factors to consider if you are looking for a job on a forex broker;

Knowledge about the Forex market

The forex market is a complex field that needs time to get the concept of foreign exchange. There are other assets to trade like commodities, indexes, cryptocurrency, forex, and many more. You need to know how to open accounts and use trading tools. 

How to interpret a forex chart, how to use trading platforms. Forex indicators, the volatility calculator, and many more trading tools. One of the most crucial components you need to know is how to perform fundamental and technical analysis. 

These are the research that you need to make important forex decisions. They help to test and analyze the current trends in the forex currency that you want to trade. They include the financial news wire, the forex charts, and the economic calendar. 

You need to know more about forex, and more information and technology is emerging. Since you will be dealing with finances, these are some of the important things to know. The good news is that there are resources like videos, tutorials, and blogs. They have the knowledge needed to understand how to trade. 

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Knowledge about the Forex brokers

There are different types of brokers, the dealing desk brokers, no dealing desk brokers, and the ECN brokers. They have a variety of ways of offering services. If you aim to work as a forex broker, you have to know about the types of brokers. 

Their role in the forex industry, the work available as a forex broker. There are many forums online that offer interaction between forex enthusiasts. It can be a good opportunity to research more about the role you are comfortable in doing. 

Skills required as a Forex broker 

There are forex skills you need to have if you want to work in a forex broker firm. One of them is mathematical skills since you will be dealing with currencies. It will help you when during the analysis of the forex market. To know how much you can invest and how much returns you expect. 

Evaluation skills still apply when you are evaluating the market and researching. You need to know how to analyse forex signals. If they could lead to potential places a forex broker can profit on a transaction

Another one is communication skills, which is one of the most crucial skills a forex broker needs to get. This skill allows forex brokers to assist clients they work with. It helps forex brokers to attract potential investors. It enables them to maintain a professional relationship with clients. 

SuperForex License Certificate – photo was taken from the official website
SuperForex License Certificate – photo was taken from the official website


It is a crucial step to take if you start a career as a forex broker or on a forex broker firm. Certification provides credibility as a forex trading professional. Which will enable you to work on big trading corporations. 

You can get certified as a technical and fundamental researcher. You can also get a certificate as a professional forex trader. Some certificates include; Certified Financial Technician and Master of Financial Technical Analysis. It gets offered by the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA).

There are Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certificates. The National Association of Securities Dealers Series three test. There are many more certificates that you can get if you want more certifications. 

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What jobs are available on a Forex broker?

There are many jobs that you can get at a forex broker firm. Here are some of the few well-known jobs on a forex broker:

Forex market analyst

It is one of the jobs found on a forex broker. The role of a currency analyst or researcher is to check the forex market. Specifically a currency pair like the EUR/USD. They use all the data they can find and make analyses based on all the forex data. 

They perform technical and fundamental analysis and provide collective data through informative blogs. This information is what traders use to base their trading decisions. They help traders to keep up with the changes in the forex industry

Forex market analysts also offer seminars and educational webinars. They educate forex traders about strategies and currencies to trade. Analysts build up credible information about forex currencies for their forex broker firms. Through this, they market the trading brokers towards potential clients and investors. 

To become a forex market analyst, you need a bachelors degree in finance, economics or any other relevant field. You also need to know about international currencies, politics and economics.

Some skills that you have to get are communication skills and presentation skills. Forex market analysts need to present and give forex information. They do this through methods that forex traders can understand forex data. It is among the most crucial work on a forex broker firm. 

Forex software developer 

Forex brokers need a trading platform to access the market to buy and sell orders. Forex software developers is a team of people who ensure the trading platforms work efficiently. 

They may not have forex trading experience since their field is in the software. They ensure the online platforms are operational. Forex software developers help when there is a technical issue with the platform. 

To become a forex software developer, you need a degree in software engineering. You can also have a degree in computer science or any other relevant field. The skills you need are Computer Programming. Proficiency in computer languages like javascript, python, SQL and others

Forex software developers are crucial members of a forex broker. Experts advise that software developers should have some knowledge of forex. It is so that they can understand and device better features for forex trading. 

Exchange operations managers

As you understand, forex brokers assist forex traders exchange currencies on the forex market. The forex market has major, minor and exotic currency, assets, and therefore it is a big market. 

It requires exchange operations managers to deal with all these clients. They work during the entire trading process. Their work is to assist in creating accounts and verifying the client details when they open accounts. They take care of the transactional process when clients deposit and withdraw funds.

They also offer support for clients stuck in a process when trading. They give services on specific cases during forex trading. Therefore, they are required to have a deep understanding of foreign exchange.

To become an exchange operation manager, you need a degree in business. A degree in accounting finance or any field that deals with foreign exchange. You also need some certification in foreign exchange

Most of the work that exchange operation managers do is automatic in most forex brokers. Some situations need human intervention where they come in. They play a critical role in a forex brokerage firm. 

Audit associate

The role of an audit associate is not that far from that of an exchange operations manager. The main work of an audit associate is to settle any transactional issues the forex brokers face. 

The forex market is where there are thousands of transactions every day. In case of a dispute, the audit associate manages these issues on behalf of the forex broker. To become a forex audit associate, you need a degree in accounting or finance.

It requires critical thinking and problem-solving skills. An audit associate requires to have good communication skills when dealing with clients. They also need to have in-depth knowledge of the trading platform. This knowledge allows them to resolve any issues fast. 

Account manager

If you have traded forex and get consistent returns and a reliable trading plan you can become an account manager. This job is not available on all accounts. But the premium accounts sometimes hire account managers. 

The main work of an account manager is to handle the funds of a client. Account managers get hired to work for major corporations, banks and central banks. Yet, you can get an account manager on forex brokerage firms too

To become an account manager, you need a degree in economics and finance or any related field. One critical rule is to be a professional trader who can handle sizeable funds. You also need experience on other assets like indices, stocks, commodities and cryptocurrency. 

Account managers have a strict trading environment because they manage client resources. They can also get hired to trade forex for the forex broker. This position comes with a lot of responsibility because they carry the image of a forex broker. As an account manager, you should be able to handle this pressure.

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FAQ – The most asked questions about jobs are available on a Forex broker : 

Is it possible to get a job as a Forex broker?

For anyone who is wondering which jobs are available on a forex broker and if you can get a job as a forex broker, know that if you have been on a consistent basis doing successful trading of forex on your own, you might have what it may take to become the professional forex trader.

Further, the currency mutual funds and the hedge funds, which are known to deal in forex trading, need real account managers and professional forex traders to make buying and selling decisions.

How to create a forex career to get the jobs available for a forex broker?

In order to work at the Forex trading firm, the proprietory trader must make sure to master fundamental analysis. Apart from it, to work as a currency analyst, currency researcher, or a long-term successful forex money manager, for all these roles, one needs to master fundamental analysis.

Can forex be a full-time job?

In case you are looking to generate a second source of income with forex trading, you must make sure to think again, as trading is one of the full-time jobs. Managing a part-time forex trading career during a regular job will be difficult, especially because of the time management crisis one would face.

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